Quick recap! First off... read Wedding Date and The Simple Life. Or else you won't exactly understand this or the reasoning behind the storyline.

For those who don't wish to read the first two stories. In Wedding Date Fang and Lightning overcame their differences and started dating, much to the enjoyment of everybody around them. In The Simple Life, Serah found out that she can't have children and Fang proposed to Lightning. Now, on with the long awaited part 3 of this story. I don't see me continuing this series after this story's complete though.

Originally attempted writing this in Fang's POV… then shifted to Lightning's and it became easier. Then decided to do it in third person to make it easier yet, that way I can switch between Lightning and Fang when they're not together, and can get more into both of their thoughts.

Thanks as always to Baby Capri 1990 for looking over this for me. Go read her stories Lost Then Found and Not Over You. They're awesome :D

Anything For You

Chapter 1

She took a deep breath. She felt sick. But it was just her nerves getting the best of her. Whoever isn't nervous before their wedding day, is truly crazy. Either that or they simply don't love their spouse-to-be enough to be marrying them. That's not the case here. She loved Fang with every fiber of her being. She helped her overcome her past and learn to trust people again.


She jumped when her dressing room door was pushed open. It was only Serah. Her nerves weren't getting any better as time passed and seeing her sister only made it worse. It was a reminder to her that the wedding was growing closer. "Were you this scared?" She asked once Serah had closed the door again. Her eyes closed and she took several deep breaths to try and get the nauseous feeling out of her throat. The feeling that was dangerously close to boiling over.

Serah stood behind her older sister. She looked at her in the mirror before reaching over her shoulder to pick up a few hairpins. She'd agreed to help Lightning with her hair. It was something the older Farron never had any luck with.

"Do you feel like you're going to lose your breakfast?"


"Just close your eyes and take deep breaths sis. The ceremony's only like 20 minutes then we all get to have a blast. Then…" She rested her hands on the bride's shoulders before whispering against her ear. "…you're spending an entire week with Fang, alone, in Nautilus."

Lightning smiled at the thought. It definitely helped her to relax some. But that some wasn't enough as her stomach started to do back-flips yet again. "Hold on…" She hurried out of the chair and into the neighboring bathroom. She carefully knelt in front of the toilet – watching to make sure she didn't wrinkle her white dress.

"Claire?" Serah was right behind her sister. She was worried. She remembered her own wedding day and the nerves that nearly overtook her. Serah leaned down and placed her hand on Lightning's lower back. "Are you alright?"

A grumble left her throat. She wondered then why Serah even bothered asking. Did it look like she was alright? Her eyes fell shut as a dry heave hit her. Thankfully though, nothing came up. "Can you get me some water or something?" She stayed exactly where she was – too afraid to move in case the jarring caused the nausea to actually win over her.

"I'll be right back." Serah was up and out of the bathroom, then dressing room in a flash. She nearly ran down the hallway until she found her husband. "Snow… I need your help."

He frowned when he saw the frantic look on his wife's face. "Babe, what's wrong?"

"Can you get me some ginger ale? Lightning's getting sick."

Snow's expression fell. He was instantly worried about his friend. "Yea, give me like two minutes." He was gone to the refreshment table before Serah had a chance to say anything.

The younger Farron hurried back to her sister's side, just in time to hear the familiar sound of Lightning's breakfast hitting the water in the toilet. She felt sorry for her sister. She never thought it would be possible that Lightning would ever be that nervous that it made her physically ill.

"Hey, here…" Snow popped his head into the dressing room to hand Serah a plastic cup with some ginger ale in it. "She okay?"

"She just got sick."

"Ya want me to get Fang?" He offered, thinking it would be the best thing.

"No! She can't see Lightning before the wedding. Why do you think my sister stayed at our place last night?"

He held up his hands in defeat. "I'm still letting her know though, she won't be too happy if we keep it from her."

