(MANY SENTENCES ARE RELATED TO EACH OTHER. Well... Duh. Some look good together. They're cute. xD M-RATED SEXUAL STUFF AT ENDING. :3 No, really. M-RATED ADULT SEXUAL STUFF. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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51. First

He never considers a proper introduction as she's always the one who's running away from him before he could say 'Salutations, miss'.

52. Hiding

Fliqpy chuckles as he strolls around in the living room filled with bloody corpses, calling out to her playfully though he knows she's hiding in the closet.

53. Scare


54. Nose

Whenever he can't stand her crying, sometimes, he goes up to her and pinches her nose, laughing 'I got your nose~' but all she does is kick him in his most vulnerable place.

55. Footsteps

Flaky tries to block out those soft, calm noises outside but her curiosity can't help but open the closet door, in which she sees him in her face.

56. Survivor

Sometimes, she wonders why she's the only one left alive.

57. Bravery

The red-haired girl summons all her courage and walks up to the psychotic soldier, trying not trip over the many cold bodies scattered all over the floor, stuttering as she holds the untouched slice of cake in her trembling hands, "Are- Are you hungry, Fliqpy?"

58. Invitation

She almost screams when he stabs his bloody knife (literally bloody) into the cake, picks up a morsel of it, and tastes the strawberry icing and chocolate, grinning at her with his sharp teeth, "Oh, I'd be so glad if you were to eat with me, Flaky."

59. Face

Blushing intensely and heart pounding, she shudders when his tongue laps at the icing near her mouth, her mind silently managing two things: regretting that she doesn't eat properly due to her fear of sitting next to a monster, and that she mustn't move a muscle to show that she reacts to his... erm, 'face cleaning'.

60. Tasty

"Sweet icing~ Do you mind- (SPLAT!) Ah, that's better. It looks like your face needs some more cleaning than I expected."

61. Escape

Flaky tries to hop out of the room but her tied-up legs causes her to fall flat on her face, and she wants to cry when she sees the soldier's looming shadow over her.

62. Valentines

"I'm a man who loves women. When I want her, I get her."

63. Canaries

Flaky yelps, hugging the soldier when she sees a small dangerous bird approaching her, but she then wants to get away from the man when she sees his yellow glowing eyes, unfazed and unimpressed.

64. Decency

Fliqpy observes how Flippy goes red when he sees her in nothing but a giant sweater and shoes, but he now wants to rip that damn sweater off of her when he discovers she's wearing pants inside.

65. Harassment

Seeing him pull up her sweater, she screams and claws at his gloved hands, trying to pry them off before they really rip her out of her clothes.

66. Pocky (My god. FxF fans in zerochan, you'll recognize this)

He leaves her both dumbfounded, crimson-faced and embarrassed, but when he touches his lips and feels the sticky wetness, he can't believe what he has just done.

67. Top

Flippy twitches his eye at his twin in the mirror, who wonders what's wrong with laying on top a feeble frail female.

68. Behind

Flaky's eyes widen when she feels something wrap around her from behind, but when she turns around, she can see nothing in her empty bedroom but she's sure she felt his presence, as the spot near her curtains is oddly cold.

69. Hair

Even though she's crawling away from him in fright, he still holds the strands of her sharp yet beautiful red hair, and brings it to his lips, inhaling the sweet shampoo scent as he kisses her hair.

70. Red

It's a color he's very fond of, and when he sees her rosy red eyes and crimson hair, he realizes it's not the color that makes him so fond of it in the first place, but because of her he came to love the color.

71. Name

Fliqpy's surprised, hearing his name instead of his twin's name being called, when Flaky pulls him to the park, with a picnic basket in her (seemingly trembling) hand, "I prepared some sandwiches for you, Fliqpy."

72. Escort

Flaky feels frightened when he follows her home, thinking of all the kinds of sadistic things he would do to her, but truthfully he only wants to ensure her safety before she reaches her house.

73. Vegetables

"F-Fliqpy, you're not supposed to use your combat knife for cutting— WASH IT, PLEASE!"

74. Meals

"Surely the guests would love blood-stained vegetables cut by a blood-stained knife, no, Flaky dear?"

75. Intimacy

He sneaks up behind her and grabs her from behind, loving to scare her as he laughs a soft, chuckle that sounded maniacal, and kisses her hair, putting his knife near her neck so that she wouldn't struggle.

76. Solace

He holds her face when she sobs, staring into her eyes glistening with beady tears, and licks them dry, pressing his forehead against hers and singing a small comforting song in a mother-like whisper.

77. Yellow

She once gazed into his yellow eyes, curious of how the color swirls about in those pair of orbs, and feels as though she's mesmerized and hypnotized by the warm lazy color.

78. Owe

Fliqpy knows he was joking about Flaky owing him a kiss for protecting her from Splendid, but he explodes when she tries to tip-toe and kiss him smack on the lips.

