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"Booth, you've been staring at my abdomen for over twenty minutes," Brennan sleepily complained as they lay in bed the next morning.

"I still can't get over it – there's a baby Bones growing inside of you and he's ours," Booth marveled.

"Or she," she corrected him.

He kissed her belly and scooted up to face her.

"It's definitely a boy. Booth men have been producing male heirs for generations," he maintained.

"The statistics are still fifty/fifty as to whether your Y-chromosome was present in the creation of the zygote," Brennan informed him.

"It's a boy, Bones. Trust me – I have a gut feeling on this," he insisted. "So how far along are you?"

"I am approximately forty-one days or six weeks," she told him.

"That means the first night we . . . the night Vincent . . ." he trailed off, saddened by the remembrance of their friend.

"Yes, more than likely that was when our child was conceived," Brennan agreed and they both quieted.

"I guess I was right about the whole 'BANG! B-B-BOOM!' thing, huh?" he chuckled, attempting to lighten the mood.

Brennan laughed.

"Yes, apparently we are both very fertile," she observed. "Your sperm has a very high motility level from what I recall -"

"Ahhh – Jesus, Bones – don't get all technical on me!" he cringed. "Do ya have to go into so much detail about sex and reproduction and crap?"

"I feel discussing issues using the correct terminology is only proper," she excused.

"Well could ya tone it down a little?" he requested.

Brennan nodded.

"But I still don't understand why you are squeamish when it comes to those subjects," she replied. "They are perfectly natural facts of human life."

"So that bug you have?" he wondered, ignoring her comment.

"Is the baby inhabiting my body and causing temporary irregularity in my digestive system," she answered. "I tried to tell you, but Ang called . . . and afterward, I felt it was best not to distract you while we were working on a case."

"So does she know?" Booth asked, afraid Brennan had told Angela before him.

"Angela is the friend who I love most . . ." she said, causing Booth to stiffen. "However, you are the person I love most . . . and you are the father of my child. I wouldn't tell anyone before I told you."

Booth smiled and tenderly kissed her forehead then her lips.

"You know you've always been my person, too?" he assured her.

"You told me that when you were still with -" she said, puzzled.

"Hannah? Yeah, I did," he admitted.

"I always assumed you were saying even though you had loved me, Hannah was the one you loved most?" she said, confused.

"No, Bones. It's always been you," Booth confirmed.

"Then why would you ask Hannah to marry you if you didn't love her the most?" Brennan asked.

"We've been over this, Bones. Okay? Can we not ruin a good moment here by bringing up the past?" he grumbled.

"I'm sorry. I was only trying to comprehend your reasoning," she defended. "But we can end the discussion if it makes you uncomfortable."

"Thank you," he calmed down and absently stroked her hair. "Thought of any names?"

"I am not even through the first trimester yet. It would be presumptuous to think of a name so soon," she replied.

"Bones, if you're worried about us having a healthy baby – don't," Booth told her.

"I performed normal social activities – including consuming alcoholic beverages. There are a lot of complications that could occur as a result of my behavior," she said.

"You didn't know, Bones. It's not your fault," he assured her. "And if our baby's anything like you, he'll be amazing . . . Smart . . . and strong . . . and kind . . . and generous . . . and better than anyone I know – plus he'll have my good looks and charm."

Brennan smiled.

"You also have courage, compassion, and empathy. And you do have a very appealing bone structure," she agreed. "Our child should be extremely attractive, given our symmetrical features."

"Yeah?" he said.

"Yes," she confirmed rolling over, playfully fingering and kissing his body as she spoke. "You have a pronounced ratio between the width of your clavicles and ilia . . . a prominent zygomatic . . . and a large mandible . . ."

Booth chuckled.

"I love it when you go all scientific on me . . ." he grinned and pulled closer just as his phone rang. "Damn it! Every time . . ."

Brennan frowned, wondering who would be calling so early on a Saturday.

"Booth!" he barked.

"Hey, sweetie, is Brennan around?" Angela asked.

"Ang? What's wrong? Why are you calling at seven in the morning – I thought you were on maternity leave?" Booth wondered.

