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Chapter 20
Revenge or Justice or...

Somewhere in Gensokyo…

"Damn it! Damn it! Why must you go now Su Min! Why!" Xiao cried angrily and punch the stone wall with her bare fist.

It then cracks into pieces and the wall tainted with patches of blood on it. Enya went to her and take her hand from it.

"Enough already Xiao. Just let it go before you hurt yourself…" Enya said and wipes the blood away from her hand.

"Whatever!" Xiao pulled her hand from her. "It's your fault!"

"What? My fault…" Enya said and came to pause.

"That's right! You could at least save her but you didn't right!" She yelled.

"I could…say the same thing to you, but yes. I could use my power to stop them but…" Enya said.

"But what? I bet you plan this. You didn't want to save her but to save your own self. No wonder Su Min really hate you since the beginning. Only think of yourself. I won't forgive you!" Xiao said angrily and left the place.

"I didn't ask to be forgiven…even right from the start. Right princess?" Enya said to herself while looking up to the sky.

Long time ago, there was an era rule by benevolence rulers and tyrant rulers. The Orient country of the east where the people live in peace and harmony, while the Occident country that hunger for power and their conquest for land. Every single night, people who lived in this era pray that nothing will go awry where peace will last very long. Those are people who lived in a peaceful state instead those who live in such an unfortunate place and time. Where danger and chaos lurk every corner in where they live in. It was raining back then. There she was lying flat on the wet ground while the rain drops continually on her. Voices could be heard back then and it was a sweet voice. It was such a warm feeling just hearing that voice and looking at her smiles at the same time. Then, she went unconscious right after that. The next thing she remembered that she was lying on something soft and warm. Not something hard, wet and cold flooring. As she gets up, she was in a room with a mattress with a pillow she sleeps on. Before she could think what had happened, someone came into the room and the person is a girl. She is so pretty even at a young age with all her oriental dressing and when she smiles, it brings her this warm feeling just like yesterday she felt.

"How are you feeling? I hope you feeling a bit refresh from all the sleep you had." The girl said.

"I'm fine thank you. But…what happened to me? How I end up here?" She asked the girl.

"Oh?" The girl raises her eyebrow. "You don't remember?"

"Not really besides than me lying on something wet and the sound of raining back then. I can't remember how I end up here…" She said while rubbing her head.

"Oh? Looks like amnesia. But do you know you are in the Orient country? Also, your clothing tells us you are not around here. Strange don't you think?" The girl said.

"Ah…well…if you think I'm your enemy some sort, I'm really not! Right now, if possible, I wish to know what happened to me! And I wish to go home…if I have it in the first place…"

"Now! Now! It's not like I'm suspecting you or what. But still, I cannot take chances since you know the Occident is raging war with their neighbouring country. There are spies everywhere in the time like this. Finding information and once they found something crucial and a weakness to that country, an all-out war will be call upon it. Come to think about it, my people cannot even get a good sleep in the time like this. I'm afraid war will be upon us sooner or later…"

"Umm…after hearing that from you…Who are you really?"

"Oh! Forgive me for the late introduction. My name is Sakura. Princess of this Orient Country and heir to the throne. You are?" She smiles at her.

"You are a princess? Ah! Oh yes! My name is…Enya. Enya Ashburn. Forgive me if I showed you any rudeness to you princess!"

"It's alright. Anyway, have a pleasant stay here. After you recover, we will need to interrogate you further just to be safe."

Interrogate me she said? That was the last thing she said to me before leaving the room.

"…I'm…so going to get some more sleep…" Enya said as she went back to sleep.

Somewhere back in Gensokyo, Human Village…

"Hey Mokou! How are the others doing?" Marisa asked her.

"They are being treated by Eirin. But still…they are still having this worry look about Reimu being taken away…" Mokou said.

"Yeah…Tania-san is trying her best to find her sister location. Yukari is currently still overlooking the barrier and yet to hear from her." Marisa said.

"I hope everything will go according to plan…But hey, what about Rinnosuke? I last saw him somewhere in this village and he…you know what I mean right?"

"Sigh…yeah…I guess I should cheer him up right now…" Marisa said and gave a worry smiles to herself.

"You better be. Anyway, I'm going to meet Keine. See ya later!" Mokou said as she takes her leave.

Marisa adjusted her hat before heading out to look for Kourin somewhere in this village. After searching high and low for him, she found him taking a seat in the village square. From the look of it, he is not his usual self.

"Hey there Kourin! What are you doing here ze?" Marisa said happily.

He did not response and still in his miserable state. Marisa looks rather unhappy about this when she raises her broom up high. She then swiftly swings her broom to his head and smack! It hit his head solid hard and there where he responded with his painful cry.

"Oww! What the hell! What do you think you doing Marisa! That hurt!" Kourin yelled at her while rubbing his head.

"Heh heh! Finally I get your attention! I called you and you didn't answer so yeah!" Marisa smiles happily at him.

"Sigh…whatever…you know what. I'm not in the mood. Leave me alone." He said and went back to take his seat.

Once again, he is back to his miserable state when Marisa smacks his head once again with her broom and this time on purpose.

