I Love You

by: halfvamp9

S: "Jack I have to tell you something."

J: "Yeah, Sam, what's up?"

S: "I love you! I'm sorry i'm telling you this now, right before you leave with Maria."

J: "Sam, I love you too but I have to leave. Maria and I are getting a divorce, but i'm still moving so i can be in my daughters lives.

S: "Well as soon as you are divorced, would you want me too take a trip to Chiago? To see if we got a shot? Long-distance?"

J: "I would love too see, once I'm divorced but not until then because I do not want to have to tell the girls, that their parnets are getting a divorce because, we could no longer get along and that I love another woman. I just hope that they aren't going to be very mad considering I am moving right down the hall from them in a 3 bedroom apartment just like Maria. Sam please know that I am only that close, so I can keep the girls in my life."

S: " Jack, I know you love your girls and just want to be close to them."

J: "I will call you as soon as I am divorced." *Kisses Samantha's cheeck* "Remember I love you!"

S: "Jack I'll never forget it as long as I live. I'll be waiting!"

J: "Soon, I promise!"

Setting: Jack and Maria later that night!

M: "Jack, you don't have to move, I promise never to keep the girls away from you."

J: "Maria I know you wouldn't keep the girls from me but as a father, I have to do this. I promised myself when the girls were born I wouldn't leave them."

M: "What's Sam going to do, you love her. Jack, im not jealous that she has your love, because i know how great it is to have your love and im going to be mad at Sam for falling for you. I'm greatful that your not having an affair. She called me and told me that she confessed her love for you. And she told me that you told her your guys relationship was put on hold till we got a divorce. I thank you for not having an affair. But we have to tell the girls soon that you are going to have Samantha around your Chicago apartment and im guessing that you are going to be making trips down here."

J: " I know but lets wait till our divorce is final before telling the girls that i am in love with another woman. And that woman is Samantha Spade. Maria, I hope you and I will stay good friends and not just throw away all the years we have spent together and I know we will be good parnets, well I know you will still be a good mother. I will always be here for you and you can come talk to me whenever you need too."

M: "Always Jack, Always. Like I've siad Im never going to hold the girls from you. Im always going to talk to you. You are the girls father and most of all you are always my friend. Samantha is always welcome in my apartment and always welcome to be around the girls."

J: "Thank you so much Maria."