"I am – that's the problem. I love him to death, but the kid keeps me up at insane hours and then I finally get back to sleep or the nurse takes him for a while and he starts crying again to be fed. I'm sleep deprived and I need someone to vent to who won't think I'm a bad mother after one night – a female, preferably."

"Then why are ya callin' me for?" he questioned.

"Because I wanted to bask in the satisfaction of knowing you two really are living together," she smirked.

"Hang on . . ." Booth grumbled. Apparently the reference of a drawer for his clothes in Brennan's apartment didn't cut it for Angela's curiosity. He was tempted to let it slip about his and Brennan's own new addition, but restrained himself and handed her the phone. "Bones, it's for you."

"Ang? Is everything alright? Is the baby okay?" Brennan worried.

Booth slid out of bed and decided to go ahead and take a shower. He knew his chances of continuing a full body exam with Dr. Brennan were shot at the moment. Might as well get dressed . . .


"Okay, big man – you brought us all here, so what's the occasion?" Cam grilled him as she and the entire team from the Jeffersonian as well as Caroline and Lance gathered at Founding Fathers a few nights later.

Booth smiled and prepared to speak.

"As you all know, we lost a very good friend and member of our team not too long ago. But we also recently gained one. Angela and Hodgins weren't able to make it tonight, but baby Michael is doing well and I'm sure he's preparing to be a future member of the Squint Squad . . ." Booth said as Brennan held up a onesie that said 'Future King of the Lab' on it, causing everyone to gush. "So cheers to all of them!"

Everyone toasted each other, then Lance questioned Booth's true motive for the celebration.

"That was a touching tribute, Agent Booth. But I sense you still have an ulterior motive for inviting us here," he predicted. "Especially since you're paying."

Booth resisted the urge to smack the kid. It wasn't like he wouldn't tell them, he was just warming up before he dropped the B-bomb.

"I was gettin' to it, Sweets. Thanks," he retorted, sarcastically. "Bones and I have some news of our own."

"That you've finally wised-up and admit you've fallen in love with each other, puttin' everyone here out of their years of misery?" Caroline interjected.

"I'm pregnant – Booth is the father," Brennan blurted out before he had a chance to respond.

"Jesus, Bones! Delicately – I said delicately!" Booth groaned.

"Sorry . . ." she sheepishly apologized.

Everyone voiced their opinions at once.

"Oh, good lord – it's two years ago all over again . . ." Cam sighed.

"You're serious?" Lance asked, skeptically. "I thought I went over this with you guys - that this wasn't a good idea?"

"I tried to offer Dr. Brennan my supply at a reasonable price . . . And my credentials are beyond exceptional . . ." Fisher shook his head.

"Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth finally did the nasty together? I am the only one who thinks this is a good thing?" Clark asked. "I mean, all that sexual tension and BAM! It's finally broken!"

"I think it's wonderful news! Babies are so cute and cuddly. And if it's a girl, Dr. Brennan can buy her frilly dresses and have tea parties . . ." Daisy rambled, enthusiastically.

"Wow . . ." Arastoo exclaimed.

"Dr. B's pregnant?" Wendell repeated, shocked.

"Are the two of you out of your damn minds? Do you know what a baby will do to your partnership? Booth longin' to be a father to the child, while Dr. Brennan's completely oblivious to his wants and needs and focused on bein' a competent single mother. We might as well cut our ties with the Jeffersonian right now!" Caroline flipped out.

"Hey! Whoa! Everybody just settle down!" Booth exclaimed. He was tired of witnessing all the chaos.

They all quieted, reluctantly.

"What Bones, here, failed to mention was that she and I . . . we . . . we're, uh . . ." he hesitated, realizing the impact it would have once it was finally out.

"We're having sexual intercourse on a regular basis," Brennan finished for him.

"Bones!" he objected. "Ya don't just come out and say somethin' like that!"

"I was merely assisting you in 'spitting it up', as you say?" she defended.

"It's 'spitting it out', Bones. Okay?" he corrected her. "'Spit-up' is what we're gonna be dealin' with in a few months."

"Then 'getting it up' pertains to the -" she asked.