"Alright, go, I'm going to tend to her." She slammed the door in his face before going back into the bathroom. Her heart sank a little bit when Lightning lost the rest of her breakfast and was just dry heaving now. "Well, at least there's nothing left to make you sick."

Lightning just groaned as she leaned back against the wall behind her. "Did you get me a drink?" Serah nodded before handing her sister the cup of ginger ale. She used some of it to rinse the bitter taste from her mouth then sipped it to help ease the queasiness of her stomach. "How much longer?" Anxious was an understatement. Lightning had been ready since the day Fang asked her for her hand in marriage for this day to be here and over with.

"Come on Fang, five minutes!" Vanille stood outside of her best friend's dressing room. "Get your butt out here already." She smoothed her own dress and attempted to open the door again. The moment she did the door flung open and Vanille's breath caught in her throat when she saw Fang. "Wow…"

Fang's dress was simple. Pure white in color. Strapless design that hugged the top half of her body. Long and flowing material covered the lower half. The bouquet of flowers in her hands was an even mixture of red and white roses. Her bouquet was an identical match to her wife-to-be. Vanille reached out to fix one of the ringlets of Fang's hair that framed her face. The rest of her hair was pulled up into a bun above her head. There were several flower bobby pins visible in her hair near the bun. The necklace that the brunette wore covered exposed skin of her chest. It was an old silver pendant that belonged to the woman's mother.

"I didn't think you still had that…" Vanille let her fingers play with the pendant. She remembered her best friend's mother having and wearing it when they were children.

Fang could only smile. "She left it to me when she died…" She took a deep breath to calm her own ragging nerves before offering her arm to the woman who like her little sister. "I figured mom would want me to wear it for today."

"She'd be proud of you ya know."

Again Fang smiled. She couldn't have been happier even if she tried. "Yea, I know. I just wish she could be here."

The smaller woman wiped a tear out of Fang's eye before it was shed. "She's watching, don't worry. She'd like Lightning. I know she would."

"Yea, she's the polar opposite of me." Fang spoke with a chuckle in her voice.

Vanille peeked through the curtain to see the last of the wedding guests take their seats. "You ready?"

Fang's eyes fell closed and she took one last shaky breath. "As I'll ever be."

"You doing alright?" Serah had her arm hooked with her sister's.

They'd been able to get Lightning's nausea under control. Or so they thought. Lightning still feared getting sick. She still felt that giant bubble in her stomach, threatening to rupture at any second. "Yea, just want to get this over with."

The younger Farron sister giggled before leaning closer to her sister. "I love you Claire." She leaned up to press a gently kiss to her sister's cheek.

"I love you too Serah." Lightning slowly opened her eyes.

"Mom and dad are proud of you." Serah whispered before pulling her arm away.

Again Lightning's eyes closed, this time it was to hide the tears that formed. She wished their parents hadn't been stripped away from them such a long time ago. They should both still be around. They should have both been at Serah's wedding, and they should have both been at Lightning's. It wasn't fair. "I know…"

The time had finally come. It was her time to get married to a woman who stole away and repaired her broken heart.

Without another word they stepped out from behind the curtain. Serah first, then after Lightning counted to ten, she walked out after her to see the group of their friends and family standing. All eyes were on her. Did Fang feel such pressure? Suddenly she feared she was going to fall. To trip over her own dress and land face first on the carpet. She focused everything she had on just taking one step at a time.

Fang's breath got caught in her throat the moment her eyes met Lightning's. She noticed the blonde's hair was left down for the occasion. Instead of her normal straight hair it was curled perfectly. Fang took note of the lacy bodice of Lightning's gown that hung on her with spaghetti straps. Pure white, just like her own. She glanced down slightly to see the lower half of her gown just barely drug along the floor as she walked. Fang suddenly wondered how and when she'd gotten so lucky.

Their eyes never left one another's the minute they locked. Lightning came up beside the slightly taller brunette. The first half of the priest's words were nothing but a blur to them. Almost all of the words were missed as they remained focused on one another.

