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) Meet My Guardian Angel (

I knew you were trouble when you walked in

So shame on me now, flew me to places I'd never been

Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground

Rule number One: Using of Cell phones are not Allowed.

"The Owner hates it."

She suddenly tried to tone down her own thrilled voice but she just can't help it, she couldn't hide her excitement as she listened to her old BFF, her best friend forever in short, as in all-time first BFF since childhood and not past ex-best friend, tell her all the juicy details that happened to her the past month.

She looked around conspicuously at her workplace, especially at her manager and other co-workers; some were busy talking or more like gossiping amongst themselves, while others were busy typing away in their laptops, checking whether there were interested people or new reservations.

She hadn't really been paying attention for the past…uh…10 minutes or so?

She was probably too immersed in what her BFF is telling her to bother getting caught neglecting her own work here at her internship and breaking the rule.

What can she say? Being an apprentice at a concierge desk was pretty boring; your mind can't help but drift away at the lack of things to do since they give all the important matters to the other employees.

Being a student intern here, they only told her to concentrate checking for more customers, and to call the others if she someone inquired from her PC.

Psshh. As if she couldn't handle helping a visitor. Really, what do they take her for? She had perfectly fine conversation and persuasion skills; after all, she took this course!

Anyway, she decided that continuing her conversation here wasn't such a great idea, for one, her supervisor might catch her slacking her ass off using a cell phone and lower her marks! Besides, she was dying to 'spazz' over what her indifferent, very uninterested friend has been saying, but being around her other co-worker's noisy chitchat and supervisor's presence (who is just a few steps away), nope definitely not a good idea , considering this internship will contribute to 40% of her final grade!

"He's pretty cool I guess, a little bit lost, but I guess that's why I have to take care of him." Her friend said in a bored tone.

She stifled a giggle, "Wait a sec, 'I Got A Boy'-chan! I'mma go outside where it's more quiet so I can grill you!" The person on the other line just sighed.

She could imagine her friend shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head right now.

She moved the phone away from her ear as she stood up from her place and walked up to their manager, who was pointing out improvements to be made in a file that a co-worker had submitted.

"Ah, excuse me, Hotaru-san, I'll just head to the rest room." She said while putting her phone behind her back.

Their manager stopped talking to her co-worker, and gave an assessing look, "Alright. Don't take too long out of your post."

She gave a slight nod and heaved a sigh of relief once she was away from the concierge counter.

She hadn't been caught.

"Now where were we?" She giggled excitedly to the phone.

"Talking?" Man, her friend really likes to deadpan.

"You're no fun, you know? Tell me more about this transfer student guy!"

"Like I said, when he first transferred here, he looks like trouble, the cool mischievous type, but a bit lost. Don't get too many ideas, because I was just supposed to tour him around. We talked about stuff and we have a lot in common so yeah, we're friends now."

"Kyahhh~~you're so lucky! Haizzz...My internship here is pretty boring; they think I can't handle stuff! How can your teacher trust you so much as to make you teach a transferee? Is he even handsome?" She bit her lip in excitement.

"Well, I wouldn't know. All guys look the same to me." Same bored tone from her friend.

"Aisht, how could you say that? You are really too reserved for your own good I tell you! You'll never have a love life at this rate!" She whined.

"Not like you have one." Deadpanned. Again.

"Wah? You didn't have to say it! Anyway how does he look like?" She was really curious; it's her first time hearing her friend talk about a guy in her stay overseas.

Her friend seemed to think about her next works because there was a moment of silence. She was nearing the reception desk before her friend replied.


... ... ...

"That's sooooooooooooo vague!" She virtually threw her hands in the air.

"Okay, sly then."

"Let me list the amount of unsatisfying adjectives you give, 'normal' 'cool' 'sly'! I mean features!"

"Yellow eyes?"

"Really, is that all you can give?!" She wanted to shout in frustration.

Her friend sighed. "Well sorry, I don't really check out guys, unlike you, Spunky woman. Besides, you can just wait until Tuesday. Then you'll get the answers you want and see for yourself."

