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Lots of sexy lovin' times.

~there is a large block of German, but it will be translated in text shortly after, all other translations at the end~

Without further ado~

It's St. Valentine's Day in Berlin, a month has passed since the first rogue flower was spotted in the northern region of Italy, now experiencing an early spring as well as a boom in unusual plant life. Knowing Germany celebrates the holiday much more than he, Feliciano is hard at work to make him a sweet surprise. He's grown somewhat pudgy as his land has gotten more and more fertile over the past month, this is a cause of insecurity for him.

"Mmmm" Feliciano murmured as he licked the last bit of icing from the spoon. The little cake he'd made for the holiday was going to be delicious! The sweet dessert was covered in creamy pink icing and the words "Ich Liebe Dich" and "Ti Amo" circled the top in chocolate cream. Cherries made a heart between the bilingual expressions of love.

Italy smiled at his creation, knowing his husband celebrated 's day much more than he did at home. Of course this certainly wasn't the first Valentine's day he'd spent in Berlin since the holiday had become popular with Ludwig, but each year he tried to make something special and different from the years past.

Feliciano's contentment only partially interrupted by an ache in his back, he turned to lean against the kitchen counter and looked out the window. Large snowflakes were falling past the glass, a soft fog of white appeared to just kiss the window's edges with cold.

Feliciano sighed gazing out the window. "Poor Ludwig to have to go to a meeting today of all days when it's so cold out and he should be warm inside with me…" Before the sudden bout of loneliness and sympathy could take hold he was suddenly enthused with determination to make his sweetheart's place as comfy, cozy, and warm as possible before Ludwig returned home.

…But Ludwig wasn't at a meeting, and indeed hadn't had one at all that day. He had taken the time to find the best gifts for Valentine's day, searching so many shops for just the right choices. Smiling a mischievous grin more commonly viewed on his brother's face, the tall blonde juggled the bags on his arm as he paid for a bouquet of bright red roses.

Thinking of sunnier days to come, as well as how much he wanted to get home to Feliciano, Ludwig walked quickly through the snow that had begun to fall.

Once behind the wheel, Germany thought back to a day when his emotions had been worn more on his sleeve. His youth had been turbulent and fraught with wars, but he had had such creativity, though always he had been unable to express himself as well as he wanted, no matter how well his citizens could. Ludwig conjured up a poem from his past, written by one of his most renowned poets. It was the only thing he could think of which seemed to be enough to express his feelings for his Italian love. He certainly needed the help, Ludwig knew if he tried to spill out his heart without planning it would never come out quite as he wanted it…no matter how he tried, how could he find words good enough for his Feliciano?

Ludwig spoke the verse again and again under his breath, a rosy blush crossing his face and warming his ears.

"Euch bedaur' ich, unglücksel'ge Sterne, Die ihr schön seid und so herrlich scheinet, Dem bedrängten Schiffer gerne leuchtet, Unbelohnt von Göttern und von Menschen: Denn ihr liebt nicht, kanntet nie die Liebe! Unaufhaltsam führen ew'ge Stunden Eure Reihen durch den weiten Himmel. Welche Reise habt ihr schon vollendet, Seit ich, weilend in dem Arm der Liebsten, Euer und der Mitternacht vergessen..."

Turning onto his street, Ludwig continued his repetition, sure not to forget a word, determined to show Feliciano just how romantic he could be.

As Ludwig drove, Feliciano looked around the room at his handiwork. The cake sat perfectly on the coffee table beside a chilled bottle of wine, He had fluffed and arranged all the pillows in the livingroom, and a fire blazed in the hearth casting its warmth throughout the home.

"Veh.." Feliciano sighed as he walked to the window sill and leaning on it, again gazed out at the falling snow. Building that fire had been hard work; his back hurt, his feet hurt, and he swore he was getting fatter by the day! Lips turning down slightly, Italy was suddenly concerned about his appearance; Ludwig was probably just trying to be nice when he told him he looked good and the weight wasn't so bad...

