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Chapter 10 – A New Home, A New Life

JJ finished packing Carina's things into boxes, found her old student ID, a soft toy that her grandparents gave her for Christmas a few years ago, some clothes to change into and a few other kick knacks. Just as she was putting the laptop and its charger into the box her phone began to vibrate. "Jareau," she replied simply, not giving the caller ID a second glance.

"JJ how are Emily and Carina doing?" Hotch asked. Part of his was worried, it wasn't like Prentiss to wait at a hospital when she didn't have to, in fact, she usually avoided the place at whatever cost. "They are doing fine." JJ replied. "Look Hotch, I am going to tell you something and you need to promise not to freak out."

"What is it?" Hotch asked, he was outside on the balcony looking to the stars inside the night sky.

"Carina didn't have anywhere to stay, no family, no friends, so Emily offered to look after her."

"Okay," Hotch replied. JJ looked around the room for a moment as her face scrunched up in confusion. "Uh, Hotch did you just say 'okay'?"

"Yeah I said okay," Hotch replied again in his usual deep and dark voice. "Why?"

"It's just, I thought you would be a little more critical of this." JJ replied.

"JJ, Carina needs a home, no foster parent would be able to help her understand what happened and how to overcome it. Only Emily could do that. She had a connection to another girl remember?"

"Yeah," JJ replied. "But we found her aunty and uncle."

"I was critical of her then, asked her if this was what she really wanted. Told her that our job was dangerous. She still stood up for herself, I think that she will be able to help her, but she will get a few problems from Strauss when we get back, no doubt."

"Probably," JJ replied with a sigh. "We'll I better go, we'll meet you at the airport tomorrow with Carina."

"Okay, I'll tell the others about it." Hotch replied. "See you there."

"Yeah Hotch, see you there." JJ finished as the phone call ended. Putting it back into her pocket JJ lifted the box into her arms and out to the door. Carefully she closed it behind her, juggling the box under one arm while she locked the door. Putting the key back under Donna's door she also left a note before she walked down the stairs to her car.

Donna heard the sound of a door shutting, being locked and then heard paper being slid under her door. Walking to the door she saw the spare key had been returned along with a note. Opening the paper she read. "Donna, its Carina, I'm fine. Tell the uni that I'm not coming back. Take anything you want, sell the rest. Thanks for looking after the key. Good luck in the future." Donna read before she smiled to herself.

JJ reached the car, placed the box of goods into the back then jumped into the front seat. She started the engine and began to drive down the almost empty streets of Seattle. After twenty minutes she arrived at the hospital. Taking the box from the back she made her way to the fourth level to see Emily and Carina, each smiling and laughing with each other. It seemed that they were already getting to know each other. It was good to see Carina smile. Walking down the hallway she entered the room with a smile. "Special Delivery," JJ called. Carina took the box into her hands and looked through the box, everything was there. "Thank you JJ," she replied.

"Yeah thanks JJ," Emily added as JJ took her seat next to Emily again. "Hotch called. I told him that you offered to take Carina in."

"What did he say?" Emily asked with a slight laugh, "He probably freaked out and will ask for my gun and badge right?"

"Actually he was really calm about it all," JJ replied. Emily's face scrunched up in confusion making JJ laugh a little. "That is exactly what my face looked like when we talked."

JJ checked her phone for her emails but frowned slightly. "That's weird."

"What is?"

"I Garcia asked to send the forms to me, she didn't."

"No need to worry, she sent them to the hospital," Emily replied. "The doctor got them, she even talked to DOCS for me."

"So did you both sign?" JJ asked excitedly. Carina looked to JJ with a smile and she knew. "I'm really happy for you both, Emily will take great care of you."

"We'll right now," Emily replied with a yawn. "I think we should all get some sleep for a while. We need to leave in the morning." JJ nodded her head as she lean back in her chair and closed her eyes. Carina lay down further into her bed but didn't close her eyes. She watched as Emily closed her eyes and began to dream before she smiled slightly herself and let sleep come.

The next morning the sun's rays awoke Emily from her slumber. She looked to her left to see that JJ wasn't sleeping next to her and Carina wasn't in her bed. "Carina!" Emily called.

"Hey Emily calm down," JJ reassured as she entered the room. "She's getting dressed. Here," JJ passed Emily a cup of piping hot coffee which she sipped immediately. "Thanks," she replied. After another ten minutes Carina was ready to leave the hospital. JJ stopped off at the pharmacy to get the medications before returning to the room to see Carina being placed into the wheelchair. "I can walk," Carina complained. "Its hospital policy," the Doctor replied making her sit down into the chair as Emily took hold of the handles and began wheeling her from the room. "Well look at that," JJ commented as they reached the elevators. "What?" Emily asked.

"She's just as stubborn as you," Emily laughed for a moment and before either of them knew it, they had reached the car. Helping Carina into the back before Emily took to the wheel, JJ opened the passenger side door, entered and sat down eagerly. After a thirty minute drive through the CBD they finally reached the airport's terminal. Walking with Carina on her right and JJ on her left, Emily saw the rest of the team waiting for their departure. Morgan, Rossi, Hotch and Reid. Each one smiled when they saw them coming. When they finally arrived they all boarded the plane. "Good one Prentiss," Morgan commented as he passed. After the four hour flight they arrived at Quantico for lunch time. Carina and Emily said bye to the others as they went their separate ways before Emily directed her and her cardboard box of treasures to her car. Opening the passenger side door Carina sat down and buckled up as Emily did the same. "Ready?" Emily asked. Carina nodded before their car drove into the distance.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending," Maria Robinson


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