Her eyes widened and she stopped walking. "What?! You're coming back on Tuesday!? With Transferee Guy?" She wanted to jump up and down in happiness. After six years, her friend is finally coming back! "How come? What about your sisters?"

"I'm not really as in officially coming back and staying there. It's just a study trip that's gonna last a few months, the University is going to pay all the fees. And yes, 'Transferee Guy' is my study partner. My sisters are staying here, they plan to visit me though."

"Kyahhhh~~" She quietly squealed as she started moving forward. If this 'Transferee Guy' is a super good guy then she's gonna try her hardest to get him and her friend together. Hehe….she smirked at the genius plan she concocted in her forehead. "Introduce him to me okay? I'll see you in the airport! Send a message about the details of your flight, got that?"

"Yeah yeah. Oh and I wanted to ask you something." Her friends tone suddenly sounded worried.


"You remember my cousin? You've met her once before."

"Cousin? Hmm….I'm not sure…." Her eyebrows knotted together as she tried to remember.

"I heard something serious happened to her...but I'm not sure, her family didn't contact us and I can't get in touch with them either... Did you see anything? Even in the news? If it was a big thing, they probably reported something about it. I'm really worried about her; I'm planning on visiting them when I get there."

"Hmm…wait a second..."

She stopped beside the reception desk and continued to think.

"Ah!" She exclaimed as she started turning around. "I think I'm starting to remember. What was her name again?"


She suddenly found herself hitting a really hard chest.

"Oww!" She cried out. "The hell?" She shut her eyes and rubbed her forehead. "Wha-" Her complain got cut off when the said person slyly took her phone away from her hand.

Her eyes snapped open in shock. "What the he-"

She found herself face to face with probably the handsomest man she'd ever seen in her whole life, and that is a pretty big compliment considering she knew a lot of good-looking guys.

He had the shiniest dirty blonde hair, and the most mesmerizing eyes that captivated her.

He was tall, and lean with a young prince like face, and the obviously expensive long sleeved button up shirt made him look even hotter.

Okay, she was that amazed and blunt.

He was totally the most almost perfect god-like creature on Earth.

Almost being the key word.

The only flaw on him was probably the evident disapproving/ grim expression on his almost expressionless face.

His brows were straining to connect and there was a one millimetre frown marring his lips that she didn't know how in the world she managed to detect.

Okay, he's super skilled in hiding his expression.

She probably managed to overall check him out in approximately 2 seconds and then approximately another 5 seconds to snap out of her love sick trance.

"Hello? Hello?" The voice on the other side of the device was filled with concern.

She blinked once, twice, and then her eyes travelled over to her phone in his hands. She momentarily forgot about his hotness as anger started to build inside her. She glared at him.

"Will you please retu-" She tried to not blow up.

"Pardon me, Miss, our employee shall call you later. Don't bother calling back." He said.

"Huh? Wait! R-" beep. He smugly hung up the phone call while she stared at him in shock.

Okay, he may be her ideal guy but no one comes between her and her BFF's conversations!

Didn't this jerk-face know that it's so hard to make an international call?! Let alone find time in her friend's tight schedule!?

"What the hell did you just do?!" Her mouth gaped open. "Don't yo-"

"What is the first thing you should know about being an employee?"

"What the?! Stop doing that!? And what kind of question is that?! You follow the rules, duh!?" She reached forward to grab her phone but he raised it out of her reach.

"I see you have a brain."

"Are you trying to get on my nerves?! Give my phone back you j-"

"What? 'you –' what? Let me guess, you don't know the first two rules of this hotel?" he crossed his arms.

"My gosh!" She rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips. "Don't use cell phones because the owner hates it, always be polite to anyone, there! Happy now? Sir." She made a 'give it back now' gesture while glaring daggers to his hot face.

"Ah, yes….all in the brain but not in actions. Hmm… a bit plain, bad tempered and attitude is too loud. Not lady enough. Well then, don't let me catch you again. There will be serious consequences." He placed the phone in her front shirt pocket and started walking past her while her face contained an expression of pure astonishment.

