Camp PokéSpe, Chapter 4:

The Hoenn Boys Run a Marathon (Involuntarily)

(NOTE TO READERS: Whether or not there will be actual 'romantic' moments or not is to be determined, whatever Blue may or may not say.)

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The night was at its prime. The harsh yet sweet earthy scents of the forest amplified the feeling of suspense. Things had tumbled out of control. But there was something else that was not quite right as our favorite protagonists were currently all lost and separated in the ominous forest situated near the center of Johto. Something funny's going on… and our first victims are Emerald and Ruby.

Somewhere deep in the forbidden depths of Ilex Forest, where the full moon was barely able to filter through the treetops, two figures sat on the roots of trees facing each other. The taller one, which was of course Ruby, gazed anxiously over at his companion. Emerald gave a huge yawn at the other Hoenn Dex Holder. This made the older one twitch and grit his teeth.

"We are lost in a dark and very unpredictable forest without any Pokemon, and you're just sitting there yawning?" Ruby said, unable to believe his eyes. Emerald was a bit surprised that the older boy had gone to sleep in his regular attire AND his weird hat, but brushed the thought away.

"Yup. I know that we can't do much till morning, so I'm gonna see about getting some sleep." Emerald said, starting to pick his ear with his finger. The feminine boy twitched again.

A noctowl hooted in the distance, making Ruby jump. This made Emerald laugh. It had gotten to the point where the roles had switched, and Emerald was now annoying Ruby.

The midget abruptly stopped laughing and stood. He stretched for a moment, and then glanced over at Ruby.

"I'ma go take a wizz." Emerald stated, walking over to a bush with some bright red berries with a wave of his long sleeve.

Don't eat the red ones- that's what Miss Crys always said. He thought as he unzipped.

Ruby stared disbelievingly. The blonde looked back at his horror-struck comrade as yellow liquid began to rain on the death bush.

"Wut? Something wrong?"

The ruby-eyed boy used his hand to block Emerald from his view as he hit his breaking point. "WHY AREN'T YOU TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY?"

"Honestly? Coz I'm just dealing with you. But also becoz I'm waiting for Blue to contact me on the PokéNav." He said, finishing up with a zip of his pants.

He turned promptly back to the prissy boy who at that moment lunged, tackling Emerald to the ground. Rald struggled and fought, but Ruby was sitting on him and pinning his hands down. Emerald met Ruby's angry eyes defiantly, fighting all the while.

"Give me your PokéNav!" Ruby demanded.

"Hell no!" Rald spat, wishing he could roll his sleeve up so that Ruby could see the bird he was giving him. He felt groggy, tired, and weird. But he especially didn't feel like cooperating.

Ruby was frustrated. "Where do you keep your pockets?" he said, searching his struggling victim.

Ruby jabbed Emerald's sides in desperate search, but the younger boy squirmed, laughing. "I don't have any, you child molester! I NEVER KNEW YOU WERE REALLY THIS KIND OF PERSON!" He cried out, shaking with laughter.

"I'M NOT A MOLESTER! Now, where the crap do you keep your crap?" He responded, shaking Emerald by the shoulders, much like Sapphire did to him in chapter 1.

"Bitch, PLZ. It's under my daaaamned clothes." Emerald said with a ghetto accent, doing a head-roll. He snapped his fingers in a Z-formation in a sort of drunken state, and then blew a loud raspberry, showering Ruby with spit.

Ruby let go of Emerald's shoulders, and the boy fell backwards with a thud. (Also similar to what happened to him...) His jaw was hanging open as he stared at Emerald. If Yellow was watching, she would've definitely marked Emerald on her mental 'past average insanity' list, which would be occupied solely by the boy Gold nicknamed 'Unorthodox Kid'.

The younger Dex Holder gave Ruby a look. "Not in that sense! Dang, didn't know it was possible to be perverted and gay… It's in my extend-o arms/stilts suit that Shoemaker made for me, dumbass."

"I'm NOT gay! I'm just misunderstood! Why can't anyone understand that?" Ruby exploded.

