Chapter 2

Setting: 2 months later. Jack and Maria are divorced and still best friends.

J: *Phone ringing at 2:00pm* "Hello"

S: "Hi, is Mr. Malone there?"

J: "This is him" *smiling because he knows its Samantha's voice* "Is this my lovely girlfriend?"

S: " 'I didn't know you had a girlfriend! Why don't you tell me about her."

J: *Smiles while playing along* "She's beautiful, works for the FBI, which would be scary if i didn't also work for the FBI, that's where i met her, she laughed when i hit a car with a cannon. Wonderfully talented and amazing with my two daughter also she's my ex- wife best friend."

S: " She sounds wonderful. When are you going to see her?"

J: *frowns* "I don't know, she's busy this weekend."

S: "She's probably sorry but she wanted to do this. Can you open your door?"

J: *walks over to the door and opens it* " I thought you were busy this weekend?"

S: " I was and am. Im busy suprising my absolutely wonderfully amazing boyfriend who has a wonderful way with words." *Leans into kiss him*

J: *returns the kiss* "Well good afternoon baby! How's life working for Danny?"

S: "Not as fun as working in your bed" *winks at him*

J: *leans in and whispers in her ear* "Wanna go see how much fun it is to work in my bed?"

S: "Lead the way, Boss!" *Smiling at Jack as if he was the king of the work*

_Couple hours later_

S: "Im so hungry, working in your bed makes a woman hungry."

J: "Well sit down and I'll make you the most amazing Chicken Parmasen, Baked Burshetta, while you drink some red wine."

S: " That sounds wonderful, what do you need me to do?"

J: " I need you to sit there, looking hot as hell in my shirt. Because someone didn't want to put there little black dress back on."

S: " I can go change if you want me too. I have all them clothes in that drawer, you gave me so i wouldn't have to worry about bringing clothes."

J: " I didn't say i wanted you too changed but the girls and Maria might come over to see my wonderful girlfriend because I haven't called them to tell them that you weren't coming and Maria wants to ask about going shopping tomorrow while I take the girls out for a father daughter day. I don't know if its a good thing that my ex- wife and girlfriend are best friends?'

S: "It's a good thing. That way nothing can screw up your relationship with your daughters because if Maria didn't like your girlfriend she probably wouldn't allow the girls around a horrible person. Because Maria is one of the most wonderful mothers I know, I wish that one day I will just half the mother she is."

J: "My children maybe?"

S: " Maybe one day, I don't know,w e have never talked about it."

J: "Would you like to talk about it now?"

S: " Jack, we both aren't ready for a child but we can hypothetically talk."

J: "I'm good with hypothetically. Would you move her or would I move back?"

S: "I would move here because I love your girls and I would want them in our child's life"

J: "Would you still work on field cases or take a desk job?"

S: "I would try to stay at the desk as much as i can."

J: "Can we discuss names?"

S: " For a girl I like Gabrellia Marie Malone. For a boy I like Johnathan Jackson Malone."

J: "I think those are wonderful names."

S: " do you like the Marie part, I want to name our girl after Maria because she is a part of your past and in a way will be a part of your future too?"

J: " I think its wonderful and could Maria also be our childrens godmother?'

S: "I think that is a wonderful idea." *Walks over to Jack, put her arms around his neck, tangles her fingers in his hair, and whispers in his ear* "I love you so much Jack William Malone

_ about an hour later _

Setting: Jack and Samantha are sitting in the Kitchen when they here a knock on the door.

J: "Come in kids and Maria." *the girls walk in and so does Maria, the girls run to Sam and give her hugs then give their dad a hug.* "Wow you guys like my girlfriend more than you do your own father."