"You are so gonna pay for that Marisa!" Kourin yelled and begin to attack Marisa.

Seeing this would happen, Marisa already ready herself by then and in second, she pin him to the ground. To her surprise, he can barely get up from Marisa pushing him down to the ground. Truly he is kind of weak even for him to be a half-youkai.

"Enough already Kourin! What's over is over! She's dead and that's it! It will be best if you just carry on with your life rather than staying in this current pathetic state you are in! You got that!" Marisa yelled at him.

"Damn you Marisa! You have no idea how I have lost! If only…if only I could do something!" Kourin cried.

"Then do something like cheering up everyone in here! Are you forgetting that Reimu had been taken by them! At least you should give everyone hope and I'm sure everything will be fine! Think about Reimu will ya!"

Rinnosuke went complete silence. He could not say a word and true to what Marisa said to him. He wipes his eyes away as he told Marisa to get off from him. His face went serious and begins to smiles at Marisa. He told her she is right. Reimu is in danger and now, helping cheering everyone up is the least he could do. It is better than doing nothing anyway.

"Alright then. Glad you understand and sorry about the broom hit?" Marisa said with a smile.

Rinnosuke says nothing and just smiles away. Marisa then dusts her hat away before heading off to somewhere. Then, she thought of Tania-san and that is where she will meet her up next. But before she could depart, a couple of voices call out for her. She look at who it was and to her surprise, it was the Prismriver sisters.

"Hey! What you three want from me? That's kind of rare you know." Marisa said.

"We just want to get straight to the point Marisa. It is true…that…" The youngest sister, Lyrica said and seems to be hesitating.

"Huh? What's true?" Marisa wondered.

"Well…is it true that Xiao-san is working with our enemy? I mean she wouldn't do that right?" Merlin asked instead with a worry look of her face.

"Sigh…I'm afraid she is. It depend whether you three want to believe me or not but I'm sure everyone who encounter her will say the same thing like me. But wait a minute, how come you three knew about her? Have you met her before?"

The sisters went silence for a moment until to the point they explain everything to Marisa. She was surprised for thing to become like this. What if thing were to go really sour and they have to kill Xiao? But of course Marisa will not say this to them. But still, will they have to do what is right when it is time? Thinking no more of this, Marisa put that matter away to one side. Hopefully she could think of something useful rather than killing them but the question is how. Then, she remembered something.

"Ah! That's right! I need to see Momonga-san since he knew something I want to know! Anyway, I got to go! See you later!"

"Ah…take care now Marisa." They said while waving their hands to her.

Immediately, Marisa hop on her broom and speed away to find where is he currently. Once again, she searches for him high and low. At last, she spotted him and glide swiftly towards him.

"Finally I found you Momonga-san! I need to see you ze!" Marisa said happily while just in time to stop her track in front of him.

"Hmm? Marisa-san? Sorry but we are having a discussion here." Momonga said and Marisa saw the rest of the Marine officers are having a meeting here.

"Crap! Sorry to disturb you! I'll come back later then!" Marisa said.

"Never mind that Marisa-san. I see that it's kind of urgent from you. Then I'll take my leave my fellow marines." He said.

"I hope you remember the plan we had been discussing from just now. Don't forget now."

"I got that Kazeruhige. Shall we head to somewhere else Marisa-san?"

Marisa nods her head as they walk out of here. Upon reaching at a quieter area with little people around them, Marisa begin to strike a conversation with Momonga.

"Alright, let me cut to the chase. Just now when we were fighting with our enemies near the Human Village, I overheard you said something about being the same thing back then? What do you mean by that? It suddenly make me wonder what that was."

"Hmm…I knew someone will take notice of this. I will tell you how it started and all." Momonga said.

Marisa then listens to what Momonga has to say. It was really surprising for her and he first saw this back at Youkai Mountain. It was Xiao at that time until he got interrupted before he could interrogate her. Could it be all this time when Marisa and the others encounter them, they are not themselves but rather their negative side of them? Could it be they are being control or something?

"I think…we could possibly save them rather than killing them don't you think? It's just that I don't wish to see anyone die. It felt so disturbing if you know what I mean." Marisa said rather uncomfortable.

"Frankly speaking, I've seen a lot of death and it is kind of normal for me. But I must say sometimes seeing an innocent girl like them to die like that, it is just wrong this time. Justice should be brought on that Lamia person rather on those girls."

"Yeah…If that's the case, we should target that Lamia person while buying sometime to free them? But after saying this, are they really under control from that witch?" Marisa wondered.

"I'm positive they are. Maybe I should tell the others to rethink their plan once more before heading out to rescue Reimu-san and eliminate Lamia once and for all."

"Oh yeah. What is this plan you are talking about?" Marisa asked him.

"Just a battle plan on how to deal with them. From what I know, the admirals will take Lamia head on while the others will deal with the small fry. If there's any."

"Simple I guess. Indeed they have the potential on dealing the main target after all. Not that I want to say you and the others are weak."

"No offense taken. Better be safe than sorry actually." He smiles at her.

"Hehe! Alright then!" Marisa said and hop onto her broom. "I'm going to see Tania-san. See you later ze!"

