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Bonds of Eternity

Chapter 20

Final Chapter

That night, Ari watched Ken sleep. A hand brushed through his hair as he continued to dream. Every once in awhile, she would smile at the peaceful expression. Renka had never really seen Daikenja so peaceful and was happy that the sage had finally found it.

It was Renka who first felt the disturbance in the room. That small twinge deep within herself madeAri look up to see Shinou near the door.

"I thought you would be asleep." His voice was quiet as he had no wish to disrupt the sage's sleep.

"I'm known for my insomnia."

"I'll keep that in mind." Shinou stepped closer to the bed. "We haven't really talked and I don't think that now is the best time. And the three of you will be returning to Earth tomorrow."

"I'm sure you already know that I'll be coming back with them." Ari raised an eyebrow as he nodded. "We can talk then."

"Alright." Shinou walked back to the door he really didn't need to use.

She watched the ghost of her first husband walk slowly across the room and sighed. It was obvious to her what he wanted. "Shinou."

The first king turned when summoned. His eyes widened at the outstretched hand. A smile graced his handsome features as he moved back to the bed.

"You stay on his side of the bed until we have our little talk."

"Of course." He whispered as laid behind Ken, sliding an arm around them both.

*************************Page Break************************************************

The next afternoon, Yuri blushed when he walked into the dining room and saw Murata and Ari. The couple looked up and stood when as he entered followed by Conrad. The king noticed how his friend's hand brushed the tips of Ari's hair, as if he couldn't stand not to touch her.

Ari had the good grace to flush a little while Murata just smiled.

"Good morning, Shibuya."

"Hey." Yuri waved sheepishly not knowing what to say.

Conrad smiled as usual. "I see you two worked out your problems."

The former queen blushed hotter.

"So, we're still headed back tomorrow?" Murata sat after the king.

"Oh, that reminds me. I have to show up back in Okinawa or everyone's going to start freaking out." Ari took a sip of the juice in front of her while they waited for the others.

Yuri looked alarmed. "I have no idea how to send someone to another location!"

"Calm down, Shibuya. We'll go to Okinawa, drop Ari off and then get back in the water to go to Tokyo."

"I feel a day of exhaustion coming on."

"Yuri!" Everyone's attention turned to the door. "How dare you tell the guards not to allow me into the maoh's office." Wolfram tore into the room with the others behind him.

A cough drew his attention to his elder brother.

"Actually that was me." The general took his seat at the table.


"With his majesty's departure this evening it was imperative that he finish all the important paperwork today. Lately, your presence in the office is counter productive. Especially when you help him to skip out."

The two boys blushed at the man's censure, for different reasons.

The sage watched the exchange with interest. Light reflected off his glasses as plans of ways to torture his friend over the next few days filled his mind. A pinch on his thigh brought him back with a jump. Ari shook her head at him.

"Leave him be."

"Oh, come on. I'll let you play too."

"He's never going to admit that he even likes Wolfram, let alone allow that to possibly grow into something else if you constantly make fun of him over it."

Murata turned away with a pout. "I miss the days when I was always right."

"Get over it. That's what it means to be in a mature, adult relationship. The girl's always right."

*****************************PAGE BREAK*****************************************

The trio broke the surface in Okinawa and Ari looked up to see the position of the stars. A brightness was slowly filling the sky from the east.

'At least I know that Kenji is gone. Now, I just have to get back to the hotel room.'

"Sorry. It's difficult using another person as a guide. I'm sure that it's no more than the next morning." Yuri scratched the back of his head as he looked at the rising sun.

"It's fine. My friends were so blitzed last night, I'm sure they won't notice a thing as long as I'm back before they wake up." Ari stepped out of the water. Her thigh-high boots made walking in the sand difficult.

Ken came out too, pulling Ari into a kiss.

"We'll see you back in Tokyo, at Shibuya's house."

"I'll be there." She whispered to him with a smile. "We fly back today."

With a push, Ari sent Ken back into the water.

"Come on lover boy." Yuri grabbed his friends arm as he waved to the girl on the beach.

"Hey," Murata protested as the whirlpool started. "You're just upset that you're not getting any."

Author's Note: For now, this is done. I know this kinda ended quickly, but I didn't want it running on forever. This fic was just to get them together. I am going to post a sequel. "The path of love never runs smooth." I had hoped to explore some of the issues Ken and Ari may face because of their social position in the Great Demon Kingdom not to mention, what are they going to do with Shinou. If anyone knows who said that quote I would appreciate it if they let me know. Being awake over 36 hours has seriously screwed my memory and concentration.

I also wanted to give a little acknowledgment. This whole idea came from a song really. A friend of mine is a big fan of Taylor Swift and had me listen to the song "Back to December." That's really where the whole thing came from. I had a vision for Murata to have loved someone who left him for someone else and then came back. Trying to figure out how to fit this in, Renka was born.

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