1. Coffee

Even though Cuddles and Toothy don't like coffee, Flaky's glad she can share some thick black with the soldier.

2. Abash

During an awkward silence, Flaky always thinks she's the one who blushes too much and goes red all over the place, but little did she know that Flippy is also suffering the indelible color on his face.

3. Cute

A word that Flippy mumbles to himself whenever he sees her flustered and confused over a trivial matter— no, he can't suppress a small chuckle at the sight of her in a dilemma.

4. Shyness

If Flippy's late for a meeting, he would always explain his reason in terribly stuttering long sentences that almost seem to stray away from the main point, but all he gets from the pink-cheeked red-haired girl is a simple 'o-okay'.

5. Sneeze

It's the sound that terrifies them both when one of them wheezes, but in the end there's always a pleasant burst of laughter.

6. Bouquets

Flippy understands that buying flowers for a girl is a gift a female cherishes, but he isn't so sure if he's actually correct when he can't see her face behind the huge bouquet of roses he buys her.

7. Music

Flaky doesn't know what to say whenever she is cornered by Giggles and Petunia; nobody can blame her for having a soldier who can almost play every single instrument he can find, including the Theramin.

8. History

The soldier's good at teaching her history, but Flaky's always careful not to ask him about stories regarding hie experience in the Vietnam war, after that incident when she was desperately trying to comfort him with tight, suffocating hugs.

9. Sweater

He always sees her wearing a sweater, a sweater so big that he blushes at the thought of her not wearing anything else beside underwear under that gigantic wear.

10. Different

Flaky's different from all the other girls Flippy observes, but he's worried if she were to hurt herself in a game of extreme baseball or a trip down a huge tall slide.

11. Cooking

As the girl tastes the mushroom soup whilst cooking, she can't help but think if he's going to like his meal, because she keeps staring at his lazy figure at the dining table in the living room.

12. Birthday

Sometimes it's best if Flaky celebrates his birthday alone with him, personally because she feels that he's safe eating a slice of clean cake with only one person, and she can't just leave him alone in a party crowd like that.

13. Scarf

Flippy smiles in pride when he looks at his finished work, but his mischievous little counterpart wishes that someday he can share that scarf with her - two heads, bind together.

14. Medals

After seeing so many medals, Flaky wonders why Flippy is only a sergeant by rank, but she knows he's strong inside, always protecting her whenever she wishes.

15. Birds

Flippy seems to enjoy being hugged by a frightened Flaky that he always reminds himself to pass by the park if he's going to get another treat again (thankfully, he does get one everyday).

16. Kindness

He's always so kind, so vigilant, so perfect that Flaky's unaware of the envious stares behind her.

17. Exposure

Being a gentleman he is, Flippy punches himself to prevent his perverted counterpart from taking over when sees Flaky's bare skin after her sweater was torn apart by a small dog, before helping to cover her up with a bruise and bleeding nose (of course, that bleeding nose is most certainly caused by his almost fatal punch).

18. Family

Flippy, upon hearing Splendid's wish to have pink-haired children with super powers, kicks him in the face, though he too secretly has the wish to have red-haired children to enroll in the military.

19. Portrait

The awkward moment when Flaky walks into his living room and sees him kissing a photo of her.

20. Distance

It seems to shorten everyday, until their shoulders bump against each other, their heads knocking each other gently and their hands touching as they watch the sun set in the horizon.

21. Aid

Among the many dead corpses scattered all over the floor, Flaky still has that small genuine smile as she bandages Flippy's arms and legs.

22. Snow

Hand in hand, they frolic in the snow, dancing under the snowflakes that fall gently from the sky, in a waltz that even the moon above cannot interfere.

23. Fall

"I-It's okay, Flaky, we can stay like this... I mean, the grass is really nice. (the HECK am I saying?)"

24. Heart

Flippy's surprised and crimson when Flaky guides his hand to her chest, but his eyes soon softens when he hears the soothing, calm beat of her heart, and he rests on her lap, closing his eyes that once saw the bloody mess before him.

