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Honest Curse: SeanStyle
Chapter 7: The Meet-Up

Sasuke woke up in a good mood for once. Not even Itachi haunted his dreams the night before. He was soon to be free of his false homosexuality as well as new jutsu. He had a few tomato sandwiches, had a pleasant shower (with some help from his imagination of a certain dumb blond). Things were going to look up. He actually had a joyful smile on his face instead of an arrogant one. The sheep of villagers were doing double takes at the fact that he wasn't brooding or being arrogant. Not even that creepy cripple who manages his finances could ruin his day. Perhaps if Itachi's head showed up on a silver platter would be cherry on the metaphorical sundae. Right now, he wouldn't even care if it were Naruto that killed him with "The Jutsu That Mustn't Be Named" via blood lost. He seen those books he had in the false bottom of his nightstand, if Naruto could make the Hokage perv-out from that maybe it could work on Itachi? He may ask him later, for now, establishing his sexuality.

Kurenai-sensei said that the place to meet was the 51st Training Ground, a.k.a.: The Fanned Wood. It was called so because of the odd trees growing there with no branches and large and fan-shaped leaves. It was on the other side of the village from the Uchiha Clan Compound to the Southwest. Sasuke looked into his pocket and checked his pocket watch. The watch was passed down to each second heir to the Uchiha generation after generation. Thankfully, Itachi didn't take any Uchiha artifacts. It was a silver color, with small onyx ticks and the crest for the Clan in the center. The watch read 8:30, so he had a half-hour to get to the training ground, he would get there in fifteen minutes. An Uchiha was always punctual after all.

Upon Sasuke's arrival he saw Naruto and Hinata cuddling (Going to get you come-uppance soon, Naruto.), Sakura and Ino silently gushing over the couple's cuteness (Thank the gods they haven't noticed me.), Kiba nursing a black eye and glaring at a eyesore in green spandex with huge eyebrows and a older double. (Stupid mutt; plus, that spandex is more sickening than Naruto orange.) Meanwhile, Asuma-sensei was smoking in a corner playing shogi with Shikamaru while Choji watched and munched and shared chip with his friend and teacher. Kurenai was looking straight at his with her porcelain mask and a glint of malice and greed in her ruby eyes. (She's still hoping to win the bet?) Standing next to her was a long hair Hyuga and a girl in a Chinese shirt and hair in twin buns. Shino was nowhere to be seen.

"Ah, Sasuke, now all we need is Shino and Kakashi before we start, I hope you remember to bring the library key with you," Kurenai said with sweetness and a smile that belonged on a different woman.

"I hope you are ready to apologize to me, Sensei. Because I didn't bring the key with me," Sasuke told her with confidence and conviction.

"Shame, that'll be even less time for you to have to rest after your tort-, I mean training."

"Oh, either way I'll be at least getting stronger in some form, be it in mind or body, I just want to clear my name and make sure the Uchiha name will still live."

"I didn't think you actually thought that you could get pregnant, Sasuke. Are you by chance a hermanthrodite?"

"Shut up, Naruto. This conversation does not involve you."

"Can it involve me, Sasuke?"

"…Go away, Sakura."

The entirety of the Genin and Sensei watched the exchange with interest, especially Naruto (because Sasuke was getting told by his sensei), the spandex-wearing, weird genin (Sasuke's flames of youth are dimmed by back-talking his sensei.), and Asuma (Is it hot today?). Shino had arrived during the banter and had decided to stand back and watch. Choji had somehow procured popcorn and was sharing with Ino.

"Well, I expected today to be entertaining, but I certainly didn't expect this."

Everyone, including the Uchiha scion and genjutsu mistress turned to see Kakashi with a green book instead of his orange one.

"So, you've finally arrived, Kakashi, are you ready to prove whose Genin is stronger?" the larger spandex wearing man stated while stretching into a battle stance.

"Hmm? Did you say something, Guy?" Kakashi asked looking bored from his little, orange book.

