I know that I am like 5 years too late for this story, but I fell in love and I had to write this story!

Mary's POV

Joey unlocked the door to our new house, and allowed me to step inside first. We had gotten engaged 3 months ago, I was out of dancing school, and currently just as big a star as Joey, with a big secret. I had 3 top hits; Bang a Drum, Tell Me Something I Don't Know, and Naturally. While I looked around our very white, very large, very gorgeous house, Joey came up behind me, wrapping his arms around me, kissing the top of my head.

I turned around, facing him, and looked up in to his eyes. "Are you going to miss our old house?" He asked me, his eyes boring in to mine. I had to tell him my secret now.

"No." I smiled. "But I am missing something." He looked at me curiously, raising his eyebrows, telling me to go on. "My period."

His eyes widened, taking in what I just said. "I… Why would you miss…? Oh my god. You're pregnant?" He smiled, showing off a set of dazzling white teeth. "I'm gonna be a dad?"

I smiled back and nodded. "Yeah!" His arms slipped around my waist, pulling me to him. I laid my head on his toned chest, grinning. I was so happy that his reaction was good.

After a few minutes, he whispered in my ear, "You know, I would really hate to ruin this moment, but they need me at the recording studio. I will be back in an hour. Keep out of trouble." He chuckled. "No lifting any heavy boxes. No coffee. Just relax until I get home, okay?" I sighed, but obliged anyways. I was truly exhausted. We had been staying up late the past few nights packing and moving.

"Okay. I will probably go take a shower and then watch a movie or take a nap. Nothing too crazy." I smiled encouragingly. "Love you!" I shouted as he went for the door.

"Love you, too, Babe! See you soon!" And with that he drove away. I shut the door and went to the shower, grabbing a towel and a change of clothes on the way.

I turned on the water, letting it run for a few seconds to get warm, before stepping in. The tile was more slippery than I thought it would be, and I remember slipping, but that's about it.

Joey's POV

I was in the middle of singing Just That Girl when Dustin burst through the recording doors in to the small space I was recording in. He was closely followed by 2 security guards. I looked up. "What the hell, man?"

"It's Mary." He panted. Wait? Mary. She said she was just going to stay home and relax. What could she possibly have done?

"What happened?" I asked, as I set down the headset I had been wearing.

"I'm not sure. Tammy went over there and found her collapsed in the shower. She was bleeding, man. She didn't give me all the details, but you need to get your ass to the hospital. Apparently Mary is an emotional train wreck right now."

I bolted out of the room, followed by Dustin. Jumping in my truck, I raced to the hospital. I ran in to reception, asking for Mary. "Um, take a seat, sir. She is getting an ultrasound right now. I will call you when she is back." I nodded, and took my seat, shaking my leg impatiently.

"Is there anyone here for Mary Santiego?" A doctor with a clipboard asked. I shot up from my seat.

"Yeah, me. How is she? Is she awake?" I bombarded him with questions.

"She is awake and perfectly healthy and relatively uninjured. Sir, she lost a baby." I took that in she lost a baby. Wait, the baby or a baby?
"Excuse me? A baby?" I asked, curious as to what his words meant.

"Well, yes. I am sure neither of you were aware of this, but she was pregnant with twins. When she slipped in the shower, she lost one. The other is still healthy, and well. Miss Santiego will be able to go home tonight. You can go see her now. Room 414." I smiled. Mary was fine, and we still had a healthy baby.

I knocked on the door, and walked in, smiling. "Hey." I whispered. She looked up, and smiled back, halfheartedly. "How do you feel?" I asked.

She frowned. " I lost a baby." Tears started welling up in her eyes, and quickly made my way to her bedside. She scooted over, making room for me to lay next to her. She sobbed in to my chest, and it pained me to watch her get so upset. I tried to soothe her by rubbing her back and telling her repeatedly that it was ok. She finally stopped crying and looked up at my with red eyes. "I know it will be okay, but I killed a part of you."

Oh. She felt like she killed her child. No, no, no. It was an accident. There is no way she could blame herself for this. "Mary," I started firmly, and she looked away. "Look at me." She did as she was told. "You did not kill our child, okay?" She stifled back a sob. "It was an accident, and there is nothing that with of us could have done about it. I know that you feel guilty, but you shouldn't. And, besides, we still have one child to think about, and getting stressed isn't good for her. And I…" She cut me off, which surprised me.

"It's a girl?" Oh, she caught that?

"I… I would like to think so." I offered. "I don't actually know, though. But, hey. Why don't we get out of here and go watch that movie you wanted to see? Then tomorrow we can just hang out at home together. No meetings, appointments, or interruptions. Just us, and our baby. Okay?" Her face literally light up at this. We hadn't had a day fully committed to ourselves in so many months. We had been so busy. She nodded eagerly, and I told her I would be right back with her clothes.

Once I got her checked out, and she had gotten changed out of the itchy hospital gown, I drove her home, and we watched Grown Ups. I had to say, it was pretty damn funny, even if half the time I was watching Mary.

At some point, she had fallen asleep. I decided not to wake her, and just carried her to our bedroom. I watched her sleep, and I laid my hand on her stomach. I was surprised at the hardness of her abdomen. It made me curious. I slowly lifted back the covers, then her shirt, and looked at her flat stomach. Tracing her stomach, I saw goose bumps form there. Then I heard her speak gently. "What are you doing?"

"Looking at our baby." She chuckled, yet still pulled her shirt down, and the covers back over her. I looked at her, disappointed. "I was really cold." She explained, while cuddling in to me.

I slept through the night quite well, and I got up to make some coffee and maybe a bowl of cereal when I heard Mary let out a blood curdling scream.

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