This thought raced and circled through his head, but it wasn't alone. Feliciano also thought of the snow, and how he loved snowflakes as a child. In four months they'd have a child of their own. Mood switching rapidly from insecurity to anxious happiness, Feliciano wondered what a child of theirs would be like, what their child would enjoy, would look like, his or her temperament…He had thought about this a lot and each time it crossed his mind, his heart, otherwise full of happy wonder was pained in momentary melancholy. His emotions swung downward again.

Always he recalled himself and Ludwig as children, and every time he felt the same sinking sadness that his beloved had so few memories of his childhood so many centuries ago, while Feliciano remembered it all…

An unmistakable spring in his step, Ludwig parked, and hurried toward his door. Adjusting the bags in his arms, full of sweets decorated with very happy and suggestive pigs, and various gifts for the man he loved, on this most romantic of holidays, he reached for the doorknob.

Turning the knob as he opened the door, hoping to surprise Feliciano, Ludwig instead found himself the one surprised and rushed in, dropping the bags on the floor as he hurried to Feliciano who was standing, sobbing, at the window.

"Feliciano, vhat is it?" Ludwig held his husband by the shoulders and worried, stared into his eyes as if he could discern what had caused him to cry so.

Catching his breath, the tears refusing to stop rolling down his face, Italy gasped around the sobs, "I-I'm-a-s-so sorry; It's nothing." Italy grinned through his tears and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

Germany was unswayed. Something had upset his Italy and he had to know what it was. "It vas not 'nothing'. Tell me vhat made you cry!" The blonde's grip on the brunette's shoulders increased as Ludwig's heart sped. Irrational though it may seem, he was filled with the urge to rid Italy of whatever had made him sad, whatever it was, he'd attack it full force until the man in his arms was happy and carefree again.

Feliciano chuckled at his over protective sweetheart. "Oh Germany, it was nothing, just some memories, that's all." He pouted then, and moved in as his taller man's arms enveloped him. Looking up through his lashes, Feliciano added in an effort to move past the subject, "and…I've gotten so fat…"

Ludwig held Feliciano close, blue eyes peering into caramel brown. Unsure of what had triggered Italy's tears, Germany decided he wouldn't ask. There was more than enough in the long span of time to cause a moment of sorrow upon remembering. He was no stranger to tears himself, regardless of what others may think.

Instead, Ludwig took the diversion Feliciano offered, and though a diversion it was, it was nonetheless true. Feliciano may have been changing the subject but as he stood, pressed against Ludwig's muscular chest by his muscular arms, he was searching for assurances that Ludwig still found him attractive.

Blush returning, the German cleared his throat and recalling his earlier determination to be as romantic as possible, to sweep Feliciano off his feet with unexpected emotion, Ludwig took his sensitive Italian man by the chin, and tilted it up as he moved in with a kiss.

His heart racing, the blood thundering in his ears, Ludwig kissed away the remnants of salty tears before his lips captured Feliciano's in a kiss into which he tried to express all that was in his heart, before he tried to say it in words.

Hands moved along eachother's backs, Feliciano holding tight to his broad man's waist, while Ludwig's hands slid from Feliciano's shoulders, taking their time at the small of his back, pulling him in closer as their lips stayed locked together.

Finally breaking for air, Ludwig dropped his head to Feliciano's shoulder to speak into his ear. "Du bist so schön" He could feel his ears getting redder, but went on, now in Feliciano's language, "Sei Bellisimo"

This was it. Ludwig steeled his nerves, it was time to be charming. His husband's face was now glowing, Italy's grin spurring him on, Ludwig quickly moved to gather up the bags he'd dropped and the bouquet of roses.

"I made you a cake." Feliciano pointed to the coffee table happily as Ludwig turned toward him, arms laden with gifts.

Ludwig stopped suddenly, seeing the cake and the roaring fire for the first time. "Danke Feliciano," He drew closer, speaking seriously, "I can't wait to taste it."

"I..uh, got you these," Germany began, inwardly commanding his voice to both be softer and not waver under his nerves. Maybe he'd gone overboard. Had he gotten Italy too many gifts?

…Perhaps it wasn't too many, but how he had just shoved them into Feliciano's arms…

"Ah, sorry Feli…" Ludwig realized he had filled the other man's arms with boxes of chocolates and cookies and hurried to help Feliciano put them on the table beside the cake. Italy laid a hand on his worried man's arm, "It's ok! I feel so loved!" He was happy to see Germany's expression relax a bit.

