So another writer gave me a challenge and here it is... as good as it will get. Severus, Lucius and our own Miss Hermione.

Rain on me.

By Alan's Only

Challenge by .net/u/2372734/DemonLover741

Rated M... for various... threesome qualities.

Disclaimer- I don't own H.P characters nor do I make any money. And I did NOT write this song.

Hermione was unsure of why she was in this club. Why was she in W.A.N.D.S.? But the music played around her and her body flowed onto the dance floor; between the bodies on the dance floor. Suddenly she felt hands on her hips dancing with her. Wasn't this place suppose to be a safe haven for girls? This was a gay wizard bar anyway... But the masculine chest that she was pulled against said something entirely different...

"Girl my body don't lie"

A gruff voice said behind her as she started to sway to the music, his hands running along her barely clad body.

"I'm outta my mind"

He whispered as they danced hands holding her close, making it so she was not able to turn her head to look at the man. The music pulsed within her, making her hips sway and grind back into the male's body; a slight groan on her lips as she felt his hardness against her ass.

Let it rain over me

Glitter fell from the magical mirrored ceiling, it made everything have a dream like quality to it... 'that's all this is... just a dream...' she told herself losing even more as she swayed.

I'm rising so high
Out of my mind
So let it rain over me

She felt as tho her mind was leaving her body, the hands became more persistent roaming higher to the underside of her breast. Suddenly another presence moved in front of her, and two more hands joined. She raised her arms to link around the new males shoulders and looked up. The sparkles seemed to cling to his rich black hair as he swayed to the music. 'yep. This is a dream.' she told herself as her eyes met with the intense dark stare of Severus. She knew this war hero would never show himself in a place like this. That gave her more reason to just sway and give him a teasing smile one hand leaving his shoulders to move and wrap the male behind her's neck. He seemed to growl moving closer. Their bodies smashed, Hermione deliciously sandwiched between the two forms of perfect male..

Always a new million
Always a new vodka

The spirit of Russian 'water' seemed strong on Severus' breath as he leans running his large nose along her shoulder as the other male moves her head taking her lips in a hot wet kiss. The power of the domination make her quiver, thankful for the male's strength to keep her from falling.

"Forty is the new 30"

Severus growls in and moves her head taking her lips in a deep hard kiss.

Baby you're a rockstar
Dale veterana, que tu sabe (
Dale veteran, you know)
Mas de la cuenta, no te hagas (But the account, do not play )

A small groan escapes her lips as the male behind her runs his hands up her naked thighs pushing her washcloth of a skirt up even further; as well as pressing his leg between them. The contact on her already sensitive skin made another low cry erupted from her hips as she leans back rubbing on his clothed thigh breaking the kiss with Severus looking back at the other male finally. Shock flashed across her face, a small smirk accompanied it. Another growl came from the male behind her as he caught her lips in another kiss, his light blonde hair falling over her shoulder. Severus watched as Hermione took Lucius' mouth in a heated kiss.

Teach me or better yet,

It was Severus' hands that moved down her body this time lifting her between the bodies, she let out a cry into Lucius' mouth. Very quickly Severus found out why; as she closed her legs around his waist burning heat came in contact with his lower stomach, this naughty girl was without knickers.

"Fuck me baby, yes, yes"

She cried out as she rutted against his stomach her hands holding back on Lucius' neck, Severus' hands kneaded and squeezed at her ass, pulling her down slightly grunting softly as her lower parts came in contact with his own lower parts.

I'm freaky, I'm a make sure that your peach feels peachy baby

Severus' eyes flick to Lucius as the lighter man caught her lips in a deep kiss his hands running up cupping her breasts. With a smirk Severus slid to his knees pulling her thighs apart, and diving his head within. No hair on her lower lips made him growl loudly licking at the dripping folds.

No bullshit rods, I like my women sexy classy sassy
Powerful yes, they love to get the middle, nasty ow

She was in ecstasy. Severus between her legs his tongue and nose making quick movements sending shock waves of sensation through her. Her hands pulled at Lucius' hair as her kiss with him roughened sucking at his tongue, groaning and grunting into his mouth. His hands grabbed at her breasts freeing them from the tiny-tube-top confines. Somehow the air felt cool to her nipples as she pressed her breasts into his palms.

