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Warnings: Bullying, sketchy morals, future slash, future het, sports, swearing, Sanada and Atobe attitude, and AU.

Sanada Family: Gen'emon- Grandfather, Genkichi- Father, Mei- Mother, Gentaro- Eldest son, Genichirou- Middle son, Gensaburo- Harry and youngest son

Spy Straight

"Mountains, you should take them to the mountains," Saito's voice said through the phone. It had been a week since the Kanagawa title and now that the tournament was out of the way, Gensaburo and the tennis club were focusing on regular training- but with that came the reminder that Gensaburo needed to do something about the summer training trip.

Looking over the notes of the club's previous trips, and the variety of places they went, he wasn't able to pick a place immediately. They had gone to some hot springs one year and spent most of the time relaxing and re-energizing their bodies. They went to a beach the next year and captain at the time made a note about how running on sand was great. They also went to a rehabilitation center one year and had the physiotherapists watch over them carefully so they knew if they had any problems or bad habits to work against. That seemed like the most beneficial but there were notes from the club members about how it wasn't any fun and that the food at the clinic had been horrible and with so many of them they were forced to stay in rather poor accommodations.

The first thing he did after reading each report was to sit down with his captain and together they talked over their options. The clinic was immediately vetoed, Aikawa pointed out that the physiotherapists only focused on basic strength training and for that amount of money the team deserved to be indulged a bit more considering it was part training part vacation. He also pointed out they could work on basic drills anywhere. From there they were stuck. Each destination had its pro's and con's and neither Gensaburo nor Aikawa could decide. They were going to take it to the club but then Gen-chan remembered he now had a mentor. He had a man on his side whose soul job was to train teenagers like this.

Calling him up had been easy, he only had to slip into the principal's office and ask the secretary to use the phone. Saito had answered, and after a brief exchange of pleasantries Gensaburo got straight to the matter.

"We need help picking a place to go for summer break. We're not sure which place is the best to train while at the same time giving the players a nice break from school," he stated plainly.

Saito chuckled on the other end before answering, "Mountains, you should take them to the mountains."


"I know a man who swears by heaven and earth that the only way to truly train is to pick a mountain, climb it, and then find a nice spot to live. Add the clean and thinner air, plus the bounty of nature to use as training tools and you couldn't find a better place," he explained.

Gensaburo nodded his head as his mentor's words. He did have a point and it would also stop the older boys from getting distracted by half-naked girls, which was one of Aikawa's biggest concerns with the beach. "I think there are a few mountain inn pamphlets around…" Gensaburo started shifting through the pile of paper before him, looking for a nice place.

"The higher it is the better in my opinion. If you need any more help then give me a call, but I'm sure Captain Aikawa will be able to help finish the planning."

"Thank you Coach, I'll email my report to you tonight, bye bye." Gen-chan finished the conversation.

Happily hanging up the phone, Gen-chan gathered his papers and clipboard and slipped out of the office in search of his captain. The older boy would be relieved that he decided on a place. They had a fairly large budget to work with, so it wasn't like money was an issue, which meant that they didn't need to limit themselves and could provide the team with the best training area as possible.

Walking down the hallway, Gen-chan was surprised to see Yanagi walk out of a classroom door. "Yanagi-kun, what are doing here?" He asked.

Yanagi nodded his head, and fell into step beside Gensaburo. "The broadcasting club was just showing me some the highlights from the Tokyo Tournament. I had them fill the more popular matches, and then to save time the females put together a highlight reel for me," he explained.

"Ah, anyone stand out?" Leave it to Yanagi to spend his free time watching match clips.

"Atobe-san from Hyoutei did very well. He is not at the level to challenge Yukimura-san but he is good. His coach put together a very balanced team. I can see them going far in the Kanto Tournament… only because as a seeded team they won't face us in the early rounds…"

Gen-chan smiled at the data boy's words. "We shouldn't underestimate them though. I have known Atobe for a while now and I now that he always has another trick up his sleeve. He wouldn't have revealed his team's true potential in the Tokyo round, he will be waiting to play his biggest cards in the Kanto finals and at Nationals," Gensaburo explained.

"True, but I have all their matches from the Tokyo Tournament and all players have patterns. I will analyze their patterns and put together a comprehensive report. They may have some moves we don't know about, but habits are hard to break. Plus, Atobe-san gave us a big advantage when he invited us to that photo shoot. He showed us his team's real regulars, so I won't need to waste time on the second string they used. Meeting them and matching their personalities to their play styles will be easy and it gives us the bigger advantage as they won't have the same data," Yanagi replied.

