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Chapter 1
Darkness of the two worlds

Somewhere in the Marineford…

Watching Marineford in ruin is an unsightly sight to behold. But someone like Admiral Kizaru who is so laid-back and easygoing, he cares less for this. Take a walk around the place while the bright, shining ray of light shines around him. Stop at one of the places in Marineford and there, look upon at the huge, tall, severely damage oriental design building. At least, construction is in process to build everything back to its former self.

"My oh my…after all that war, everything is in ruin huh…" Kizaru said with his calm manner. "Nevertheless, everyone is doing their best anyway to reconstruction this place back to normal…"

Stare closely at the building and thought to himself that, at least the word "Justice" is still showing with such greatness. Next, watching the clear, blue sky is a good idea at least. Hopefully he could relax himself after all the war with the Whitebeard and his band of pirates. What a disaster to think about it. The destruction they had caused on Marineford but we won the war nonetheless.

"Now that the war is over…I wonder if things going to be much more troublesome or…" He said while scratching his head. "But then again…"

"Hey Kizaru! So this is where you are huh?" Someone said.

Turn to look at the person and it is none other than Admiral Aokiji. He walks in a normal pace towards Kizaru and with his marine coat draped over his shoulder as if we are wearing like a cape. Wears a white vest over a long-sleeved navy blue shirt and white pants and shoes. Not only that, wears a yellow tie along with his unusual sleep mask on his forehead. Kizaru thought to himself whether if he going to get some sleep or just wears it for fashion purpose. Whatever it is, he would just ignore it and just forget about it anyway.

"What is it Aokiji? You wish to enjoy this scene while we still have this free time eh?" Kizaru said while dragging his last word.

"Unfortunely, we got no time for that. Sengoku is expecting to see us now. Seems like he is anxious about something…" Said Aokiji while in thought.

"Anxious? That's unusual of him. Not only that, I don't know you started to become his messenger already huh?" Kizaru smirked at Aokiji.

"Shut up. It's not that I want it anyway. But since Sengoku expecting now, I might as well do it. Enough talk and let's move already!"

With that, both Admirals of the Marine HQ begin to walk to Sengoku's office. Upon reaching at the office door, it was open by Lieutenant Commander Brandnew. Enter the room and look around the messy room in their superior office. Tons of papers are scatter everywhere and at the same time, his pet goat seems to be munching away a piece of paper with such relaxation.

"Good day to you sir. Fleet Admiral Sengoku is expecting you sir." He said while giving his fullest compliment to them.

"Brandnew! You are done here! Leave us be!" Yelled Sengoku in an unfriendly tone.

"As you wish sir! I'll take my leave then." Brandnew salute and left the room in a swift manner.

"Something the matter Sengoku-san? What with that attitude of yours huh?" Said Kizaru with his relaxing tone.

"Wow…only an hour I left here with such tidiness and this happen? Amazing…" Kizaru smiled.

"Aaaahhh…don't mind the mess…Can't believe things are getting from bad to worse! After the war and this! Argghh!" Yelled Sengoku angrily at the top of his voice.

Their ear drum really vibrates intensely with just their superior yelling. Even the room they are in could feel the vibration emitted by his voice only.

"Ah…Now that's something…" Kizaru said without any hint of surprised or shock from this.

"Hey hey Sengoku, just don't turned into your Buddha form of yours. One hell of a construction to do once again in here. Hahahaha!" Laughed Aokiji.

"Enough of your joke Aokiji. Now to get down to business…"

"Wait." Aokiji interrupted Sengoku. "Where's Akainu? Well?"

"He has some mission I gave to him in the New World. So he is occupied at the moment. Anyway, getting straight to the point, I received a report about a Tenryubito being…" Sengoku paused.

"Another one of this case? What is it? Being punched in the face like that mugiwara did?" Kizaru said.

"…No…more like was killed…" Sengoku said with his serious face.

"What! Was killed? I never heard this kind of thing before. Who could be mad enough to do this? This is like calling for another war…" Aokiji said with his worried and shocked face.

"But a war with who?" Sengoku question him.

"What do you mean by that Sengoku-san?" Kizaru asked him.