This ain't a game you'll see, you can put the blame on me
Dale munequita ahora ahi (
Dale now there doll ), and let it rain over me

Soon Severus' mouth made her cry out breaking the kiss with Lucius, throwing her head back hips bucking upwards, legs locking around the darker male; as she bathed him in her orgasmic juices. With another low growl Lucius rans his hands along her thighs pressing his hardness to her ass.

Light is the new majority, ya tu sabe (and you know)
Next step la casa blance
(The White House)

With a muffled gasp she found herself between two bodies again. Lucius' hands on her breasts squezzing them with new vigure. One of Severus' hands between them as she feels him undoing his fly. She barely notices as one of Lucius' hands move from her breast to copy Severus' movements.

I was playing with her, she was playing with me
Next thing you know, we were playing with three

Only a second before the heated movements did Hermione know what the males planed for her, and with a prayer to the goddess she hopped that Lucius had enough of her liquid on him to make his entrance into her without tearing her up. She let out a piercing scream as both males drove home within her. Severus' cock filled her just right, ramming her cervix in such a delicious way; as Lucius' manhood rammed deeply within her tighter hole, squeezing in slight dry pain. Though as their movement started she began to pant; one hand clawing at the back of Lucius' neck the other running along Severus' shoulders.

"Oh oh oh oh oh oh"

Hermione cried out with each thrust, one male pulled out as the other rammed back home, the feeling of their cocks skimming each other in the middle was almost too much for her to take. She screamed out as she came again, her juices slicking the male behind her's cock making his thrusts that much more enjoyable. Her limbs seemed to tremble as they continued to fuck her between them almost like a rag doll. Her breasts bouncing, free from their hand-confines.

I was playing with her, she was playing with me
Next thing you know, we were playing with three

She let out another scream as the male's bodies changed tempo both ramming inside of her, each trying to find their own pleasure. Hermione was just the vessel they chose to find it in; and she was loving every moment of it... She had never felt so very full, and so very used in all of her days. It made her fell dirty, but she liked the feeling of the indecency. Rutting with two men, in the middle of a night club; uncaring if anyone was watching, not knowing if the ministry where on their way, to take them to Azkaband for their lewd acts.

"I'm outta my mind"

She screams out her head flinging back hips bucking to get even more enjoyment from the men.

Let it rain over me
I'm rising so high
Out of my mind

Finally the moment came. They both rammed as deep as they could, their hands more then likely leaving deep black bruises where they held her up between them; as they roared out their own completion within her welcoming depths. She let out another scream her body tighting further, sucking Severus' seed from him with greed. She could feel both men filling her to the brim with their hot seed, and she loved it. She loved the feeling of being domanated, of being nothing more then a common woman for them to take out their disgraceful need out on. She had no idea how such disgrace, and total lack of care for her, made her so very hot.

Hermione gasped awake, springing from the bed her heart and mind racing, suddenly pain from her neither regions took hold of her legs and left her gasping as she fell to the floor. Her pleading eyes looked around; She didn't know this room... this was not her house... Where was she? Had she sleep walked again?

"Miss Granger..." A deep dark voice growled from the bed, she looked in fear for the one who's voice this belonged too. Her honey colored eyes met deep black ones. She begain to shake, what had she done? She chewed on her lip as she tried to pull herself up on to shaking legs.

"Hermione... Why not stay awhile longer?" Another voice asked from the the bed, she shook her head again and looked at the two men who where splayed out in front of her. The darker of the two held a small smirk on his lips a black eyebrow raised, as the lighter one left his arm haphazardly around Severus' mid-drift.

"Hermione... You have no need to leave so early... Your Husband... is still in his bed..." Severus growls and looks at Lucius.

"With another woman of course..." The older man added simply. She begin to shake again. As the memories of what happened before the night club rose back into her mind. She had not gone back home... She knew she would've seen Ron with his mistress... She knew he wouldn't expect her home for hours... He was so used to her late nights at the ministry... A small sob exploded from her lips as she collapses back onto the bed. Into the arms of last night's lovers.

Something told her not to leave. Something told her this was the place she was meant to be. With two men who could treat her with respect during the day, and degrade her and make her dirty during the night.


SO there you go... I know this story will probably get flames... but Sam wanted it so I gave it to her! I hope she enjoyed!