"Dude. You sew. You participate in contests. Your fashion sense rivals Blue's. You care too much about appearance. You're a germophobic. And finally, you're ALWAYS wearing that hat thingy. I swear, I thought you had white hair for the longest time…" Emerald said, shaking his head.

Ruby was gritting his teeth, and had his fists clenched. He was still sitting on top of his fellow Dex Holder, not letting him budge. Emerald was starting to really find his weight frustrating, and began to kick Ruby's back. The boy with the white hat flinched for but a few moments before regaining his stature.

But something popped into Ruby's mind, and evil glint appeared in his eyes.

"Oh, my hat, eh? If I take it off, you have to hand over your PokéNav." The Coordinator said, staring down the shrimp.

"Hell yeah! I'ma laugh if you look badass!" Emerald replied, whipping out his PokéNav within seconds. Ruby's eye twitched, but he merely sighed.

'Prissy Boy' grasped the edge of his hat, and slowly revealed his jet black hair and scar dramatically. His expression became serious, and he reminded one strongly of a certain Normal-type Hoenn gym leader.

"Oh…my God…" Emerald's green eyes widened in amazement. Ruby self-consciously tried covering his scar with his hair by smoothing it over. He looked away from Emerald, but held out his hand to him.

"Now, hand it over."

"You DO look badass! I so called it…"

"GIVE." Ruby snatched the device from his friend, standing silently to dust himself off before turning on the PokéNav. Beep.

The emerald-eyed boy laughed manically, and then broke into a huge yawn. He wasn't feeling too good- he felt his eyelids droop, and fought in vain for consciousness as a dark wave of sleep engulfed him mercilessly.



Ruby had lost his cool a long time ago. Not only was he lost in forbidden section of an unfamiliar forest with no help, food, water, or signs of hope, but Emerald had blacked out just when the PokéNav had asked for a 4-letter password. Not to mention the light from the moon illuminated the patch of forest they were in quite poorly.

"Well, if he isn't conscious, then I'll have to just figure it out on my own." He murmured to himself.

Ruby glanced over at Emerald and sweat dropped. The short Dex Holder was on his back, snoring loudly as he lay splayed out on the grassy forest floor. He gave an occasional twitch, but otherwise was out cold. One could easily say that Emerald had just been way too tired, and had acted out weirdly earlier because of that. But, no… Ruby didn't think that was it.

"R-a-l-d…?" ACCESS DENIED. "Dammit!" Ruby kicked hard at the tree root that he'd been sitting on earlier.

It could possibly be that wild Pokémon were giving Emerald odd hallucinations. Ruby remembered that when he lived in Goldenrod he'd heard some stories about stantler herd causing a massive outbreak of hallucination problems for Azalea Town. Afterward, his mother stopped letting him visit Ilex Forest. But that was two months before he'd moved to Hoenn, so he didn't mind avoiding the forest at that point since he'd been so focused on his contests. Except for that one day, right before leaving, when he'd caught Celebi…

"s-o-i-l…?" ACCESS DENIED. "WHAT THE HELL?" He shook the Devon CO. gadget violently, but the screen just stared back indifferently at him.

It could be ghost Pokémon. After all, aren't they known for causing trouble at night? Ruby remembered once again back when he lived here, and how he'd gotten spooked one night when sneaking off there to play with his Pokémon.
He froze. Three major thoughts came to his head at once. One- Although never coming this deep, he's been in this forest many of times, and might be able to recognize its twisted flow once again if they went exploring. Two- Sapphire is missing out there, and although she's strong, she probably doesn't any Pokémon with her. And three- "C-r-y-s." WELCOME BACK, RALD.

"Rald, you are really obsessed with her, aren't you?" He sighed, accessing the Mach Call function. "Guess I can't say anything, though, can I?" He smiled, but it quickly changed to a frown as he worried about Sapphire's safety. That insane girl…who knows what could've happened to her? Scrolling down the list of names, he was about to click on Blue as he spotted Gold's contact information right below hers.