She whirled around so fast, he hadn't even been able to take two steps away from her before she grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. "You really are the most egotistical jerk I've ever met! Who do you even think you are?" She said furiously.

He turned around like he had no care in the world and met her gaze on.

"Explains the bad attitude then…I thought everyone in here knew who I am…Guess not."

"My-urgh!" You don't know how many choice profanities she wanted to say right now but she held it in. "Even if you were famous, I pity the woman who'll have to take care of your big egoistic butt."

"What did you just say?" His voice rose and his eyes blazed, she finally ticked him off.

She smirked in victory, saying "Riches and good looks can't hide one's ugly personality, jerk. You don't know how to treat a woman right." She looked at him with pity. "You could have asked me to hang up quietly but you just had to be all high and mighty, don't you? Tsk Tsk."

"You vile woman! You really have no idea who I am? I can fire you right-"

"Ai! Hikaru-sama! What are you doing here?" Their verbal fight was temporarily on hold because her supervisor had come looking for her. The other woman bowed before the guy, making her gape in shock.

"Yah! What are you doing? Didn't you learn proper etiquette to show respect to your superiors? Quick! Bow to Hikaru-sama. He is the owner of this hotel."

Oh my Gosh.

Her whole mind went blank and her mouth hung open in shock

She looked back and forth her manager and Hikaru-sama, and like a robot, she unconsciously followed what her supervisor said.

She was totally dumbfounded.

The same person that had die hard looks, that took her phone, that had insulted her, and the person who she had insulted for the past few minutes was for heaven's sake, the owner of this hotel that she was training in!?

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Yup. She got herself in deep shit now. Why, oh why didn't she shut her foul mouth and just let the stupid argument go?!

I'm done for. I'm going to fail my course. I'm going to repeat a year. My parents are going to be so disappointed. No one will want to employ me. My future is ruined.

She closed her eyes, grimaced, remained bowed to him, and continued reprimanding herself in her head for her stupidity.

"Hikaru-sama, I hope , our new intern didn't give you a hard time. She just started a month ago, I apologize for any inconvenience she has caused you."

I'm so dead. He's going to tell her to kick me out right this instant….

She closed her eyes and prepared herself for the worst.

"It's fine." Her head snapped up in shock. "Tell your manager that she needn't worry about this girl. She just needs a bit more training." He said indifferently.

What the hell is he talking about? Didn't he want to fire me awhile ago?

"Wai-" Her words got cut off by him, again.

"I think she has potential. Send her to the top floor tomorrow; I'll take her under my wing."

What the?!

"Alright. Thank you, Hikaru-sama."

As he passed by them, he whispered to her.

"You should thank me." She took a deep breath and tried calming herself before she does something she's gonna regret.

Such a conceited jerk you are, Hikaru-sama… If you weren't the owner of this hotel, then I would have already punched your handsome face by now….

Once the stupid arrogant jerk face was walking away, she immediately got reprimanded by her supervisor.

"What were you doing out of your post? Don't you know that Hikaru-sama could have kicked you out right then and there if you did something wrong?! What did you do? I can't even believe Hikaru-sama decided to take you in his wing!" Her supervisor whispered so that Hikaru-sama wouldn't overhear.

"I'm sorry…." She hung her head in shame.

"Well you better behave better the next time you'll see him, especially since he's going to train you now! Be extra respectful and remember all the things we just taught you. It's going to be harder for you now that he's supervising you. Your grade is in his hands. Do your best, got it?"

"I understand…."

"What were you even doing here in the receptionist area?" She asked.

She was caught off-guard by the question, "I-I was j-"

"Excuse me." Jerkface came back, now with another woman by his side.

A pretty lady at that.

She didn't know why, but she felt sour seeing him with another lady so soon.

'Not lady enough.'

"Tch." She muttered under her breath.

"Hikaru-sama, Miss." Her supervisor said.

"Ah, this is our hotel's newest visitor, Hoshina-san. She is a very valued guest, so I expect her to be treated exceptionally well. Please escort her safely to Room 113. " He smiled at the lady.

