Dowding Racetrack, Corneria

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to today's racing event, the Charity Race! The racer to watch out for is Britanny racer Dahlia Melbourne!" A racing announcer said.

The racers were getting into their race cars.

Krystal and Katt were watching the race, "Look at that. Dahlia Melbourne." The Cerinian vixen pointed at Melbourne's car.

"She raced in her home country 11 times and didn't lose." Katt giggled.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Start your engines!" the announcer yelled.

Eventually, the cars were driving. The crowd was getting wild. The cars made some turns. After passing under a tunnel, the cars made another turn. When one lap was done, Melbourne's car hit a wall and crashed.

"Oh my! Dahlia Melbourne has hit a wall and crashed! Is she alright?!" The announcer said.

The racer got out and showed she was alright. "It looks like Dahlia Melbourne and her navigator, Chelsea Idaho are all right!" Dahlia took out a pass and threw it at the crowd. Being a Cerinian, Krystal watched the passes flight path, then caught it.

A few minutes after the race, Krystal and Katt stopped to drink at a water fountain. They went to the female racer's lockers.

"Did you like the pass?" Melbourne spotted Krystal and her cat girlfriend. Dahlia Melbourne was an orange furred fox, speaking with an Irish accent, and her navigator Chelsea Idaho was a white tiger with black stripes.

"Well, yes." Krystal giggled

"That's a crazy move I pulled. Maybe I didn't point in time." Chelsea looked down.

"It's not your fault. Accidents do happens." Katt assured the navigator.

Then, Krystal and Katt began undressing. "Don't worry, Old Bill won't know I'm stripping naked in here." The vixen assured.

When the two lovers were naked, Katt invited, "Could you two strip down too?"

Seeing no other choice, Dahlia and Chelsea took off their own clothes.

"How was life before your adulthood?" Krystal asked as she sat on a bench.

"My father was a bike racer. He raced the Templeton Valley at 20 years of age, then on the Fei Tou racetrack at 25. To become similar to him, I took up soapbox derby racing. I got my license to drive at 18 years old." Dahlia explained.

Krystal went up to the orange vixen and licked her breasts. "For a racer, you have cute assets."

The car navigator went behind Krystal and pressed her breasts on her back. The vixen moaned in sexual pleasure. In response, Krystal pressed her tail into Dahlia's clit. Katt got behind the tiger and gripped her breasts. "I'm liking this naked girl sex thing." Chelsea smiled. "I'm glad you do!" Krystal told her.

"Yeah! Do it, Krystal, babe! Show how much of a big fan of me you'd be!" Dahlia moaned.

Meanwhile, Beaker was sneaking into the locker room through the vent. He opened it and lowered down thanks to a rope. When he tried to snap a photo, the rope snapped and he photoed himself, temporary blindness and the camera hitting Dahlia messing an orgasm up.

The girls looked at Beaker who was nervous.

Angered, Dahlia yelled, "No one sneaks on me and photos me!" then she kicked Beaker hard enough to send him flying through five walls before out a glass window and into the air. With a flash of light blinking.

Krystal and the others looked at Dahlia who said "...I have no idea how I just did that..." The girls resumed with Krystal and Katt thrusting their tails into Dahlia. Chelsea began fingering the pink and white cat from behind. This time, they paced but did not moan loud enough.

Eventually, the racer cummed.

The four girls relaxed and Dahlia had a suggestion. "Well girls, I have a better idea, than doing it here."

"Where? Where can we do it further?" Chelsea was curious.

The orange vixen looked at the Cerinian and her pink and white feline longingly, "Krystal. We should continue this where you live."

"We drive separately, how's that?" Krystal nodded.

"Yeah!" the driver and her navigator agreed. They put their clothes back on and walked out.

CBC News

"Dahlia was able to miraculously survive her car crash. And now, onto to news from Quetzel. There has been a government debate on banning nudity laws for female coyotes and Presidente Savata is needing a decision whether to approve clothing reapplying chambers."

Quetzel town square

A group of nude coyote women were streaking. Eventually, this caused some other female coyotes and some other female canines to join in the nude.

Suddenly, gunfire rang out. It came from a clothed pig police officer.

"Alright, who's responsible for making you girls go naked?!" The pig yelled in a Mexican accent. Before he could point fingers, Beaker landed hard into his back.

Then after the incident, the girls were cuddling Beaker who said, "Ahhhh... Meep meep meep meep meep."

He saw Marian and Kluck drive up to check on Beaker. "Hey, Beaker. We were touring this country before the Molinari campaign. Want to come?"