Title: Road Trip

Author: angels_archives

Series: Ouran High School Host Club x Cadcaptor Sakura

Rating: K

Genre: Romance/Angst

Status: Complete

Theme: blue skies prompt # 26 freedom from day_by_drabble

Word Count: 100

Kyouya Ohtori winces as she shuts the door. The sound was not deafening but it was distracting. She has an ice cream cone and a pack of groceries that she promptly deposits into the backseat. He breathes deeply. Summer weather is always hot. Driving gets him cranky. She drives him crazy.

The sun behind her gives her a dark halo and a radiant smile. Tomoyo Ohtori leans over and plants a kiss on his cheek. "Drive," she orders sweetly. "Drive until we get there."

Freedom is found on the open road and in the arms in her beautiful sweet soul.