Minute pass, Marisa finally spotted Tania location and head towards her. From the look of it, she seems to be meditating or some sort with all the silence and closing of her eyes. Marisa went right to her face hoping to surprise her.

"Boo!" She surprised Marisa instead to which she jump back away from her.

"Ah! Just when I want to surprise ya Tania-san! You got me right there ze!" She smiles while rubbing her nose.

"I've already sense you coming even before you want to surprise me. You should consider eliminate all of your presence in order to sneak on me. Especially my sister if you were to deal up and personal with her."

"You're right. I should train up on that topic even though I have no idea how. I will find out soon."

"I'm sure you will. You are a witch after all. A good and strong witch to be precise." Tania smiles cheerfully at her.

"I prefer to be called a human magician. But whatever!" Marisa shrugged away.

"So…what can I do for you today Marisa-san? Do you need something from me?" Tania asked her.

"Umm…I don't want to pressure you on this but have you found the location of your sister? Since Reimu is with her." Marisa said.

"I…understand you…no…Everyone is concern about this matter but fear not Marisa-san. With all my power bestows upon me, I will find her whereabouts. Have faith Marisa-san." She smiles at Marisa after saying that.

Marisa did not say but just smiles to her regarding about this matter. Just when she was about to leave this place, she heard a loud thud as if something fell. She turn back to look what just felled.

"Hey Tania-san, was that…Ah! Tania-san!" Marisa cried.

Somewhere in Gensokyo…

"Lady Lamia, why are we keeping the shrine maiden alive? You are planning something aren't you?" Xiao asked her.

"Yes and it will be no fun if we were to kill her right away yes? So how about we torture her slowly in the presence of her friends later on?" Lamia said.

"Torture her huh?" She said while looking away from Lamia.

"…But anyway, it is time. Prepare yourself my dear. Our revenge will begin now." Lamia said.

She raises her staff high up to the air when something abnormal happen to their surrounding area. The environment starts to change with all the dimming light along the hallway and much more. As if it is starting to get a surreal environment.

"We shall make our last stand here and this time, we shall buy some time for everything to be engulfing by the darkness. Then our wish of the better world shall emerge to us after all this years. You know what it must be done my dear. Go now." Lamia said.

With that, Xiao and Enya acknowledge their mistress command. As Xiao look at Enya, she seems a bit concern over something. What could it be she wonders?

"What's the matter with you Enya? Feeling nervous already?" Xiao said.

"I…wonder if we…No...I don't want my personal feeling get over me. Now, shall we make our last stand here?" Enya said when her hands emit electricity spark.

"Let's go then." Xiao said.

Somewhere in the Orient Country…

"Hiya Enya!" Someone cried for her name.

"Hmm?" Enya look at who just called her and it was the princess.

Enya got up from her seat and bow to her to show her respect. It looks like she seems to be alone again. It looks like Enya going to get one hell of a scolding once again later on.

"Princess Sakura, did you run away from your study again your highness? Do you want me to get into trouble again?" Enya said when she gives a slight smile.

"I don't care but I will tell them again and again I just want to have a talk with you. What? Did you get a scolding all the time?" She said while folding her arms.

Enya usually got it and the princess did not know of it even right from the beginning. It will be best for her not to know of this and tell the same usual lies to her. Although Enya does not like this but what can she do anyway.

"Not at all your highness." Enya smiles.

"Whatever! I came here because you know why right! Can you show me more of your magic trick again Enya!"

"She runs away from study because it was so boring and my mistake to show her magic to her…Just my luck…"Enya said in her heart.

"One more thing. Stop calling me your highness and princess! There's no one around so it will be fine okay?" She said happily.

"I won't be too sure about that princess…So anyway, do you want to see another magic trick again?"

The princess immediately nods her head and was anxious to see what kind of new magic Enya will be showing. It all began when Enya was taken away to be interrogated when they were ambushed by a group of unknown enemies. It was an assassination attempt to kill the only heir of this country and that is kind of normal back in her Occident Country. Seeing the danger the assailant posed, Enya immediately rid of them with her magic to which everyone was surprised Enya was a witch right from the beginning. Hoping that this will at least get her out of the trouble from the interrogation or something, it makes matter worse. Now, she is in a constant watch by the soldiers of this country. Also, she was prevented to go back to her country as she may be a spy working for the Occident country. Instead of being in lock in a prison, she was granted to stay in an isolated house which is a distance away from the capital city. About her being watch, indeed they hold to their words and till now, she could sense a great number of them watching her with their pair of eyes. One slight wrong move will end her life right here and now.

"Enya." The princess called her to which she looks at her with a surprise face. "Daydreaming aren't you. Are you going to show me?"

"Yes...Yes! Today, I'm going to show you wind magic." Enya said while preparing it with her hands.

Frankly speaking, she has no intention of going back. After saving the princess back then, Enya feels like the princess needs to be protected and also to uphold the peace in this country. But then again, in every corner of this land, war has broken out. She fears the chaos will be clouded in this land in no time. Talking about her memory has come back, she still cannot remember them but it will be great she would stay in her amnesia condition. Since something tells her it is unpleasant once she remember everything. A feeling inside of her that she felt.

