Author's note: Why hello there. ;) Anyway… actually, I don't have much to say. Now read.

Susannah's POV

I stretched and yawned in my small bed and then sighed.

"Cee?" When I got no answer, I threw the covers off my head and looked around. She was usually one of the earliest to- she wasn't here. Oh, my gosh. Where isshe?

I threw on my bunnies slippers and ran my hand through my hair. For some reason I never got horrible bed heads; I just woke up and it'd be exactly like the way I looked like when I got into bed.

The other girls were still asleep when I crept out.

"Cee?" I stuck my head into a room, hoping she was there. Only to be met by the sight of Jesse de Silva shirtless, sleeping on the bed. Oh, my gosh, he's so hot…

I stared at him for a little more, trying to memorize his face…like I said, he was a sight to be seen…

My eyes trailed down to where the covers hung low on his waist, a trail of dark hair disappearing down to there.

Suddenly he flexed his stomach and shifted to the side. Oh, thank god, he didn't wake up. I sighed loudly. His eyes snapped open. I let out a high squeal and my cheeks burned. I never blushed. Ever.

"Were you enjoy the view?" He chuckled softly, his eyes filled with amusement…and something else.

I blushed harder, "Shut up." I murmured.

"So, why aren't you in your uniform?" He smirked at him.

"Jesse, that's sexist. Really, it is. It's just the same as saying to your wife, 'why aren't you in the kitchen?' It pisses girls off, dude." I walked to the huge cream sofa at the side of him and then swung my legs up onto the head of it. My head swung around the side and dangled over.

"Fine then, aren't you supposed to get dressed for work or something?" Jesse sat up, putting his hands behind his head.

"I don't start until nine or something." I sighed, closing my eyes. What was I supposed to be doing again?

"Is there a reason you're here?"

"Fine then, bye." I swung myself around and proceeded to stroll out, but Jesse reached out and grabbed my waist, dragging me under the covers with him.

"That's better." He murmured.

"What are you doing?" I demanded. What did he think he was doing? We just met YESTERDAY.

"Enjoying your company." He wrapped his arm around my waist, going all the way.

"Jesse, we just met yesterday." I tugged against his iron grip. With no luck.

"Your point?" He breathed against my hair. I shivered.

"You can't do this. We can't do this. Seriously, I'm supposed to be working."

"You start working at nine." He reminded me. Dang it.

I suddenly remembered that I was looking for CeeCee. "I gotta go."

"No." He whined, pulling me tight against his chest. Gosh, that felt good…

"No, really, I gotta find CeeCee."

"Oh." Was all he whispered.

"Really. I gotta go."

"One more second…" He held me even tighter for a second, as he'd promised, breathing the scent of my hair, before releasing me with a heavy sigh.

"Bye." I threw the covers back and practically ran out of the room.

I passed threw the hallway, peeking into the empty bedrooms until I got to the last room. The door was closed but not locked. I opened a crack and-

Oh my god.

CeeCee laid on a huge bed with- ADAM MCTRAVISH?

Oh yeah, Suze, who else would she be with? The pilot? Yeah, right.

Worst of all was the fact that they were naked. In bed. Together.

Yeah, Suze, what else would they have been doing? Playing poker while wearing a huge fluffy parka each? Yeah… didn't think so.

Yeah, Suze, what else would they have been doing? Playing poker while wearing a huge fluffy parka each? Yeah… didn't think so.

I closed the door once again, leaving them the way they were.

CeeCee sure had some explaining to do…