If Diana was being honest with herself, she would have known that it would always be Nick. There was something about him, and it wasn't just his handsome looks. It was the way he seemed to light up a room when he walked it, the way he smiled when she told an awful joke. It was the way his eyes sparkled when she kissed his cheek.

All of the thoughts of him drove her to the edge. Adam would never be enough for her. Nick was the only one she could ever see herself with. So, in the dark of night, Diana walked to the beach, somehow knowing that her Nick would be there.

It was a magical night, you could say. He sat by the fire, the wind blowing softly. It was as if the world stood still as she approached him. This couldn't be more perfect.

She was finally letting herself feel what she tried so hard to deny.

And it was bliss.