Somewhere in Gensokyo, Human Village…

"I apologise if I were to frighten you Marisa-san. I'm alright now." Tania said while getting up from the bed.

"Geez! Just don't me scare." Marisa said while folding her arms. "But how are you feeling? Should you be getting up now?"

"I use too much energy but I'll be fine. But anyway, I've already found my sister whereabouts. I'm positive that they are somewhere near here. The Forest I believe." Tania said when she turned serious about this.

"Forest? Wait, Forest of Magic?" Suika said and Tania nods her head.

Everyone went surprise and if it is true they are there, Reimu could be over there as well. This is really good news for everyone.

"But I cannot confirm all of you that Reimu is with them. I can only sense my sister presence but not Reimu. It just came all the sudden so…"

"That Tania person is giving away her position and at the same time…" Alice said halfway.

"It is a trap to lurk us in. I bet she has plenty of surprises and it won't be an easy walk in the park." Aya said.

"But nevertheless! Reimu is with them and we have to save her! Can we get a move on already? I hate wasting time already!" Remilia frustratingly said that.

"Wait a minute now!" Tenshi said. "We cannot recklessly go there without a plan or something. Not to forget our enemy may be laying some traps for us. So, a plan is needed to counter or perhaps help us along the way? What do you think?"

"Plan huh? I guess we really need one. Preparation is what we need then." Sanae said.

"Sigh…fine then. What can we think of then? Anyone can think of one?" Remilia said.

Everyone then begin their discussion for any plan they can think of. From the look of it, none of them could come up with anything. Later, Mokou and Keine arrive and it looks like they have bad news to tell everyone about. From the look of the situation, they spotted something strange going on around the Forest of Magic. Minute later while they are observing the area, a number of black vortexes were seen over there and not only that, a number of creatures could be seen gathering over that area as well.

"So Tania-san was right. The Forest of Magic." Alice said.

"I hope my house is alright…No…My house is nothing but Reimu is. So now that those black things have appeared, I guess we need to rethink about our plan." Marisa said.

"I f that's the case. Why don't we come up with a plan or two?" Sengoku suggested.

"Hmm…I suppose you have something to share us then?" Eirin said.

Sengoku nods his head and immediately after that, he organizes everyone and begins to discuss of a strategy. He and some of his officers help along and the process is fast and effective with all their teamwork. A few minutes later, everyone knew what must be done. It is fairly simple and that is to split up into group to deal with this threat. About Lamia problem, the admirals will stick into dealing with her. Upon hearing that the admirals are going to deal with Lamia, Marisa volunteer herself she wants to go with them. Since she blame herself for letting Reimu got taken by them where she could try to save her back then.

"It's not only your fault." Sakuya said. "We too felt it as well and for that, you have us backing you up Marisa. You don't have to go solo."

"Yeah!" Marisa rubs her nose. "Let's get this done over with and rescue Reimu!"

Finally, preparation is finally done. Their decisive battle is now and ever.

"Let's do this everyone!" Marisa cried happily and set off to Forest of Magic.

It takes a few minutes to reach to their destination. Once they are at the entry way towards the forest, foul aura and dark mist could felt and seen in here. Everyone knew it would not be an easy one as they proceed inside. After countless steps, so far no one encounter any threat. Tania on another hand was scanning the area as she is finding the exact location of Lamia position. In the meantime, Remilia flaps her wings and fly above the trees to see her surrounding area.

"What do you see Remilia?" Marisa said.

"Nothing pretty. It looks like the black vortexes are everywhere around…" Remilia said halfway when an explosion occur at her position.

"Remilia-sama!" Sakuya cried.

Luckily, Remilia landed safely in front of everyone unhurt.

"Tch! Looks like I'm going to kill whoever just shot me!" Remilia angrily said that.

"But it looks like our position had been given away." Sengoku said. "Nevertheless, let's proceed with the plan and split up. You know the plan everyone."

Immediately hearing that, different number of group split up and went their different ways into the forest. The three admirals, Tania, Marisa and some others will be heading to where Lamia resides. Everyone follow wherever Tania is heading and eventually, they stop upon at the clearing of the forest. The area around here has some foul smell to it and it is kind of hard to breathe normally.

"Are we here Tania-san? You know I cannot wait to slaughter her." Remilia said with her evil grin.

"Me too! I will join alongside with Onee-sama!" Flandre said happily.

"Yes we are here but I can't seem to find the entrance of it…Hmm?"

The moment Tania said that, a portal open up in front of the group. They knew it is not Yukari power of dimension but Lamia one. But looking at it, it is really safe to go inside? What if they were got transporter to some places or get trap inside? It is a trap to lurk them in right from the start anyway. Marisa then takes no moment to think about this risk and went ahead of everyone. She turns her head to everyone here and nods to them silently.

"That's Marisa-san for you all. Shall we get going?" Tania said with a smile as she follows Marisa from behind.

"Sigh…" Tenshi shrugged. "But I hope the others will do alright. Please be alright now everyone…"

"Let's go already. In the meantime…" Remilia said halfway when she shoot a scarlet, energy burst up to the sky when it exploded as it get high enough.