Now feeling much better, his earlier memories and sadness fading, Feliciano continued smiling and laughed inwardly at his sweetheart's awkward movements to guide them to sit on the sofa. Still holding the roses, Germany turned to face him; Italy could see he was thinking of something, readying himself.

Bright blue eyes closed for a moment as the blush faded to a lighter pink across Ludwig's face. Clearing his throat, the German opened his eyes, ready and prepared. The poem in his mind, the practiced look of confidence, the perfected romantic gaze, it was all simply a formula to be followed, and Ludwig had practiced it with his usual detail-oriented approach.

Leaning forward as he finally gave Feliciano the dozen roses, Ludwig let all his emotion fill the words written by one of his citizens so long ago. Thankful he didn't have to think of the right words to say, and instead allowed his voice to be the tool of his expression.

"Stars," He began, casting his eyes upward as if to look at the stars, and in order to keep his voice steady. "you are unfortunate, I pity you, beautiful as you are, shining in your glory, who guide seafaring men through stress and peril and have no recompense from gods or mortals, love you do not, nor do you know what love is."

He looked toward Feliciano again, sky blue gaze locking onto caramel. His heart in his throat, Ludwig continued, leaning closer to Feliciano. "Hours that are eons urgently conducting, your figures in a dance through the vast heaven, what journey have you ended in this moment?"

Raising his hand up to brush through Feliciano's hair, fingers finding the beloved curl, Ludwig was gratified to see his words having the hoped for effect. Now he had to finish it off.

Wrapping his husband's sensitive hair around his finger, Ludwig concluded the poem addressing the stars but intended for Feliciano, "Since lingering in the arms of my beloved, all memory of you and midnight I've lost."

Taken aback, Feliciano couldn't tear his eyes from Ludwig's. Instead, leaning into the hand moving down from his hair to cup his face, Feliciano sighed, "Veh… Ludwig, sometimes I forget about your epoca del romanticismo."

Breaking from Ludwig's gaze, Feliciano looked to the painting above the hearth. Smile growing quickly from ear to ear, Italy had taken it for granted, as it had hung there so long. Friedrich Overbeck's 'Italia and Germania' painted in 1811.

Leaning in close, Feliciano was aware that his charm was coming across with natural finesse, and he used it to push Ludwig's romantic mood over the edge.

As he gave Germany his best 'bedroom eyes', a breathless whisper escaped Italy's lips. "Let's go to…" He leaned ever closer, "das Bett…."

In one movement, Ludwig had lifted Feliciano from the sofa and was already striding through the living room. "Si, signore!" The broad shouldered blonde kicked the bedroom door open with his foot, a wide, carefree grin across his face.

Italy giggled; to hell with anyone who thought his man was serious all the time! Though Germany may need a lot of help letting loose, and when he did, he managed to do some more than strange things…like wearing socks on the beach when they stayed at his place…

Feliciano laughed fully at the thought as Ludwig lowered him gently onto the mattress.

"Vhat?" Leaning over him, blue eyes, previously bright with passion now looked confused and hurt.

Hurrying to put things right, as Feliciano knew well it was when his German love was in a romantic mood that he was at his most sensitive, whether he would admit it or not. "No, nothing, I'm just happy!"

Ludwig appeared to be slightly skeptical.

Throwing his arms up and around the blonde's neck, the brunette craned his neck back and sighed dramatically before looking back up. "Weren't you going to kiss me?"

Not another word needed said.

Hands moved fast across chests to remove shirts, reached down to unbutton pants. Clothes were tossed across the room all in such a speed that the necessary seconds when their lips were not locked together was unbearable.

Feliciano felt Ludwig's heart beat against his chest as they resumed their previous position, its rhythm matched his own as their hips came into contact while their lips refused to part again.

The blood pumped through his body as Feliciano felt his love's growing erection against his own. Italy shifted his hips to move against the taller man's and was rewarded with a low moan captured in their kiss.

