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Potato Gnocchi.

Midnight in Great Britain.

A bright white light,

A loud obnoxious laugh,

Both blasted through the manor in the space of a heartbeat, lighting up the English countryside.

Where was Alfred? What had he just done? England dropped the martini he'd been shaking and made his way through the other guests at the party.

"It's nothing, nothing, don't mind it, enjoy yourselves." He mumbled as he moved through the crowd of nobility and foreign dignitaries. Of course he'd personally invited America as a show of friendship. Why, why had he done this, Arthur found himself wondering now that it was clear America was incapable of gentlemanly comportment?

Finally rushing through the open door to the private rooms he had kept nicely secret all these years, the Brit gasped and crossed swiftly to the giggling American.

"What the bloody hell did you just do, you stupid yank?" Emerald eyes wide, England pushed his laughing former colony out of the way, distancing him from the ancient iron stand, upon which sat an even more ancient leather bound tome.

"Blimey…" Though both he and his long time ally and friend had been deep into their cups not long ago, what Arthur now saw sobered him up instantly.

Alfred's laugh continued, echoing in the dark room. "Whatever man, this stuff isn't real!"

"It most certainly is real, you ruddy wanker." The United Kingdom shook his head as he gathered up the candles, sachets of herbs, and spools of black twine that had spilled from the chest Alfred had carelessly stumbled over.

Once his effects were all placed back into the chest and the room put back in order, green eyes looked down from beneath prominent brows as the British nation surveyed his reckless and wild friend. Alfred was like a little brother, his former charge, and Arthur had certainly tried to teach him manners and not to dabble in what he didn't understand.

He'd tried.

Sighing heavily, Arthur turned back to the book. "Tell me you didn't actually speak the words on this page. Not this page, right, Alfred? The shorter blonde held his book up and pointed to the dangerous spell in question.

This wasn't done anymore. Hadn't been for ages and ages, not since the times of frontiers, not since the ages of personal unions between nations. These times had long since past.

"So?" Alfred stood up from where he'd fallen and swayed tipsily, still grinning. "Seriously old man, what's the big deal? It sounded like nonsense anyway." Reaching into his pocket for a greasy fry, The taller blonde went on around his full mouth. "Its not like anything happened."

As Arthur looked aghast at the much younger nation, America went on. "I mean say that stuff, and do something with that globe…" Alfred suddenly turned toward the large sphere, "and dude, that thing is seriously out of date! I'm still the New World!" He turned back to the horrified Englishman, draping an arm around the shorter man's shoulders. "What, d'ya just keep it around for the memories?"

Alfred laughed again as Arthur attempted to regain control of his racing heart. The first thing he had to do was assess just how much damage America had done. The green eyed man sighed again as a thought ran through his mind. Wasn't that just all he did now a days?

"Right then Alfred," Arthur pointed to the book as he placed it back on the stand. "walk me through exactly what you did."

The American shrugged, clearly still of the opinion that he hadn't done anything with England's odd book of spells, but mutter some gibberish and spin an old useless globe.

"Ok, uh, I first came in and thought it'd be a gas if I checked out what all this hocus pocus was about." Not even noticing Arthur's emerald eyes glaring in frustration, Alfred went on. "So I basically just flipped a page at random and said that ridiculous sounding stuff," Blue eyes glistened with mirthful tears, "honestly, Iggy, its nonsense! I worry about you sometimes old man." America chuckled again and then gesturing to the globe, he waved greasy fingers.

So then I spun the globe like it said, randomly put both hands on it, and that's when all that weird light happened and you came in here all mad at me for nothing!"

"We'll see about that." Alright, Arthur thought, if Alfred didn't know what he had been doing it was possible nothing had happened, if he'd managed to select stretches of ocean or the same country or one sovereign state and the ocean, nothing would happen, and no one need know.

The Island nation first turned on a lamp to better inspect the blue and green sphere. He then turned the large globe round as he looked for greasy smudges….

His heart nearly stopped.

Of all the...

"Alfred, do you have any idea what you've done? What I'll have to answer for if they suspect…" Arthur pulled the taller man toward him by the collar of his shirt and pointed, glaring eyes full of emerald fire. He pointed to the sphere and the greasy finger prints on the once kingdoms the impulsive American had selected by random.

Sure the names were spelled in the floral way Arthur had once spoke; yes, some of the boundary lines had changed over time, but not so much that the spell wouldn't have worked.

"Um…so…? Whats the deal?" America turned puzzled toward his irate host.