"According to the report, two of the Marine Vice-Admirals were sent to investigation. Until 2 days ago, a severely damage ship sail to the dock of Marine HQ. Unfortunely, only a hand few marines were present on the ship. Most of them were wounded from some injuring I never heard before. Also, the vice-admirals that were sent were not on board."

"Not on board? Injuring never heard before? Just what…" Aokiji paused.

"The injuring looks like a black, colored patch on random parts of their body. As if they got burned but not at the same time."

"Burned but not at the same time?" Kizaru said confusedly.

"Yes. But rather a dark, colored electric emitted from it. Our marine medical team couldn't even tend to their wound let alone touch it! Just what is going on!" Sengoku said furiously but worried at the same time.

Silences were broke down for a few second. Then, Sengoku cleared his throat and look straight at his fellow admirals with such serious in him.

"Kizaru. Go and investigate this matter. Whatever this is, put an end to it! Devil fruit user or not, just deal with it! Understand!" Yelled Sengoku seriously.

"Devil fruit user huh? That's what I thought about it…"Kizaru said when he smile.

"Then what about me Sengoku? Do I have something to do as well?" Aokiji asked.

"I have something else for you. Here" Said Sengoku as he gives out two Log Pose to the admirals.

"Log Pose? So you want us to go to the location huh?" Said Aokiji while looking at the log pose.

"Hmm? These two doesn't seem to be pointing at the same location…" Kizaru said.

"Of course. This was given by one of the survivors before his death. Also, the Log Pose doesn't have any name on them where it will lead us." Sengoku said as the admirals inspect the Log Pose.

"You're right…That's really odd…Smells likes a trap somehow…" Aokiji looked at Sengoku.

"Whatever it is. Pirates or not, we can easily deal with them." Kizaru smiled.

"Well. If that's the case. Get to those locations and deal with the matter. Find out what happen to the two Vice-Admirals as well. You are dismiss!" Sengoku said.

With that, both of the admirals leave the room and time to get ready for the mission.

"I wonder what kind of pirates dares to stir such stupidity like this. Killing a Tenryubito?" Kizaru said with such relaxation.

"Don't be so relax Kizaru. We don't know who we might dealing with. I got the feeling something bad is not right with all this…" Aokiji said with his worried tone of his.

"Hmm…Let's find out then…" Kizaru said while both of the admirals head out to the port for their mission to discover the mystery of all this.

At Marisa's Household, Forest Of Magic, Gensokyo…

Bright lights slowly shine in Marisa's house and eventually lit the whole house in no time. Morning is up and there Marisa got up from her bed. With her unpleasant, sleepy face, she stretches her arms wide while yawning. Minute pass and knocking on the door could be heard loudly across her room.

"What…who could be at this time of hour…Must be that Alice…Really…" Marisa said while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

Walk slowly to the door and every second pass, the knocking become louder as if something is not right. Still, Marisa would take her time and finally reach to her door.

"Yeah! Yeah! I'm here! Just don't break my door! Geez!" Marisa said while opening the door.

"Ok! What do you want…Alice…?" She said and realizes there is no one outside.

Without anything to say, she slams the door furiously and walks to back to her room.

"Playing prank on me? Wait till I'll teach them when I'm in youkai hunter mode!" Cried Marisa angrily.

Once again, knocking could be here again but this time, it is rather soft and normal pace. Marisa first thought was those pranksters and decided to teach them a lesson. She quickly opens the door hoping to get a glimpse who is the person. To her surprise, it was Alice all along.

"Hey Marisa, still in bed…?"

"So it was you! Alice Magratroid!" Marisa interrupted her while saying with her angry, loud voice.

"Huh? What? What? Huh?" Alice said with confusion of what is going on.

"Don't act like you don't know! Playing prank on me and decided to play innocence already? You got some nerve eh?" Marisa grinned.

"What? I have no idea what you talking about! I just came here you know! Maybe you are still sleepy since you are still wearing your…pyjamas?"

"What! So what if I'm still wearing my pyjamas!"

"Whatever. Anyway, I just came here and I have no time for such childish act like knocking the door for prank purpose. Well?"