At last, pulling his lips away from Ludwig's with hesitance, Feliciano simply moved his kisses to his husband's neck as he scooted down just slightly, leaving one arm up and draped around Ludwig's left shoulder while he lowered the other to drift down his love's fit abdomen to grip the other man's cock with gentle eagerness.

As Feliciano stroked his lover into full hardness, he felt Ludwig's large hand grip his hip tightly. Italy saw any time he got the northern nation to let loose his passion as a victory, particularly as it meant lots of possessive grasps, loving caresses, and that his partner's attention to detail wasn't just for the office.

But sudden gripping insecurity once again took hold and as he kissed along beloved pectorals, Feliciano dropped his left arm from Ludwig's shoulder to grab the nearby blanket. Pulling it across himself, he hoped to disguise the weight gain that caused him such worry.

His actions did not go unnoticed as Italy had hoped, instead, Ludwig stopped and sat up.

"Vhat are you doing, Feli?" Breathless with desire, Germany nevertheless analyzed the situation and answered his own question while Italy squirmed below him, evading the question. "You think you're fat, again. Is that it?" Tone commanding an answer, the blonde leaned down again, resting both palms on either side of his beloved's head.

"Well….veh, I've gained so much weight…" Caramel eyes began to fill with tears again. Trying to hold them back, Feliciano hated his added emotional unpredictability and tried hard to contain it, which in itself felt unnatural as well. "…this stupida gravidanza…"

"Oh, Feliciano!" Ludwig sat up only to carefully remove the blanket and pull the smaller man in close. "You're not fat!" Large hands stroked the slender back. "That you have gained weight is good, it is a sign of health und a good sign for our baby." He continued, listing various points of information, which though found in books created for mortals, was, however, true.

Finishing his lecture, albeit a loving lecture, the Federal Republic of Germany held the Italian Republic by the shoulders and met him with a piercing gaze. "Right now from the Alps to the end of the Northern Apennines there are flowers blooming, flowers that have never bloomed beyond my borders." Feliciano, the lower Po valley is more fertile than ever before, even the upper is astounding agricultural scientists!" Feeling his brow draw together, Ludwig went on, "You know all this – ve have had countless meetings!" When Feliciano opened his mouth to interrupt, Ludwig put a finger to his lips. "The Adriatic, Ligurian, Mediterranean, and as seas are fluid, even the Ionian to the south is more full of life than at any time in history!"

Feliciano laughed lightly, "I don't know how Romano feels about that; I don't know if he knows how he feels about it actually!"

Voice softening, Ludwig went on, "By nothing but chance, these symptoms are happening to you und not to me…"

The Italian laughed again, now back at ease, imagining how his German love would've handled the situation. If the other man was over-protective and neurotic now…

Smiling again, Feliciano nuzzled in close to Ludwig's chest before flopping back to the bed. "Grazie mio adorato!" He sighed, this time a happier exhale, "I feel much better." Aware of his heartbeat increasing again, his blood rushing down his body as he gazed up above at his beloved, the lithe Italian stretched. His voice the definition of suave, Italy brushed his foot along Germany's thigh as the larger man remained sitting on his knees. "If you still find me handsome…"

By now growing more accustomed to his partner's fluctuating moods, it took only a moment and a second graceful swipe of Feliciano's foot to stir Ludwig into action.

Moving forward to lean above Feliciano again, Ludwig gazed down at his Italian love as he retrieved lubrication from the bedside table. Feliciano was radiant. It was like all the books and magazines said; he 'glowed'. Ludwig's heartbeat steadily pumping blood through his body, sending a blush to his cheeks and fueling his need. The blonde ran a hand through the brunette's hair, immediately finding the familiar curl.

"Let me show you how irresistible you are Feliciano."

A happy moan passed Italy's parted lips as he arched upward toward Ludwig; the strong German reached his other arm around Feliciano's back to pull them together. The setting sun just broke the bottom of the windowsill, bathing them in the soft blue light of dusk as Ludwig lowered his lips to meet Feli's in a deep kiss.

Feeling Ludwig tug and twirl his curl, Feliciano began to breathe heavily and bucked up toward the man above him again before wrapping both legs around his partner's strong waist.

