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"Lils. She's perfect, she looks just like you." James said quietly, not wanting to wake up the small (very small) sleeping baby.

"Her name's Drusilla, James. Not...whatever you had in mind..." Lily said sternly, giving him 'The Look'.

"Hey! I like Harriet, you know," He faked a hurt look, but a thought suddenly a thought hit him, and he instantly brightened. "I appointed Padfoot as godfather."

"James Salem Potter," James cringed at her tone "have you lost your bloody mind?"

James smiled fondly, "You told me on our first date, remember? After I did a couple tricks to impress you?"

"Yeah, really helped improve our relationship." Lily said sarcastically, remembering that the first thing she did was punch him in the nose for being a stupid git.

James must have been thinking of the same thing, for his hand unconsciously brushed against his nose. He shuddered.

"Hey! Are you guys done? I wanna meet my goddaughter-god son!" Sirius Black bounced through the curtains, the wide smile faltering at Lily's hard glare.

"Hey Paddy, it's a girl." James announced with a flourish of his hand.

Looking over James' shoulder, his eyes wide, he asked quietly, "What's her name?"

"Drusilla," Lily said shortly, "Put her on a broom before she's even ten, Sirius Orion Black, I'll turn you into a rug and make sure Fang drools all over it."

Sirius grimaced at Lily's threat. He was stepping on thin ice here, as Lily never lied.

"Aww, Lil. C'mon. Padfoot's gonna be a great goddaddy!" James slapped his best friend's back, "I asked Moony, but he refused since he's got his furry little problem," He ignored Sirius' snort, "Wormtail and kids? I wouldn't want to even try and imagine, which left Padfoot. And I daresay he'll be the best godfather in the whole world."

Sirius smiled weakly, "Thanks for your confidence, Prongs. Makes me feel loads better."

"What about Minerva? Or Kris? Or even Dumbledore!" She hissed.


A quiet knock on the door made everyone's attention divert to a bearded professor.

"Dumbledore! Just on time. Meet," James announced proudly, "my daughter, Drusilla Katlynia Potter."

The grim expression on Dumbledore's face did not break as he nodded to James.

The smiles on everyone's faces, with the exception of Lily (she was already annoyed with her husband), disappeared. "Albus, what's wrong?"

He approached Lily, "I am so very sorry, Lily. Little Drusilla is the child of the prophecy."

The mood in the infirmary was like temperature, it dropped several degrees. Sirius, for once, hadn't a smile on his face, but a frown.

"No! You said...you said...Frank and Alice..."

Dumbledore shook his head, "Neville Longbottom was born yesterday, my dear. The prophecy clearly states, 'born as the seventh month dies'. Drusilla was born precisely at 11:59 on July 31st."

Clearly shaken by the Headmaster's words, James fell by Lily's feet on the bed. "But…she's…she'sso small... barely even a baby…" He murmured, his eyes looking over the pale baby in his wife's arms.

Dumbledore sighed, "Fate has chosen."

Lily ran her fingers over her baby's head, the soft fuzzy red hair tickling her fingers. "She doesn't deserve this. No child does," Lily looked at the headmaster, her eyes shining, "We'll do anything to protect her."

The headmaster smiled sadly at the small family, "As will I, my dear. As will I."

One year and ½ later.

Lily Potter was playing with her child, Drusilla; She tickled her daughter and marveled at how fast the year had gone. Her daughter was now a year and a half old and was already gorgeous. Juniper had dark red hair, fair skin, and big chocolate brown eyes that would make James say 'Anything for my beautiful little angel.'

Soon after they began playing was when James burst through "Take Drew upstairs Lily! He's here!" Lily scooped up her small, crying baby as bangs sounded and ran upstairs, placing the small child in a crib. "Oh theirs so much you don't know, about your Katashin Heritage, and how much I love you. No matter what happens I will always love you Drew baby.-" "Oh! How precious, a last goodbye!" A slithery voice sounded causing Lily to throw her hands in front of the crib.

"No! Don't harm Drusilla! Kill me instead!" Voldemort flicked a wand at her and she started writhing on the floor. "I will kill your child after I deal with you. Avada Kedava!"

The Dark Lord then moved in on the smallest Potter, but when he tried to kill her, the spell rebounded and hit him, and to this day all across the wizard world Wizards are buying dolls, toys trinkets. Writing fan storys (A.N much like this one) Buying movies, and raising their glasses, all for the Girl-who-lived.

Sorry i re-did my story, i didn't like the name Juniper.