"What!" Edward asked in shock with his voice harsh. The car swerved to the right slightly as Edward turned round with hard eyes at lightning speed to face the two smirking red heads. Edward herd an aspirated sigh from beside him and then a weak voice said in a slightly amused tone "you, my dear brothers, are incredibly blunt." Edward corrected his driving as he turned his head to face Jamie with a softened gaze before asking gently "are you alright?" after she nodded gently to him he turned back to glare at the smirking twins before saying in a low dangerous voice "how do you know about vampires" the twins just smirked further before Fred replied in a light voice "school" while George just gave a small shrug beside him. Edward growled at them for a moment before he heard Jamie sigh from beside him, he turned back to her and gazed deeply into her eyes for a few seconds before he was brought back to reality by her soft voice saying "we're not exactly normal people ourselves, back at the school we learnt about things like vampires, werewolves and things that not even you can imagine." The twins gave him big innocent smiles while Fred just said in a smug voice "told you so" Edward through them another icy glare while the twins just continued to look smug before turning back to Jamie trying not to focus on the fact that the angel before him was still in pain and asked her gently although he was anxious to know the answer "what do you mean not exactly normal people and why are you not panicking when you know what I am and are sat so close to me bleeding?" She gave him a small smile before saying "I trust you of course, I feel safe with you. As for what we are, it would be better to tell your whole family at once." Her voice began to become softer towards the end and after a few more moments she passed out due to her injury. Edward was filled with happiness that she trusted him so much and had not tried to run away after knowing what he was bet then he was filled with worry and panic as she lost consciousness and he forced the car to go as fast as possible and in moments they had arrived at the hospital. Carlisle was at the entrance after receiving a somewhat urgent and panicked phone call from his son. Edward jumped out the car as soon as he had cut the engine and was round the other side of the car gently picking up Jamie from her car seat almost too fast to look human and was striding towards his father with her in his arms not sparing the red headed twins the slightest bit of attention as they rushed after them. "Carlisle, please help her" Edward pleaded when he had reached his father but by the time he had finished his sentence Carlisle had already started to asses her injuries and gestured Edward into the hospital to place her in a bed.

An hour later when Jamie had been stabilised the twins and Edward were at her bedside watching her sleep, the twins had been muttering to each other for the last twenty minutes about revenge plans when Edward decided to speak up "Carlisle said that a previous wound had been reopened," he looked down to her peaceful face wishing he could keep her safe forever "what happened to her?" he asked looking up to the two red heads who looked uncomfortable before one began to speak in a pained voice "that was when they had kidnapped her just before she ended the war." "our so called friends and family deemed finding and rescuing her as not important until she was needed" the other twin spat out in anger "she had been there for over a month by the time we got her back and she still won't tell us everything that had happened to her" the first twin finished in a defeated tone. Edward leaned over and gently brushed a strand of hair off of Jamie's face. He felt heartbroken that he couldn't have stopped that from happening that he hadn't there to protect her even though they hadn't met at the time. As his cold hand brushed against her face her eyes began to flutter open as she slowly woke up.

revenge will happen but it will be in a later chapter