Title: Love with the Beast

Genre: romance/fantasy

Pairing: Kai x Aichi- shonen-ai/boyxboy; Ren x Aichi one-sided

Summary: AU Aichi never imagined of finding himself in a fairy tale. Based on Beauty and the Beast

Note: I've listed some fan fic ideas for this series and made a journal of it on deviant art…. It seemed like this fic got the most votes….

Don't mind the OOC-ness… (sweats nervously)

Enjoy! I only own this story.



Once upon a time, there lived a young Cardfighter…

He was ruthless, cold, and distant in every way, as he would crush his opponents at ease…one by one not caring of their well being.

He traveled from card shop to card shop, bars, and even had an underground duel every so often. He crushed any card fighter that crossed his path; although never battled against them for the second time as they would be a waste of time.

He starved for power… he starved for more skill… high and low he would search for someone stronger than him, or perhaps at the same level as himself.

He soon met three young women, mysterious they were….

They invited him to their card shop, a shop hidden from the public. As soon as he entered, the three women admitted they had been watching him closely and had piqued an interest in him.

Before he said a word, the women concluded of his cold behavior…

They chanted a spell upon the young Card fighter…. A curse.

No one except the witches heard his agonizing cries as his body formed into a horrifying beast.

He demanded an explanation…for him to turn him back to his human self.

The witches replied, "To clean up your act, you must first fall in love…"

"…Before the last petal of a rose falls…"

"Or else you shall remain a beast forever."

When night fell, the witches transferred the Beast to an abandoned manor several miles from civilization and prepared him "servants" to watch over the Beast.

Ever since that night, no one dared to enter the forest that held the manor or even visit the manor as rumors of a Beast rested there.