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Honest Curse: Sean-Style
Chapter 6

Sasuke Uchiha was a prodigy for his age.
He knew, his Academy teachers said so, even Kurenai-sensei said so. Was that why she gave him extra training? To get him stronger to face Itachi? If so, then why did she always have that evil glint in her jewel-like eyes? Her face was emotionless, she posture relaxed as far as he could tell, but something was off in this training when Sasuke was told to stay when Kiba went home and Sakura was sent home.

As he was doing his extra push-ups he had this train of thought and decided to ask the genjutsu mistress why he had this extra training. "Only 50 more to go..." the obsidian-eyed boy thought to himself as he pushed his tired arms to loft his strained and bruised body."
Kurenai watched her student ponder during his "training." She was curious as to what. She thought it would be some way to steal Naruto away from Hinata. She would be damned to the bowels of hell before she let that happen. Or worse yet, hang out with Anko for a month.
While she didn't mind Sasuke's sexual orientation, she was furious with him trying to steal someone from who they loved. She was had to deal with that enough from a stalker or two who would not take no for an answer. Since they were civilian, she could not harm them without justifiable cause and be sent to T&I for questioning as to why. It would most likely Anko who do it, and Anko being the eccentric sadist that she is, as well as her best friend, she would spill the beans about Asuma.
She and Asuma had been dating for a couple of months and have kept it a secret due to Anko castrating the guy who dumped her when she wouldn't sleep with him on the second date. She didn't want Anko or Asuma to get hurt (they already do that to themselves with Anko's sweet binges and Asuma's smoking habits). Also she just didn't want to deal with the headache from the two of the together. Active, bouncy, and sadistic just didn't mixed well with lazy, laid-back, and cheery.
Back to the matter at hand, she refused to give ammunition for Sasuke to steal Hinata's favorite blond away from the shy heiress. "If he's able to think while he's training, then I'm not being hard enough."

"Kurenai-sensei?" Sasuke asked respectfully, snapping her out of her thought process.

She blinked and looked at her onyx eyed student. "Yes, Sasuke?"
"I was wondering why you've been giving me extra training, not that I don't appreciate it. I just want to know why," he asked courteously to the jounin.

That made Kurenai blink. That was the last question that Sasuke Uchiha thought would ask her at this time. She had always consider honesty to be the best policy, so she told him the truth; even if it was a bit brutal. "You're receiving it as a punishment for forcing yourself on Naruto, Sasuke. If there is one thing I hate in this world, its people like you who force themselves on people," she said. "I guess since you see this training as a reward instead of a punishment, I'll have to find something else to do with you."
"That is the thing though Kurenai-sensei: I did not force myself on to Naruto. He came to me first, put his hands on my shoulders. It would be more like he was forcing himself on me, Kurenai-sensei. You can ask Shino or Shikamaru, those two are so observant, they'll tell you the same thing," Sasuke said with resolve.
Kurenai thought about this, she actually hadn't seen him force himself on to Naruto, only the aftermath. So talking to them would be ideal. "I'll think about it Sasuke, but the evidence I have-"
"I will let you have any genjutsu scrolls from my clan library you want if I am proven wrong," Sasuke interrupted.
This made Kurenai freeze. The Uchiha Clan were world renown not only for their Sharingan and Fire-Style ninjutsu, but for the genjutsu they were able to weave with or without their kenkei genkai. Not to mention the fact that it allows them to copy jutsu, potentially the Uchiha Clan Jutsu Library can have decades worth of genjutsu alone. The gamble at a chance at that collection for even a minute or two was to tempting for the genjutsu mistress to resist. "Fine, Sasuke, I'll take you up on your gamble. If it wasn't for Itachi being a traitor to the village, only he would have the authority to do that," she said brutally honest.
Sasuke silently seethed at the memory of his older brother. While Sasuke being the last Uchiha in the world other than his brother, he couldn't take the title of Clan Head until he was at least Jonin rank. Until then, this man named Danzo Shimura has proxy control of the clan's seat on the council and funds, but all say on who gets the secrets of his clan and who is able to access them is up to him and him alone; rank, status, or otherwise.

"It just so happens that a few of my friends are planning a inter-team training session for all of you to develop your skills together and a bit of socializing during work. I'll ask Shino and Shikamaru then," Kurenai said.

Sasuke's eyes widened a fraction. "Who's going to be there?" he asked.

"Asuma's, Kakashi's, mine, and a friend of Kakashi's genin teams will all be there. So, if I were you, I'd be there early, because it isn't often that three of the Hidden Leaf's experts are in one place," Kurenai warned him.
"Experts?" Sasuke asked oh-so-intelligently.

"Yes, Kakashi is the ninjutsu expert of the village, his friend, Guy Might, is the taijutsu expert, and I am the leading genjutsu expert since your brother left, and Asuma can fill in for the one kind of ninjutsu that Kakashi can barely preform. So, in essentials, you have a jutsu buffet in a few days, Sasuke."
Kurenai swears to this day, she seen ryo signs in Sasuke's and cha-ching sound in his head, as well as a happy grin on his face that would give a certain ANBU the creeps.

Inside the Hokage's office...

A ANBU wearing a bear mask had hold back a sneeze while hiding in the shadows inside the Third Hokage's office. He was watching Hiruzen slack off on paperwork and read a book by Master Jiraiya, giggling every so often. He always wondered what was up with that book, with both the Hokage, Kakashi and some of his fellow ANBU.

"Oh, just sneeze already Tenzo, it'll only get worse if you hold in and you may end up going death or getting erectile dysfunction," said the Hokage without even looking up at his book.

Tenzo's eyes widened and let out a quiet sneeze, making it seem like it came from a book. He wanted to sigh in relieve for two reasons, for letting out that sneeze and his sex life living for another day.

Back with Kurenai and Sasuke...

"You may go home now, Sasuke," Kurenai said, wanting to get away from the boy as much as possible. She noted as Sasuke walked away, there was a certain spring to his step.

"I sincerely hope I don't regret this inter-team meet..." she said holding her head and a mask of worry on her face. "Might as well hit the bar to get through this," she said walking to a ninja pub. Maybe she'll spoil herself and get some of the imported vodka tonight.

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