Isn't he actually from Johto? Maybe senior Gold might be able to help us. Besides, he knew the Johto boy better than the Kanto girl. It made more sense, in a way. Much more sense than Emerald had earlier…

He listened to the connection rings of the device as he plopped down onto the tree root once again. Ruby hoped that Gold would pick up soon, because the sinister atmosphere was starting to send chills down his spine. He shivered, and pulled his hat over his head once again. It almost felt like something was watching them…


"Sup, Unorthodox kid?" A very care-free voice came from the PokéNav. Ruby recognized Gold's voice immediately.

"Senior Gold! Where are you? Is anybody else there?" Ruby asked, hoping desperately that Sapphire might be there. Seeing as he didn't have his PokéNav, he guessed that the Hoenn girl didn't have hers, either.

He heard his senior chuckle. "Oh, so it's prissy boy. Worried about wild girl, I bet? Nope, she's not here. But senior Red is." He answered. Ruby could hear the lack of concern in Gold's voice, and it made him a bit annoyed.

"Hi there, Ruby. Is Emerald with you? Are you both okay?" Another voice said with an easy-going tone. Ruby couldn't believe that Red didn't sound very worried, either. Didn't they know how dangerous it is this far into Ilex?

"Er, yes, he's with me- unconscious, but here." Ruby shuddered as he got another chill. The atmosphere's pressure seemed to be strengthening as the seconds flew by. Suddenly-

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ruby's head whipped around as he heard a blood-curdling scream in the distance. Was that Sapphire?

"Whoa, what was that? It sounds like that time Silver and I scared the crap outta Super Serious Gal on Halloween!" Gold exclaimed. (Ruby saw Emerald stir a little at Crystal's nickname, but he ignored him.) Ruby jolted as he heard the billiard player admit to hearing the cry as well. Somehow, it made it worse- he'd wished that he was merely hearing things, but his senior had confirmed the existence of the trouble. Ruby's mind was whirling with worries, ideas, and inferences.

"D'you think it was Yellow, Blue, or one of the other girls? Because it definitely sounds like a girl." Red said, finally sounding as concerned as Ruby.

Gold snickered. "Could've been Green or Silver, too- bet they sound hella like little girls when something makes them squeal." Ruby sweat-dropped, and he guessed that the Fighter had done the same.

Red took charge, "Either way, we need to go help whoever's in trouble. Sounds like it came from the Northeast- let's head out, Gold. We'll call you juniors back when we find out what's going on. Bring Emerald to somewhere safe until he's conscious again." The red-eyed teen ordered. Ruby wanted to protest, but he knew that it was the smartest move while Emerald was out cold. Besides, Gold and Red were very capable of taking on whatever was causing havoc.

"Okay- I'll try finding some sort of shelter, I guess. We'll join you when Rald comes to his senses." He replied, gazing down at his sleeping companion. The blonde gave a little twitch.

"Happy hauling, prissy boy!" Click.

Ruby, frozen, stared silently at the little device. But it wasn't because he was frustrated with his situation, nor was it because he was bothered by the thick film of dirt covering the screen of Emerald's PokéNav.

He was trying to pinpoint whatever was watching them.
Woosh. The bushes to his left rustled loudly.

His eyes darted to the side, but he didn't dare to move. He was thankful that he was between the unseen predator and Emerald, for the boy was still laying inconveniently asleep over to his right. Ruby watched wordlessly from where he sat on the tree root as two large, red eyes flashed open from the bushes. They gleamed evilly in the darkness, and Ruby felt his heart quicken in pace. He watched in horror as the leaves rustled once more, and the red-eyed beast revealed itself into the reflected light of the sun from the moon.


A little brown hoothoot stood stupidly on one leg in front of Ruby.

He face-palmed, slowly dragging his hand down his face in annoyance.

