I quickly ran toward my trunk and throw on radom clothes. I stuffed my books into my bag and ran downstairs to get to class early. "Morning Professer,"I gasped as I ran through the doorway.

"I will see to it that you sleep by yourself from now on,"she said looking at me with a light pink tint on her face.

"Professer, you know that I'm... you know," I stuttered quietly blushing a bright red. "Well yes but I hope that tonight that you'll stay in the girls dorm," she said as the rest of the class piled in.

I quickly sat in the front row and tried to look as if I was intrested in the lecture about wand use and news about the flick and twist that we've covered a million times.

The whole day went like that. Me being bored and missing Viktor. When classes ended, it was about four. I ran for Viktor's dorm and just as he opened the door I ran into him.

"I see vou missed me," Viktior laughed giving a peck on the cheek. "I did," I smiled taking his hand as he led us through the halls of the school. "So twins," I said as we walked into the Great Hall.

"I know. How could ve ever be vessed with such a miricle," he said as we sat down at the Gyriffindor table. "Rita Skeeter's new article is here!" I heard a couple of girl's giggle as they walked by us.

"Hey, can I see one?" I asked and one of the third years passed me one.

It seems that the Potter girl can't stay away from love! Olivia Potter has broken the heart of Ron Weasley and moved onto a star, like herself. Viktior Krum, the youngest man ever to play on a quiditch team, has been hexed with love as Olivia sneaks into his dorm in the Hogwarts' famous castle. Now why would a seventh year student who stuides at a Bulgarian school ever dare to transper to Hogwarts in his seventh year in which he would become a full wizard? Well, let's say there might be a bun in the oven for Olivia Potter! Who's the father, will Krum ever return to his original school, and who will raise Olivia's baby? I promise dream reader, that I will find the answer.

"How in the heck did she find out," I screamed. "Nvow Olivia-" Viktior started to say but I cut him off. "I'm going to kill Harry," I said through clenched teeth as I stood up and marched for the end of the table.

"Olivia stop," he screamed after me as I grabbed Harry's neck. "Who did you tell?" I screamed shaking his neck every time a word came out of my mouth.

Viktior grabbed my waist and pulled my fingers from my brother's neck. "Calm, sweety. Stress is bad for the baby!" he warned while Harry gasped.

"I'm sorry but I saw Malfoy valking to the vomen vat vas in vur room," Viktior said and Ron patted Harry's back.

"I'm sorry," I told Harry as he stopped choking. "Thanks for not killing me," he said and I repiled,"Your welcome."

"Your looking a little round today, Olivia," Panisy sneered at me as she walked by.

"My life is over, offically!" I cried running out of the Great Hall. "Olivia," Viktior yelled after me and as soon as I hit the moving staircases I tripped. I fell and wiped my tears with the back of my hand.

"Sweety, vhat is vrong about veople vnowing?" he asked helping me up and hugging me to his chest.

"My life's always been posted for everyone to see, I'm just so use to people making a quick jugde about me without really finding out what is true and what's not," I muttered quietly.

"Vell, vet vem vink vhat they vant," he said strongly lifting me up and twirling me around.

"You always know what to say to make things better," I cried wrapping my legs around his waist and he carried us back to his dorm. When we got there, he laid me down and said, "I veed to vo send a vowl to my headmaster."

I nodded and he left with a quick peck on my forehead. I curled up into a ball and fell asleep.

I felt someone wrap their arms around me and pull me against them. My eye lids fluttered for a second and then I saw Viktior smile lazily at me. "What time is it?" I groaned cuddleing myself closer to him.

"It's only seven," he answered kissing me lightly on the lips.

"So are vou having a voy or a girl?" Viktior asked sittling up and pulling me into his lap. "Twins," I answered wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Perfect," he mumbled playing with my hair.

"Well, since we are starting a family, I guess we should learn a little more about each other," I said pulling my face from his neck.

"20 questions," he asked and I nodded. "I go first," I said druming my fingers against my thigh.

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"Bulgaria," he said.

"Favorite sport"


"Muggle parents or wizard or both"

"Both, my mother's a muggle"

"Favorite spell"


"Favorite girlfriend"


"Do you like to read"

"I love to read"

"Write any"

"Yes, I keep a journal"

"Dream job"

"I already have it"

"Worst Class"


"Best Class"

"Defense Against the Dark Arts"

"One word that sums you up"


"What would you rate me"


"Do you have any dreams"

"7 months till my dream comes true," he said putting a hand on my stomach.

"Do you want a boy or a girl or both"

"One of each or two boys"

"If I miscarriged, would you hate me"


"What is your favorite thing to do"

"kiss you"

"What do you do in your spare time"

"think of baby names and I've been reading a pregnancy book"

"What would be your favorite gift on Father's Day"


"Funny, what's your fave food"


"Do you love me"

"Yes, I love you"

After he answered his final question, he leaned in and started to kiss me.