The German's breathing was as heavy as the Italian's; Ludwig's blue eyes were wide as he looked down at Feliciano. He still couldn't believe his luck. In a way he was thankful to Arthur…whose irresponsibility with the security of his ancient magic, which Ludwig still wasn't entirely happy about him having, had however given him more happiness than he could have imagined. America's clumsy drunken romp in Arthur's room of magic artifacts had pushed him to finally take his relationship with Italy where he should have ages ago.

By Summer he and Italy would be raising a child…a thought which still astounded him, caused some sensitive tensions with the rest of Europe and filled him with worry, but most of all filled him with an indescribably lightness.

The blonde released the brunette's curl and brushed his hand down Feliciano's cheek to cup the smaller man's face. He still held Feli close, Ludwig's other arm fully encircling his Italian's slender back. "You are my everything, mein Liebe, and you are exceptionally handsome." His heart was pounding, and the way Feliciano had wrapped his legs around his waist was sending a heat spreading throughout his body that Germany was finding increasingly difficult to ignore.

Ludwig sat back on his knees, kissing along his beloved man's inner thighs as he moved Feliciano's legs.

"Veh~" Ludwig heard his love sigh again, and the sound sent a thrill through his blood. He slid one hand along Feliciano's thigh to encircle his rapidly returning erection. Germany's heart raced at the sudden gasp from the Italian's lips as he tightened his grip and began to stroke his large hand up and down the shaft bringing Feliciano to arch his back against the sheets light moans and nearly indiscernible whispered Italian.

With great care and intention, the German lowered his lips onto his beloved Italian's straining cock, tasting the slight bead of precum that glistened at the tip.

He explored the shaft with strong movements of his tongue and rejoiced at the sighs, gasps and soft moans coming from his love as Feliciano arched his back again in Ludwig's grasp and ran his fingers through Ludwig's hair.

When finally Germany took his husband's dimensions completely into his mouth, the warmth and feeling were nearly too much for Italy, emotionally exhausted from his cycling moods, but there was no reason for him to stifle himself so he rode the wave of pleasure now flooding him with both desire and devotion. Hands that had been playfully running through blonde locks now flew to the side to grip fistfuls of cotton sheets as Feliciano cried out to his love in every way he knew how.

As Ludwig gripped his man by the hip and moved his hand in time with his tongue, Feliciano's heart pounded furiously.

When his strong man let loose a moan from his throat, the vibrations thrilling along the sensitive flesh in his mouth, Feliciano thought he might die from the pleasure.

Sensing his love's rhythm, Ludwig released Feliciano's hip as he groped for the lube he'd laid on the bed beside them. Without taking his attention from his task, Germany slicked the fingers of his unoccupied hand.

Ample lubrication on his fingertips, Ludwig circled Feliciano's entrance as he continued to move his other hand in time with his mouth. Slowly, gently, he slid first one and then two fingers inside.

With utmost attention and discipline, Germany worked on both fronts, intent on Feliciano achieving climax as well as preparation for more.

When finally feeling his blood rush, leaving him lightheaded in ecstasy, Feliciano cried out again, all previous insecurity forgotten, "Ti prego, ti prego, non ti fermare!" before he released his hold on the sheets and gripped the headboard behind him, fingers digging into the edge of the wood.

Ludwig, always determined to do whatever he did better with each time he did it, gave his love everything he could, Feliciano's pleasure his only priority.

In a wave of sensation, Italy arched his back again, and calling his German's name, he came in a rush that left him spent and drowsy with contentment as his husband swallowed around him.

His moans light and slow, Feliciano continued to move his hips downward on Ludwig's fingers which pressed into him; mahogany hair dripped in sweat and spread out against the pillow as he slid down from it.

The German looked down at his Italian undulating at his touch, the dying light of the sun replaced by the rising moon's rays now streaming onto the bed; Feliciano's radiance filling his mind. Ludwig continued to take deep calming breathes as his straining erection pulsed in need.

Feliciano's expressive sighs and rhythmic movements were enough to undo the anguished man above him. It was all Ludwig could do to ignore his painful desire and calm his racing heart.

He would take his time, Germany was determined to take all the time he needed. Dropping light kisses to his beloved's stomach, thighs and everywhere between, he kept up his steady movements.