"I nearly had a heart-attack from this? It lacks tremendously in an evil appearance, let alone in a beautiful one!" He stood up from his spot on the tree root and walked over to Emerald, completely ignoring the hoothoot. Ruby nudged him with his shoe. "Wake up, Rald- I don't want to have to drag you as we run away from a pathetic hoothoot." Emerald moaned as he slowly began to regain consciousness, and lifted himself up to a sitting position as he held his head to steady his dizziness.

"What the hell… I feel like a spinda…" He groaned, spotting his PokéNav and snatching it from his friend. Emerald stashed it, looking up at Ruby, and then behind him. He stiffened, and his eyes were fixated on a specific point behind the Coordinator.

"Good, you seem partially sane. Now, we've gotta head out- there was a scream earlier, and-"


"-we need to meet up with Gold and Red. I called them while you were sleeping. They're on their way toward whatever screamed, and now we need to catch up with them-"

"Hey, Ruby…"

"-so that we can help however possible. After all, it might be Sapphire or one of the others in trou-"

"RUBY- FOR GOD'S SAKE, LOOK BEHIND YOU!" Emerald cried, pointing at what he was staring at. Ruby slowly turned around, his eyes widening as he caught sight of what Rald was pointing at.

He immediately regretted turning his back on the hoothoot.

The tiny little owl Pokémon had very dark vibes emanating from it as it glared at Ruby and Emerald, with its feathers puffed up and the space around it seeming to shimmer.

"HOO-HOO! HOO!" The hoothoot threatened, looking ready to tear their throats out. The two boys stared for a few seconds… before bursting into fits of laughter.

"BWAHAHA, that thing is hilarious! It thinks it's scary! But in reality, it's just a pathetic little owl!" Emerald laughed, rolling on his back and kicking the air.

Ruby snorted, laughing as he clutched his stomach. "Yeah, I wish we could understand it like Yellow could, coz I bet it's saying some pretty nasty stuff right now! What hollow threats! AHAHA!"

And as the two Hoenn Dex Holders heartily laughed, the little hoothoot smirked. It gave a short, high-pitched whistle as it continued to glare at the two idiots in front of it. A faint rumbling noise sounded in the distance, and steadily became louder as Ruby and Emerald, oblivious to the rest of the world, laughed to their hearts' content.

The rumbling stopped. Hoothoot hopped into the air and fluttered over to a new perch.

"HOO." The hoothoot blared like a quick but effective siren.

Wiping the tears from their eyes, Ruby and Emerald turned to see what their little 'predator' was doing only to drop their jaws in shock and dismay. The hoothoot was perched smugly on top of the antlers of a rather large stantler, with at least 50 other stantler standing behind them, all glaring menacingly at the two teens. Their antlers glowed different purples, and the air around them swirled and morphed as they pawed at the ground with hungry looks in their eyes.

"Ruby…" Emerald whispered, slowly backing up as he stood.

Ruby was backing up as well. "Yes, Emerald?"

They both backed up against a tree, staring fearfully at the herd of vicious stantler. The blonde turned to his taller friend. "We're screwed, aren't we?"

"Big time." Ruby agreed.

The hoothoot pointed at them with its stubby little wing, and let out a loud cry. "HOOOOOOO!" The herd of moose/deer Pokémon snorted and grunted ferociously, bucking their front legs up into the air.

"RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AND SANITY!" Ruby screamed, grabbing Emerald's sleeve and pulling him around the tree to start their escape. The thunder of hoofs behind them and the laughter of a certain hoothoot inspired them to go at a pretty fast pace.

Emerald stumbled for a bit before tearing his sleeve away from Ruby and running alongside him independently. "I THINK WE'VE ALREADY LOST OUR SANITY!" He shouted at him as they weaved through the trees, going as fast as they possibly could.

"THEN JUST RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" Ruby yelled, giving a burst of speed as some kind of star-like object hurled past them and pierced into a tree. Emerald squeaked as he was getting left behind, and picked up speed as well, just as he was about to get nipped by the lead stantler. The hoothoot, which was on that particular stantler, cackled.