"DAMN YOU KAKASHI WITH YOUR HIP ATTITUDE!" the Green Beast (Read: Freak of nature) bellowed to the heavens.

"In any case, we're all here now, so let's explain the reasoning why you're here," Kakashi said putting his book away.

"We decided to give you all a chance to improve on things you definitely need to survive out there given certain… situations at the moment," Kurenai put not-so subtly.

"My father, the Third Hokage, believes you need to be trained even harder. Ninja live fast and die young. We want you to at least see your thirties," said the bearded smoker doing his favorite habit.

"So, we will fan the flames of your youth and prepare you as best we can for the next week!" the green wearing man yelled, again.

"As such, all of us specialize in one or two essential ninja arts, I, myself in ninjutsu, Kurenai in genjutsu and chakra control, Asuma in Wind Style Ninjutsu and weapon techniques, leaving Guy with taijutsu. You can go to each of us if you want, or just one of us. Any questions?" the masked ninja finished looking over the dozen teens. The bun-haired girl was looking at Asuma hungrily, the rest looked either bored or eager. "Alright then. Before we start though, I feel like we should get to know each other a little bit."

"But Kakashi-sensei, we already know each other. We are all in the same graduating class," Sakura complained.

"Ah, that's true, but do you know each other's hobbies? What about each other's likes and dislikes? Dreams?" Kakashi asked. Sakura was about to say something, but found herself unable to. Kakashi only gave his weird eye-smile. "What I thought. In any case, thank you for volunteering to go first. Then introductions will go to your left. 'Kay?"

"Alright. My name is Sakura Haruno; I like Sasuke, trivia and word games, and Ino when she isn't being difficult. I hated it when Naruto asked me out, (thank the gods he stopped), Ino-pig when she is being difficult, and any spicy foods. My dream is to be a strong kunoichi and the wife to a certain strong shinobi."

"Hmm… Next?" Kakashi asked.

"My name is Ino Yamanaka. I like Sasuke, my friend Sakura, and shopping, and pudding (everyone looked at her weird). What? It's my comfort food! Anyways, I hate it when Sakura's a little bitch, Choji and Shikamaru when they're lazy, and sashimi. My dream is to be a strong wife to a shinobi."

"I hate repeats. Next!"

"Troublesome. I'm Shikamaru Nara. I like cloud watching, shogi, and naps. I hate work and troublesome crap. My dream is to live my life how I planned."

"I think I know how my previous teams felt a little. Moving on."

"I am Neji Hyuga. I enjoy sparring and meditation. I hate weaklings and failures," he said glaring at Hinata and Naruto. "My dream is personal and will not share it."

"Sasuke Uchiha: Part II. Let's go with the original," Kakashi said dramatically.

"I am not like him. My name is Sasuke Uchiha; I have few likes, among them that are training and taking a walk every so often. I have many hates, including fan girls, people thinking I'm gay," he said looking pointy at Naruto who might as well as had a halo. "My dream is to avenge and restore my clan."

"Very surprising," Kakashi dripped with sarcasm.

"I'm Tenten, no surname. I like sealing, weapons, fortune telling, and Chinese food. I hate pickled plums, and spandex. My dream is to be a great kunoichi like Tsunade Senju."

A faint sneeze was heard in the distance, but everyone thought it was the wind.

"Better than the rest of the girls so far."

"I am Kiba Inuzuka! Akamaru and me love taking walks, eatin' beef jerky, and kickin' ass! We hate water, food that isn't chewy, and fuckin' farts! My dream is to be a strong ninja and a hot wife!"


"I-I am Hinata Hyuga. I like my friends and flower pressing. I love my boyfriend, Naruto," all the other girls cooed while Kiba gagged. Kurenai only softly smiled. "I hate it when people look down on others, seafood, and my loved ones in pain. My dream is to reunite my clan."

Kakashi had only a smile for this.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I love my girlfriend, Hinata," again Sakura, Ino, and Tenten cooed. "I like my precious people, like Iruka-sensei, training and ramen. My hobby is gardening and culinary tasting, mostly ramen. My dream is to become Hokage, have a family, and make my parents proud of me!"