"…Fine. I guess you really have no time for this…So, what do you want?"

"It's just that something odd is happening in Gensokyo. I felt something weird, like a negative aura emitted everywhere…but I'm not sure…" Alice paused.

"Are you saying there's something or someone doing something bad again?"

"Maybe. Maybe not." Alice smiled. "Want to investigate this matter just like during the Imperishable Night? How about it?"

"Ah…again..?" Marisa sighs. "Oh well! Since you said there's something happening around here. Might as well investigate it. I hope this is not just a set up or something…" Marisa said with her unconvincing look.

"Of course not! Who got that kind of time anyway! Anyway! Just get change will ya!" Cried Alice angrily.

"Yes, yes…So noisy just early in the morning…"

As Marisa said that, Alice went burst with rage and start yelling at Marisa with negative saying. Strangely, Marisa just ignores her and closes the door before hearing more of her neighbor unpleasant voice. Something odd Marisa thought to herself. Whatever it is, must be some youkai causing trouble as usual. Change quickly to her clothes and grab her magic broom and set off for their investigation.

Somewhere in the Grand Line…

"Kizaru-san! I have a report you need to hear of." Said one of the marine officers while running towards Admiral Kizaru.

"Hmm…what is it? Anything good?" He said with his relaxing look on him.

"Ah…well...as you ordered, we dispatched the scouting team ahead of us to tell us of any situation but…" The officer stopped.


"It's just that. We haven't received any news from then yet. We tried to contact them through the Den Den Mushi but to no avail sir."

"Hmm…that's strange…Something doesn't add up…Continue contacting them till we got at least a small communicate. Got it?"

"Yes sir!" The officer yelled and salute at Kizaru.

He went off and Kizaru start to puzzled over this. He scratch his chin with his index finger and thought silently just what is going on. Suddenly, a mariner on the ship crow nest yelled at everyone he saw a dark colored light emitted not far from here.

"Dark colored light? What will that be?" One of the mariners said.

"Could it that notorious pirate? That Blackbeard pirates doing?" The other one said.

Kizaru said nothing of this and walk towards the bow of the ship. He looks closely at the ocean ahead of him and true enough, black light seems to be emitted not far from his location.

"…Just what is it…? I doubt it's the Yami Yami No Mi but then again…" Kizaru said to himself.

"Ah? Kizaru-san?" Puzzled one of his officers.

"Ah! I spotted the scouting ships! It's…it's on fire! They are being destroyed some kind of…tentacle?" Yelled the mariner on the crow nest.

"What! Tentacle? Sea King we are dealing now?" Cried in fear some of Kizaru's men.

"Aaaahhh…Just get me closer to the location. I'll deal with it." Kizaru said without any worries.

As the ship getting nearer to the location, it look like some kind of large mass of black jelly floating on the ocean with uncountable black tentacle. The battle has already started with cannon firing at the black jelly and its tentacle. Gunshot could be heard as well as yelling in pain and as well for help. Without any moment to wait, Kizaru body turned into bright, yellow light and slowly disappears into particle of light. The next thing happen when a large shaped of four pointed start of light starts to appear on the sky. Slowly, Kizaru start to transform back to his physical form and cross his arm. He form his both his index fingers and his thumbs to make a zero shaped, while his other threes make the three shaped. Point carefully at the black thing when bright, shiny light instantly appear at the zero shaped fingers.

"Yasakani No Magatama!" Kizaru said in a calmly tone.

Numerous ball of light randomly fly towards the black thing and as when the black thing got hit, numerous hole were make on its body. The ball of light simply went inside the body without any harm to it as if the thing absorbs the light itself.

"That's scary…what kind of monster is this I wonder…"Kizaru said with such calmness despite his attack did not work at it. "Guess I'll go for it one more time eh…"

Once again, he shoots the ball of light at the monster again when this time; the thing seems to be pushing back slowly. Then, the mass of the jelly start to shrink and eventually become half the size of the marine ship. All the sudden, it move back quickly without getting more hit and went to an island not far from the location. Kizaru stop the attack and drop safely on his ship mast. He looks at the thing move slowly and steadily towards the island and that must be the location where the Log Pose point.