79. Time

They only stare at each other under the tree at midnight, their lips never touching, her hands on his black clad chest and his arms around her waist, as though time stops to cherish the moment between them.

80. Force

He enjoys forcing people to meet the fates he decided for them, but he struggles to force himself to stop when his hands close around her neck, his ears ringing painfully as he hears her saying his name in a choking voice.

81. Desire

Fliqpy keeps pondering about the definition of desire: does he truly want to end her life, or does he truly want to end his?

82. Help

Something he rarely seeks for, but now, he is shouting for help, bound by his twisted personality which is the only thing that keeps him alive.

83. Wrong

Flaky realizes that he knows he's in the wrong, and places her hands on the ones strangling her, stroking them back and forth in a slow manner, in an attempt to comfort him.

84. Monster

"Why... Why must I be like this? Is this truly what God shaped me to be?"

85. Circle

In a circle of sin, the sinner is sin-bound unless he truly knows his sin— yet, what can one do when one loses his sanity from the beginning when he was born?

86. Breakdown

He doesn't realize the tears that brim in his eyes, falling onto her cheeks as his hands tighten around her neck, unable to understand why her hands still insist on comforting them.

87. Indecisive

He wants her to die, but that is simply his primal instinct— he doesn't want her to die at all, in his hands.

88. Chance

The red-haired girl is certain that she can help him, because she loves him, loves everything he did for her and everything he staggered through for her, and she isn't going to let his life go to waste.

89. Love

A concept Fliqpy doesn't understand, but as the girl's lips mouth a sentence to him, he snaps back to reality and releases his hands from her neck in horror of what he has done, his mind generating the meaning of that sentence,

"Fliqpy... I love you."

90. Realization

He thinks she's dead, and he buries his face in his hands, the pupils in his yellow eyes shaking uncontrollably, his good twin inside not being able to mutter a single sound in his head.

91. Awoke

Flaky opens her eyes slowly, finding that she's still alive, sitting up by using her elbows as support, her tears not flowing anymore, and a soft smile contorting on her tear-streaked face.

92. Glad

She hugs him straight away, hearing him gasp as she did so, and solaces him in reassuring whispers, her voice slightly muffled by the sobs he cried in her shoulder.

93. Need

"Flaky... I want you," He says to her, cupping her chin and touching her lips with his thumb, and she sees a small spark in his eye, something she has never seen before, something that makes her heart flutter, something that makes her lips purse and eyes close in patience.

94. Shadow

Looming over her figure, his hands clutch the bed covers as his sharp teeth tears the buttons from her shirt, snapping and throwing her lacy bra aside, kissing her collarbone and neck lovingly before descending down and biting a sensitive spot, returning to hold her face to ask her if he had hurt her too much.

95. Seduce

She shakes her head, and her hands travel up his strong arms to his shoulders, helping him to take off his camouflage jacket and black sweater which indeed bothered him, her movements giving a hint of playfulness as she pulls him back down with a hand at the back of his neck.

96. Lust

Soon, it starts to take over him as he desires to pleasure her in any way that would make her whimper, stammer and moan his name again and again— his knuckle flicks at his lips as his tongue tastes the translucent sticky liquid that drips on his mouth, causing Flaky to blush deeply and put a hand to her mouth to suppress the gasp upon the sight of his eyes darkening in lust, though she finds him to be a little cute (of course, she doesn't seem to have a good perception of people's expression as much as him).

97. More

Even though he doesn't notice it, his hand tugs at his pants, and Flaky averts her eyes in embarrassment and shyness as he smirks, pulling his pants off slowly to see her face heat up, and proceeds to rip off her skirt and panties from her body, pulling up the covers with him as he positions himself, his yellow eyes burning with a desire, "I want to be inside of you."

98. Pleasure

She suddenly feels him ramming into her, invading her body and the pain that struck her as she gasps loudly, her nails digging into his back and her mouth stammering his name and how much it hurts repeatedly, though he never stops and keeps on going, his pace increasing every time he hears a word of plead from the red-haired girl, because the tightness and warmth feels too good for him to take, too good that it almost drives him over the edge.

99. Collapse

Flaky cries his name loudly, feeling the pleasure surge through her body as the muscles in her contracted in rhythm, her legs throbbing and her chest heaving in exhaustion, and Fliqpy is also fatigued, feeling something release inside of her before he his head falls to her shoulder, breathing heavily into her ear and showing her his true genuine smile that almost melts her heart.

100. Romance

He pulls up the covers to cover her shivering figure and caresses her cheek with his thumb, taking a few strands of her hair again and kissing it, causing her to giggle before kissing him, burying her face in his smooth-skinned chest while he wraps an arm around her back and pulled her close, succumbing to the sleepiness that took over them,

"Sweet dreams, my love."


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