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Susannah's POV

Oh dear god… Where is my… oh thank god! Here it is. I pulled on my "little cut flight attendant hat" as my mom calls it. Bleh. White, white, and…more white. The only good thing is that I get to wear my knock-out Gucci heels. Total win. Well...not that much. Trying to yank down the incredibly short white flight attendant dress with no such luck, while slipping on my favorite work heels was no walk in a meadow.

"Suze! C'mon! He's coming!" CeeCee poked her head in the bathroom. At very small bathroom.

"Gosh, Ok, I'm coming. Jeez." Don't get me wrong, I loved CeeCee, we went to school together, for like two years. But I feel like I've known her for all the twenty years I've lived on earth. Ha. Whatever.

"Hurryyyyyy!" She whined. I mean, c'mon, so what? He was a star. That's it.

"I'm coming." I told her. Then I stepped out of the bathroom, preparing myself for the stupid routine we went through everyday.

Jesse's POV

"I heard that this plane's flight attendants are super hot. All of them, like you know, big tits, long legs, soft, long, flowing hair. Damn, I like me some of them. Scott told me he'd been on it before, and this brunette attendant smiled at him. He said she was so beautiful that he nearly fell out of his chair when she offered him some beer. I'd like to see that one…" Adam went on and on about it. We were on our way to the airport, ready to get back to Los Angeles.

"Adam, cool it, we'll get there when we get there." I sighed.

"But dude! Don't you wanna see them? When was the last time you got laid?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Dude, that's personal, jerk off." Rolled my eyes, I opened the mini-fridge for some water.

"Oh, I'd love to when I see that brunette." He muttered with a sly grin on his face.

We spent the rest of the trip in silence, though Adam tried to keep talking about the "hot flight attendants".

"Mr. de Silva, we're here." The driver said politely. Here goes… Flight 214, best known for the hottest flight attendants in the company. Plus the fact that the flight was for stars like Adam.

And me.

Suze's POV

"Oh, my god, I see the limo! Suze, I'm nervous!" CeeCee started breathing weirdly. I slapped her arm. "Thanks." She mumbled shakily. "Oh god, ADAM MCTRAVISH! I love him!"

"CeeCee, don't lose it, he's not even out of the car." I rolled my eyes. She was such a fangirl.

"You're right; you are so right, he- HE'S OUT, OH MY GOD! HE'S SO HOT!"

"Cee! Calm down! You'll scare them." Kristen, the "queen" of attendants warned her.

"I know, I know, but this is different! I love him!" CeeCee was on the edge of breaking down.

"Girls, get ready!" Kristen warned all the attendants. We got into our places in line, me in the very middle, because, according the critics, I was like "Face of Flight 214, the most beautiful flight attendant the company has ever seen. Not to mention the calmest and most professional yet. She stand above all, the star of the flight."

Yeah, right. Thank my mom and dad; it was their egg and sperm.

Then the footsteps came, I looked over to my right, surprised that CeeCee's face was as calm as could be, a soft smile on her pretty lips. Wow, she should totally become an actress.

Jesse de Silva's ten billion dollar feet stepped onto the plane and we said our usual: "Welcome to Flight 214, we shall be of your service today, it is a great honor to have you here."

Then Adam McTravish came on too. Cee let out a soft squeal; I nudged her with my heel. We bowed forward a little, all of us smiling softly. Total fake I tell you.

"It's her! That's the brunette, damn she's hot." Adam whispered to Jesse.

"Shut up, man." Jesse hit the back of his head before- oh, my god. He lifted my chin with his index and middle fingers, looking into my eyes so deeply I felt that he'd seen into my soul. "My deepest apologizes, miss, he can't really control himself at times." He smiled at me and winked. I stared at him stupidly, stunned.

"It's, uh, um, it's fine." I stuttered. CeeCee let out a small giggle, causing Adam to turn around and look at her. She blushed deeply and looked down.

"S'go Jess, she's gotta do her job." Adam chuckled, and then muttered under his breath, "Or I can give one to do for me."

Jesse dropped his hand, smile and went to his seat.

I blinked, still stunned. Wow, he was so…handsome. I shook my head; I had a job to do! I guess this means…

Game on.