After a midnight drink-fest with Eddie, Jane slumped off to bed. It was her 3rd day living with Eddie, and until she slid into bed, thoughts of Ray didn't surface. Gripping the picture of herself and Ray, she glared down at it. "Jerk," she muttered darkly. Struggling to fight back tears, she failed, and cried herself to sleep once again.

1 "Jane?" A familiar voice penetrated her thoughts. Jane's heart leapt with hope. Maybe Ray had come to his senses!

"Ray, this had better be good," Jane said, trying to sound as though he was bothering her. The figure emerged from the white mist. The form shook his dark head sadly. Wait…Ray didn't have dark hair! "Eddie?" Jane asked incredulously.

"Yep," Eddie replied. "Expecting someone else?"

"Yeah," Jane said tartly. "Don't you know how to knock?" Eddie shrugged, and lit a cigarette. To his surprise, it vanished. "My dream, my rules, Alden," Jane said, smiling with satisfaction. "What are you doing in my dream anyway? I prefer dreams to nightmares." Eddie laughed and cocked an eyebrow.

"Excuse me, Miss Goodall. But a guy has got to get some shut eye, and when his roommate is crying the Mississippi each night…" he grinned, and Jane glared daggers at him. "Ray's not the last man you're ever gonna love, Jane." Jane's glare changed to a look of surprise, then anger.

"Oh, shut UP, Eddie! What do you know about love? You, of all people! You love a woman for a night, morning comes, and POOF! Time for Prince Charming's Cinderella to go back to their rags and pumpkins!" Eddie looked steadily at her, hurt registering on his face, then sadness.

"You think I've never experienced love? Think Eddie Alden never got hit by ole Cupid? Well, guess what, Jane. He did. Cry all night, zombie by day; I know the feeling. Jane Goodall cries over spilled milk. Sour spilled milk. Brush up your act, Jane, 'cuz Ray Brown has left your world. And remember one thing."

"What's that, Socrates?" Jane asked crisply. This was HER dream, and she would not cry.

"Ray's not the last man who will ever love you." Eddie smiled gently, tilted her chin, peering into her eyes. He turned to go. Jane desperately demanded her dream to stop him…she itched to know what he meant. But the dream-Eddie was embraced by the milky white mists, and was gone.

Jane's eyes snapped open to blackness. "Eddie?" she whispered, hoping this was a part of the dream. As her eyes registered to her surroundings. Her room. She sighed. The only shine noticeable was a dim light from under her curtain, casting a glow toward a solitary glass of Morphine. The ice cubes still trembled.