"So that's where it came huh?" Kizaru said while looking the direction of the Log Pose points.

"Kizaru-san! Should we give chase!" One of the mariners asked.

"We shall give chase of course. Have some of my men tend to the wounded while the rest follow me. Be prepare, we are not dealing with something we always had…" Kizaru said and drop to the deck of the ship.

"Yes sir! At once!" Replied the mariner while saluting at him.

At the moment, only Kizaru's marine ship is available to sail to the island. Upon reaching at the island, there is a port town in here and everything seems to be in ruin. If Kizaru and his men came to this island without encountering the black monster thing, they would think it is the work of pirates. But now they did, the whole story change already. Set foot on the rather broken, cracked pavement of the port, they walk toward the town. Alertness they must have while walking here. Anytime, anywhere, that thing will attack them nonetheless.

"Kizaru-san, seems like there's no one here…Where have they gone to…" Question of one his officers.

"Could be killed or some manage to escape? I don't know. That's why we should investigation this strange occurrence. Anyway, have our men spread and look out for any clue we might find."

"Understood! You heard Admiral Kizaru! Spread out and look out for any clue! Be careful at the same time." Yelled the officer.

The entire mariners acknowledged and break into squad to look around the island. As for Kizaru, he would go by himself. While investigating this place, houses after houses were destroyed with such force. From the look of it, it must have happen yesterday or worse, recently. His primary goal is to find the missing vice-admirals that was send here. Then, he caught a glimpse of something white at his corner of his eyes. Turned to look at it and the white stuff turned out to is a marine coat with the word "Justice" written in kanji on the back of the coat.

"What a mess of this coat…must have belonged to one of the vice-admiral…" Kizaru said while picking up the coat.

In a spilt second, he sense something coming to the right and dodge accordingly without getting a hit. Usually, he would take the attack since he is a Logia Type user but something tells him that attack could physically hit him, instead of simply going through. His eyes look to the side and the attack was made by the black tentacle. As the tentacle were pulling back to attack Kizaru again, he simply kick the tentacle away with his kick of light. Strangely, instead of knocking back instantly, it got stuck to his leg and wrap around his leg.

"My oh my…what is this? Such a strange thing is happening here eh?" Kizaru said and drag his last word.

The thing crushes his leg and part of his leg start to disappear into particle of light. Kizaru improvise and shoot a beam of light from his finger instead of kicking it. The beam somehow strangely work and the thing retreated somewhere at the back of a destroyed house.

"That's strange…Not affected by the light speed kick but by a beam? My, my that's strange indeed." Kizaru smiled.

Slowly, his kicking leg starts to regenerate with the particle of light joining together. Eventually, form his leg once more without any worries.

"A man made out of light…That's what I hate about light…" Someone said with its demonic voice.

"Oh? What a scary voice this time. Come out already will you? I have something to ask of you."

Suddenly, the ground start to shake violently and the ground in front of Kizaru start to break. The ground break into pieces and debris of smoke generate everywhere. Among the smoke, something is appearing slowly when Kizaru look closely just what is it. Turned out to be the black thing he fought just now but this time, it has the form a humanoid figure to it. As the thing emerge from the ground, its eyes glow with such redness in them, mouth that is wide open filled with sharp, razor teeth. Not only that, dark spike were protruding out from its body as well the tentacle around it.

"My oh my…this is worse than a monster. Is this a Zoan-Type or something else I wonder…" Kizaru smiled despite the scariest of its appearance."

"Kizaru-san! Reinforcement is here! We heard something and came as fast as possible!"

"Oh! Good timing men. I think I need more men to deal with this situation." Kizaru said.

"Aaaaahhhh….Stupid mortal…you think you can stop me…I'm not what u think I am…Logia? Zoan? Paramecia? I'm none of those but something else entirely…" Said the thing with its scary, demonic voice.

"What is that? Monster!" Cried in fear one of the mariners.

"Yes…Fear is one them…For I shall bring fear those fear me…I'm something that will change this world and more others into something you will couldn't imagine of. Fear, destruction, despair, all the negative influence shall be brought to here…"

"Well…that could be a problem. You think I will let you do that? Perhaps you care to tell me what happen to the Tenryubito and the marine vice-admirals that were send here?"

