Holding Tight


I do not claim the series or it's content.

For those that wanted a little extra, I have this, although I'm not sure if I like it or not. This is likely the only addition I'll ever do for this and that if I later feel like it, might remove it altogether.

Reid slept on the plane ride home, his head nestled in the crook of the cushions, knees curled up and feet tucked under a warm weight. The four seating lounge along the wall of the aircraft provided only a mildly comfortable sleeping spot. None the less, the genius slept, his closest friend at his toes.

Derek was equally knocked out and snoring beside him, his body up right and resting against the arm rest. He didn't mind it when Reid had suddenly splayed out on the seat to nap, or even when his feet wiggled their way under his rear to sooth frozen stubs. He could only smirk and nod off after the doctor, both minds at ease with the company.

It had been a little over two years now since Reid had gotten that one phone call. The most horrific moment in Derek's life, chasing the doctor into the men's bathroom and holding him tightly while he unravelled. He swore, before even knowing what had caused the goofy little genius to shatter so rapidly, that he'd never have to witness it again.

Reid had fallen asleep in his arms on the bathroom floor that evening. Lifting him up on numb legs and carrying him to his car was a struggle. Onlookers were met by his sturdy glares as he shuffled out the office, the team wordlessly following to make sure they both got to the vehicle after little to no explanation.

The case had to go on, Derek staying behind as the team went in flight mode shortly after he left.

Reid had clung to him the whole time, Derek forcing the dazed man into a seatbelt as he brought him home. He had put him into bed and fell asleep beside the genius as morning rolled about and drew into evening. He made Reid confess later, that his mother was announced deceased, over a pile of sweet syrupy pancakes. A cup of sugar with a hint of coffee helped with taming his vocal abilities.

There were times that Reid would call Derek at three in the morning on a weekend, sobbing words filling the ear piece. Derek would flick on a light and reply out words to calm down the younger doctor before slipping a pair of shoes on and driving over to his place. They'd stay up all night keeping his mind off the loneliness. Those days came less and fewer between as the months passed, Derek not batting an eye even once.

The things that Reid thought he'd lost along with his mother were not all gone. He missed her sometimes, but he was lucky, there was always Derek watching out for him and it made it easier.

On Christmas, he'd always be dragged off with Derek to his family's place. There'd be a tree, hot chocolate and lattes, singing and dancing, and of course there was laughter. Everyone had a smile on their face, they made him feel at home, like he was part of the family. They'd go to Christmas plays the night before and then stay up all night to exchange gifts with secret Santa. All the sisters loved it when he came over. Maybe a little more than what Derek would have prefered.

His nicknames slowly started to increase too, all from "Prettyboy" and "Kid", to "Einstein" and "Ace". It wasn't the same as his mother's pep talks or flattering words, but it gave him that loved feeling all the same. His coworkers would even tease him while he worked to help relax his mind, distracting him and making his thoughts recollect to accomplish a tough puzzle. It helped him face the next challenge in the game they played.

Sometimes he'd write to his mother; he'd write how his life was going and the latest rash thing Derek had done to catch an unsub. He'd write about how he now had a goldfish named Digger. A rather interesting name Derek had picked out for him. It was meant for Gold Digger, the poor goldfish had no idea. He named it Digger for short as a compromise.

Each time that his desk would gather full of his letters, he and Derek would take the weekend and go visit his mother's resting place. Reid would kneel down in front of her stone, Derek waiting for him to read his letters at a distance. Occasionally Prentiss or Garcia would tag along and together they'd get coffee to lighten the mood once finished. Sometimes he'd write notes to Derek too, although he'd argue that doctors have the worst handwriting, he'd always get a letter back the next day.

Slowly, his life which he thought would be empty, filled back up.