The Snowman and The Swallow

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The gentle, light wind blew across the thousand-colored seas and danced gracefully around the coast of the beach as evening rose from above before settling down onto the plain clear skies. Around, everywhere was peaceful and calm. Couples strolled along the quiet beach hand in hand and several kids ran around, laughing and playing.

But all alone, on the scenic view of the coast, sat a lone person. Dark azure eyes narrowing as he stared out to the slow but steady waves, hair swaying in radiance as the wind played along with them.

Fingers were clenched. Eyes were cold and fiery, scaring everybody off in sight just by a stare of his. Nobody wanted to befriend him. He was ignorant, probably caring less about himself than others and he was definitely downright cold. No matter how some tried, they could never get more than two sentences out of him in a conversation.


Nobody knew. He never told anybody about his ignorant attitude and never bothered to. He couldn't care less anyway. Those who tried to melt the cold icicles of his heart always fail miserably, either getting a silent response or just having the cold, icy dark eyes stare back into theirs.


Just ice surrounding his heart, shutting any other thing out from it. People, feelings, emotions…everything.

And nobody shall melt that ice.

Nobody shall.


^^^^^^^5 yrs ago^^^^^^^^^^


The exhaustive voice cried out, "Eriol!"


The 13 year old teenager rushed towards his father's body lying on the bed. Cradling his head in his hands, he called out his father frantically.

"Dad! Dad! Please don't die! Answer me, Dad!"

Eyes opened slowly, fingers touching his son's arm, "Eriol…I'm sure you will grow up to be a famous person someday…I…I don't think I can make it anymore…"

Tears spilled from his eyes, "No, Dad!"

A faint smile crept on his features, "Eriol…promise me to strive for the best…Make me proud." The 13 year old boy hugged his father as tears uncontrollably spilled, "Don't leave me alone, Dad!"

The father shook his head, "I'm gonna leave this monstrous world soon…" Another smile appeared, "Eriol, listen to Dad…" The boy took his father's hand, "What is it, Dad?"

His father smiled, "…This world is a hateful place…….Don't…Don't…" His father coughed, gasping for breath. "Dad!" The boy exclaimed. The father nodded, "I'm alright…Listen, child…" His voice grew softer, his life threatening before him.

The son leant forward, trying to catch his words, "What is it, Dad?"

"Don't…Don't ever trust anybody in life…" The father was dying, "D-Don't…You'll only regret it…"

The boy's forehead creased, "Why, Dad?"

"Because…Because…" His life was ending…He didn't had much time left, "Because nobody is trusted….N-nobody…They only end up betraying y-you…H-hurting you…" He coughed again, "D-don't…trust anybody……….D-don't…."

The boy frowned, "B-but—"

"Listen, my boy…If you trust anybody at all, y-you'll only end up like me…You will die……..die painfully…." The father grimaced.

"D-don't………Don't trust anybody…at all."

With those last words, he laid on the ground, dead. Tears poured from the boy's eyes as he grabbed his father.


************END FLASHBACK*************

The wind blew again, brushing the dark hair away from its eyes as fingers pushed the strands away.

'Don't trust anybody at all…'

Rising up on both feet, the tall 18 year old person turned around and walked off from the coast.

'They only end up betraying you…Hurting you…'

Footsteps made its way out of the beach and down by the streets, leaving an invisible trail of prints behind.

Cold, icy, unfeeling…

The heart had already turned cold. Deadly cold. No emotions could enter, not a sign of liveness in it. Surrounded by only glaciers, nothing existed in it…No warmth, no feelings, no emotions…

Whoever could wield such power to break the ice and warm the heart again?


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