"Hey - I have no problems in that department– let's just drop it, okay!" he grumbled.

"Please tell me they're still arguing over their announcement . . ." Cam muttered to Lance.

Lance chuckled.

"I don't think so, but they're so cool to observe. The contentious energy and spark that's still present even after they've been together on a sexual level . . . Man, I can't wait for our next session!" he grinned.

"Okay - look! Guys, what Bones really meant was that we're a couple and we're raising this baby together. Now before you go thinkin' it's only because of the baby – don't even go there! We've been committed to each other for a while now and just found out about the baby last week. So – there ya go – it's out there!" he clarified.

"That wasn't very 'delicate' either, Booth," Brennan muttered.

"Ya know what, Bones? Just – never mind! I need some air, okay?" he told her, walking outside and sitting on the bench by the door.

He loved Brennan more than anything, but sometimes she just . . . What could've been a beautiful, happy event to celebrate turned into a disaster. Sure, he wasn't expecting everyone to instantly be okay with their news, but the way she just put it out there . . .

"Booth?" Brennan said, timidly coming out of the pub.

"Yeah, Bones?" he sighed.

"Are you still angry with me?" she asked.

"I'm not mad, okay? I'm . . . disappointed, that's all," he admitted.

"That's usually worse," she commented.

"I just . . . I should've known it would go this way . . . I wanted everything to be perfect – for us to give our big news and everybody be happy about it. It's stupid, and I knew it wouldn't work out that way, but . . ." he trailed off.

"I think they are, Booth," she told him. "Everyone hugged me and gave their congratulations – they appeared to be sincere."

"That's good, Bones," he forced a smile.

"Then what's wrong?" Brennan wondered.

"I wanted it to be special, okay?" Booth confessed. "I wanted for everyone to really celebrate – drink, eat, dance, have fun, ya know?"

"They are, Booth - right now. You're missing it," she told him, attempting to pull him up from the bench.

He gently resisted her.

"You know why I wanted this to be special, right?" he asked.

"Because you're happy about our expectant child," Brennan assumed.

"But not just that. Bones, this is the closest thing we'll get to celebrating our relationship together with our friends. We won't have a -" he began.

"A wedding?" she finished. "Booth, I have issues with the union of marriage . . . But being with you and carrying our child . . . I haven't completely ruled it out."

"You're serious?" he asked, skeptically.

"I didn't say I wanted or needed to," she warned him. "I merely said I am less opposed to the idea than I have been in the past."

Booth was pleasantly shocked. For Brennan to admit that there might be some good in marriage was huge for her. And maybe he could eventually convince her to switch sides completely. But there was no use pushing her, right then. He needed to just embrace the small progress she had made.

"Hey - that's all I'm askin' for, Bones – an open mind," he got up and took her hand. "C'mon. Let's go celebrate!"

They walked in and Booth immediately received hugs and words of congratulations and luck. After mingling for a while, he went over and whispered in the bartender's ear a request from the CD he'd given him before the party. As the song began to play, Booth offered his hand to Brennan.

"Booth, this bar is not meant for dancing – there isn't any room," she said.

"Then we'll make room," he insisted, moving a few chairs out of the way.

As Brennan took her mind off of the situation and put her arms around his neck, swaying to the music, she realized what song it was.

"I thought you didn't like Toad the Wet Sprocket?" she smiled and affectionately leaned her head on his shoulder as 'All I Want' played.

"I never said I didn't like 'em – I just said they weren't a true rock band," he clarified, spinning her around. "Besides, I know they're one of your favorites."

She smiled, shyly.

"I'm sorry, Booth," she apologized.

"It's okay, Bones. We fight . . . we make up . . . it's what couples do. I'll always love you – no matter what," he assured her.

"Me, too," she told him as they contentedly danced in the small space in the bar, their friends smiling at them.

Booth chastely pressed his lips against Brennan's and held her close, ignoring the beat of the song and everything else around them. After all the obstacles they'd faced, he and Brennan were finally happy. They were definitely headed for an incredible rollercoaster of a life together, but he couldn't have dreamt of anything better – after all, he had the real thing this time . . .