Camp PokéSpe!

Welcome to Camp PokéSpe! Here, the Dex Holders are going camping in Ilex Forest, since Yellow knows Viridian too well, and Hoenn is so far away.

This story is taking place while the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum arc is going on, so the ages are as follows:

Blue: 19

Red and Green: 18

Yellow: 16

Silver: 15 (nearly 16)

Gold and Crystal: 15

Ruby and Sapphire: 14 (Not completely sure about these two)

Emerald: 13 (Not entirely sure about his age, either)

Disclaimer: I don't own PokéSpe or Pokémon.

Well, let's get started!

Let the madness begin!


It was a peaceful morning in Viridian City. Yellow was lying in the grass outside her Uncle's house, her hat on her stomach and ChuChu curled up by her head, heavily considering going over to Viridian Forest for a nice fishing trip, when-


She jolted up into a sitting position, fumbling with her hat. What's happening?


Yellow glanced around quickly, wondering where the noise was coming from. ChuChu blinked sleepily, glancing up at the blonde healer.


Yellow quickly turned around and saw her PokéGear lying on the ground a little ways away, next to where she'd put her bag and fishing pole. The screen was lit up, and it said, 'CALL FROM: Blue'. She clicked the accept button.

Click. A loud, perky voice came from the other end.

"YELLOW~! Hi~! Listen, I need you to meet me and the others in Azalea Town, pronto! "

"Azalea Town? But why? What are we going to do there?" She wasn't the most familiar with Johto, and Blue's plans are unpredictable sometimes, so she was suspicious.

"OHOHOHO! You'll see~! But remember to bring a couple days' worth of stuff!" Click.

Now Yellow was extremely suspicious. A couple days' worth of stuff? She probably would do that, anyway, just so she could visit Johto for a bit after visiting with her friends, but why did Blue need to tell her that? And who did she mean when she said, "the others"? All the other Dex Holders, or just the other Kanto Dex Holders? Or maybe… just Red?

Yellow shook her head. Why should she care so much about if Red was going? Sure, he is her best guy friend, and he did help Yellow catch her first Pokémon. But no, the last scenario wouldn't ever happen, since Blue had said, "the others." She took a deep breath… and gathered her things. Whatever the case, she wanted to see her friends today, when it was so lovely. Fortunately, since it was about nine o'clock, she could make into Johto and then to Azalea Town by dusk.

"Well, ChuChu, let's go pack and start our way to the falls."

"Chu, Pika!" She cried happily, hoping that they might run into Pika or Pichu.



"Super Serious Gal, it's rude to point."

"Then don't point at me-!"


"Hey look, Silver is calling." Gold said, looking at his PokéGear while Crystal fought her temper, her arms crossed, and having a strong urge to strangle him.


"Hey Silver, ol' buddy! What's up, man?" Gold completely ignored Crystal while he was talking, turning his back to her, to see if it would bother her. He grinned with satisfaction when she seemed to be boiling. Gee, I need to bother her during work more often. Seeing her spaz out is quite entertaining.

"Go to Azalea Town, and bring a couple days worth of supplies. Tell Crys to do the same."

"I'm right here-"

"Okay, I'll be sure to tell her when I see her. But why are we going there? Did Kurt come out with a new pokéball type, or something?"

"I'm not obliged to tell you that. I was only ordered to tell you to come. Gold, just tell Crystal, and both of you get over here, alright?"

"I'M STILL HERE, AND I HAVE BEEN THE WHOLE CALL!" Crystal exclaimed, calling out to the phone over Gold's shoulder, making his and Silver's ears ring.

"Gotta go, Silver. Super Serious Gal is dealing with her time of the month, and she needs her chocolate." Click. Steam came from Crystal.

"You little turd! Go bother someone else's work! You should be lucky that Professor Oak isn't here right now, or he would probably-" But a chunk of chocolate was shoved in her mouth, causing the rest of her speech to be muffled.

"Yep, certainly explains the attitude, Super Serious Gal." He nodded. She spat the chocolate out on the floor. He clapped his hands to his face, "My chocolate! That cost me 400-!"