"They already are Naruto. Trust me," Kakashi said.

"I thought Naruto was a no-name orphan!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Kiba! You and I will have a talk after the group training is over," Kurenai said glaring at her student. Both the dog and boy nearly whimpered under the crimson gaze.

"Moving on," Asuma said.

"I am Rock Lee, the Handsome Devil of the Hidden Leaf Village! I enjoy training with Guy-sensei and curry! I d hate it when people are not honorable and respectful to opponents. My dream is to be a splendid ninja, even with no ninjutsu or genjutsu!" the spandex wearing teen bellowed.

"Great introduction, Lee!" said the bigger duplicate bellowed in a nice guy pose.

"Thank you Gai-sensei!"



"EVERYBODY HIT THE DECK!" Tenten yelled making haste to the tree line. Nobody questioned her except for Kiba, who had his back turned to the threat.

"Why is everybody running?" he yelled. He then noticed something missing from his person. "Hey, Akamaru! Where ya goin'?" he yelled after the pup who was running towards Sakura with his tail between his legs. The brunette was alone in the clearing. He then felt a light coming from behind him. So he turned.

He saw Guy-sensei and Lee on a beach during sunset. The duo was crying their eyes out while embracing.

It was the most horrible sight that Kiba had ever seen and would continue to haunt him for several years.

"MY EYES! MY EYES! THEY BURN!" Kiba exclaimed as he fell to the ground and held his eye sockets.

In that moment, the pair had finished and had rushed over, trying to remove the boy's hands from his eyes. When they finally did everyone saw that his eyes were letting off steam. Not a good sign.

"SOMEBODY GET A DAMN DOCTOR! CODE BROW! CODE BROW!" Tenten shouted as she tried to restrain Kiba on to a stretcher she unsealed.

"He'll be fine, kid. Just let me take care of that," said a confident voice. Everyone turned to see Tsunade and Jiraiya walking over casually.

"La-la-lady Tsunade?!" Tenten stuttered in shock that her idol was walking toward her.

Tsunade then sat down next to her in front of Kiba and started to examine his eyes. "Hmm… traumatic blindness, steaming from rapid dehydration. If left unchecked, the patient will be left permanently blind," she muttered as she started the Mystical Palm on the teen's pupils. Her glowing hands stayed over Kiba's face for three minutes before she stood up. She looked at Tenten for a moment while she dug through her medical bag. "Pull him up, Tenten, keep his hair out of his face." The weapon maiden did what she was told a little to eagerly and pulled Kiba to his feet by his hair. Tsunade then took bandages and gauze and proceeded to wrap them around his eyes carefully.

"Do not take them off for about a week, kid, two weeks to be safe," she told the blind ninja.

"How am I supposed to see then?!" Kiba yelled indignantly.

She chuckled a little darkly. "Are you sure you're from the Inuzuka Clan? Figure it out."

"What are you doing here anyway, Granny Tsunade?" Naruto said with a bit of mirth.

"NARUTO, YOU IDIOT! SHOW LADY TSUNADE THE PROPER RESPECT!" Tenten pounded Naruto's head in to the ground.

Seeing this, Sakura whispered to her friend. "Was I ever that bad to Naruto?" Ino looking away and remaining silent was her only answer.

"Oh, gods. I'm horrible…" Sakura thought mortified.

"It's okay, Tenten. Although I hate being called that, he can get away with it every once in a while," Tsunade chided.

"He should still show you the proper respect! You are the greatest kunoichi to ever live! You're my idol!" Tenten yelled passionately.

"Tenten, my youthful student! There is no need to yell even though we are outside." Guy chided his student. Every last one person in the clearing looked directly at his with the same expression. An awkward silence passed along with a duck in the sky.

"In any case, the old pervert and I were just going to spy on the training meet thing," she started.

"But then you blew our cover for saving the dumb kid," Jiraiya stated.