25. Cookies

Flaky knows he can eat so many, and when he does, she tries to stifle a giggle as she brushes the crumbs off his pink face with her fingers.

26. Month

"Ahaha, I don't see why you keep changing, Flaky. You look fine to me—Oh."

27. Peanuts

The soldier heaves a sigh of relief when he realizes he isn't the only one who bloats up whenever his eyes lay on a tray of peanuts, but when he sees her hurl, he feels the sudden urge to punch that bastard who offered her peanuts.

28. Sleep

She tries her best not to wake him up, but soon she too succumbs to the sleepiness and lays down beside his peaceful figure, clutching his camo shirt as she settles down for a nap.

29. Together

He puts an arm around her shoulder and kisses her head, ruffling through her red hair before going back to sleep.

30. Dinner

Whenever they meet for dinner, Flippy keeps staring at the meal 'spaghetti' on the menu, still remembering the 'incident' that happened not too long ago as his gloved hand touches his lips.

31. Present

Flippy already has his present once he sees her entangled in red ribbons, trying really hard to wrap a small box.

32. New Year

The moment he removes his hands from her eyes, Flaky gasps in astonishment as a vibrant display of fireworks in the sky amazes her, and she holds his hand tightly to cherish the first minute of a new year.

33. Morning

"T-That's not it! I just noticed that you came home late yesterday and I thought you wouldn't have time to prepare breakfast so I thought I—Flippy, that's the pepper!"

34. Gratitude

He returns her the favor by pecking her lips, and she tastes the eggs and orange juice as soon as their lips met.

35. Loneliness

Flaky cups his cheeks, his cold pale cheeks, and tears started to roll down her rosy cheeks because at that moment, she feels the same way he does.

36. Harm

He'd never let anyone else hurt her, but it soon dawns on him that he's the one who's hurting her the most.

37. Forgiveness

Something Flippy doesn't believe in, but as soon as those arms wrap around him in comfort, he feels confused and scared to know how it truly feels to be forgiven.

38. Restraint

It's something that binds him like a menace, though it's also something that binds the monster inside of him.

39. Refusal

He cannot accept her, because he's frightened that he would hurt again, like he always did before.

40. Stubborn

Flaky still keeps those arms around his blood-stained back, not moving an inch, not budging even if it means killing her to save him for his madness.

41. Alternative

Flippy's breath becomes ragged and his heart pounds fast, and he struggles to reach for the lone knife that rests only a meter away from him - it is his only way to seek salvation.

42. Plead

"Please, Flippy, no! I don't want you to leave me again... Please... don't..."

43. Sinner

The soldier holds the knife with his trembling hand, though he is not aiming at her but at himself.

44. Kiss

Flaky, knowing what he would do, quickly plants her lips on his, still locking her arms around him, tightening the embrace as she prays that he would drop the knife.

45. Answer

His eyebrows twitches and his eyes widen, and the tears that glisten in his eyes drips from his chin, mixing with blood as the surviving remains of his rational mind clutches the hand that can lead him to safety.

46. Resistance

His alter ego tries to rebel against him and manages to take control of his hand, but the soldier desperately tries to be strong, and the knife slashes at his side.

47. Disclosed

She hears him cry in pain, and pulls away from him, before returning to hug him again, whispering his name and words of comfort, telling him again and again that she's always loved him.

48. Revenge

It is only a cut, not so deep, and Flippy's relieved it doesn't kill him, thus as soon as he hears her voice pulling him back to reality, he pushes his counterpart off his throne and lets go of the knife, allowing it to drop to the ground with a 'clang'.

49. Relief

"Flippy... I... I'm so glad you came back... Thank you. Are you alright?"

50. Forever

He doesn't reply, and only embraces her closely in earnest, a smile appearing on his face— a smile that truly tells him that he's saved... he's alive...

... and that she's his.

*cough cough* AHEM.

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