"That should do it." Aya said.

Then, upon entering the portal, everyone felt kind of dizzy as if it is spinning from the inside. Such a burden just to move forward but nevertheless, everyone push themselves. Eventually, they end up in a large, dim hall. Looking left and right, the area they are in is like a mansion lobby. It is kind of spooky rather than to be lively.

"Humph! My mansion is more luxurious and beautiful than this." Remilia said.

"Except it is scarlet in colour which is strange for me." Marisa whispered to herself.

"Ahem! I heard that." Remilia said.

"Come on! Waste no time and keep moving!" Tenshi said.

Somewhere in the Forest of Magic…

"What a pain in a neck. We got ourselves surrounded." Suika smiles.

"You find that a problem for you Suika? I'm starting to like this." Yuugi said.

"At least we can have some fun in the meantime. I'll take care of the vortex while you clear the monsters for us." Yuuka said.

"If that's the case, we'll go first Yuuka-san! Let's go!" Tashigi said.

Somewhere in the other part of the forest…

"You saw that?" Kaguya said while looking at the sky.

"Yeah. That will be their last position and the place we will go later." Mokou said.

"But considering the number we are facing, it will take long don't you think Mokou?" Kaguya smirked at her.

"Just be thankful you cannot die you bitch. I can't believe I'm fighting side by side with you. What luck!" Mokou grinned at Kaguya.

"Just put our differences one side and focus on this fight. We can continue our one later on. Let's end this! Hiya!" Kaguya said and charge at her enemy.

"Don't scratch your pretty face now!" Mokou said and disappear from everyone sight.

Meanwhile back at Marisa and her group, they went deeper into the mansion to search for Reimu as well their enemies. If possible, they would not want to encounter them but that is impossible since they will be expecting them anyway. Whether they are looking for them is up to them. Tania then notice Marisa is leading the way and seems kind of anxious. She went to tap on her shoulder as she smiles at Marisa.

"We have been walking for quite some time now. You know where we are going?" Remilia asked.

"Of course. Please trust me on this everyone…Hmm?" Tania said.

From the look of it, everyone end up in a huge hall but this time, the place is brightly lit with beautiful crystal chandelier. Also, everyone could hear a beautiful melody being play in here. Who could that be playing as everyone was looking around them.

"Oh? It looks like they are here." Someone said across the hall when the melody came to stop.

"Yes and that's a great number we going to face." Another voice could be heard across the hall.

The person appears out from the dark corner of the hall and it was none other than Lamia servants, Xiao and Enya. They calmly walk towards Marisa and the others while giving their smile.

"You two! Where's Reimu! Where have you kept her! Tell us!" Aya yelled at them.

"She is safe don't you worry but considering Lady Lamia is now looking after her, I wonder how long she is going to be okay." Xiao said.

"Properly she is going to be killed sooner or later." Enya said.

"Grr! You wouldn't dare to hurt her! Also, I don't care what I'm going to say now but you'll pay for what you did to me but more importantly! You'll pay dearly with your life for what you did to Iku! So step aside if you don't want to feel our wrath! Tenshi cried angrily.

"How intimidating you are. We have yet to show how serious we really are when we tag team yes? Also, we will not step aside since we are protecting Lady Lamia from you all reaching to her. Defeat us if you wish to get pass us." Xiao said.

"Wait a minute you two!" Marisa called them out. "Enough already! Don't you see what happened to your friend! How about we stop all this and let it be done over it!"

"Marisa?" Flandre went confused.

"Oh? Trying to reason with us? We know what happened to our beloved friend, Su Min." Enya said. "Frankly speaking, I do not blame all of you…"

"What? What do you mean? Don't you feel angry at us or something?" Aokiji said.

"Well…at first we do but then again, what is the point of grieving? I'm sure Su Min would not be happy to see us in this kind of state we are in. Sad and mourning for her death." Xiao said.

"Then let's stop fighting. You know more than we do right. We don't want to cause anymore sadness like right now." Aya said.

"I understand what you mean but it seems we can't do that. It's just that we are following Lady Lamia order to stop anyone from coming through here. Like I said, defeat us if you wish to pass us."

"Why!" Marisa yelled at them. "Why must you follow her order! You know this is all wrong! She hurts innocent people and our friends as well! Don't you two somehow feel hurt about this as well!"

"We do." They said.

"What?" Everyone went surprised.

"Xiao? Enya? You mean to tell me you already knew all of it?" Tania said.

"That's right." Xiao answered. "We knew about us being control by Lady Lamia all this time not too long ago. We felt…kind of angry and confuse about why she did this to us…"

"But one thing we know is that…Lady Lamia gave us a second chance to live again and hopefully with this, we could change for the better. The world especially." Enya said.

"So far, did it work out for you?" Kizaru asked them.

"Not at all. We came to realise causing miracle is no way to make our wish come true. I guess we should do it from scratch and have faith in ourselves." Enya said.

"Even though we are being use, we still think Lady Lamia is someone good to us. She has make us happy, taking care like us like we never been before and much more. Somehow…it felt good after all this time rather than being bad. But now after saying this, I know you all find it weird for me to say all this." Xiao said.

