OK. FAIR warning. This is ganna be one messed up chappy. BEWARE but I can promise it will be hawt!

For your Entertainment.

By Alan's Only

Rated- M (VERY GOOD REASON IN THIS CHAPPY!) this is another clearly SMUT chapter... with well... LM/RW about to happen... Get ready! But it does get back to the good old SS/LM/HG

"I want to watch..."Hermione said softly looking up into Severus' dark eyes. He gave her a smirk and nodded popping them back to the house where Lucius had just began. The lighter man had changed; once clad in his normal overly embroidered robes, he was now dressed in a pair of black leather pants, a deep red button down tucked neatly into his pants, his long blonde hair loose around his shoulders. Without asking Severus had apparently changed himself and her. He was dressed in black leather pants like Lucius' but instead of just a shirt, his upper body was clothed in a tight leather jacket; which held his normal numerous buttons. Hermione fit in with the men, but was far less dressed. Her new outfit held a long black skirt, slits on both sides all the way up to her thighs, each curvy leg wrapped in black fishnet though covered mostly by the over-the-knee shinny leather black boots. Her chest wrapped simply in a black leather strap, barely covering her nipples. On a normal day she would never wear something like this, or even in her wildest fantasies But here... she felt like it was almost required.

So hot

The kitchen was warming slowly with the heat coming from the oven. Lucius gave Severus and Hermione a wide smirk when they popped back into the room.

Out the box

Severus picks up an unused knife sliding the protective covering from it, grinning almost like a mad man. That look alone sent Ron into a new fit trying to break free from his restrains. Hermione pulled herself up onto the counter with a devilish look,

"Can we pick up the pace?"

Another ragged cry came from the restrained male, he looked at Hermione pleading for her to help him; but he found no ally in her blood stained face.

"I need to be entertained"

She declares moving her legs, so one crossed the other, and leaned back.

Push the limit
Are you with it?

Lucius moved over to the restrained boy running an eloquent hand along his shoulders his smirk gone, now deadly serous. He leaned down whispering softly into Ron's ear,

"Baby, don't be afraid
I'ma hurt 'ya real good, baby"

"Let's go!"

Severus moved forward straddling Ron's lap, much like Hermione had. He ran the new knife along the redhead's chest, pressing a bit harder as he moved toward the other male's nipple.

It's my show
"Baby, do what I say"

Lucius purred softly into Ron's ear and leaned in nibbling on the pale flesh of his earlobe, growling lowly. His pale hands moved along Ron's restrained arms, till they reached his ripped shirt.

"I told ya
I'ma hold ya down until you're amazed"

Hermione laughs loudly, repeating something Severus had said one night before a long night of lust-making. The only male watching her saw her slide her hands along her knees slowly sliding her skirt up a bit higher.

"Give it to ya 'til your screaming my name"

Severus rasps as he presses the blade into the pale pink of Ron's nipple cutting it deeply. Another muffled cry pierced through the curtain, as he struggled more.

"No escaping when we start"

The blonde male laughed as he pulls the shirt down tying the red head's wrists with something physical, tight enough to begin rubbing.

"There's no way you'll ring the alarm"
The male behind the tied one laughs pulling Ron's wand out tossing it to Hermione who giggled and locked eyes with her husband. She brought it up to her lips slowly licking the tip of it.

"Oh, do you know what you got into?

The darkest male laughed as he ran the blade back across Ron's chest not as hard on his nipple but enough to leave a small blood trail to his other nipple. The redhead's breath came in small gasps chest heaving, though it never messed up Severus' straight line.

"Can you handle what I'm 'bout to do?"

Lucius asked, hands running back up the smaller male's arms, only to run back down his nails digging into the soft flesh, leaving bloody welts. A different sound comes from the gagged man, a small grunt; his eyes focused on Hermione. She ran his wand along her chest, lip caught between her teeth. Her chest and body moving with unsaid suggestion.

"'Cause it's about to get rough for you"

Severus growls cutting the unhurt nipple like the bleeding one. This cry from Ron was accompanied by his eyes flashing up to Severus' eyes, fear and something else was hidden in his hazel depths.

"I'm here for your entertainment"

The blonde male breaths into Ron's ear. His hands run a long the youngest male's chest scratching. Not caring if he was making the cut marks which had begun to stop bleeding, bleed anew. His hands stopped at the button of Ron's pants. Severus' smirk matched Lucius as his brown eyes flicked down, there was a reaction both men where expecting.

"Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet"

Hermione laughed as she spread her thighs watching the men with a growing heat in her eyes. She ran the stolen wand up her thighs as her eyes lock with Ron's again, a smirk sliding into place as she pushes the skirt up higher inch by inch, Ron's eyes widened more and more. He didn't want the reaction to happen... but his body told a much different story. She cries out softly mouthing something in not much more then a gasp-y moan.

" Thought a fallen angel swept ya off ya feet"

"It's alright"

Severus whispers moving back standing pulling off the coat dropping it to the floor, His chest bare from any shirt, the end of the war had been good to him. After surviving he decided that it was time to make up for the neglected years on his body. The dark male stood there with a bit of a smirk playing on his lips as Ron looked in disbelief at him; his chest well defined, each muscle seeming to have it right place, not too overly done, but enough that the slight bit of sweat that trickled down slid between the contours. The redhead's eyes watched the droplet until it hit Severus' pant line, then his eyes caught something that let his pulling at his binds again... something terrible was about to happen...