When Feliciano's moans got louder once more and again the Italian's cock began to grow erect, the taller man looked up from his kisses and breathed deeply inhaling the other man's scent as his own erection weeped against the sheets. "Are you…ready, Feli?"

The brunette was moving his hips in rhythm with the motions of his love's fingers as they moved in and out carefully. Feliciano gasped in pleasure as Ludwig's practiced fingers hit just the right spot to make his legs quiver. "S-Si!"

Slowly, Ludwig stretched his fingers inside his love one last time before pulling them out and coating his painfully hard cock in lube. Taking another deep breath, He looked down at Feliciano, held onto the Italian's lifted thigh with one hand as his husband scooted closer, the other reaching up to toy with the sweat drenched curl.

Feliciano felt Ludwig's hard cock against his entrance. He opened his eyes wide to look into his love's face. The blonde was biting his bottom lip, his brows knit together in an expression of desires held in for far too long.

"Veh~" Feliciano sighed, his eyes beginning to close; he ran a hand along Ludwig's forearm up his bicep to just graze fingertips along the taller man's jaw line before dropping his hand to encircle his own erection. "Ti amo."

At his love's soft words, Ludwig breathed a deep sigh and took Feliciano's curl tightly around his finger and with a low growl escaping his parted lips, Ludwig slowly entered his supple Italian. No matter how intimate, no matter how many times they had made love, whether it was he who pressed into Feliciano or the other way around, each time that first step was taken, it took his breath away.

As he moved his hips to draw back and plunge forward, Feliciano's whimpers, moans, and sighs propelled Ludwig on. Feliciano gasped with each moment that his love plunged in and hit the spot that left him, like Ludwig, breathless. Finally, as the need became too much and his legs could spread no further, the petite Italian flung his head back on to his pillows, arching toward his love, Feliciano lifted his legs to rest each on one of Ludwig's broad shoulders as the German let go of his hair, taking both hips in hand to guide the smaller man.

As Feliciano cried out in abandon at the sensation building him toward his second climax of the night he linked his toes together behind his partner's neck, Ludwig gasped as he penetrated deeper.

Leaning forward, Germany tightened his grip on Italy's hips and increased his speed. Beads of sweat dripped from messy blonde hair as the flush in his cheeks mirrored the one crossing Feliciano's face, as the Italian again reached behind for the headboard, his hand working fast to match the speed his German love had set.

Ludwig could control himself no longer, Feliciano's cries and hypnotic movements were too much. Caramel eyes were closed tight as Italy's back arched, chest rising as shoulders pressed backwards into the mattress, hips forward onto Germany's thick cock deep inside him. Ludwig's gaze was fixed onto the vision of perfection below him as he pulled back and plunged in again; pressing the smaller man into the mattress with a sound somewhere between a groan and a sigh infused with pleasure.

Feliciano's eyes flew open as his strong husband drove into him again and again; it was all he could do to stroke himself in time with Ludwig's rhythm as he neared the breaking point again. Meeting Germany's appreciating gaze, Italy fought to keep his eyes open as waves of sensation crested over him.

Feliciano's attempt to keep his eyes open, in reality had the effect of thick black lashes wavering to close over warm caramel eyes only to struggle to open again. The heavy lidded effect only added to his attractiveness as it displayed his satisfaction. Able to take no more, Lugwig finally broke their gaze to crane his neck back, managing to moan what Feliciano assumed were partial words in his native tongue.

Hearing his composed man lose himself to deep moans and half formed German words always undid him.

With each of Ludwig's strong thrusts, the petite Italian was filled, his nerves tingling making his legs shake as Feliciano recognized he was nearing completion as Ludwig's sapphire blue eyes found his own again

Eyes now wide, bottom lip trembling, Feliciano brought his hand from the headboard and drove his fingers into Ludwig's blonde locks pulling the other man to lean ever closer over him. "Veh~ Ludwig, oh, oh!" He came warm and fast between them, allowing his eyes to close at last in gratification.

Seeing Feliciano's warm caramel eyes watery as they closed, Ludwig lost it entirely. He let go of his grip on his love's legs, now taking resting each hand beside Feliciano's shoulders and dropping his forehead against Feliciano's chest, Ludwig cried out as he came deep and fully, "Oh Gott…Mein Feliciano, I-ich liebe Dich!"