Lightning swallowed the lump in her throat when they were instructed to get the rings and face one another. They turned to take their matching wedding bands from the pillow that Dajh carried. He was smiling his biggest smile yet and they couldn't help but match his enthusiasm and smile back at the boy.

"Claire, if you could repeat after me please." Lightning just nodded. "Fang, I give you this ring…"

Suddenly the urge to vomit had returned with a vengeance. She gripped Fang's hand a little tighter. Focusing on anything other than the summersaults her stomach was doing would get her through it. "Fang, I give you this ring." She locked eyes with the woman she loved.

"Wear it with love and joy…"

""Wear it with love and joy." She calmly repeated. She couldn't let her nerves win out, not now.

"I choose you to be my wife..."

After another deep breath she repeated it. "I choose you to be my wife."

"To have and to hold from this day forward…"

Fang slowly began caressing the back of Lightning's hand with her thumb. It was as if she sensed the uneasiness. "To have and to hold from this day forward."

"For better or for worse…"

"For better or for worse." Another deep breath, she had to force the bubble in her throat back down into her stomach. She was almost done. She had to push through it.

"For richer or for poorer…" He continued on.

"For richer or for poorer."

"In sickness and in health."

"In sickness and in health." And boy was she feeling sick right now. They'd be done soon and Lightning kept informing herself of that.

"To love and to cherish as long as we both shall live." He finished off.

"To love and to cherish as long as we both shall live." Finally, her speaking was done. Now she just had to listen to Fang do the same before she could finally relax. She slipped the ring onto her almost wife's finger.

"Fang." He turned his attention to the brunette. "If you could please repeat after me."

"I have another idea actually."

Lightning's eyes grew wide. Suddenly she feared the worse. That Fang was going to say that she'd made a mistake and didn't want to marry her. "Fang?" She was surprised when she found what was left of her voice.

"Don't worry Sunshine. I just wanna do something different is all." She locked her fingers with Lightning's before speaking. "I didn't sleep at all last night. I figured out that it wasn't just because of today. It was cause of you. Ya weren't there with me. I'm not gonna get all cheesy on ya and say ya complete me. Cause let's face it. That's not me." The guests laughed softly, Lightning included. Fang's joking yet serious words made her heart melt, and her nerves calm. "What I do wanna say is that I'll always be there for ya. No matter how pig-headed and stubborn ya are. I love you for you. Your faults, your personality…" she hesitated for a moment. "Even during our fights, I know there will be more." Lightning tensed at her words. She hated fighting with Fang and hoped from that day forward everything would change. "Now I'll get to the cheesy part. I don't know what I'd do without ya Claire. I go to sleep at night thinking of you. I wake up thinking of you. When I first met ya… I thought 'Damn she's a bitch.'" The room erupted in laughter and Lightning glared at her wife-to-be. She wasn't impressed, but the corners of her mouth threatened to curl into a smile nonetheless. "I'm glad I gave ya a chance. I can't even begin to imagine my life with you in it. Lightning… Claire… I love you. I always will." She reached up to wipe a stray tear from the blonde's face and smiled at her. "I'll always love you."

The man before them smiled when Fang placed the ring onto Lightning's finger. "By the power invested in me –"

He stopped when Fang closed the gap between her and her wife. The rest of his speech faded out in their minds when their lips met. Fang just couldn't wait any longer to kiss her wife.

Lightning definitely wasn't complaining. She had the woman of her dreams, she was surrounded by friends and family that loved her for her. But why wasn't the nauseous feeling in the pit of her stomach going away?

Alright, question for you readers now. I'm torn as to how to do their names. Should they keep their own names? Claire Farron and Oerba yun Fang. Or...

Oerba Claire Farron
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Claire Farron
Fang Farron...


Oerba yun Claire
Oerba yun Fang

I'm leaving the decision up to you guys. Personally, I like the first option, either that or them not changing their names.