"Tenryubito? You mean those boring, useless, people who think they are the all-powerful people who do as they please? That Tenryubito…yes…I killed that person…Good for nothing man use oxygen tank over their head so that they wouldn't breathe the air you commoners breathe? How pathetic I must say…hahaha"

"That makes sense. You must have known that Tenryubito is coming to this island and killed that person just to cause uproar? Or perhaps you have something in mind?" Kizaru question it.

"Didn't you listen? Destruction is one of the things I wish to be brought here. I know the Tenryubito are the descendants of the Twenty Kings who established the World Government. They misuse their power as if it is like everyday use. With that, I killed one of them and hoping to cause havoc and war upon this land. Not knowing who did it, they assume it must be pirates and with that, war between pirates and marines shall consume this world with destruction and all the negative influence. Do you understand now mortal…?"

"That thing is crazy! This is that thing plan! To cause another war but to the whole world?" The mariners said.

"Such an ambition one but a dangerous one too indeed." Kizaru said. "Before that went out of hand, I have to stop you and report this matter in actual fact but not some lowly pirates killed the Tenryubito."

"I see…But I was planning to erase all your existence before I shall carry out the plan. No one is supposed to be alive from this place no matter what…No one shall escape…" Said the thing when suddenly, its body start to produce dark mist around it.

"Marksmen Squad!" Yelled one of the officers.

All the available marksmen squads take their battle position and ready to fire at the thing.

"Ready to fire! Aim! Fire at will!" Cried one of the officers as shot were fire from their musket.

Unfortunely, the bullets simply got absorb by its body. Slowly, the bullets flow out from the monster body and all the bullets drop to the ground. The monster looks at Kizaru and his men with its bright red eyes. Its smile wide and with such evil in them when spikes from its body protruded out. It went towards Kizaru's men when in a speed of light, Kizaru kick the spike away. As expected, the spike did not knockback that well but still coming towards them. In a second, Kizaru shift above the monster and from there, he shot his beam of light at the spikes. This way, he could get the clear view and get a precision shot no matter how fast the spike is.

"Too slow I must say. At least the spike got destroy by my light beam eh?" Kizaru said calmly.

"Don't get cocky…mortal…" Said the thing when the spikes change course and went towards Kizaru.

"Ah! Kizaru-san! Be careful!" Yelled the mariners.

"Ah…it is coming for me…Guess I should dodge them?" Kizaru question to himself.

"I win…you have no escape…Now die…" Said the thing with its confidently tone.

Kizaru just simply look at the spikes coming towards him when all the spikes collide together into a ball of darkness. No light seems to be emitted from the ball within.

"This is bad! Kizaru-san got trap in there!" Yelled one of the mariners.

"Really, you think I will let myself trap like that? That will be very embarrassing for me." Kizaru said from somewhere.

"Ah! Kizaru-san! You're alive!" Yelled the mariners with relieved feeling in them.

"Idiots…Of course I am. Guess I shouldn't make my men worry so much about me eh?" Kizaru smiled.

"What! How you manage to escape that? You got surrounded…" The thing went surprised.

"Didn't you know? I ate the Pika Pika No Mi and I am made of light. That mean I also can travel at the speed of light. You consider that fast? Your spikes attack? That was too slow."

"Grrrr…If that's the case, I should go all out on you! Firstly, it will be you then your men!" The thing yelled furiously.

"Aaaahh…really. When this monster going to give up. It's my win anyway." Said Kizaru as he cross his arms and form the zero shaped fingers.

"Die!" Said the monster while firing all the spikes and tentacles towards Kizaru.

"Yasakani No Magatama!" Kizaru cried.

Ball of light and the dark spikes and tentacle collide together furiously while forming an uneven brightness around the surrounding. One second is darkness while the others are light. Eventually, Kizaru attack slowly pushes back the monster attack and finally, got hit by the raging volley of light on its body.

"Alright! We are wining! Take that you stupid monster!" Cried happily by Kizaru's men.

