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With Richard Arkwright and Matilda Keyes safely locked up, having been found guilty of attempting world domination and unlawful breaches of magic, Rose could sit back and relax for the rest of the year. Having her mother's brains meant that Albus and Scorpius used their best friend and found that they actually needed her help, less and less. Rose was like her mother in her insistence for their early revision for the end of year exams and Albus was secretly very grateful that she now had something else to worry about, rather than someone wanting to kill her.

The exams were coming up faster than any of them would have liked and Rose found that, like her mother, she was revising hard and fast for them although she had a sneaky feeling that she was going to come out on top. With cousins such as Victoire and Fred taking their exams as well, obviously their exams were far more important (Rose begged to differ) but the common room was now full of students every evening, studying hard, the room littered with paper. Sub-sec meetings had now been put on hold until the last exam was over for all of the years.

And soon they were all over. The beautiful June sun beat down on the grounds and although it wasn't as warm as it may have been in different parts of the country, it was still glorious and a wonderful escape from the horror of end of first year exams. With no need for lessons besides preparation for second year, they were lazy and there was no homework any longer to fill the evenings. Sub-secs had resumed once more and they were much less used. In full honesty, Albus couldn't really see the use of them.

He decided to bring the discussion up with Rose and Scorpius as they sat in the Great Hall, one day at lunch on a Saturday. Rose was looking a little more tense than usual as they knew that that the results were due to be handed out in three days' time. "Rose relax, we have three days." Albus sighed.

Rose stared at him incredulously. "Three days? That's like nothing! I have three days to prepare myself mentally for the improbable but possible failure of my first year at Hogwarts. Mum and dad would be so upset if I didn't pass my first year. It would be all 'so much for getting your mother's brains' type of thing."

Both Albus and Scorpius had their mouths hanging open. "Your parents would never say anything like that." Albus stated firmly and Scorpius agreed eagerly, even though he had only met them once. "Your parents love you and out of the three of us, you are the LEAST likely to fail the year. In fact, despite all that's been going on, I wouldn't be surprised if you topped the year by a long way." He remembered what he wanted to discuss with his two friends and abruptly changed the subject. "What do you think of sub-secs?"

Rose and Scorpius looked at Albus curiously, what was he going to go on about? "I think they're pretty cool." Scorpius shrugged. "Why do you ask?"

Albus frowned. "I was just thinking that, other than getting to know some of the older years, there isn't really much point to them."

This left the two first years thinking. Albus had a point; they didn't really serve much purpose. Messages that needed to be communicated to the whole house were either posted on the message board or Professor Longbottom would hold a whole house meeting which was compulsory for all. Sure it had been fun for the first few weeks, getting to know some of the older kids in the house, but it was always only a temporary thing. It wasn't as if it was helping the rift that still existed between Gryffindor and Slytherin, just the much smaller rift between the years that existed because no one knew each other. Sure Albus now did know several of the older members of the house, but being on the Quidditch team had also helped that majorly.

"I just feel that lately they have become pretty pointless." Albus sighed. "And they just take out an entire hour of my day when I could be playing Quidditch or chess or hanging out with my friends." He flashed a smile at his friends which was returned.

Scorpius grimaced. "I agree with you totally mate. But the good thing is that we can also go to the older years for stuff like choosing our new subjects for third year, rather than having to rely on unreliable older siblings." Scorpius flashed a cheeky scowl at James who thankfully managed to either ignore or didn't see the gesture.

"I have to agree with Scor, Al." Rose mused. "I love my cousins and everything, but I don't really feel like going to Fred or James when it comes to choosing my new subjects. They're just quite…" she didn't quite know what the right word to end it was.

"Unhelpful? Disruptive? Cheeky? Likely to pull your leg?" Albus offered and she nodded, she could claim not to have said them now. "I know exactly what you are saying."

They mused for a moment before there was a cough and Albus and Scorpius turned to see Edward Wood standing behind them. "Hey you two, are you ready for Saturday's game?"

Saturday would see the last game of the Quidditch season, Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw. At the moment, Slytherin were in line to win the Quidditch cup. If Gryffindor pulled a draw or a loose, Slytherin would win. In fact, Gryffindor could only win the cup if they won by 200 points or more. That meant that Albus had had Edward breathing down his neck, making sure that he would only catch the snitch when they were at least fifty points up.

Scorpius grinned. "As ready as we'll ever be!"

Edward nodded, pleased. "Well, don't let the results of your end of year exams get you down or up, if you get me, they come out the day before."

Albus rolled his eyes. "We know, Rose has been breathing down our necks about it."

Rose grinned, trying to conceal her blush. It was no secret that Edward was going to be as handsome as his father, with light brown hair and dazzling brown eyes that seemed to pierce right into your soul. It spooked the boys out but many of the girls seemed to swoon and Rose was no exception. The blush was partially his good looks and partially her embarrassment at her evident distress about the results.

Edward smiled kindly. "I was the same in my first year; I've heard you've got your mum's brains so there's no question of your passing."

Rose's blush crept further up her face. "Uh, thanks."

Sensing her cousin's uncomfortable nature around Edward, Albus stood up. "We gotta go, but don't worry Edward, we're so geared."

Getting the hint, Scorpius and Rose stood up with their bags. Edward smiled at the trio. "Great, well I'll see you two at practise."

He headed back down the table and the three collapsed back into their seats, breakfast having barely started. Rose grinned at her cousin. "Thanks Al, I thought I was going to burn."

Albus smirked. "Don't worry Rose; we've got your back."


