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Anything For You

Chapter 4

"Hurry up Snow, we don't want them to miss their train." Serah made her way to her sister's front door, searching through her keys as she went.

The taller man was right behind her. He laughed softly at her words. "I bet they're not even up yet. Hell I bet they haven't even gone to sleep yet."

She just glared up at her husband. "They're not as bad as you." She pushed open the door and was greeted with a sight she didn't expect. Her eyes widened. The first thing she noticed was two wedding dresses strewn on the floor. Then she noticed their shoes kicked off beside the door, bags were dropped, missing the table. Serah couldn't help the giggle that shook her body. "Okay… maybe they are as bad as you."

"Just like us on our wedding night." Snow chuckled as he picked up the two dresses that had carelessly been tossed to the floor. After placing both of them on the sofa to try to fight off any more wrinkles, he watched his wife disappear down the hallway and decided to go into the kitchen to make coffee for everybody. It was, after all, barely six in the morning. Fang and Lightning's train was due to leave shortly after eight.

Serah pushed open her sister and sister-in-law's door and couldn't help but giggle at the sight before her. The blanket was barely pulled over their obviously still naked bodies. Lightning's arm was draped around Fang's middle, her head was pressed lightly against her neck. Fang's right arm was wrapped securely around her wife's middle while her other hand was tucked safely under her own pillow. The younger Farron almost felt bad for having to wake them up. Even though they should have already been up and ready for when her and Snow showed up.

"Come on guys, get up!" Serah let her hand rest on the lower exposed calf of Lightning's leg and shook it gently.

Lightning groaned and curled her legs up more, pulling it away from Serah's touch. She shifted just a little bit and nuzzled her nose more into Fang's neck. She was too comfortable to wake up, let alone move.

"Come on Claire, time to get up." Lightning still didn't stir. "Fang?" The brunette shifted at the sound of her name. "Seriously guys, get up." Serah started tugging on the blanket. It wouldn't be the first time she'd seen her sister naked, so that didn't bother her.

"What the…" Lightning sat up first when she noticed the blanket that covered her was starting to move. "Serah?" Her eyes narrowed as she tried to focus on the blurry form of her younger sister. "What are you doing here?"

The younger girl rolled her eyes. "Did you forget about your honeymoon already?" Lightning ran her hand over her face and finished sitting upright. She was too tired to be shy, or care that the blanket had fallen around her waist. "Glad Snow's not in here." Serah giggled at her sister's sudden scramble to get the blanket back over her chest.

"Sunshine?" Fang's arms went above her head as she started to stretch her sore and tired muscles. "Whatcha doin'?"

"What time is it?" Lightning rubbed her face one more time before looking at the digital clock on the night stand. "Ugh…" She groaned before flopping back on the bed on her back

Serah's hands came in contact with the blanket yet again and started pulling against Fang's gasp."Come on, you guys gotta get up, we need to get to the train station soon."

"It's too early." Fang forced herself to sit up. She'd never been someone to ever be shy about her body.

"Exactly how long have you guys been asleep?" Serah's hands landed on her hips as she watched Fang's naked frame make its way over to the closet to grab her robe.

"Uh…" Fang tilted her head to the side and gave her eyes a chance to adjust to the bright light from the clock. "Hour…"

It was sudden. The familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach from the day before was back. Her eyes shot open, and she sat up. Without a word to worry her wife or sister she made her way into the bathroom, mumbling something about a shower. Once she was in her connecting bathroom she turned the overhead light and exhaust fan on to drown out the noise. She was silently cursing herself and her body. There couldn't possibly be a worse time for her to get sick.

Serah rolled her eyes when she saw Fang eying her sister. "Go shower. Snow's making coffee. I'm assuming your bags are already packed?"

Fang's eyes rolled before pointing to the two suitcases along the far wall. "Right there. We were packed two days ago. Now if you'll excuse me." She made her way into the bathroom with all intentions of joining her wife in the shower. All intentions left her as soon as she opened the door to see Lightning kneeling in front of the toilet.

"Shut the door!" Lightning called out moments before another wave of nausea hit her. Her eyes closed as her hand held back her hair. She instantly relaxed when she felt Fang's hand on her own, taking over holding her hair back. "Why won't this stop?"

The brunette sighed heavily. "I was thinkin.' What if it's something else?"

"What do you mean?"

Fang placed feather light kisses along her wife's bare neck. "What if you're pregnant?"

Lightning relaxed back against the taller woman's body. "Last test was negative though." It was a heart-breaking moment for everybody when the third month in a row the pregnancy test came back negative. They had agreed to wait until after the honeymoon to start again had it not taken.

"They can be wrong ya know."

The blonde just nodded before standing to start the water in the shower. "Maybe we can get a test once we get to Nautilus."

"What about stoppin' before going to the train?" Fang discarded her robe before stepping into the shower behind her wife.

Lightning laughed softly. "I really don't want to hear Serah squealing during the entire drive. Do you?"

"Point taken." She scattered random loving kisses up and down Lightning's neck.

"Mmm, stop that. Serah won't hesitate in walking in on us."

"You're sister's a special one."

Lightning reached out to grab her bottle of shampoo, wincing some as a few muscles in her back stretched and popped. She was definitely sore from going at it all night long. "I still love her."

"Hurry up guys! We don't have all morning." Serah popped her head in the bathroom to yell at the women.