Releasing the clueless American, Arthur shook his head. "You really are thick aren't you Alfred?"

The taller blonde straightened, sobering a bit at the perceived jab at his eating habits, another french fry stopping on its way to his mouth. "Am not! I've been eating a lot less latel-"

Arthur cut off his words with a roll of his eyes. "Daft." The Englishman spoke the word beneath his breath, more to himself than his confused American friend. To Alfred, Arthur looked seriously into wide blue eyes. "I'll be blunt, though to be crude with such a sensitive subject..." The green eyed man sighed, "however, I see I have no other choice."

"Man," America began, his smile reappearing broadly, "What the hell are ya talkin' about?"

The Brit was aware that he was beginning to frustrate the other, less patient nation as he stood silently. The truth was that Arthur simply wasn't sure how to tell Alfred about this particular spell. He'd said he would be blunt, but this just simply wasn't something talked about.

As America began to lose interest and glanced around, England realized if he didn't just tell him, Alfred would start messing with something else in the room. Arthur's stomach plummeted at the possibilities. God save them all if he came across the scrying mirror or crystal ball!

"Right. Sit down Alfred." Of course he didn't move. "Fine, stand, Look, Alfred, I'll be very clear with you." Arthur's brows lowered over his eyes seriously as he began to pace. "What you've just cast is a spell not used anymore in this world. The world as you know it, well, its free of frontiers that have yet to be explored, there are less monarchies, and of those that exist, few...very few have the power they once had." The Englishman wondered how he would explain the situation they were now a part of.

"You see there was a time when unions between nations were common...great empires were born of these marriages." He sighed again at the continued empty expression turned toward him. "I suppose the last of these was Hungary and Austria."

It seemed England had finally gotten America's notoriously short attention span focused. "Yeah, I remember that one." Alfred scoffed. Ok, so...what does your dumb spell thingy have to do with that? I mean, the Austro-Hungarian empire, ya know, collapsed."

Arthur stopped in his pacing and turned toward the other man, his arms across his chest, the Brit went on. " Right, thats neither here nor there. Point is, Alfred, had they ...uh, that is, had Roderich and Elizaveta chosen to... well you know... um," Arthur flushed pink. Why did America have to be so bloody thick? He thought to himself, knowing the answer was one that would forever elude his bespectacled friend.

"If they had wanted to have a...well a baby, but of course, its not just a baby you understand, but a jointly held bit of land, sort of like a, or a colony," He waved his hands immediately. "Don't look at me like that! Thats not where you came from!"

"Anyway, its simply a more intimate way of expanding an empire I suppose, a more permanent sort of thing. Islands have been made this way, and bits of previously unexplored or unclaimed land have been named and"

Arthur sighed, long suffering "Ugh.." and leaning on the stand where the book still sat, open to the dangerous page, he looked across at America, watching the full realization of what he'd just done come together in the younger nation's mind.

As England watched the cogs turning, Alfred suddenly laughed hard, and doubling over, held his side. "You're telling me, you're tellin' me I just... I just... I mean,...Italy and.." Alfred's words dissolved into fits of giggles as he clearly understood what he'd just done. The American looked up, tears in his eyes from laughter.

England's arms crossed themselves tightly against his chest, emerald eyes wide and accusatory. "My God man! Have some compassion!"

Alfred's laughter suddenly stopped.

"Right, thank you, I mean really, think of-" Arthur cut off his words as Alfred had moved, rushing past him to take the book in hand again. "What are you doing?"

Blue eyes gazed over the words on the page lovingly as America reached out with the other hand to turn the globe westward away from Europe. "Something I have always wanted to do."

He spoke quickly, now much more comfortable with the words, having spoken them once before.

"A New world unfurled frontiere, rootebeer global sphere, across the border tape recorder, expande the land adrenal gland!"

As the last syllable fell from his voice, America slammed his palms flat on the land mass labeled as the New World. Dropping the book, one palm slammed into the northern reaches as the other landed firmly to the south, somewhere in what Alfred recognised as his great plains.

"What have you done?" Arthur spluttered as he moved through the blinding light to tackle the impulsive, rebellious nation. "Bloody wanker! My Commonwealth! You...You...Canada! I won't have- you can't- bleeding do..."

Apparently it was simply too much, and still stammering incoherently, England pulled back and took a swing at America; the younger nation dodged the attack easily. As Arthur came around for a second attempt, still stuttering his rage, he suddenly dropped his fist, took hold of Alfred's shoulders, and shaking the American roughly he opened his mouth to yell, to curse him into nothing, but instead of his intentions, it seemed Arthur could simply take no more.