"I'm not on my period!" She picked up a nearby empty pokéball, throwing it at his face. He ducked just in time, but could hear it whizzing dangerously through the air. Thank God she didn't kick it, or I'd have been screwed!

"Right, it's next week?" He grinned, "I'll be sure to mark it on my calendar for future reference."

"Stop being a turd, and go away!" She literally kicked him out of Professor Oak's lab, and he landed on his butt.

"Don't damage my handsome a-!" But she slammed the door shut before he could finish. He smiled, considering this a job well done, but then remembered what Silver had said.

Gold whipped out his PokéGear, going to his top contacts, which Crystal was second on the list for. Click. He could hear ringing through his PokéGear for a little bit, before he finally heard a vicious, "What do you want?" through the other side.

"Don't forget what Silver said! And hey, how about we go toge-?"

"I will go, but I'm not going with you! Now go away so I can get my stuff together!" Click.

Gold stared at his PokéGear, and then looked behind him at Oak's Lab. He grinned.

"Damn, whatever's happening, I'm surprised it wasn't my idea!"



Red's mind whirled as he stood at the foot of Mt. Silver. If Pika darted under scizor while using thunderbolt, then the bug type would-

RRRRRIIINNNNGGGG! Red looked across the field to his opponent, where the sound was coming from.

"Er, Green, is that your PokéGear?" Red asked his best friend. The spiky haired teen groaned as he pulled out his PokéGear, and became extremely annoyed when his Gear read, 'CALL FROM: Blue'.

"Pesky girl… what does she want at a time like this?" Green mumbled.

"What was that?" Red yelled from across the grassy battling field.


"Nothing, just let me take this call. We can continue the battle in a second." Click.

"OH GREEEEEN~! How are you?" Blue's voice echoed around Mt. Silver.

"What the hell do you want? I'm battling Red right now, and you're obnoxiously loud-"

"Red is there? HIIII, REDDDD! Listen, you two should come meet us at Azalea Town, and bring a couple days' worth of stuff, okay~?" Red and Pika walked across the battlefield, and coming up to Green and his PokéGear.

"I'm busy. Leave me alone." Click.

"That wasn't very nice." Red pointed out. Green shot him an annoyed glare.

"…But understandable, I guess…" Red said sheepishly.


This time, it was Red's PokéGear that rang. It startled him, and for a few seconds he forgot where he'd put it. Pika sweat-dropped.

"Dammit, if the only reason she got us these bothersome devices was to harass us every single day…" Green narrowed his eyes as Red searched for his PokéGear.

"She never calls me, Green. I don't know what you're talking about." Red blinked with confusion, taking the Gear out from in his pocket.

RRRRRIIIIINNGGG! "Pesky Girl…" Green muttered, "Don't answer it, Re-" Click.

Green face-palmed.

"Hi, Blue." Said Red.

"OHOHOHO! Hey, Red! Make sure you and Green can come to Azalea! If you don't… well, I'll just have to do something about that, won't I?" The two boys stiffened. In Blue language, that was a serious threat. And Blue's threats are not something that should be taken lightly.

"Be sure to come! Oh, and Red- Yellow is coming! You haven't seen her for- what, three months?" Red rubbed his neck. He would like to see Yellow…

"We have no desire to go." Green said, seizing Red's PokéGear.

"Actually, I would like to see Yellow…" Red admitted.

"OHOHO! Then I'll see you two later! Come ASAP~!" Click.

"Really? REALLY?" Green turned on Red. The Champion shifted uncomfortably underneath his friend's gaze, for he was exuding lots of negative vibes.

"What? Wouldn't you like to see Blue and Yellow, too?"

"Never mind, let's just go so that she doesn't come hunt us down, kidnap us in our sleep, and do God knows what else." Green returned his scizor and let out his charizard. Red smiled, knowing that Green probably did want to see them too, and sent out Aero. Pika climbed up onto his head.

As Aero grasped Red's shoulders, getting ready to fly, he wondered what kind of scheme Blue could possibly be plotting. He shrugged, knowing that she couldn't be planning anything that bad.

…Or could she?



BAM! She pinned the feminine boy down to the ground, getting right in his face.


