Hey, hey hey! 'Sup? Here it is!

Severus snape looked around nervously, blinking back tears as he looked at his daughter. "Will you be ok? You've packed everything?"

"Yes Dad." Came his response as his daughter desperately tried to hide her blush, oh she wants to be embarrassed eh?

"Did you pack Fluffy?" He smirked as her face lit up at the mention of her stuffed black cat, which she hadn't parted with since the day he rescued her, and wouldn't since he knew what she had been through.

"Yes!" Drew hissed looking around thanking merlin that Draco wasn't here, he knew, of course, all about Fluffy.

"Well, Goodbye then Drew, see you in a few hours Drew-bear!" Severus hugged his daughter and briskly walked away, robes billowing from behind.

Drew found a compartment for her and Draco, but was having a hard time getting her trunk up their! "Ugh! Stu-pid trunk!" She groaned.

"You really shouldn't be lifting that. You want a hand?" Drew turned around and smiled when she saw one of her only close childhood friends besides Draco and Blaise.

"GEORGE!" She screamed hugging the tall red haired-freckled boy, not noticing when her trunk fell and her Mini-Pegasus made a whine of protest. "Oh! You've gotten quite tall, you and Fred will be the tallest first years! So stop growing or I'll look like a lepricon! Oh never mind! Could you help me with this or are you gonna stand their and smirk?"

Oy, Fred! C'mere and help!" George said, knowing not to anger the short girl.

With the twins help, they finally managed to hook her trunk up. She smiled at them warmth and happiness flooding over her as she tackled Fred into a hug.
"I missed you, you tall freaks!" She exclaimed gesturing for them to sit down. "How was your summer? Was your older brother (Ron) being a snob? Oh, I guess you have to tell your mum bye. Well come back after alright?" She practically shoved them out so she could spy on them. A plump, warm, motherly woman with red hair was calling names.


"Here!" Came the sound of the twin's elder sister, Perci, as she polished her Prefect badge.


"I'm Bloody here mum! You should be worried about Ickle Freddie and Ickle Georgie!" Came the haughty reply from the twin's (And drew's) Least favorite weasly. The only Gryffindor Weasly, Ron weasly.

"Fredward, George."

"Here!" Came the out of breath twin's reply as they ran up behind their mum.

"Ginny? Oh right, she's with Arthur."

"Fred! George! You've got Something on your noses!" They tried to jerk out of the way of Molly's wrath, but she nodded to Perci, Perci grabbed George while Molly grabbed Fred. They scrubbed at the twin's noses.

"Geroff!" The twins said in unison (Drew frowned, she had been trying to break them of that habbit) and wiggled free.

"Aah.. Has the Ickle Twinies got Somefink on their nose?"

"Shut-" Fred started

"-Up." George finished, both of them glaring at Ron.

"Can't stay long Mother," Perci began. "I'm up front, the Prefects have got two compartments to ourselves-"

"Oh! Are you a Prefect Perci?" George said with a air of great surprise. "You should have said something, we had no idea!"

"Hang on one minuet Brother, I think I remember her saying something about it." Fred said smirking standing next to George, Drew then knew they were going to do the 2 things Perci hates most. 1.) Making fun of Perci's success and 2.) Talk back and forth. "Once-"

"Or twice-"

"A minuet-" Fred said thoughtfully.

"All summer-"

"Oh Shut it will you!" Said Perci the Prefect.

Drew wrinkled her nose in dislike when she heard Ron whining "Why does Perci get new robes anyway!"

"Because she's a prefect!" Molly said fondly, she then turned to Ron as Perci left. "Watch out for your brothers Ronald!" She said sternly.

"Don't worry Mum, The Ickle firsties are safe with me!" The twins glared at him and her nervously laughed.

"Mum, can we leave we promised Drew we'd be back soon, neither Draco nor Blaise is here yet!" Molly quickly kissed them on the head and said "Off you go then, tell Drew I send love."

Drew ducked her hand down and immediately got out a book and pretended to be reading. The compartment door opened, but not to the twins it was…

"Em!" Drew ran forward and hugged her friend hard. "Ohmigod! How are you! I didn't see you all summer! I thought you'd died!" He just laughed at her and sat across from her, by the window.

