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The great hall was in a buzz. The welcoming feast had just started, the first years had got sorted and everyone was just tucking into their dinner. Harry looked across the great hall and saw Malfoy eating whilst nodding to whatever Pansy was talking about. Looks like Malfoy came back for the eighth year as well.

Harry was a bit nervous about coming back to Hogwarts. Not because of what happened only four months ago with the war, but because of what was wrong with him. Harry had spent a few weeks in a private hospital where they did test after test after test. They had assured Harry that he will get better and be just how he was again. How long it would take... he didn't know. They had offered him potions to take when he felt funny but he refused to take them. He went to the one person he could trust when it came to potions. Potions master Severus Snape. With Harry going back to Hogwarts along with Hermione and Ron. Harry had to let the Professors know what was wrong with him. He asked for Snape's help and was surprised when he told Harry that he would be glad to help him and to go to him for potions even if it was in the middle of the night.

The only people at Hogwarts who knew about Harry was the Professors and the Gryffindors from fifth year up, all sworn not to repeat what they had been told. Until Harry wanted everyone to know or until he was back to his old self again.

Draco felt eyes on him and looked across at the Gryffindor table and saw Harry looking at him. Draco did a nod of his head and continued to eat. Harry and Draco reached a silent understanding. He didn't insult Harry and Harry wouldn't insult him. The war was over. Being picky with each other was just not worth it anymore. They would nod if they caught each others eye or if they passed it would be a "Potter. Malfoy." and that's it.

Draco looked back up at Harry when he knew he turned away and watched someone as they were shouting Harry further down the table. Harry turned and looked at Ron who had nudged him, Harry, following Ron's gaze saw the seventh year Gryffindor who called out to him. He saw Harry laugh and answer him back before continuing his conversation with Hermione. What? Draco thought. He obviously couldn't hear the seventh year lad shout him but he could hear what he was saying in order for him to laugh and answer back to him. Draco knew that something was going on with Harry. He had seen Harry a few times before they went back to school and he was acting a bit weird then. Draco made it his mission then to find out just what was wrong with Harry.

The first lesson they had the next day was double potions, as they walked through the door, Snape paired everyone up. "Draco you are with Potter." Draco sat at his seat and looked at Harry, expecting him to be making his way over, but Harry wasn't, he took out his books and put them on the table whilst looking through his bag.

"Draco I haven't got all day, go and sit with Potter."

"Why is it me that has to move."

"Because I have just told you to. Now."

Draco sighed and picked up his stuff and sat down next to Harry. "Go and get our stuff then."

When Harry continued to shuffle through his bag, Draco nudged him.

"What?" Harry asked, turning to see Malfoy sat at the side of him. "I said go and get our stuff we need for our lesson."

"You have legs don't you Malfoy?"

"Of course I do."

"Fetch them yourself then." Harry said as he turned back to his bag, finally locating his potions book at the bottom. Draco growled and stood up, making his way over to the storage cupboard.

Halfway through the lesson whilst the potion had to simmer for twenty minutes, Harry was reading his potions book, writing in it every now and then. Something, Draco noticed, that he did to. Write stuff down to help him work things out easier. Harry was halfway through writing something when Draco spoke up. "Why are you so quiet Potter?"

Harry finished what he was writing an then looked up at Draco. "I am quiet because I am reading my book whilst jotting down notes. Why does it bother you whether I am quiet or not?"

"It doesn't. I just wondered as you are not always quiet."

"Haven't I been through enough to deserve a little peace and quiet?"


Harry blinked. "Did you. Draco Malfoy. Say that you are sorry to me. Harry Potter?"

"Yes. And why are you whispering?"

"Can I help it if my throat is sore?"

"Go and see Poppy then."

"No thank you. I go in there with a sore throat she will keep me in overnight, knowing her. It will go on its own in a few days."

"Malfoy, Potter." Harry seeing Draco look straight at Severus, turned also. "You are in my lessons to work and learn. Not to chat. Ten points taken from Slytherin and Gryffindor." Harry slightly shook his head. "Potter. Stop behind after the lesson."

"Yes sir."

After the lesson when everyone cleared out except for Harry. Draco, being the last one out closed the door behind him and pressed his ear against it to listen.

"Are you alright Harry?"

Harry? Since when did Severus call him 'Harry'? Draco thought.

"I'm fine sir."

"I noticed the twitching of your head. Has the feeling come on again?"

"A little."

"Wait here and I shall get you a potion.." Severus walked into his personal storage room and came out with a small vial filled with an orange coloured potion. Harry took it from Severus and downed it in one, pulling a face at the taste of it.

"I know it must taste awful Harry but it is the only thing that helps. You come to me if you need any more."

"I will. Thank you sir."

Knowing the little meeting was now over, Draco hid in a nearby alcove and watched with a frown on his face as Harry left the potions room and made his way from the dungeons. What IS wrong with Harry? Whatever was wrong with Harry, Draco was determined to find out.

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