Ruby's insides burned as he and Emerald sprinted, dodging dozens of swift attacks and trees, not to mention the pissed off hoothoot and stantlers chasing them. He was thoroughly glad that the forest wasn't terribly dense in this particular section, because dodging all of the trees at this speed would've been impossible. He glanced every so often at Emerald to make sure that the shortie was keeping up, being on stilts and all. But Emerald was used to his stilts, and matched Ruby's pace with full determination.

The taller Hoenn Dex Holder breathed heavily as he dodged tree after tree, star object after star object. He didn't know what exactly the swift stars were or what they were made of, but didn't really care at this point in time. All that mattered was that they found some way to get away from the stantlers.


As they cleared a fallen tree, Ruby noticed that they hadn't really seen that many bugs around- isn't this place better known for the bugs...? But when he began to worry about it, a thin end of a long tree branch scraped past his face. It stung his cheek, but he held in his pain as several more swift stars hurled into another tree that just ran past.

"Oi, I think we're distancing ourselves from them!" Emerald gasped, chancing a glance behind as they passed through a small clearing.

Ruby winced as a thorny bush he passed through tore through his pants, and giving him sharp pains in his legs. He felt his pulse through the fresh wounds and the one on his face and his blood begin to trickle down from his shin and thigh. Ruby squinted. He almost thought he could see something glowing up ahead.

"D'you see that light up ahead…?" Ruby said, coughing.

"Don't die on me now, man! Who will I use as a human shield if they ever catch up?" Emerald managed to say as he fought for breath.

Ruby gave a small chuckle, which turned into a cough. "No- I think there's a campfire up ahead."

Whizz, whizz! Another persistent round of stars was hurled, and Ruby heard the dreadful sound of ripping clothing. With a quick glance at Emerald, he saw that the other teen was slowing a bit. One of his sleeves had been cut at the elbow, making it a regular length sleeve for the midget. He gasped, and stumbled for a few precious seconds before finding his footing once more. Ruby heard the blonde panting, clearing hurting from all of the running.

"Wait, I think I see it, too!" Emerald exclaimed. Indeed, the glowing that Ruby saw earlier was getting closer, and before they knew it Ruby and Emerald burst into the clearing of the 'Camp PokéSpe' campsite. Unfortunately Emerald tripped and bumped into Ruby, which made them both tumble across the grass and dirt until they came to a stop right before reaching the fire.

By now they were panting heavily, sweating, and bleeding. But they still wearily looked up to see Yellow and Crystal sitting on logs in front of them by the fire, blinking in shock and curiosity at their entrance.

"Miss Crys! And senior Yellow, too!" Emerald cried, eyes welling up with tears. He somehow managed to stand up to only collapse onto Crystal. He hugged her with his sleeve and a half, but she gently lifted him off, examining him from head to toe. Ruby didn't see Sapphire with them, so he decided to go to the guys' tent and retrieve his PokéNav and his Pokémon.

"What happened to you?" Ruby heard Crystal exclaim as he entered the yellow tent were the guys were supposed to sleep. He quickly found his sleeping bag and collected his bag and PokéNav, sides heaving from the effort.

"Hoothoot from hell… psychopath sent a herd of stantler on us!" Emerald wheezed. Ruby hurried over to where the pokéballs containing all of the guys' Pokémon lay, but before he could pick them up to see which ones were which, he heard Emerald gasp.

"Shit! They're probably still coming! Ruby, hurry- we have to lead them away from the camp!" The ground began to shake, and the thundering of at least 50 sets of stantler hoofs sounded from the distance. "Speak of the devil…!"

Ruby panicked, but knew that Emerald was right. Hoping he would be lucky, he snatched four pokéballs from the pile, and darted out of the tent to meet up with his battered and bruised friend. At that moment, Yellow also exited from the red tent, holding a satchel of food.

"You two stay and eat this- Crys and I will go take care of it. You're hurt!" Yellow said as Emerald took the bag of food. She adjusted her straw hat and Crystal pat Emerald's head before tightening the laces to her shoes. But Ruby shook his head, still breathing hard.