"You'll be fine"

Lucius purrs with a small laugh as he easily lifts the smaller male his body holding him tightly in a swift movement, Ron was sitting atop the blonde man's lap his struggling stopped as he felt the older male's hardness rubbing along his ass.

"Baby, I'm in control"

Hermione slipped from the counter looking at her husband feigning innocence and love as she walked over running her hand along his chin. The blue-hazel of her husbands eyes pleaded with her. With a small laugh she nods at Lucius then leans forward running her hand along Ron's chest undoing his pants. Which left him not noticing Lucius' also became undone.

"Take the pain"

Lucius rasps into the red head's ear his hands grabbing Ron's thighs lifting him placing his tightened unprepared entrance at his tip. Only the bit of precum Lucius' manhood had collected was all of the lubrication Ron was allowed as the older man slammed into him. Ron screamed again, the streaks of pain making his eyes water, but—as Hermione noted when she looked down—his hard-on had not diminished. With a low grunt Lucius looked over the redhead's shoulder with a muttered 'he feels like you...' to Severus.

A deadly look plasters its self on Severus face as he moves forward grabbing the younger man's cock squeezing a bit too tightly

"Take the pleasure"

He lets go and moves to Hermione pulling her closer kissing her deeply pawing at what little clothes she has.

"I'm the master of both"

He laughs softly and moves a bit closer to Ronald. Severus' hands moved along the back of Hermione grabbing the thin skirt and tearing it away, letting both the redhead and the blonde look at her plump butt and wide thighs. Severus easily lifted the female wrapping her legs around his waist.

Close your eyes

Not your mind

Lucius let Ronald enjoy the show of his wife and old school teacher before moving the young male's hips up rubbing his length within his tight channel, and the redhead let out a low groan closing his eyes his head falling back, he was done pretending to hate this...

"Let me into your soul"

Lucius hissed as he thrust into the damn near welcoming tightness. Yes this surprised the older male, but it also told some very heavy dark secrets that the little bastard of the man had kept from his young wife. The blonde was left wondering how many times the redhead had done this... and how long ago his last encounter was...
"I'ma work ya 'til your totally blown"

He stands and moves the younger male to the table pushing him down unwrapping his arms bringing them above his head holding him down to the table, in this position Lucius could start to rem him, and rem him he did. He slowly drug his cock out, till just the tip remained within, then slam back in making the other male cry out again body shaking and quivering.
"Oh, do you know what you got into?"

Lucius whispers moving his head down grunting into Ron's ear his hips never losing their well practiced rhythm. Ron was crying out and moaning like he thoroughly enjoyed the treatment he was getting and the peeved the blonde more then he thought it would. Any thought of slowness left his mind as he begin a harder rougher motion, completely missing the spot within the redhead's body.

Severus had sat Hermione upon the edge of the table and kissed her deeply his own pants already undone,
"Can you handle what I'm 'bout to do?
'Cause it's about to get rough for you'

He growled with a small smirk and looks down at the honey colored eyes of the only female in the room. She let out a groan just with the suggestion of pain and pleasure; she missed this man, she missed both of her men.

I'm here for your entertainment

Hermione let out a single loud scream as Severus entered her, it was far from pain though, as he stretched her out, she had missed this singular feeling the most. Both men began a rhythm matching each other, almost like that had done this before. Lucius' hands grasping Ronald's his thrusting without a care of the younger male's pleasure, where Severus rammed within Hermione's hot wet tunnel slamming her pleasure spot with each well aimed plunge into her.


Hermione cried out her legs lifted and carelessly thrown over Severus' left shoulder, he smirks down at her then over to Lucius, who smiles back and leans over. Neither of them losing their rhythm as they assault each-others mouth in a deep kiss, then she knew...
Do you like what you see?

She was not intruding. She was adding. They had what they wanted, but she was like the whipped cream on the everything sundae. Something that could only make an amazing thing even better. Tears came to her eyes as she looks at both of them but they where not tears of sadness or despair. They where ones of true understanding and pure...

Hermione begins to pitch Severus could feel her begin to tighten, then with a growl sever quickly turns her on her side; she could hear a desperate cry come from Ron, a quick cleansing spell murmured then, just as suddenly as she was turned another hardness joined the first inside of her, making her scream even louder then she had intended too. They both plunge within her making her cry out even more, as her body began to reach its point.

Let me entertain ya 'till you screeaaam

A small chorus began, Hermione's high pitched keen as her orgasm took over, her juices flowing freely soaking both men. Then came Lucius low roar as he slammed in deeper finding the tightness just right as he let his own seed flow, soaking her wet channel first. Then there was Severus load growl, and lustful groan, as he slammed in as well; spilling his own milky seed deep into the young woman.

There panting slowly stopped, Lucius looked at the ginger still laying on the table, from what he could tell the younger male had still not come. With a smirk he leans over still within Hermione and spoke softly into Ron's ear, 'Ever speak of this... and we will make it more then known about your late night rendezvous with the last living twin of your family.'

Before Ron could turn his head and look at horror at the older male they where gone, leaving Ron to slowly move and clean himself up.


AN: so this story is almost over, I never meant to make it a 6 chappy story. Lol! So yeaaah that was really twisted huh? Did you like?