"How do you they haven't filmed our matches as well?" Gen-chan asked, genuinely curious as to where the older boys' confidence came from.

Yanagi blushed a little at the question but straightened his spine, "The lovely ladies of the broadcasting club do more for me than just gather game tape. They also ward of any potential spies and also used a radio frequency that disturbed any recording devices that aren't programed to Rikkaidai. I suspect there are a lot of proud parents upset that they mostly have static on their videos."

'Wah…" Gen-chan couldn't help but look at the first year with wide eyes. "They can do stuff like that?" That was like stuff straight from action movies or sci-fi.

"Well, they couldn't until I showed them how. My father works as a communication consultant to the United States military. He has all sorts of technology at home that he lets me tinker with. It's how I started gathering data. My father brought home a radio once and the first thing I did was test it out. Then I started recording the changes every time I moved something. I had to be very careful taking it apart, making sure I didn't lose a piece and that I put it all back together again the proper way… but then one day I tried putting it together differently, just changing one small coil to a different material at first… well it grew from there and I recorded every step I took. In the end I fixed the radio and improved it," Yanagi clarified.

Gensaburo couldn't help but look at the boy in awe. All the new information about his friend led him to one conclusion and it was quite a shock "You're a spy or something. Like James Bond right? But Japanese and 12…"

Yanagi chuckled quietly as his face flushed red and he looked away. "It's just a simple radio frequency I showed them… nothing like James Bond…"

Using his free hand, Gen-chan reached out and caught Yanagi hand in a comfortable hold as he stared him straight in the eye. 'It's okay Yanagi-kun, I won't tell anyone that you are a spy. Your secret is safe with me," he stated sincerely. He was glad that the older boy trusted him with his secret and he wouldn't tell a soul about Yanagi's skills. Spies were killed if caught, and Gen-chan refused for his friend to be killed because he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

"Coach, it's not like that at all!" Yanagi protested.

Gensaburo stood up straight and turned his body towards Yanagi, schooling his face; he lifted his right arm and saluted the boy. "For Queen and Country!' He proudly declared as he whipped his arm down to rest at his side. No matter how long he lived in Japan, Gensaburo still had his love and respect for the Queen. Respect like that doesn't just disappear once you switch countries, plus saying such a line was something James Bond or any other British spy would do.

Yanagi shook his head and weakly protested, "I'm not a spy and we don't have a queen…"

Sending the boy a grin Gensaburo decided to continue on his original mission of finding Aikawa. "Ignore that, it's just my British showing. Yanagi-kun, after I leave you here, I promise we will never discuss your spy status again.

The older boy groaned and faced his head on. "Sanada-san, please do not be confused, I am not a-"

Gen-chan cut the boy off before he could say anymore. They more they talked about Yanagi's career the higher the chance of someone overhearing them. "Yanagi-kun, I will see you at practice later, bye bye!" Making a quick exit by jogging down the hallway, Gensaburo couldn't wipe the silly grin off his face.

A spy! There was a spy in his club. Who knew coaching tennis could be so exciting?


It had taken him awhile, but Genichirou finally managed to corner his older brother. When not working with the tennis club, or in his rom studying, Gentaro was always off working shifts at the clinic or practising Kendo with their grandfather. He seemed to always be in a constant state of busy, and while Genichirou could have knocked on his bedroom door and asked to speak privately, he wouldn't do that. His brother was working hard to become a pediatrician and asked the family nicely to leave him be when studying in his room. No matter how much Genichirou wished to talk to him, he would not disturb that time when his brother was working hard for his future.

Finally, the time came when they were alone together and he was grateful for that. Gensaburo was with their grandfather working with his bow, is parents were off on date in Tokyo for the evening and night, which left Genichirou and Gentaro alone in the dojo.

"Aniki, I wish to speak with you," Genichirou requested politely.

"Oh, this sounds serious," Gentaro responded while lowering his sword.

Batting away his urge to shift uncomfortably, Genichirou took a moment to work out what to say. He had to go about this right if he wanted answers. "Although it must be hard on you, I want to honestly thank you for working with the tennis club. The path to becoming a doctor and is long and hard, but you still take time to sincerely help myself and Gensaburo," Genichirou said before he went down in a deep bow of respect for his older brother.

"It is because of these actions that my respect for you is as tall as any mountain in Japan," he said while he stood up properly. It was true. His brother was the perfect example of hard-work and determination. He didn't follow in the footsteps of their grandfather or father; instead he decided to forge his own path to success and never complained once about the hard work or obstacles.

