A beautiful girl of seventeen of five foot who had a model's shaped body with long midnight black hair framing her heart shaped face with expressive emerald green eyes and plump rose red lips sat looking out her window. It was her first day of her new school in her new life; Jamie sat looking towards the woods thinking of the events that led up to this.

She had just defeated Voldemort after almost everyone abandoned her and was recovering in the hospital wing when the twins both ran up to her and gave her hugs and said she was their little sister and they would stay with her no matter what. A few days later because she was still weak and uncomfortable around people the twins had suggested moving away from England for a bit, so with that they headed to gringotts and made arrangements move to one of the potter properties that happened to be in a small town called forks in America. After they got everything ready they moved so that Jamie could recover in peace and have the twins look after her.

Jamie jumped when she herd Fred yell from downstairs "hey Jamie get your but down here now or were going to be late!" "coming she shouted back as she picked up her school bag and ran downstairs and out to sit in the back of their new sports car. When Fred and George sat in the front they both turned around to face her with concern "are you" asked Fred "sure you're ready" George continued "for this?" they finished together, she took a deep breath and nodded at them then smiled a bit at them and said "you just don't want me to make the two of you look like idiots" she giggled when she saw the indignant look on their faces when George said sounding offended "excuse me, we can make ourselves look like idiots without your help thank you very much." "Yep, we're professionals." Fred added. Jamie just burst out laughing as they drove away from their house.

The whole way to their new high school was spent joking together Jamie was a bit sad that the twins were two years above of her so she wold be on her own in classes but was glad they still had lunch together. Five minutes later they pulled up in front of their new school all thinking that it didn't look like much of a school. Jamie gulped and took a deep breath and after some quick reassurance from the twin stepped out of the car when Fred opened her door for her.