Ah, she must've been too busy preparing verbal ammunition to the Jerk face awhile ago to not notice the pretty woman, who was wearing huge sunglasses and holding a lot of plastic bags as well as a bottle of wine, come in.

"I'm sorry that our hotel gave you a hassle. Our receptionist seems to be busy right now." More like gossiping with the concierge….. "Our new student intern shall guide you there." His eyes darted to the side and met hers for a second, before turning again to the lady.

He was right. The pretty lady probably stopped by the other side of the reception desk, only to find no one there to help her, and that was because the reception desk was empty, and the receptionist was at the concierge, talking about drunk and gay people.

"It's okay." The lady said with such a melodious voice. She sighed, how could some people be so perfect? "I'm just visiting a friend after all." She laughed.

"Well, I'll take my leave then." The jerk face finally left. Thank heavens. She glared at his disappearing figure.

"Hey." She was nudged by her supervisor.

"Huh?" She blinked.

"What are you waiting for?" She whispered and pointed to the smiling lady, "Accompany her to the room!"

"Oh! Right. I'll take you to Room 113, uh…Hosh..ina-san?" I should have payed attention to her name!

The woman smiled and she proceeded to quietly lead her to the elevator.

They walked in silence, which soon made the atmosphere very awkward for some weird reason. Might as well start a conversation.

"Hoshina-san, uh…would you like me to help you carry your…..stuff?"

They arrived in front of the elevator.

The pretty lady smiled. "No thank you. I can lift these quite easily." Wow, she's really something.

She actually expected her to be all bossy and conceited like most beautiful people, for example, Jerk face, maybe say something along the lines of 'here, you should have asked that long ago, did you just notice how much my precious arms are hurting? What kind of service are you?'

She then analyzed her from the corner of her eye.

Tall, perfect model body with all the right curves, fair skin, melodious voice and smiling face. Typical beauty.

There were blonde tresses that slipped out of her gray bonnet, but there was something in the way she stood and carried herself that showed an aura of high self-esteem coupled with confidence.

She had perfect fashion sense too. Her red scarf was obviously made of quality material, and the gray designer coat, black denim shorts, stockings and expensive boots completed her look.

Man, this lady must be really rich. She wondered why she seemed familiar…..

Her analization was brought to an end when the elevator arrived.

As they went in she decided to ask, "Uh…Hoshina-san…"

The woman took off her sunglasses and faced her.

"Just call me Utau, Hoshina Utau." Her beautiful amethyst eyes greeted her.

She stared at her for a moment. Suddenly, she realized why. She was the famous singer Hoshina Utau!

"Omo! I'm so sorry! I didn't recognize you!"

Utau laughed. "It's okay. I'd rather people not recognize me and mob me. What did you want to ask?"

"Oh right! I wanted to tell you that it's okay if you let me carry some of the bags."


"I can handle it,…" She tried to search for her name tag.

"Ah, I'm Rikka, Rikka Hiiragi." When the elevator doors opened, they stepped out to an ongoing scene of commotion which made them stop on their tracks.

Two men were fighting in the hallway, and one of them was obviously drunk.

The drunk man slammed the other onto the wall, and she let out an inaudible gasp.

"Shuttt uppppp!" His eyes were furious. "Loooove her?" He laughed. "That'sssss the mosttttt ridiculoooous jokeeee of the centuryyy!"

"IIIIIIIII," the man pointed to himself, "neverrr loved herr."

For a moment silence filled the hallway.

"Look, man, you know you don't mean that…." The other guy said, but the drunk man roughly shoved him away and let go of his collar.

"Trussssssst mee Souuuuuuuma…" The man scoffed, "I know myself more thannnn youuuu would." He paused for a while. "It's alwaysssss Tsukiyomiiiii! Allllllll offff youuuu! Meeee? I'mmm nothingggg!"


"Why don't youuuuuu goooo to the graveeeeellllll under that scuuumssss feet? "

"Tadase!" The other guy fisted his hands.

"Foooooooools! All of youuuuuuu are foooools!" The drunk man reached for the something in his pocket and opened a suite door.