"Good to see you to Elf! Have you seen Ice prince, or the Gred and Forge?" Blaise used the nicknames they'd made for each other when they were kids, Drew was mad at first when they started calling her Elf, or sometimes Lady Elf. (Draco was Ice Prince, Drake(Only Drew called him Drake), or just Prince, and the Twins were either Fred, George, Gred, Forge, Thing 1(Fred) or Thing 2(George) got it?) (Oh and Blaise is just Ember)

Drew giggled and said "No and yes. No for Draco and yes for the twins, they should be here in a minuet matter o'fact." Blaise laughed and sure enough, in a minuet the compartment door slid open again with the Weasly twins in it.

"'Ello Ember!" They chimed sitting down comfortably. By him, leaving Drew with a whole side to herself.

"Hey Thing one, Thing two. What's up?" The twins smirked and began telling them every detail about their summer, halfway through describing their first prank the compartment opened(AGAIN) and Drew Wrapped the blonde boy that stepped through in a hug. "Drake!" She squealed as she squeezed the pale boy.

"Hello to you too Elf." He replied sarcastically, blushing slightly from the hug. It was then that Drew did the counting in her head while everyone greeted Draco.

"You guys! After years I finally realized this!" Everyone looked at her expectantly, she was the leader of their group after all. Even though they would never admit it out loud with her around, but if their friendship was a club, she'd be President. Draco smirked at the image in his head, President Elf. "We need more girls!" They groaned.

After they ordered sweets a rather sweet looking bushy haired girl walked in looking rather scared and lonely. "E-Excuse me b-but may I sit with y-you I got kicked out of my compartment?" Draco was going to say no when Drew said "Yes, you're a god send! I'm Drew Snape, this is Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zambini, Fred and George Weasly. You're a first year too?" The girl nodded.

"M-My Names Hermione, Hermione Granger, But everyone calls me wise girl." Drew smiled warmly.

"Everyone calls Blaise-*Points at Blaise*- Ember, Draco-*Points*- Ice Prince, or just Prince will do, Fred and George -*points to corresponding twin*- Thing one, Thing two, Gred, forge, and People call me Elf, no explanation needed!" Everyone laughed at that and Drew could feel the tension loosen up. They talked about spells and such when they compartment doors opened again to reveal a snarky looking brunet, flanked by two dark skinned and haired equally mean looking girls, who glanced around, her eyes landing on the tallest girl, Hermoine.

"Their saying all up and down the corridor that Drusilla Pott-Err.. Snape is in this compartment, it's you isn't it?" She asked Hermoine, ignoring the annoyed look on Drew's face.

"No, It's her." Hermione said rudly( to the brunet, not rudely to Drew)

"Oh. Well Snape, My names Lavender, Lavender Brown, I've come to offer my friendship but I doubt you'll need it, being so short you'll make friends with the house elves in no time." Drew pretended to be scared, she marched up, as though to leave. "See Girl who lived is scared of m-WHAT THE FUCK!" Drew had cast a dancing curse on her legs and instructed her feet to dance up and down the corridor very quickly, as to stop un skilled wand people (Other first years, 2nd years and possibly some dense 3rd years) from de-hexing her.

"Bye Shit Brown!" Drew squealed happily as her and her friends (The new one and the old) burst into giggles.

They talked a while, they all agreed that Slytherin would be the best house to be sorted in, Ravenclaws sounded like smart arses, Gryffindor's to..dense, Huffle puff too… well to no talenty.

The boys waited outside for a moment while Drew and Hermione changed into their robes (They were going to be provided things like school skirts, ties and shirts when they arrived, they were color coded by house.) then did the same for the boys.

The train slowed right down and finally stopped. People pushed their way out onto a tiny ,dark platform. A tingle ran up Drew's spine, and she shivered in the night air. Then a lamp came bobbing above their head and heard a familiar voice: Firs' Years! Firs' years over here!" It was Rubeus Hagrid, the gameskeeper at Hogwarts. They hiked through the woods and Hagrid said "You'll get yer firs' site o' Hogwast in'a minuet." There was a large intake of breath "Ooooh" Everyone gasped as the saw the magnificent beauty of the castle.

"No more'in four to a boat!" Hagrid said pointing to boats in black lake. Drew, Draco, Hermione, and Blaise were in a boat while Fred, George, Ron, and Perci were in one. "Everyone in? Right ahead!" When they got to a large door (Hagrid reunited some poor kid with a toad) Hagrid raised a gigantic fist and knocked on the castle door.

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