"Ah crap…after you said that, you know you are making us feel somehow bad. Then again, it could be your way to deceive us and let our guard down." Remilia said.

"I don't know about that. But then, isn't your friend waiting for you all? Aren't you going to save her?" Xiao asked them.

"Reimu…she's right…" Marisa said.

"That's right. Reimu, you must save. But first, please fight with us and let this be our final battle before we move on. Our last request please?" Enya said when her hands emit electricity.

"A final fight to the death I see." Akainu said with his stern face. "I can grant that wish of yours. Such bravery unlike all those I fought before."

Right after Akainu said that, a magic circle appear Enya with lightning shower around the hall. Another summon she is casting and instead of everyone stopping her, they look at what she is summoning. Everyone is guessing it is not her usual servants but something bigger and deadly.

"Now! Come forth and serve me till death part us. My ultimate servant! Fenrir!" Enya yelled when a howling could be heard in the hall.

Second later, explosion exploded behind Enya and debris and smokes were created as the result of that. Then, among the smoke, a huge leg steps out among the smoke and slowly the whole figure could be seen.

"What the heck…That's a huge…wolf I ever seen…" Marisa said with her eyes widen to see a gigantic wolf looking at them with its terrifying look on it.

"Letting it out with your trump card I see Enya. Let's see if they can last long. Let's do this." Xiao said when suddenly, she disappear from everyone sight.

Aya will not let her get the first strike and attack her too with her insane speed. Clash! Aya's fan and Xiao's blade collide into each other when strong wind generated from their impact. The moment that happen, everyone spring into action with Marisa going for her magic first.

"Feel this! Green Spread!" Marisa shoots out green beams towards Enya.

"Humph…weak." Enya calmly said that and block it with her lightning shield.

The beams got deflected from it then instead hit her Fenrir as it bounces off from its body. Marisa went surprise but Remilia and Flandre thought this is just a fluke. They then went for their attack to see that creature fall before them.

"Divine Spear! Spear the Gungnir!"

"Hiya! Taboo! Lävatein!"

Both of the vampire sisters went for their respective attack and boom! It hit the Fenrir just nice. Strangely, it did not try to dodge their strong attack. Perhaps it is a fool after all?

"Nothing can stand our might! Right onee-sama?" Flandre said happily.

"That's right Flandre. Now we…what?" Remilia said halfway only to realise the wolf is still standing.

"What! It barely had any scratch from the attack?" Tenshi said in shocked.

"Fenrir is my utmost and powerful creature in my disposal. He is an ancient creature back during ancient time. Be warned, he is able to crush all of you to bits without breaking a sweat and yes, I really mean it. Now Fenrir! Have a good time playing with them!" Enya said.

The wolf acknowledges its mistress command and immediately, it move in a ridiculous speed. Kizaru quickly intercept the wolf before it can land a strike at the others with his light kick attack. Smack with all his might on its head, the wolf flinched a little from his attack. It then quickly counterattack by using its claw to rip Kizaru apart. He turn into light seeing that incoming attack but he got thrown back hard to the wall somehow. Smack! A crater on the wall was created but luckily, Kizaru seems alright despise being a hard impact.

"That sure hurt." Kizaru said calmly while turning himself back to his physical form. "Fast despise its size. What a hard skin I'm dealing with."

"Hard skin? Then nothing beats my Sword of Hisou! Take this!"

Tenshi quickly dash to the wolf back leg and charge her sword with her scarlet energy. Second later, she raise her sword as she strike down on its legs with her fury, scarlet slash on its leg.

"Swordplay! Sword of Swagger! HIYAAA!" Tenshi furiously slash its legs rapidly.

The more she slashes at it, the more she realise it graze its skin slightly despise how strong her attack is. Enya suddenly appear besides Tenshi as she swings her lightning sword at her. Luckily, Akainu and Aokiji stop her attack. He punch her with his magma fist but Enya block in time. Seeing the danger of the servant mistress, the wolf swiftly did a claw attack. The attack was a success to which Tenshi was hit badly along with Aokiji and Akainu. Even for her body to be really hard, Marisa and the others could see Tenshi is in serious pain as she spurt blood from her mouth. But for both of the men, they got in time to change into their Logia power to nullify the physical damage. The wolf saw Tenshi trying to get up despise the pain she is having and went up to her to deliver a final blow. It then readies its front legs to stomp her with all its might.

"Tenshi! Watch out!" Marisa and the others cried out for her.

Just in the nick of time, Tania teleported at Tenshi location and quickly raises her staff. The wolf stomping attack was stop halfway due to her magic barrier and when that happens, Aokiji smack it away with his ice sabre attack along with the others magic attack which focus on its legs. Aya quickly grab her away but in process of doing so, Xiao intercept her.

"Dancing Blade of Eimin!" She cried.

Dancing around while slashing at Aya, she barely dodges them and got slash one or two by her blade.

"Meteonic Debris!" Marisa shoots a number of colourful stars to disgrace her.