"Oh, howdy to ya, Pervy Sage!" Naruto shouted. Jiraiya proceeded to face-vault while Kakashi chuckled.

"Damn disrespectful brat. How are ya?" Jiraiya said with a smile.

Naruto didn't miss a beat. "How're the jewels? I can give you a instant replay if you want?"

Jiraiya subconsciously shielded his scrotum, while Naruto and Tsunade mirrored an evil chuckle with the same twinkle in the eye. "Look at you two! It's like you two are related!"

"Well, she's old enough to be my grandma. Who knows maybe she is!" Naruto stated with a grin.

"Well, we're both blonds, I guess it's possible," Tsunade said with a small smile with her hand tucked under her chin inquisitively. "I think I may do a paternity test later this week."

"In any case, while we're here we can help with training. I know some sealing jutsu and Tsunade here can teach you some medical jutsu," Jiraiya said pulling out his conveniently located sealing supplies.

Kakashi clapped his hands together. "Alright then, let training begin!"

Naruto went instantly to Jiraiya to see if he can't weasel some awesome stuff about his dad from him. Hinata went to Tsunade to learn how to heal. Sasuke took Shino by the wrist and dragged him to Kurenai who was contemplating how much genjutsu she could get (Read: steal) from the Uchiha Clan vault. ("Please let go of me, Sasuke.") Ino and Sakura chatted away happily and stared at Sasuke. Choji and Shikamaru sat in the shade and munch and snored away, relaxing. Lee went to Guy spouting along the lines of youth, fire, and water. Neji glared at Hinata for attempting to learn medical jutsu before going to a training post and practicing his Gentle Fist. Tenten was nearly having a panic attack, her gaze shifting between Jiraiya, Tsunade and Asuma. ("Why does there have to be so many damn choices?")

"Hey, Pervy Sage?" Naruto asked as he went up to him.

"Stop calling me that brat! What do you want?" Jiraiya asked annoyed.

"What were my parents like?" Naruto asked with large, childlike eyes.

Jiraiya saw the look and knew it wasn't the one E-Rank kinjutsu. Naruto deserved to know, just not here, where people could hear; Especially the Yamanaka girl. He heard that she was a gossip. If she gets wind of Naruto's heritage, it'll be across the continent in a week tops.

"Later, Naruto. Not with so many people around," he said shifting his eyes. "I will tell you this though, the Uzumaki Clan had a knack for sealing jutsu, if you think you can handle it."

This put a fire in his eyes. "Oh, it's on now, Pervy Sage! Teach me all you got!" Naruto said with vigor. Jiraiya set to giving him an overview of sealing jutsu.

"Sealing jutsu's only limit is the caster's imagination. You can seal jutsu, chakra, objects, even living beings within the confines of the space. Each hand seal, each nature has a character equivalent. The first and most basic sealing technique is the Storage Seal. It will contain a single object within a small pocket dimension. When you seal an object, you essentially create your own universe and a portal to that universe."

Jiraiya showed Naruto how to create the Storage Seal. "First you need the special paper. Most scrolls will do for low-grade seals," he pulled out a standard scroll. "Special ink is needed no matter what. It has to either chakra-diluted ink or blood." He brought out a small metal jar and a brush. "This jar is made from chakra-conducting steel. It allows you to charge the ink inside." The jar lit with an ethereal, cerulean flame. "You'll need to keep it charge for a minute or two," the Toad Sage grunted. "Although, based on what I've read of your academy report and heard from Sensei, you only need a second." He stopped the flow of chakra and the jar was glowing blue. "You start with creating the space for the object." He drew a perfect circle on paper with the glowing ink. When the circuit was complete, the circle became the same blue as Jiraiya's chakra. "The pocket dimension is created. Small, but able to seal one chakra-less object."

This continued until Naruto tried it. Naruto got it perfect on his first try. Jiraiya inspected it. "Let's test it," Jiraiya took out a kunai and tried to push it through the seal. The kunai went through, which surprised Jiraiya. "Just as I thought. You did it well enough to seal a set of identical objects into the space."