Second later, a large explosion emitted around the monster but somehow it is not that explosion caused by gunpowder. Rather random patches of light and darkness around it. With that done, Kizaru safely drop to the ground and look at the remains of the monster.

"Oh well…there goes the monster body…Nothing left I guess…Maybe I overdid again huh?"

"Ah…Kizaru-san once again overdid it huh? Just like at Sandy Archipelago…" His men said.

"That is really dangerous. We could have been killed by that."

"What is wrong of you men? At least you lots are alive. Okay?" Kizaru smiled.

"Ah yes sir…" Said his men unconvincing about this matter.

"Alright, with that done. Time to report back to Sengoku…" Kizaru said halfway when he heard the monster voice again.

"Foolish mortal as always. You think I can die that easily. You will regret for taking me easily…"

"What? How strange…Still alive and kicking?" Said Kizaru without any hint of shocked.

Out of the blue, one by one, his men got attack by an unknown attack without any of the black spikes or the tentacle. More and more of his men got killed instantly and Kizaru came to conclusion it must be that.

"That's right mortal…Speed of light indeed…such convenient skill to use. Don't tell me you cannot see them too?" Said the monster when it laughs evilly at Kizaru.

"How is that possible…Play time is over already. Time to end this."

Kizaru as always point his right index finger at the monster head hoping to get one hit kill. Before he could fire at it, a sudden feeling of him being bind of something around his body. For a moment he thought he could get out but strangely, he could not transform into his particle of light and shift away from there. There, the tentacle slowly appear around his body and wonder how he could not sense that coming.

"I simply absorb your power easily just like that Yami Yami No Mi power. But think of me not that foolish Blackbeard who thought he is the strongest. For mine is even stronger than his. Also, you think you can avoid my attack simply using your Kenbunshoku Haki? Thanks to your speed of light power, I simply copy them somehow thanks to you."

"Really…this is such an inconvenient skill you have. Able to copy them and absorb them as well? What a troublesome power." Kizaru smiled.

"Humph! Still smiling even meeting your death? How unfortunate then…" The monster said.

Out of the blue, the air behind the monster cracked like a glass when it suddenly shatters into pieces. Deep inside of the broken glass hole lays a dark, starry place rather than being bright like the outside. Then, the hole starts to suck the monster and Kizaru in together just like a strong vacuum.

"I guess my time has come to go. Come and join me mortal. To the another dimension with me or trap inside the never ending darkness in there. Depends on your luck. Hahahaha!" Laughed the monster evilly.

"Tsk! Just my luck…No matter what, I will still come for you and personally kill you myself."

"Hahaha! Try then mortal of this world!"

Slowly, they got suck in through the hole and it eventually filled it up back to normal and nothing could be heard of Kizaru anymore. Not a single voice of him or any sign of his body here. Just pure nothing.

Somewhere in the Forest Of Magic, Gensokyo

"Alice, you said it will be here. Where is it this time?" Said Marisa with her unhappy tone.

"Oh come on. This thing I'm searching on keep disappearing and appearing non-stop. It's hard to keep track of this thing." Alice said while looking around.

"Okay…By the way, what is this thing we searching again?" Marisa asked as she rests her body on one of the trees.

"What? I thought I told you already?" Alice said when Marisa just smiles away. "Fine…Anyway, rumors have been spreading around Gensokyo about some kind of strange appearance like they never seen before. Some say they saw a black figure wandering around the Forest Of Magic. While others say they saw a black figure with black mist emitted around its body near the human village"

"Hmm…Must be some kind of youkai indeed." Marisa said.

"Oh really? I think otherwise Marisa."

"What do you mean by that?" Marisa looks at Alice.

"Well, I did ask some youkai by chances I had and they claimed it is not a youkai of some kind. As a matter of fact, it is not a youkai at all or so they said." Alice said with such seriousness.

"Oh ok…don't give me that kind of look. You are freaking me out." Marisa said and got up from the tree. "It's getting warm so let's get going shall we?"

"Alright then…huh…?" Alice said when she freezes all the sudden.

"Alice? What's the matter? Just don't tell you felt it and lost it again…" Marisa said when Alice interrupted her suddenly.