"No, we started this- and we won't bring you into it. Besides, that hoothoot is after us, not you." He explained, pulling his bag over his head and charging into the woods toward the sound of the hoofs as they were closing in on the camp. "C'mon, Rald! We've got a show to perform! Let's dazzle our audience with something beautiful~!"

Rald smirked. "Don't cry when I outdo ya!" He dashed after the ruby-eyed boy, shouting "We'll be back, Miss Crys!" over his shoulder before disappearing from their sight.


Although still in pain from the scrapes and star-thingies earlier, Emerald was more determined than ever now. He had to lead the herd of angry stantler away from the camp and away from Crystal and Yellow. He exchanged a glance with Ruby as they once again had the pissed off hoothoot chasing them with the stantlers.

"So, we need a plan."Emerald said, longing to stop and eat the food that was in Yellow's satchel that he was carrying. They had been running for about five minutes now since they'd gotten the hoothoot's attention again. His stomach growled, fond of the idea as well.

"Don't worry, I've got one. We're going to split up, you see- and battle the stantler. Whoever ends up getting hoothoot has to capture him. When it's captured, we'll call each other." Ruby grinned, tossing two of the pokéballs with the unknown Pokémon to Emerald as they passed through another short clearing. The blonde wanted to check and see what he'd gotten, but he knew that checking would mean running into a tree- besides, it was too dark to see very clearly.

The eerie forest whirled by as all of a sudden the two boys separated, confusing the stantler. But hoothoot took command anyway, sending half of the stantler after the annoying green boy and taking half with it after the desired red one, the one who'd insulted hoothoot the most. Hoothoot seeked his blood… Well, the boy was already bleeding, but it still wanted to hurt him more. So it took off after Ruby, leaving the leaderless half of the stantler to chase after Emerald.

Emerald kept running. He wasn't sure who the hoothoot had decided to go after, but as long as he heard stantler hoofs and had to dodge swift attacks, he wasn't going to stop.

But he had Pokémon with him now.

Unexpectedly for the stantler, Emerald stopped, whipping around to face his many pursuers. The herd of stantlers skidded into a stop, just before hitting the smirking midget. They'd thought this whole time that this little shrimp was scared of them, so they hadn't come up with the possiblity of what might happen if he decided to fight.

Emerald laughed, and the stantlers could only watch in amazement as a gigantic charizard and a delcatty appeared before them. He had his Dex out, with information on their attacks already.

"Aw heeeell yeah, I freaking got Green's charizard! And I can use Ruby's delcatty to use attract so that they won't all be attacking at once. This actually works nicely." He said to himself as the stantler regrouped. Finally, one of the larger stantler that had a nick in its ear stepped forward, snorting and pawing at the ground. It threw its head back and let out a battle cry, at which the other stantler charged at Emerald and the two Pokémon.

"Charizard, flamethrower! Coco, attract!" Emerald cried, pointing at the charging stantlers.

Coco responded immediately, prancing around and winking at the stantlers. But out of 25, only seven were males, not including the newly appointing leader stantler with a nick in her ear. She grunted, glaring angrily at Emerald.

"Damn it, seriously? Okay, Charizard! Blast burn them all to hell!"

Charizard looked indifferently over at Emerald and snorted, sitting down on the sidelines to watch them fail without him. That little brat isn't Green- not worth my time. The female stantlers cried victoriously as they surrounded Emerald and Coco, their antlers beginning to glow with a purple aura. Rald watched the purple orbs of the leader's antlers with awe. Swirls… funny vortex… purpleness galore… was there always a talking toaster there?

Just as Emerald was slipping away into his trance, and before he completely lost contact with his consciousness, he could hear a familiar voice in a commanding tone saying:

"Charizard, blast burn."

Emerald felt oddly warm in his funny illusion-vortex world…


Just when they thought things weren't bad, Gold got a call from Crystal

"Hey there, Super Serious Gal! We're a bit busy fighting noctowls without any Pokémon, but it's cool. What's up?" Gold said as he chucked a couple more rocks the size of baseballs at two angry noctowls. One rock hit a noctowl in a weak point on its wing, and it let out a cry of pain. "Bull's eye!"