"Awesome! I'm a sealing master!" Naruto proclaimed. "Next stop, Hokage!"

Everyone rolled their eyes. "As if! There's no way a clanless idiot like you could possibly become Hokage!" Kiba stated. "Tell you what, I'll become Hokage in your place. I doubt you'll even make Chunin!"

Naruto was seething. If Kiba knew who his parents were, he would see. But he promised the Old Man not tell anyone until he was strong enough. "Kiba! I'm tired of you bashing me! Let's go!" Naruto yelled getting in to his brawling stance, knees bent, arms at the ready."

"If you're that eager to be showed who's alpha then let's start! Come on, Akamaru!" Kiba shouted charging towards Naruto.

Kurenai caught the dog boy five feet from Naruto. "Kiba, are you sure you want to fight literally blind?" his sensei asked with firmness. "Your eyes just suffered severe trauma. You are not fighting until their healed when either Lady Tsunade or a optometrist say so. Clear?"

Kiba merely gave a grunt in return.

"Just in case, I'm going to drop you back home. And tell your mother what happened." She proceeded to drag him out kicking.

"With that little debacle over, I want to test something Sensei told me. Haruno! Get over here!" Tsunade yelled.

Sakura stepped forward. "M-me, Lady Tsunade?" Sakura asked timidly. Tsunade merely nodded and curled her finger at her to come hither. Sakura did what she asked.

"Now, you and I are going to have a no bars hold spar. You will come at me with the intent to kill or you will die. Understood?" Sakura merely gulped and paled significantly. As well as the rest of the genin, while the jonin narrow their eyes. What is she trying to accomplish?

"Are you ready?" Tsunade asked. Sakura snapped to attention with a look of unbridled fear in her eye. "On the count of three." She dropped into her stance with her fist cocked. "One." Sakura stared into her eyes, silently pleading for her not to. "Two." Sakura started shaking like a leaf. "Three." Sakura screamed as Tsunade surged forward with the intent to send Sakura clear off the continent.

Her fist never made within five feet of Sakura, and Kiba was on his knees holding his ears. Tsunade was farther than when she started to charge, as well as flat on her back while everyone was looking on in amazement.

Sakura was still screaming, but the sound waves were visible, the waves and her entire eyes were a terrible shade of bloody red. She put a whole new meaning to screaming until you were blue in the face. From her elbows up and her face were a cold, deathly blue.

"Ow," was all Tsunade was able to groan out. Well, Sensei was right about that theory.

"Tsunade! Are you okay?" Jiraiya ran over to her in a blur, genuine concern on his face. Others were mentally scratching their heads to figure out how a fresh genin was able to knock back a S-Rank shinobi, as well as one of the Legendary Sannin.

"What exactly happened?!" Sasuke and Naruto yelled at the same time.

"Lord Third had a theory about Haruno females that their screaming and annoyingly loud voices were some sort of bloodline. I just proved that correct," Tsunade groaned. Trying to heal herself. Who knew sound hurt that much? I may have to break the seal to prevent permanent damage, as well as the mutt. "Get the dog boy over her so I can heal his ears, all of you are dismissed for today, except for you, Sakura. When I finish healing Kiba, you, me, Jiraiya, and the jonin are going to see the Hokage."

When she saw no one moved she barked at them.

"I just can't help but wonder..." she thought out loud.

Yeah, there will be a poll, on whether or not Tsunade is Naruto's paternal grandmother as a single mom, with Jiraiya as grandfather, or even Dan as grandfather. In any case, Naruto will not have the Wood Style/Release/Mokuton. It is seriously plot. It could affect the entire story. So vote darn you!
Also with Sakura's sound-thingy, that is a spin-off story reveal. Staring Sakura Haruno, trying to cope with this newfound power, how will she win the heart of Sasuke? Or is there another seeking her affections? Keep an eye out for Honest Curse: The Banshee Queen of the Leaf!