As Albus circled the stadium, keeping an eye out for where Hubert was, he sighed. He loved Quidditch and he knew that his parents and younger sister were in the stands again with Draco Malfoy. With this knowledge, it had been a high spirited team that had left the tunnel to thunderous applause. As good as Slytherin appeared to be, thrashing their opponents in their other matches, Gryffindor were just too good. They were already 60-20 points up and so Albus was starting the hunt for the Snitch. As Scorpius and James provided another incredible goal, putting them the required fifty points up, Albus scoured the pitch. How his father had managed to spot the Snitch with his glasses on, Albus would never understand, but he was finding it hard as it was without glasses. Glancing quickly down at the pitch, Albus decided to pull a potentially dangerous stunt but he didn't really care. Despite feeling slightly sorry for Hubert with his parents in jail, this was the matter of the Quidditch cup. He had managed to keep his diving talent a secret and so, as he tilted his broom and started to race downwards, he heard the yells that raced past him. The closer yells told him that Hubert was on his tail. Albus smiled to him as the ground raced nearer and he drew breath as he noted the angle and then suddenly pulled up, a foot or so from the ground. He wasn't sure whether Hubert was aware of this stunt and his question was answered as he heard a sickening thud behind him which told him that Hubert hadn't quite managed to follow Albus.

"And Potter is really proving here that he is as good as his father!" Connor was yelling into the microphone with delight. "Is this the end for Slytherin seeker Adams? Will it be a question of Potter being able to find the Snitch?"

Albus saw James grin and wink at him as he flew past and the two boys high fived as the game restarted and Hubert insisted on getting back onto the broom, perhaps with a greater sense of urgency than before. Albus knew that he had to be even better than he had been before. It was then that he spotted it. Right by the Slytherin stands, Albus could make out what could potentially be the outline of a Snitch, just hovering still about 50ft in the air. Not saying a word, he let the game noise be silenced as he urged his broom on, the streak of golden light becoming clearer and the form of the Snitch more apparent. The shouts and cheers from his friends rose up around him as he reached out with his hand, his eyes firmly held on the Snitch.

And it came closer to him, the gold flickering in his eyes. Albus flexed his fingers around the ball and pulled up and around as he nearly hit the Slytherin stand, his arm aloft. After the last time he tried to win the match, Hubert didn't even attempt to prise the Snitch out of Albus' hand as he held it aloft, the Gryffindors cheering madly. They had finally won the Quidditch cup for the first time in years. Albus touched down on the grass and the first person to reach him was Edward who tackled him from the air to the ground in celebration.

"That's our Seeker!" He yelled in delight as the other team mates flew to the ground, James once again tackling Albus to the ground as he started to get back up from the last hug, and Albus no longer cared.


Albus' confidence and state had improved considerably at the last feast when it was discovered that his catching of the Snitch had meant Gryffindor had won the house cup as well as the Quidditch cup, that he and Scorpius had both passed with excellent marks, Rose naturally coming top in most things and Hubert Adams no longer acted like the jerk he had been all year. As he sat with his friends at the Gryffindor table, post end of year speech, Albus thought back to the year. Was it really 10 months ago that he had been worrying about which house he would be put into? It seemed like years ago and he had the arrival of Molly and Lucy, Percy's twin daughters, to look forward to this autumn. With seven Weasleys and Potters at Hogwarts, with Victoire's leaving, her leaving speech with Robert on behalf of the seventh years had moved many to tears and many seventh years lamenting loudly that they were going away for the last time. Albus was so happy that he had another six years of Hogwarts ahead of him.

"Hey Albus!" Scorpius nudged him, the former seeming to stare into space. "Pigfarts to Albus…"

Albus started. "Pig-what?"

Scorpius grinned. "Knew that would catch your attention. You haven't heard of Pigfarts? It's Hogwarts' brother school on Mars, for the more intergalactic students. My dad told me about it."

Albus raised an eyebrow. "And your dad knows about this how? What are the chances it actually exists?"

Scorpius protested. "It is real. Come over to my place sometime this summer and I'll show you the pictures we took with our telescopes the one night Mars was in clear sight from the house about a year ago."

Albus shrugged. "Alright. You have to come to Grimmauld Place sometime." He turned to Theodore and Harry. "You two will have to come too, okay?" the two boys looked pleased at having been invited. "My dad would love to meet you Harry." Albus grinned. "Have a Harry to Harry talk!" the boys laughed as the main course disappeared and the pudding appeared, each boy diving for the pile of chocolate éclairs as quickly as possible.

Rose rolled her eyes. "Boys." She brightened up. "It's my birthday this summer. You're all invited, all the Gryffindor first years are plus a couple of my other friends from the other houses."

Harry's eyes widened. "Any excuse to party and I'm there! Count me in Rose, whenever it is!"

They all laughed and continued to eat, the idea of any tense attitudes towards each other dissipated. At the end of the meal, Albus clambered into his bed for the last time, switching out the light for the last time until September and fell asleep, his dreams filled with happy memories of the last year.

The next morning, they were woken up bright and early. A quick breakfast and they headed down to the train station, the Thestrals carrying the groups of students up to where they all clambered aboard the Hogwarts Express, waving goodbye to Hagrid and a few of the other teachers who were on the platform. Albus, Rose, Harry, Theodore, Scorpius and Elizabeth managed to find a compartment easily near their other friends and settled down for the long journey ahead of them.

As Hogwarts drew out of sight, the tall turrets still slightly peeking from behind the trees, Albus sighed. Sure he had the days of summer which he could spend with family and friends, but he had the thought of how totally awesome going back was going to be. And it was going to be totally awesome, just hopefully slightly less eventful than this year. Although, being a Potter and Weasley, the likelihood of that was rather slim.

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