"Now now Gen-kun, you're embarrassing me here. Where has this come from? I know that you and Gen-chan are both thankful for my presence but never before have you expressed yourself so bluntly. I would expect such a confession from Gensaburo as he is the chattier of you two," Gentaro said with a bit of confusion and pride.

"I needed you to hear that so you will not be offended by what I say next," Genichirou explained. He looked his brother in the eye and when Gentaro nodded his head for him to continue, he did. "I respect you a great deal and that is why I have not confronted you before now. I did not wish to interrupt you while studying or when you were working with grandfather. But as much as I respect you and trust your judgement, I need to know. What are you hiding? Why do you and the rest of the family act as if Gensaburo will be taken away from us? What is the real purpose behind Saito-san?" Genichirou asked.

Gentaro, who had moments before stood in his usual tall and confident stance, seemed to shrink and age before his eyes. "Ah, you are too observant by half." Genichirou held steady; using his eyes to tell his brother that he wanted answers. "I should not say."

"Why not?" Genichirou asked.

"I should not, but I will. No worries Gen-kun. I would be in the same situation as you if I had not been home that day and demanded answers myself." Genichirou was glad that his brother would answer him. It showed that Gentaro thought him mature enough to learn the information that even their parents had been hesitant to tell Gentaro. "We act as if Gensaburo will leave because it is what we fear. I shall answer all your questions but you must listen to me completely, no matter how wild or farfetched the explanations may seem."

"You may speak and I shall only listen."

Gentaro sat down before he started talking, his brow creased slightly in thought as he worked out how to explain the situation. Genichirou allowed him the time, and sat down with him.

"Legends speak about people with the special ability to wield magic. Every country has stories like this, and while we brush off such nonsense there seems to be a sliver of truth to it. Gensaburo is someone who has, or had, magic when he was born. When he was kidnapped, the men who took him stole his magic. Keigo-sama's Head of Security, Watanabe-san, is a wizard and he confirmed that Gensaburo, who once had magic, had none. We were never told this since they didn't see the point in telling us something that would no longer affect us. Without magic in the family we had no recourse to learn of the magical world," Gentaro explained slowly.

"On Keigo-kun's last visit, Watanabe-san checked Gensaburo again and discovered that over the years his magic had started to return. While he is not back to the point he was before the kidnapping, he still has enough magic to register on the magical world's radar. When you and Gensaburo went off for that photo-shoot, our parents and Grandfather were invited to the Atobe estate and were briefed on the situation. His magic potential may be weak, but it is enough for the schools to take notice."

Genichirou took in the information and processed it quickly. His brother had a special talent; one unrelated to archery or tennis. This talent would be noticed, and from his family's actions he could surmise that such schools wanting to harvest his brothers talent were not in the area, thus his brother would need to leave in order to train him. These schools would take his brother away.

"They want to take Gensaburo away from us," He stated firmly. His dislike for these schools developed quickly.

"They will. They do not have day schools for magic, only boarding. Gensaburo would be approached on or around his birthday and offered such positions. Inviting Saito-san to be Gensaburo's mentor was completely selfish on our part. We hoped that if Gensaburo had taken a liking to Saito-san, saw us actively supporting his desire to coach, then he would choose to stay here at home, than go off to a magical school," Gentaro explained, solving the mystery.

"You think Gensaburo will choose magic over us?"

"Maybe," Gentaro answered truthfully. "One should not underestimate a young boy's curiosity. Gensaburo may not see this as we do. He may not think he has to choose between us or magic, and instead believe he can have both. But there is something else we must think upon. Gensaburo was kidnapped for a reason. There must be something about him that caused several wizards to travel from England to Japan just to kidnap him. If he chooses magic and returns to such a world, he will be put in danger. Watanabe did not explain much, but he told us that Gensaburo is declared dead in England. They believe he is dead and although he has a new name if he returns to them he will be discovered and the lie shattered, and we will lose him."

"We cannot protect him in a world that we cannot go," Genichirou whispered mournfully.


"Then I will not go," Gensaburo spoke from the doorway. "If I have to leave here, then I will not accept."

Genichirou stood slowly and turned towards his younger brother. Seeing Gensaburo standing with his grandfather made a pit of dread fill him, knowing Gentaro may be in trouble for telling him, but he ignored it for now as his grandfather spoke.

"As happy as I am to hear that, there is still much you do not know. I believe the rest of this conversation should he had with your parents and Watanabe-san present."


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