Still, Xiao cut them apart as if they are made of solid matters. Flandre jump right in and slash every incoming attack with her weapon. With this, Aya manage to escape with Tenshi to safe area.

"Flandre! Duck!" Aya yelled and Flandre did what she said. "Tengu Felling!"

Aya leap towards Xiao when she sees this, she slashes at her with her blade but that is not Aya intention to attack head on. Instead, she barely avoids her attack and turns upside down. She went pass her and once she is behind her, she swings her fan hard as it calls forth a raging, wind attack to her back. Barely block that, Xiao got pushes back by the gust of wind and senses another attack from behind her. She quickly turns behind but this time, she fail to block it since the attack was made by Kizaru light speed kick attack.

"You think I would allow you to block my attack easily? You can use your Kenbunshoku Haki but how fast can you react to avoid them?" Kizaru said and uses all his strength to kick her away to the wall.

"Kuh!" Xiao cried in pain.

Smash! She hit hard on the wall but that is not over as Akainu fire his magma fist projectiles attack at her relentlessly.

"Xiao! Why you! Spear of Odin! Gungnir!" Enya cried as she tosses numerous numbers of lightning spears.

"Not so fast! Midnight Sign! Bad Lady Scramble!"

Remilia swiftly jump up to the wall and then, she shoots herself towards Enya magic with her immense scarlet aura around her. She spins herself to create more kinetic energy as she ram towards all her spears as it deflect them away. Enya was somehow too late to block the incoming strike, she got ram really hard to her abdominal area.

"AAAHHH!" Enya cried in pain as she got shot to the wall.

"I feel much better when it's a hit!" Remilia cried proudly.

With that done, the group turn their eyes on the wolf and immediately everyone focus on attacking it. Various magic were flying left and right, up and down along with the three admirals' power.

"Marisa! Try and go for your powerful magic on this Fenrir! Aurora Light!" Tania said and shoots her burst of light to blind the wolf momentarily.

"You got it!" Marisa cried and flies up above to get the full view of the wolf.

"If that's the case, hang on to something everyone! Tornado! Indication to the Divine!"

Aya swing her fan up to the air and with that, a sudden, huge tornado form around her. The powerful, raging wind blow at every direction as it staggers and pushes the Fenrir at the same time. From the look of it, she is buying sometime for Marisa to set her magic.

"What a powerful wind. So this is what she is capable of huh?" Tania said while holding herself to the ground.

"Marisa! It's your turn now!" Aya yelled at her.

"You gotcha! Keep clear! Love Sign! Master Spark!"

Marisa readies her Mini-Hakkero at the Fenrir and shoot out a huge, radiantly beam at it. The wolf could not possibly dodge it due to the staggering of the wind and was soon engulf by the beam. BOOM! An explosion occur around the wolf which send everyone knockback by the blast. Fortunately, everyone landed and get back up on their feet safely.

"It is over? I doubt that wolf can survive Marisa's Master Spark." Remilia said.

Suddenly, a howling could be hear from the wolf when it emerge out from the smoke debris. Everyone could not believe it is still standing but one good thing everyone notice is that it finally had patches of wound around its body. It then gives a roar which send a shockwave throughout the entire hall. Some of them got push back by the force of the roar and injure themselves from the flying debris and all.

"Bring it down! Bring it down!" Tenshi cried.

"Buy me some time for me to ready my another spell! Cover me!" Marisa cried.

"Alright! Midnight Sign! Bad Lady Scramble!" Remilia said and execute her ramming attack.

The wolf use its claw attack to stop her attack. Smash! Bright, scarlet light emit from the collision of both attack. Fortunately, her attack is more powerful which send it knocking back. But then, it recover itself from it exceptionally fast and ready its next claw attack at Remilia. No time to dodge that, her only way is to block that and take the damage. Out of the blue, numerous energy projectiles came from behind Remilia as it shower down at the wolf. This time, it got knockback pretty hard and drop to the ground at last.

"Noisy Sign! Live Poltergeist!"

"Huh? What? The Prismriver sisters? What are they doing here?" Marisa said.

"Everyone! Are you all alright! We are here to help!" They said.

"Hurray! We need more firepower to deal with that wolf! Good timing!" Flandre said happily.

Without wasting any more time, everyone went into action one more time. Marisa has yet to ready her current spell and everyone knew what she is going to do. Flandre went up to the air and begin to stare at the wolf. She point her palm at it as she begin to scan for the "Eye" of the target. Everyone unleash their barrage of magic attack at the wolf when a huge explosion occur at the face of the wolf. It was done by Flandre and that is one of the jobs well done. Constant barrage after barrage, the wolf has no hope in retaliating back. Akainu Ryusei Kazan attack, Kizaru Yasakani no Magatama attack and Aokiji Pheasant Beak were conjure at the wolf to bring it down once and for all. After all the attack, it still standing no matter how much hit it had already taken.

"What a tough monster! So annoying!" Akainu said in his irritated tone.

"So far I must say this Enya servant is incredibly powerful but just too stubborn to fall!" Tenshi said.

Seeing that the wolf is in that near finish condition, everyone let their guard down for a second when they were taken by a surprise attack by the wolf. It desperately leapt towards the group to strike its surprise finishing blow.