"Bull crap! Emerald and Ruby have a herd of stantlers and apparently a demon hoothoot after them right now! Keep an eye out for them- they managed to stop by and grab some Pokémon before hurrying off." Crystal said, thoroughly annoyed with his attitude, as always.

Gold smirked. "Sounds like you made it, then." He commented, chucking another rock. The noctowls screeched.

"Oh? They made it to the camp? That's good news! Tell them to stay there and keep wild Pokémon away- they might try and steal the food. I've heard the ursaring tribes pass through here sometimes." Red shouted over his shoulder. As he turned back, a noctowl swooped down to peck at him. But Red dodged, and tackled the large bird.

"Seriously? Damn it, you just had to say it!" Crystal cursed, with Yellow muttering "Oh, great…" in the background.

Gold paused to look down at his PokéGear. "Why? What's wrong?"

"Every time we hear a possible bad scenario, we've had to deal with it. It's been happening all night!" Yellow explained through the Gear.

"Oooh, so maybe at one point Blue'll force you into a cute maid costume, Super Serious Gal? But wait- that's only a bad scenario for you-"

"Gold, shut the hell up before I come over there and kick the living shit out of you." Crystal threatened with a slight growl in her voice.

"Someone's being touchy today~. You sure you're not on your per-?"


"-iod?" Gold blinked at his Gear. "Hm. That was odd. Hey, Red!" Gold shouted at his senior, whacking a pissed off noctowl on the head with his cue. It was trying to avenge his brother, whom Gold had ruthlessly destroyed the dignity of. WHAM! His thirst for vengeance vanished as he began to see torchics circling his head.

"…2…3! You're dooowwwn!" Red roared. The noctowl he was wrestling was pinned to the ground from his strength. He released it and it flew away, never to come back in this story. He turned to his junior. "Yeah, Gold?"

"Go put your jacket on while I finish this- we've got a double date with Prissy Boy and Unorthodox Kid." Gold said, twirling his billiard cue. WHAM! He hit the other noctowl hard in the head. Now both were seeing torchics, and dizzily retreated to wherever their friends had gone, flying off into the distance.

"Wait, what?" Red looked over at Gold, horribly confused and disturbed.

"Ruby and Emerald are in trouble, and we need to help 'em." Gold translated, seizing his own jacket from a rock he'd placed it on nearby.

"OH… right… sorry, sometimes you speak too figuratively."

Millions of comments swarmed to Gold's mind, but he was too tired. "Nah, not gonna bother." He walked to the edge of the rocky terrain, and squatted down on the ledge to look out at the forest. He could see Azalea far over to the left, past all the trees, and huge patch of treelessness near the center of the forest in front of him. There's the camp. He kept observing, looking north of it to see a huge mass of trees that glowed purple.

"What the…?" But there was a streak of shining red that popped out of the southern forest and soared over the trees to the north, toward the weird purple area. Gold fell backwards in shock. He'd seen that Pokémon before, but it was not quite the same as before. There was something majorly different… He gasped.

"Holy shit, it's a shiny Entei!"

Heya, readers! Shadow here, and just to make sure that you all understand- the "depths of Ilex" is that whole middle section above Azalea, in that rectangle area. Make sense? Probably not. Oh well.

"Hoothoot seeked his blood... Well, the boy was already bleeding, but it still wanted to hurt him more."

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Blue: *Bursts through the door* WHERE WAS I THE WHOLE FREAKING TIME? I've played a huge part in every chapter until now!

…Until next time!

Blue: Answer me, woman! *Tackles Shadow* Give me lines! I practically own this story! *jabs Shadow's rib cage*

Oh, no you don't! GET OFF, I FEEL VIOLATED!

Blue: I will win! OHOHO~!

Gold: YES! IT'S A SEQUEL! *Victorious air punch*

GAAAH! Thanks for reading! T~T