"Quite Marisa…I felt it this time…It's strong…It's this way! Follow me!" She said and went to the direction of the presence she felt.

"Really…hopefully it's not one of her another fail attempt…Sigh…"Marisa sighted.

Marisa follows wherever Alice go and she keep doubting where she has to go. Then, they came across a clearing in the forest and Alice stop here. Ray of light shines on the clearing but strangely, Marisa could felt the humid atmosphere around the air. Despite having the ray of light and heat over this area.

"It stopped here…I trace the aura and stopped here…I'm positive it's here…" Alice said while looking around.

"There, there Alice. Give a rest. I'm sure you will find it soon. It's not like this thing appear right about now…"

The moment Marisa said that, a sudden crack instantly appears on the air itself and shatter like glass. Fragment of glass falls out from it and huge hole filled with nothing but darkness appears in front of them. Slowly, a black figure is appearing out from the hole and was crawling to get out.

"Eeekk…that looks creepy…" Alice said while looking at the figure.

"Tell me more about it. For me, I think it look disgusting instead…" Marisa said while looking at the figure as well.

"Yeah…tell me more about it…" Alice asked.

Finally, the figure got out from the hole and stood up on its two legs. That thing looks straight at Marisa and Alice with its glowing red eyes. It then opens its mouth wide and gave a terrifying roar at them. Somehow, it did not scare both the girls but rather got irritated by it. Suddenly, the black figure shoots out a couple black spikes towards them but luckily, Marisa block it with her protection magic just in the nick of time.

"What the! That's nearly a close call! Not even a greeting and attack us instead?" Marisa cried angrily.

"Tsk! Who need greeting anyway! Time to teach it some manners first thing first!" Alice said and jump in the air.

"Heh! I guess this call for a Danmaku fight then! Luckily we are in the clearing of the forest!"

"Then you won't mind the destruction here then huh? If that's the case I go first! Take this! Blue Sign "Benevolent French Dolls!"

A number of dolls were summoned by Alice and with that, the dolls begin to shoot random red colored, triangle shaped Danmaku at the black figure. Instead of shooting straight at the target, it spread everywhere hoping that the black figure could not think of escaping. Just as it is getting neared to the target, the figure fires a large, black beam from its mouth. In second, all the attack perishes into nothingness.

"What the! All of it? Gone just like that!" Alice said with her shock expression.

"Hey Alice. I think we are not dealing with something normal here…"

"Obviously not normal…"

Once again, the figure shoots its beam but Marisa once again manages to block again with her magic. Strangely, she felt the impact of it and somehow felt the pain too.

"Oh that's it! You want to play beams? I'll give you my hell of a beam!" Marisa said with her irritated tone and pull out her mini-hakkero.

"Oi! Oi! Marisa! You're serious about this!"

"Well. No turning back now! Get ready you little vermin! Take this! Love Sign, Master Spark!"

The moment Marisa said that, huge beam of light shoot out from her mini-hakkero and went through that thing. The beam still shooting at it and Marisa was hoping to see that thing get roasted no matter what. Finally, the beam begins to shrink in size and eventually cool down. From the look of it, Marisa seems to overdo it and also make a long clearing in the forest as well.

"Now you overdid it. Nice one. What you going to do about it." Alice said.

"Leave it be I guess. At least, that thing got destroy by my Mater Spark alright!" Said Marisa happily.

"Amazing…Never thought a mortal like you could hurt me this bad…" Someone said with its demonic voice.

"What! Who's that! Show yourself!" Alice called out for the person.

Second later, something is appearing in front of them and it is that black figure just now. To their surprise, that thing still can stand and move despite after being hit by the full blast of Master Spark. Without saying anything, the black figure flies away from here and went elsewhere.

"Darn it! Alice! You know where it is heading?" Marisa asked.

"Yeah! Somehow thought! But never mind! Just follow me!" Said Alice as she fly to follow the figure.

"You better be! I got score to settle with that thing!" Marisa said and grap her magic broom.

Both of them fly away from here and hoping to catch that thing from escaping. Looks like they are not dealing something normal at all.

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