Kurt's heart sank when he opened the letter and read that one line. The breath was knocked out of his chest and he whispered,

"I didn't get in." He looked up and saw the pitying expressions on Rachel and Finn's faces. He closed his eyes and folded the letter back up. He barely heard it through the roaring in his ears when

Rachel announced that she had, in fact, been accepted. He wanted to be happy for her, and he was, it was both of their dreams after all. But...he couldn't help but feel a little anger. A bit bitter, jealous

and, god, just so disappointed. They invited him out to eat, maybe just to sulk in the disappointment and congratulate Rachel but he swiftly declined. He jumped into his Navigator and drove straight to

Blaine's. He felt like turning on his Wicked soundtrack, but that just made his stomach churn. Maybe that's where Rachel would be in a few years. Broadway. All because of her success at NYADA,

and he'd just be here, maybe working in his dad's shop, or maybe he'd be in New York. Living in a matchbox apartment, minimum wage job and no college to attend. He'd go to sleep every night

thinking about how none of his dreams would come true, because that might just make him happy and he couldn't have that, now could he? He could re-apply next year, and the year after that, but

would they accept him? He didn't have anything special. He wasn't Rachel Berry. Kurt gripped the wheel and choked on the tears he wouldn't allow to come, not yet. He pulled into Blaine's driveway

and ripped the keys from the ignition, jumping out of his car and bounding up to the front steps. He knocked on the door and stepped back, wrapping his arms around himself. Blaine opened it a few

seconds later and looked at Kurt, smiling. His smile instantly fell as he took in Kurt's expression.

"I didn't get in." Kurt whispered, his face crumpling. Blaine instantly stepped forward and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, whose knees gave out, Blaine lowered them onto the ground and

held Kurt as he cried, shushing him and smoothing his hair.

"It's not fair!" Kurt cried "God, my audition was good. It wasn't the best, but even she said it was good!" he sat up, pushing Blaine off of him and wiped angrily at his face.

"Rachel choked, Blaine, she choked and she got in and I didn't!" Blaine frowned,

"Rachel got in?" he asked, Kurt nodded

"And I'm happy for her, because it was her dream, too, but it's just not fair. Because she'll be making her dreams come true and I'll be here, just another stupid wannabe!" he choked and Blaine bit his lip,

"Kurt, come here." he said softly, and when he shook his head, Blaine took his hands and pulled him back into his lap. He cupped Kurt's face and wiped the tears away.

"Look, you're honestly an amazing performer." he smiled softly, looking into Kurt's eyes "you're spunky, and you've got a fire in you, and when you sing, you make people feel it. Now, that's

something special, and you can audition for NYADA next year, and they'd be crazy not to accept you." he bit his lip "and if they don't, I have faith that you'll make your dreams come true all on

your own, and you know I'll be there for you every step of the way. There are other schools out there, they may not be your dream...but Kurt, you can do anything you put your mind to, so don't give

up just yet, okay?" Kurt smiled and leaned in to kiss Blaine. As he pulled away he smiled.

"How is it that you always know just what to say?" he asked, Blaine shrugged

"It's only the truth."

Am I the only one who's actually really disappointed that Rachel got in instead of Kurt...or y'know, both of them getting in instead of just her? I mean, she choked...while Kurt's audition was amazing. And she kind of gets everything she wants while Kurt gets shoved into lockers and insulted and kissed by big creepy jocks. soo. can we please be nice to Kurt once in a while?

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