She was frustrated. Frustrated and tired. The entire six hour trip she'd sat in discomfort and watched her wife sleep away. Must have been nice. She leaned against the wall in the hallway while Fang fumbled with the key card for their room. They'd just arrived at the hotel. Lightning pushed herself off the wall and through the door once Fang got it open. Without a word the blonde made her way to the king sized bed in the suite.

"Tired Sunshine?" Fang chuckled. After moving their luggage into the room she crawled into bed and started rubbing her wife's lower back.

Lightning's eyes closed. "Exhausted." Was the only thing she was able to mutter, her face was buried in the pillows.

"Go to sleep. I'm goin to the store."

"Mm'kay." She sank further into the mattress. It cushioned her body in all the right ways. She was sound asleep before Fang was even out the door.

After driving for more than ten minutes she finally found the drug store that the hotel clerk gave her horrible directions to. She paused for a moment to look at the signs above the aisles. Family Planning. That was it. She felt a smirk creep to her lips at how cliché it was. Married for one day and already buying a pregnancy test. She chuckled at her own thoughts. Once she picked up one of the boxes she made her way to the counter to pay.

Not before grabbing a pure dark chocolate bar for Lightning. Either way the results went, she knew the soldier's weakness for the candy would help relax her.

The young woman at the register smiled at Fang as she rang up the test and candy. "Should I wish you luck?"

Fang's eyebrows shot up to her hairline. "Excuse me?"

"The test… Are you hoping for a positive?"

"It's not for me." The brunette handed the clerk some money. She really didn't want to discuss her personal life with a complete stranger.

"For your sister?"

"Don't have a sister." Fang waited patiently for the bag with her purchases in it. Her patience though, was starting to wear thing.

The girl looked a little confused. "A friend?"

"You're a nosey little bugger aren't you?" Fang finally snapped at the poor girl. "I'm on my honeymoon and the longer I stand here the less time I'm spendin' with my wife."

"I'm just trying to make conversation ma'am…" She finally handed over the plastic bag to Fang.

Before walking away Fang looked into the girl's eyes. Her voice was low and somewhat spiteful. "If you must know… My wife's tryin' to get pregnant cause her sister can't. Now, maybe you'll think twice before askin' the next person who buys one of these things why." She smirked at the clerk's shocked expression before leaving to return to a sleeping Lightning.

Fang made sure to remain quiet when she entered their hotel suite. She was sure that Lightning would still be asleep. But when she heard the familiar sounds of retching coming from the bathroom, she knew she was wrong. After letting out a sigh she slipped out of her shoes, put the bag and her purse on the table and knocked on the door before opening it. "Hey there Sunshine."

"Ugh." Lightning's left hand held her hair back, her right gripped the edge of the toilet as another wave hit her and she finished emptying the contents of her stomach into the porcelain. "Hi." She finally choked out.

The taller woman knelt down behind Lightning and took over holding her hair back. "I got ya something." She whispered against the blonde's ear before placing a chaste kiss on her jaw.

Lightning just groaned and blindly reached for a wad of toilet paper. Fang beat her too it and got it for her. "Thank you." She sat back on the floor and wiped her mouth before leaning against her wife. "What did you get me? Other then the test I mean."

"Why don't ya get all cleaned up and come find out?"

The blonde just rolled her eyes before standing up and rinsing out her mouth. "Why can't you just tell me?" She spoke after spitting out the mouthwash.

Fang chuckled before making her way back out to the bag she got from the store. She pulled out its contents. When she spied her wife exiting the bathroom she held out the chocolate bar. "Thought this would make you feel better."

Lightning's eyes lit up some. Chocolate was her weakness. It always had been. "This isn't really what's on my mind though…" She ripped open the wrapper, but the entire time she eyed the small pink box in Fang's other hand. After taking a bite of the bar she reached for the box. "What if it's negative and something else is wrong with me?" She made her way back into the bathroom to take the test, leaving the chocolate bar with her wife.

She sighed heavily. It was common for her wife to over think things. "We'll deal with that if it happens. But come on Sunshine, think about it." She smirked some, peeking into the bathroom to see her wife pulling up her pants and setting the stick on the counter. "Come on, don't stare at it, it won't make it turn any faster."

"Yea…" Lightning sighed and exited the bathroom once more. She plucked her candy from Fang's hand and went over to the bed to surf through television channels to wait the ten minutes the instructions called for.

It was a long ten minutes.

"The clerk thought it was for me." Fang plopped onto the bed before resting her head on Lightning's shoulder. A smile crept to her lips at the sound of the blonde giggling. Lightning was supposed to be such a tough person – Fang felt honored to be able to see her with all of her defenses down. "Then she just kept askin me questions."

Lightning rolled her eyes. She broke off a piece of her candy bar and fed it to her wife. "You told her off didn't you?"

"Ya know me too well Sunshine." She chuckled softly. "Just told her to mind her own business and she doesn't need to know everything."

"Sure you did."

Silence fell between them as they turned their attention to some show that they'd come to a stop on the television. Neither one was paying attention. Both were thinking about that little piece of plastic that was on the bathroom counter that would hold the fate of their future as well as Serah and Snow's.

The ten minutes came and went before they even noticed and Lightning was the first one to move. Her and Fang glanced at one another quietly before going into the bathroom. Lightning's shaking hand picked up the stick from the counter.

She lost all the breath in her lungs when she looked down at it.

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