Room 113….

"Tadase, wait!" The guy tried to stop the door from closing.

"If yoooooou don'ttt want to beelieve it, suit yourrrrrselves! Amuu? She'ss justttttt a pawnnnn. A toyyy, nothingggg moreeee….In factttt," The drunk man pushed the other out of the room, "I even cheated on herr." He declared.

The drunk man was probably not satisfied with that, because he continued his tirade.

"I. NEVERRRR. NEVERRRRRR. LOVEDD. HI-NA-MO-RI A-MU!" He shouted it to the other guy's face before slamming the door.

What the hell just happened in front of her?

She was about to come forward and ask if the other man was okay when Utau dropped the plastic bags she had been holding and the glass of wine too.

The sound of the glass shattering echoed throughout the hallway.

Rikka looked in shock as the wine spilled and red tainted the carpet.

Utau's shaky voice reverberated though the deafening silence that followed.

"D-did he…r-really just say that?"

Utau's face was stricken with shock.

The man's head swivelled toward them.

"U-Utau….." He said, "He di-"

"What did he just say?" Now her voice was filled with anger. She marched forward, completely ignoring the fallen things, and she didn't even pay attention to the shards of glass scattered around them. "I said, what did he just say?"

"Utau!" The man tried to stop Utau but she just shoved him out of the way, and was about blast the suit door to smithereens if the man hadn't grabbed he arms and restrained her.

"Let me go this instant Souma! How dare you!" She thrashed around in his arms.

"Utau! Stop it!"

"No! Didn't you hear what he said?! Come out you son of a-" The Souma guy muffled her mouth.

"Utau!" He said in a warning tone. "Stop it! He's drunk for heaven's sake! Do you think barging in there with your guns blazing will help?!" He said angrily.

Utau stopped fighting him and slumped onto his arms. "But…."

"Shh….this ain't the right place to talk about it right now." She sighed but nodded.

) Meet My Guardian Angel (

She probably witnessed more than she bargained for in there.

She was supposed to escort Hoshina Utau safely to the room, but instead she witnessed hell break loose between three people.

Obviously, the drunk man was in fault for causing such an uproar. The problem must have been really serious if it can get Hoshina Utau so angry as to get her guns blazing.

She was totally out of place at that moment so she lamely excused herself to get somebody to clean the mess.

Amu Hinamori….

Where had she heard that name before?

Then, a light bulb switched on inside her mind.

She started running toward thethe reception desk, luckily the receptionist was there this time.

"Can I ask you something? Who checked in at Room 113?" She hurriedly asked.

"Hmm? 113? Ah... the drunk gay looking man Hotori Tadase-san. He's kind of cute though. He came in with another guy."

"Thank you." She started to run, but then she came back and said, "send up someone to clean a mess at the fifth floor. Thanks again!" now she started running toward her desk this time.

She hastily sat down, and started franticly rummaging her skirt pockets for her phone, only to find nothing.

"Where the heck did I put it?!" She then mentally slapped her forehead when she remembered the Jerk face put it in her shirt pocket.

Then she started rummaging the pile of newspapers under the desk as she started to dial a number.

"Found it." She said when she got what she was looking for, now she anxiously waited for an answer while she ran toward the restroom. Apparently, she learned her lesson from Jerk face.

"Come on…..come on…."

"Hello?" Came her friend's bored voice.

"Miki!" She exclaimed. "YoudontknowwhatIju-"

"Wait, wait, wait. Slow down will you? What happened to you a while ago, Rikka? Some guy said through the-"

"Will you listen to me first?!" She said, "Is your cousin's name Hinamori Amu?!"


"Yes…..it is….w-what did you find out?" Her friend said in an uneasy voice.

"She got into a car accident last month!" Rikka didn't care if her voice was loud.

Silence again.

"R-really? How bad was it?"

"Pretty bad if you ask me. She's in a coma."

"Oh." Her friend was probably devastated, but she had to tell everything.

"Hotori Tadase is her fiance right?"

"...Tadase? "

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