"I told you, Sapphire, he went and peed off the side of the boat, so I had to look away, and that's when I saw this beautiful beautifly. Its wings were so magnificent! I can just see it, dancing in a beauty contest!" His eyes sparkled as he thought of the bug Pokémon.

"JUST COZ' YOU SEE A STINKING BEAUTIFLY, RUBY…!" She violently shook Ruby, and his hat began to slide off. He hastily adjusted it as she kept shaking him, hoping that his black hair and scar hadn't been seen.

"Whatever the case, murdering me is going to find him any faster!" Ruby managed to say. Sapphire froze, and Ruby dizzily fell back to the ground with a thud when she let go.

"You're right; we should go find 'im! Aye'll search da kitchen-"


"OHMAIGOD, WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Sapphire leaped in the air with surprise.

"It's just my PokéNav, Sapph." Ruby said, annoyed at her ignorance, "Wonder why senior Silver is calling, though…"

"Oh." She said, jumping back down onto the deck from the side railings. People looked on, wide-eyed and open mouthed at the strange duo. Neither of them noticed.


"Senior Silver, do you need something?" Ruby asked.

"HEY LOSERS, GUESS WHO?" An annoying little-boy voice answered.

"WHAT THE HELL, IS THAT EMERALD?" Sapphire exclaimed, snatching the PokéNav.

"Emerald, I'm making the call, not you. Blue said you just need to wait over at the Pokémon Center. This is MY job." Silver's voice said in the background. Sapphire and Ruby could just picture their senior staring down menacingly at the short Dex Holder.

"Aww, but I wanna tell them!" He whined.

"Tell us what? Maybe where you went off to…?" Ruby asked.

"No, how I'm in Azalea Town right now." He snickered.

"Wait a second, 'ow did you git in Azalea so fast? We ain't even in Olivine yet!" said Sapphire.

"I thought Silver mentioned that Blue is part of this…?" Emerald asked.

There was a silence.

"…But why are you there?" Ruby continued the conversation.

"Just come meet us here in Azalea, alright?" Silver said, tremendously agitated. Dealing with these brats after already calling Gold? Too much for Silver in one day... Click.

"I guess it explains why Emerald wanted us to go to Johto with him…" Ruby said, scratching his head. Sapphire growled.

Grrr… when aye see that little squirt again, aye'll…!



"Looks like we've made it! Let's get a move on- do you have Pilo with you?" Ruby turned to his companion, but she'd already let the flying grass type out of its pokéball and was on its back, in the air.

"Ya comin'?" Sapphire asked, holding out her hand. As soon as Ruby took it, Pilo took off, and the boy was swung onto the tropius' back, screaming.



"Ohohoho! This was a wonderful idea, Emerald!" said Blue, sitting back in her cushion in the Pokémon Center.

"Well, I wanted to get to know my seniors, plus I wanted an excuse to see Miss Crys again…" He explained, sitting across from her. Silver sat on a cushion near Blue, not wanting to be too close to the demonic child, and looked on quietly.

"Everyone will get here by tonight, so we should go get the tents ready. Did you find a good location for our camp?" Blue turned to Silver.

"Yes, Blue. It's deep in the forest, far away from Goldenrod and Azalea." He replied.

"Goodie~! This'll be so much fun!"

"For us." Emerald smirked.

Silver watched as the two mischievous people laughed evilly, and sweat-dropped.

What have I gotten myself into…? He thought, as the other two high-fived epically across the glass table.

So, how'd I do? Shadow loves her comedy~! If you didn't laugh, I'm sorry. I'll try harder.

But yeah, I'm going to run with this, despite-

Lunar: Shadow, why aren't we going to be in this story?

Solar: Yeah, I wanna go camping!

Uh… well… you guys aren't exactly done in your story, and this camping thing is occurring when you are in Ignatius-

Solar: WHAT? This blows!

Lunar: Yes, this is quite depressing. I want to meet Chrystal and see what it's like to work for Professor Oak.

Solar: And I could totally beat Red or Green in a battle!

You only have a torchic, smart one.


…Thanks for reading! More to come!