They collapsed together side by side as each man caught his breath, fingers intertwined between them, Feliciano turned and breathed a light "Ti amo, Ludwig." Closing his eyes, all worry for the future, or sadness of the past thoroughly forgotten, his only thought was of sitting beside the fire later, sharing the cake he'd made and the sweets Ludwig had bought. "Eine gute Valentinestag?"

Feliciano knew the answer by the relaxed brow and happy, tired smile which graced his man's face before Ludwig could answer.

All the same, Italy fell into a contented sleep when he heard the words.

"The best."

Thought the sun had set in Europe, it was still weakly lighting the North American continent across the Atlantic.

Alfred would've missed Matthew more, in the month they'd been apart, if he wasn't enthralled with his own lavish wedding plans. The stacks and stacks of wedding magazines and the constant phone calls from tailors, florists, and musicians practically begging for his business (wedding of the century, baby!) were almost enough to distract him from his growing problem.

His literal growing problem. He was getting fat. All his agricultural areas were reporting an early spring and projecting a very good year. He could literally feel the midwest bursting with its bounty.

He blamed Kansas for the failure of his jeans to zip all the way up. Kansas, or Canada, or England's stupid magic.

Speaking of England, Caterpillar-Face was hanging around a lot lately. Lecturing him about how to be a gentleman and respect Canada's delicate sensibilities. America snorted. Delicate sensibilities his ass. Which was, again, Alfred mused, quite literal...his ass was a perfect example of Canada's very not-delicate sensibilities. Rather his rough, passionate, hot, sweaty, nasty sensibilities...aaaw yeah.

"America!" England snapped. "Are you even paying attention? I'm trying to explain to you the finer details of maintaining a healthy relationship. As countries we lead very stressful lives and if you're going to keep the proverbial spark in your relationship with Canada you're going to need to-"

America laughed. "Start a hundred years war? Bicker constantly and have drunken hate sex? Isn't that what you do with France?"

England sputtered, indignant. "How dare you imply that I would have carnal knowledge of that...that...bloody Frenchman!"

"Dude." America waved one sassy, dismissive hand. "Everybody knows you have carnal knowledge of like half the world. You're totally a...what's that word you use?" He grinned and put on an exaggerated English accent. "A tart. A trollop. A slag. A bleedin' strumpet."

England had gone completely red in the face. "Well, I never! That's the last time I give you romantic advice you...you vulgar...you bloody git! You don't know what you're talking about! This is all the fault of those damn puritans."

"You don't know what you're talking about. I don't need romantic advice from you. I've already arranged for a helicopter delivery of a veritable fucking epic storm of roses to be dropped on Mattie's cabin. Don't tell me how to do romance, man! I have Hallmark and Chick Flicks for that."

England just stared, incredulous, at the self-satisfied smirk on America's face as the other nation kept on.

"Anyway, I got a plane to catch bro. I'm supposed to be making my grand entrance shortly after the delivery. You can crash here if you want but don't even think of cooking shit. This is like, one of my favorite apartments. Don't fuck it up."

A short time later, in a nation to the north...

France had arrived with a tailored suit for Canada and a bottle of his best wine, intending to help the young fiancés celebrate valentine's day when the sound of a helicopter drowned out the greetings he was exchanging with Matthew.

Spotlights lit the night from above.

Suddenly they were both enveloped in a cloud of roses. "So romantic!" France cried over the sound of the helicopter. "I don't give America enough credit!"

Canada sighed. He might secretly find America's overblown demonstrations of affection charming, in a goofy way, but he wasn't going to admit it to France.

I hope it was as enjoyable to read as it was to write!

Du bist so schön – you're so handsome/pretty

Sei Bellisimo – same in Italian

epoca del romanticism – the German romantic era

stupida gravidanza – stupid pregnancy

Ti prego, ti prego, non ti fermare! – I beg you, I beg you, don't stop!

Sorry if I missed anything, I'm very, very sleepy!

Thanks to Abbygreeneyes for the CanAme portion as always, and a big thank you to SoledaDeMisPesares for the help with Italian!

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