"Everyone! Watch out!" Marisa yelled from above.

Just in the nick of time, Tania cast a magical barrier and was in time to block the incoming attack. Relentlessly, the wolf strike the barrier furiously hoping to crush it into bits. Not knowing what was going on around its surrounding, the wolf fail to notice Marisa is done with her magic and once again, she readies her Mini-Hakkero and point it towards the Fenrir.

"Enough already and go down now! MAGICANNON! FINAL SPAAAARRRKKK!"

Immense energy gather around her device and immediately shoot out a bigger and powerful version of Master Spark. BOOM! Destruction of this whole hall were the result of this ridiculous power as the explosion cover every part of the hall. Thanks to Tania barrier, everyone is safe and sound from the attack as they watch the fireworks from inside. After all the mess were clear up, everyone could see the wolf lying on the ground. It then starts to twitch and desperately trying to get up on its feet.

"What the! Still not enough power!" Remilia said when she conjures her energy, red spear on her hand.

"Wait Remilia!" Marisa said as she descent to the ground. "It is done for. Look."

True what Marisa said, the wolf slowly drops to the ground. At last, it stops moving and disappear slowly into small particles. Everyone then stand down and that is one heck of a long battle. But still, they have yet to fight with Lamia and now; they are wasting their energy already.

"It is done…Ah! Where is Xiao-san! I heard she was here Marisa. Where is she?" Lyrica said.

"About her…" Marisa came to a paused.

"You are looking for me Lyrica-chan? I'm over here." Someone said and it was Xiao along with Enya.

They walk towards Marisa and the others and they look pretty bad from their wound they received. Enya notice her servant had been destroyed when she murmur to herself about something. Perhaps she is thanking or something to the Fenrir.

"Xiao-san! Please stop fighting! We don't want to see you get injure anymore! Please stop!" Lunasa said.

"Luna-nee…please stop Xiao-san. Please don't make us…sad anymore…" Merlin said.

"I'm sorry everyone…I know I make you hurt but I cannot go back…I'm…Forget it! No more to be sympathy about this! Reimu is someone important you must save right! Now, we will stop you from going and you know what must be done right? Come at us!"

Immediately after she said that, Xiao and Enya went to attack everyone as this is their final attempt to stop them. Nevertheless, it is a suicide to begin with. Seeing that they cannot be reason anymore, the Prismriver Sisters eventually ready their stances and went to stop them. Minute pass, they are unable to continue due to fatigue but still insist on fighting. Later, Eirin came to meet up the others and join the battle. In just another minute, Xiao got struck by a couple of arrow shot by Eirin while Enya got blasted again and again by magic attack. Lying side by side at each other, their hope for getting up is gone.

"Finally…they are done for…" Eirin said.

"Ha…ha…Ahahaha!" Xiao laughed to herself. "This is so familiar…death…déjà vu indeed." Xiao said.

"You are happy Xiao. Now…I can go to her…My princess I've been waiting…all…this time…" Enya said.

"Waiting huh…? Forgive me I took so long everyone…Here I come…" Xiao smiled.

"Xiao-san, thank you for everything. We…won't forget you!" The Prismriver sisters said.


"So good…to have…friends I…see…"

Their voices begin to softer and slowly shut their eyes while smiling away. Then, their body start to dematerialize into small particle. It was really a sad sight to behold and everyone try to hold their tears while watching this. This is just too much to bear.

"I see they are leaving…" Someone said.

"Huh?" Marisa said and notices Shikieiki standing beside her. "Woah! What are you doing here!"

"Just giving my help to you all. Anyway, if they could've died when they supposed to, they won't be disarray into doing all this."

"Huh? What are you saying Yama-san?" Eirin asked.

"Frankly speaking, they are already dead right from the beginning. It was that Lamia woman who had somehow controls their fate for not dying. Like what Marisa said, the girls had been controlling by that witch after all this time."

"Umm…I have no idea how you know that but whatever." Marisa said.

"Now, that witch, Lamia need to be punish severely for all her sin she have committed. A heavy, sin she had made. I shall personally deliver absolute judgement upon her soul when this is all over." Shikieiki said with her serious tone.

Everyone went silence after hearing that from her. They never thought Shikieiki could be very terrifying when she is all serious. Talking about the girls, they never thought it is really true about them being control all this time. Their death and all. Such sadness indeed. Eventually, the body of Xiao and Enya is gone from everyone sight. The Prismriver sister went to where she died and sadness took over them. They then catch something at the corner of the hall. It is an item as they went to pick it up.

"It's Xiao's Guzheng…We are so going to miss her melody she will be playing. Right Luna-nee?" Lyrica said.

"Yes we are but still, she will be in our heart." Lunasa said while patting Lyrica head.

"…Anyway, we should get moving everyone. Let's end this quick. Shall we?" Tania said.

"Yeah…" Remilia said rather kind of sad.

Author's Afterword: Nothing much to say but I will try to update my next chapter faster. If I can but we will see. Now that the conclusion of this battle is coming to an end, I MIGHT make the next chapter longer than ever. Who knows? Anyway, see ya all later!

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