With a mix of curse words all rolling into one nonsensical mash of syllables, furious emerald eyes rolled back, and with one finger still raised, pointing straight in America's face, England passed out cold.

As Alfred attempted to revive Arthur while texting Mathew the good news with one hand, across the channel, in mainland Europe, it was an hour later.

1:00am. Berlin.

The slight brunette mumbled in his sleep and scooted closer to the taller blonde, whose bed he shared.

"Veh~ Germany..." Italy poked the other man in the side.

Accustomed to his partner's frequent nightmares, and hoping he would not have to wake fully, The sleeping nation turned and stretched out his arm without opening an eye.

The Mediterranean nation scooted closer, burrowing into the muscular German's side.

"I feel funny Germany~"

Slowly blue eyes opened reluctantly in the dark. "Hm?" Ludwig turned completely onto his side to look over the petite man beside him. Feliciano appeared as he normally did; laying beneath the blanket, half naked as usual, and looking up with partially open caramel eyes, clouded with a sleepy haze.

"Vhat is it, Feli? Do you feel sick?" The blonde rubbed the sleep from his own eyes and then reached a hand to feel for his lover's temperature.

All seemed fine.

Germany peered down closely at the petite brunette. You do not seem to have a fever."

The Italian shrugged, and wrapping his arms around his stomach, scooted back in under the German's arm. "Veh~ I just feel...wierd."

"Indigestion?" The tall blonde sighed, and kissed the smaller brunette on the head. Ruffling mahogany locks lightly, Ludwig lay his head back against the pillow and closing his eyes again he chided his Italian love, "You eat too much pasta. Go to sleep, you vill feel better in the morning."

12:30am Great Britain

As the European nations once again fell asleep in eachother's arms, England was just coming around.

"Al-Alfred...what the.." Arthur sat up suddenly, remembering. "Oh bloody hell."

America's grinning face swam into view. "Good mornin' old man!" Alfred reached down to pull the stunned Brit up from the floor. "So I'm just waiting on Matt's response, 'Had to let him in on the totally kickass news! Just think how cute he'll look!" Alfred went on, his mind obviously racing well ahead, "I wonder if he'll want hamburgers? I should catch the next flight and surprise him with a couple dozen! I mean any child of mine has got to have a healthy dose of grade A beef!"

Still furious over the sheer scope of chaos America had loosed on international relations in just one hour, Arthur made no attempt to hide his satisfaction at what he had to tell Alfred now.

Smirking, England looked America in the eyes, "You know, Alfred, magic is no exact understand, it could be you who decides you'd like a case of maple syrup one morning.

Capitalizing on the suddenly falling face, as America had clearly not considered this a possibility, the Brit went on. "And don't you think for a minute I'm taking responsibility for this! You," The green eyed man pointed a finger into the American's chest, "you are going to explain this to Germany and Italy."

Covering his eyes with one hand, Arthur shook his head. "God help you Alfred, just pray its Feliciano..."

"Um...huh." The American was suddenly silent. "Um, do I have to tell them?" Blue eyes squinted conspiratorially. "I mean, you know...they'll find out on their own...right?"

England drew himself up to his full height, still shorter than the other nation who had grown beyond the former empires expectations, he none the less made a striking figure. "Alfred F. Jones. I bloody well taught you better than that." Green eyes flashed with disappointment.

And it was disappointment that cut America to the quick, "Ugh.." He stomped his feet childishly, "Fine! I guess I'll fly over to Europe before I go to Canada..."

"Good Man." The shorter blonde huffed, still incensed at America's audacity. "Really Alfred, you have to start thinking of others. Do you have any idea what our bosses are going to say about this?" England shook his head as he steered America toward the door. "What you've single-handedly done, do you have any idea?"

Before Alfred had a chance to answer, Arthur had walked him through the party, through a side door, and called for a car. "Now you're getting to the airport before I want to hit you again."

5am. Berlin.

As the sun rose over Europe, a few hours before it would reach North America, Alfred stood, shifting his feet guiltily at Germany's doorstep.

He pushed the buzzer again, and balanced the bag of groceries he'd bought. Food made the best apology, he told himself as he readjusted his hold on the sack of boxed pasta, various kinds of bratwurst, tomatoes, parmesan and sauerkraut.

He pushed the buzzer again.

Alfred put his ear to the door. Steady footsteps could be heard on the other side making their way toward him.

