Another year at hogwarts was just what I needed. Harry my brother, and I have been having horrible nightmares that seem to have somthing to do with Voldemort.

And somtiimes Wormtail, Ron's old rat, is included in them. I know what your thinking, what in the world? He was an unresigered Animagis. I thought of his rat like face still haunted my memory.

"Harry," I whisper into the darkness that covered the small room tht we both shared. "Yeah," he voice sounded lke he had just awoken.

"What, did you have that dream again, does your scar hurt?" he asked me putting a hand on my leg where Lord Voldemort had scared me with the Curios curse witch no person has ever surrvied excpet for my bother and me.

"No just a little scared about the big feast," I lied quickly looking down as if I was embarrsed about it. "Dumbledore wouldn't have you sing at the feast if you weren't ready," he said as if he was smiling.

"Right," I said laying down against his chest. I just let a few tears escape. I hated lying to him escpiecally about this kinds of things he would know best about. "Shh," he said as he rested his head against mine.

3 weeks later

"Olivia," Ron said running up and giving me a hug. "Hey weirdo," I laughed as the rest of the wesley family came out to say hi. "So the World Cup is tomorrow you wanna go?" he asked smiling as if he was asking me out. "Sure I'd love to go with you guys," I said poltiely as I could.

"Awsome," Fred and Goegre said running up and hugging me. They both nocticed my booty shorts and tank top. "Stop staring of people will start to think you don't have girlfriends, oh wait, you don't!" I laughed clutching my sides and covering my mouth as the they said,"ha ha, very funny olive."

"My name is Olivia, not olive," I screamed running up to see Ginny my best girlfriend. "OMG, you look H-O-T!" Ginny said looking at my attire. "And so do you," I said laughing at her robes.

"You know my mom will kill me if I were anything that's not knee lentgh," she said very serously and in return I said,"And?"

Ginny just huhed and walked inside with me trailing behind her. I saw two unfilmar faces. "Hi," I said sticking out my hand. "You must be Olivia Potter," the taller man said smiling,"I'm Charlie, Ron's older brother and that's Bill."

"Nice to meet you,"I muttered as I watched there eyes trail down me and finally resting on my thigh were a long thin scar. "My eyes are up here fellows," I said while the others and I laughed as their cheecks turned bright red to match their hair.

"Come on you bit-best friend," Ginny had started to say B***** but her mother had given her a look that could kill if you let it. "Coming," I called jogging up the long narrow staircase that led at the end to Ginny's room.

"So," I asked throwing myself on her tiny bed,"any summer realisonships I should know about?" She even started shaking her head even before I finshed.

"As I qoute myself 'My mother would kill me!' and besides I'm waiting till the panic and chaos that the world cup is known for to slip away with a mystery man," she sighed as she laid her back against the fram of the bed.

That night...

I screamed in agony as Voldemort's wand shoot out a green light and hit me. The pain was unbearable, the heat scorched up my leg.

I gasped shooting up from the floor where I had been sleeping. I pressed my hand against the scar that had marked me, made my different from any other girl in the world.

It didn't burn as much as it had in the past few nights but it still burned as if a curling iron had been pressed against my skin. 'Just go back to sleep' I thought to myself. I shuddered, and go back to that, no thanks.

So instead of going back to that horrorible dream, I just laid there listening to my own heart speed down and to Ginny's light snore that you could easliy mistaken for a mouse's snore.

Maybe it was three or two hours later did Mr. Weasley come up and wake up Ginny and was suprised to find me wide awake. "Bad dream," I muttered walking downstairs in pink shorts with little monkeys on them and a white tank top.

"Morning Harry," I said as he walked into the kitchen towing a half asleep Ron behind him. "So did you have the you-know-what with you-know-who again," I asked grabing a biscuit and was starting to open the jam when he answered me with a quick nod.

"Come on people we have to hurry to get to the Portkey on time," Mr. Wealsey nagged us as we slug our bookbags over our shoulders. "Let's go!" I smilied brightly as I trailed behind Ron who was content in leading us to where ever we were going. And even somtimes in the wrong dircetions.

"How much longer," Iasked for the 785 time in a row. "Yeah dad, how much longer?" Ron complained as we headed into a clearing witha cliff. "If I have to take another step I'm jumping off that cliff." I anoucned planting my butt on the ground.

"Come on lazy butt," Fred or Geogre said pulling me up and both latching a hand onto a boot. "Wait, did you say Portkeyyyyyyyyyyyy..." I screamed as we turned and twisted with me hanging on for dear life.

"Let goats," Charlie screamed. "What!" I asked pulling my way closer the Geogre's head and when I reached it I was so going to take a fist full of orange hair off of his head.

"Fret goats!" he screamed even louder. "Waht!" I yelled again latching myself onto Geogre's head.

"Let go!" He screamed as I slipped off of the Portkey and landed into a soft patch of green grass while everyone else landed in the mud.

"Ithink you busted my ear drum," I laughed getting up and started to look around.