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Set after the war. The seventh years have returned for an eighth year.

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The next morning Draco woke up and turned over when he didn't feel Harry behind him. He opened his eyes and saw that he was alone, not only in bed, but in the ROR as well. Draco got out of bed and slowly started to get dressed. It was only when he picked up his wand did he see the note that Harry had left. "Morning baby, I've gone to shower and change. I'll see you at breakfast. Love Harry. X."

Draco smiled and pocketed the note before picking up his wand and leaving the room.

Draco had a shower back in the Slytherin dormitory and got a changed for the day. His first lesson of today was potions with Harry which was in an hour. He packed his bag with the items he would be need for today's lessons and started to make his way to the great hall.

As he walked up the stairs from the dungeons and reached the entrance hall, he smiled when he saw Harry with his back to him as he was heading for the great hall. Draco was about to quicken his pace so he could catch up with Harry when he saw Theo Nott out of the corner of his eye raise his wand to Harry's back, Draco whipped out his wand and caught Theo's attention when he pointed his wand at him. "Don't you even think about it Nott."

"Why? What are you gonna do?"

"You really don't want to know the answer to that question."

Harry who saw two girls in front of him staring at something behind him, turned and saw Theo with his wand pointing at him and Draco with his wand pointing at Theo. Harry walked over to Draco who didn't lower his wand at all as, Harry noticed, Theo's wand followed Harry as he walked over to Draco.

"Draco what's going on?

"I come up from the dungeon and see you, but before I can get to you, this idiot here steps out from the shadows, his wand pointed at you ready to hex you."

"I knew it would only be a matter of time. You really are pathetic Nott. Why are you still so hell bent on making me suffer? Still can't get over the fact that a Gryffindor saved your arse, you now feel as though you have to embarrass me."

"Oh please, you did what you did to save your own arse. No-one else's. And now you expect everyone to show sympathy towards you and tread carefully because the golden boy can no longer hear."

"I don't want sympathy from anybody. McGonagall told you all so you would be aware of the situation."

"Why? I don't care what the fuck is now wrong with the golden boy."

Draco stepped in front of Harry and leaned right in to Theo's personal space. "I care, and unless you want to lose your bollocks." Draco paused and moved his wand further down. "You leave Harry alone. No more of this bullshit and prank pulling. Spread the word. Because I don't care who does it, Harry gets hurt, I'm coming after you." Draco pocketed his wand and turned around and put his arm around Harry, moving him away and towards the great hall.

"Thank you for stepping in and saying what you said." Harry said, kissing Draco's cheek.

"I didn't do that for nothing you know. I will want something in return."

Harry stopped them both. "Oh yeah? And what would you like in return?"

"A repeat performance of last night."

Harry chuckled before placing a kiss on his boyfriends lips. "Deal. Come on, lets go and get some breakfast."

Apart from the dark looks that Theo shot at them, Harry and Draco had had no trouble from him for the next few days. It wasn't until the following weekend when Theo tried again.

Theo had just finished his dinner in the great hall and looked over at the Gryffindor table where there was an empty space. Harry and Draco's place. Harry and Draco. Stupid Harry. Ever since they came back after the war, Draco distanced himself from his friends, Theo has gone from being his close friend to nothing, and all because the golden boy.

When the great hall started to clear out, Theo walked out and started to make his way to the dungeons, pushing past those who were still walking from the great hall, when something in the alcove caught his eye. Harry and Draco. Harry had Draco pinned against the wall, attacking Draco's mouth with his own. Theo growled and whipped his wand out and pointed it straight at Harry's back.

Hermione forgetting Harry couldn't hear screamed. "HARRY BEHIND YOU." as she ran with Ron to disarm Theo but they both stopped in shock as Harry pulled away from Draco and turned at Hermione's scream and took his wand out and pointed it straight at Theo.

"Harry you heard me."

Harry felt Draco behind him rest his forehead against the back of his neck. "So much for keeping it a secret to see what people really thought of you." he murmured.

Snape who saw Theo, walked over to him and dragged him away, scolding him as he did so. Once he was out of sight, Harry looked at Hermione. "Yes I did."

"When did your hearing return?"

"Last week. That day you and Ron was talking in the common room and I left to meet Draco only to be followed by Ron."

Ron actually looked sorry. "I'm sorry mate."

"It's alright Ron. It's forgotten." Harry took hold of Draco's hands and pulled him from the alcove and started to lead him to Draco's room in the dungeons. He noticed people talking and whispering among them. "Can I leave it to you both to explain all?" Harry asked, looking at Ron and Hermione who smiled. "Of course Harry, you two get going." Harry threw Hermione a smile and walked of towards Draco's room, his arm wrapped around his waist and his face buried in Draco's neck, placing butterfly kisses there.

"I wonder what Theo's problem was."

"He hates me even more Draco because I have took his best friend away." Draco stopped in front of a portrait and gave the password that led them both into Draco's private rooms. "What?"

"You heard."

"Blaise is my best friend. The most me and Theo did was flirt back and forth."

"His feelings probably ran deeper and now because you are with me, you don't flirt with him and to him, it is my fault."

"What a sore loser. There is only one person from now on who I flirt with and who gets to see me in a way no-one else will."

Harry tightened his grip on Draco. "Make sure it stays that way as well."

"Only if the same applies to you."

"It does."

"Good." Draco whispered and closed the distance between them. Draco now had all he wanted in his arms, and he wasn't about to let it go. No matter how jealous or upset people got, they could deal with them sort of people together, but for now, they took the liberty of enjoying the peace and quiet, as now the whole school knew of Harry's deafness, no doubt it would be in the prophet come morning.

The end.

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