Pulling back just as the polished oak door opened to reveal a tall blonde dressed in a black tanktop and hastily pulled on slacks, America beamed. "Mornin' Ludwig!"

Glaring down at the American, as Alfred invited himself in, the German rubbed sleep from his eyes. "Vhat are you doing here, America?" Ludwig ran a hand through his hair in a partially successful attempt at smoothing it back. "Und do you realize vhat time it is?

Alfred laughed as he emptied the grocery bag onto Ludwig's kitchen counter. "Sorry about that dude, I just wanted to get here as soon as I could!"

"Ja, und vhy vas that, exactly?" Puzzled, Germany picked up one bratwurst and peered quizzically at America. "You know...I am not in need of food...?"

Not sure how to broach the topic, Alfred shifted uneasily; he really wanted to hurry up and tell them so he could get to Canada...maybe stop by a Timmy's to sweeten the news...

"Um...," The younger nation began, "Italy wasn't home, so I figured he was here?"

Taking the instant blush that spread across the taller man's face for affirmation, America grinned. "So, either of you two feelin' a little...odd since last night?"

One pair of blue eyes widened as the other became slits of azure suspicion; Ludwig stepped menacingly toward Alfred. "Vhat did you do to Italy?"

Even as he backed up against the larger man's counter, America laughed relieved; an action which only served to further confuse the German.

If it had been Ludwig who'd felt a bit funny, Alfred had already had a plan in place. This backup plan consisted of running away, very far away. As it was, it was bad enough, and edging along the wall, America purposefully maneuvering his back to the door.

"So, anyway...yeah, um..." He'd never been very good at delivering bad news or admitting he'd done anything wrong. Still backing up as the other nation continued to advance, America drew a notepad from his pocket where he'd written what he planned to say on the flight over.

Laughing nervously and feeling the cool wood of the door against his back now, Alfred began to recite the words he'd written. "Germany, how's it going?" He began, regaining some of his usual confidence, "Hahaha, I guess we already got that part, huh?" The American looked to the German as Ludwig had stopped and crossed his arms, eyes still slits of pale blue, waiting for an explanation.

"So, uh," Alfred returned to his notes, "Congrats! You're gonna-"

Light footsteps and a yawn from the bedroom drew both men's attention, Alfred stopped mid sentence as Ludwig turned toward the sound.

"Veh~ Ludwig, I still feel funny." One arm still around his stomach, the smaller man rubbed the sleep from caramel eyes with the other hand as he walked through the doorway to stand beside the broad shouldered blonde. "Oh Boungiorno America!" The Italian greeted the unexpected guest, "what brings you here so early?"

"Ja," The German glared at the American again with suspicion, one large hand held protectively at his Italian love's back. "He vas just about to say, veren't you, America?"

His fingers taking hold of the knob behind him, Alfred coughed and rushed through the words he'd written, " Congrats! You're gonna be dads! How cool is that?" He hurried on, opening the door and backing out, as the other nations reacted in shocked fury and sleepy confusion respectively. "I'm sure your kid'll be super organized and talented!"

"che cosa?" Caramel brown eyes widened further than Alfred had ever seen them.

The American grinned radiantly, "Yeah buddy, you're all knocked up! And it's Germany's so..." Alfred gave a thumbs up as he backed out the door onto the front stoop.

"Gott Verdammt America, vhat are you talking about?" Irate and with barely concealed panic, the taller blonde grasped at the other's jacket just as Alfred ducked and took off out the door, "Don't blame me! Its was England's stupid magic!"

Considering what his boss's reaction would be were he to knock America out, Ludwig decided against chasing Alfred down; instead he closed the door and slowly turned around to face the situation in which he now found himself.

The petite brunette looked up at his taller blonde love, a mix of emotions chasing eachother across the Italian's face. "G-Germany, veh~I think I'm going to be sick."

"Ja," Ludwig ran a hand across his brow, "Me too."

"No, I think I'm going to throw up!" The mahogany haired nation clutched at his abdomen and with a worried look, Italy rushed past the distraught German at the door on his way to the bathroom.

Completely immobile, Germany stood at the door, trying to calm his quickened heart rate as innumerable and impossible ideas flew through his mind. After some time of standing frozen at the door, the tall blonde began to worry.

"Feliciano? Are you alright?" Ludwig walked to stand just outside the bathroom, and as he had just begun to open the door, his Italian love exited, a wide smile on his face.

"I didn't throw up afterall!" The slight man embraced his muscular love, and laying a kiss to the German's chest, he continued, "I feel better - lets have breakfast!"


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