A/N:This fanfic is a collection of "deleted scenes" from my long Star Fox fanfic: Away From Boyfriends. There will also be a bad ending at the end of this collection. There is still yuri/shoujo-ai/lesbian scenes. Remember, the Star Fox characters belong to Nintendo.

Corneria News Station

"30 seconds to stations!" A worker said.

A male ram and a female monitor lizard came into the set and sat down in their chairs with their reports ready.

The Manager said "Okay, we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2..." he nodded and the news music started.

The ram set his papers in front of himself and so did the lizard. The ram greeted "Good evening Corneria. I'm Jeremy Reynolds."

"And I'm Johanna Chin." The monitor lizard waved.

Reynolds said "This is Deadline bringing you news across Corneria."

Johanna nodded "Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased that Star Fox has his the main home world of the vile Aparoid race and then wiped it out of existence." footage shows Team Star Fox getting medals "Fox and his team have earned themselves each the Congressional Cornerian Medal of Valor for their services in the Aparoid War. They also helped before the war in the fight against the Venomian forces of Andrew Oikonny."

"Thnak you Johanna." Reynolds patted his co-reporter. "Now then..." a picture of a surgeon general is shown next to Reynolds while he begins his report. "The surgeon general is dead," then assassinated appear on the general "Gunned down by an unknown assailant with completely white skin."

The footage goes to the general giving his speech. "One of the greatest health threats, causing harm to Corneria.." The dog surgeon general shows an illegal drug to his spectators. "Marijuana. A very addictive narcotic in history." The surgeon does not see a completely white skin man in caterer clothing whistling something while concealing a gun in his pocket. He stops when he turns to the surgeon. "A plague that-" before the surgeon general could finish, the white skinned man with a gibberish war cry (like in Mortal Kombat) pulled out the gun and opened fire 4 times at the general.

The general fell back in pain while the white skinned man ran off with cops chasing him. Panic ensued while someone tried to record the gunner. The killer quickly disappeared through what was called a portal.

Johanna reported to the viewers again "We received a message from one of the Five Families of Lylat, the Molinari crime family."

The next footage showed a skunk crime boss with a subtitle: Don Alberto Molinari. "People on Corneria just want paradise. Now you don't wanna (beep) with us drug runners." Don Molinari gave his message.

Johanna reported again "Several homes of drug users have been searched for any signs of illegal drugs. Some were lucky to not go to jail, others weren't so lucky and caught by the police for snorting cocaine."

The newsram then finished the report "The Cornerians have started their war on drugs ever since the defeat of Andross, and it's still going on. Star Fox has helped us on some drug situations, but we'll go further later."

"And that's all tonight from Deadline. Good night." Jeremy and Johanna closed the report as the end jingle played.