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Chapter 1

Man has always been a greedy animal.

His greed is like a bottomless pit, never ending; unable to be satiated.

This was the one main reason which led to man's downfall.

The world was created in a perfect equilibrium. 7 sins and the 7 virtues. All set to counterbalance each other. This ensured the peace and the continuity of the land.

Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility.

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Sloth, Envy and Wrath.

The paths were laid down for man. In the end, it was his decision to follow it.

Unfortunately, led by the darkness that resided within their hearts, many men followed the path of evil. While they did this, they neither did care about others, nor for the world.

So, in the end; this all led to the first sundering. In other words, the Judgment Day.

The entire frame of the world was ripped apart when the multiple nations resorted to their nuclear weapons against each other. The terror that it inspired was so immense, that simply decided it was better to kill oneself instead of suffering in the long war. It wasn't genocide, it was extermination. By the time mankind realized their mistake, it was too late.

Multiple landmasses had detached from their original position, and selected new positions to rest. The aftereffects of the nuclear radiation had major effects. While it killed almost all of the Earth's population, it DID have a good side.

Chakra was born.

"You know, we never decided on their names." A very much pregnant Kushina Uzumaki announced, as she looked up from her book.

"You are right on that regard, Kushi. After all, our son and daughter must have wonderful names."

"Let ME pick the names. I don't trust your ideas!" She announced, pumping her fist in the air with extreme enthusiasm. Seeing his wife, Minato couldn't help but chuckle.

"All right, all right. Don't go all ballistic on me now. So what do you have in mind?"

"Hmmm…I don't know. Let me think."

"Take all the time you nee-"

"I got it! Let his name be…Naruto! And let her be called Natsumi! "


"What? Say something."

Minato jumped back into reality. "Err, Kushina, don't you think that both names beginning with N sounds a bit…..umm…weird?"

Just when he had said it, he utterly regretted his mistake. Immediately, Kushina's figure, more importantly her face was taken up by a dark aura. A genjutsu of people dying and screaming for their lives began in the baground.

"Minato..." she began in a sickly sweet voice "Do you want to disagree with me?" The mere tone of her voice sent extremely cold shivers down her spine.

"N-no! Actually it's the best thing ever! I have no problems with it!"

"Good. Then it's final!"

"Y-yes." Minato gave a sigh of relief. His wife was certainly scary. At times he really thought about giving up the title of Hokage to her. He was sure that Iwa wouldn't even try to peek into Kohona then. The Red death of Kohona was a fearsome title, and everyone, including him, feared its wielder. Even if she was pregnant, she still used to pack a hefty punch.

A few months later…

Minato Namikaze was in a dilemma. If it any other day, he would have been whooping in joy; for his wife had just given birth to twins. However, some manic had just teleported into the room, tearing the Kyuubi away from his wife, and almost killing the two newborn twins. Since Kushina wasn't there to control the massive tailed beast, it wrought havoc on his beloved village. He was in a dilemma. He DID know a way to stop the beast, but it did require a hefty sacrifice. Although sealing the beast was the only way; but it also meant that one of his children would have to suffer a life of mistreatment. Jinchuriki were not uncommon, but were sorely hated by their fellow peers.

He was the Hokage. His job deemed his village priority over anything else. That was the rule. But when faced with the real problem, he found his resolve crumbling.

He decided that he would settle this with the aid of his predecessor.

The Hokage room was silent. There were only two people in it, yet there was an intense pressure in the air.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was a great man and an even greater ninja. Aptly nicknamed as the 'God of Shinobi', for his mastery over a thousand jujutsu. He had led his village through two great wars, and had taken it out of every tight spot that the village had faced. But during his time as the Hokage, he had never seen such a dilemma such as this.

His successor, Minato Namikaze was going to give up his life to seal the greatest tailed beast into his daughter.

Not only his death would be weakening the village, but he was also degrading a great potential weapon by sealing it into a girl. Some women were great ninjas, Senju Tsunade and Kushina Uzumaki being the best examples. But however, they used to have lower chakra levels that males, albeit their control was higher. However the more or less extinct Uzumaki clan was an exception to this, with both the genders showing higher chakra levels.

Sarutobi tried to convince Minato from not taking his particular course of action. "Please, I beg you Minato. Don't do this. Let me undergo the sealing procedure. Your death would be a great loss to the village. If you are gone, who would be there for your children?"

Even if Sarutobi seemed the grandfatherly kind, that was just a ruse. Keep your enemies fooled with the concept that you are weak, powerless; let them attack and when the time is right, show your true strength and totally crush them. In short the kind and caring old man was an extremely calculative person. Even if his views were seen for the good of the world, he always had Kohona's best interests at heart.

Minato shook his head and smiled ruefully. "It is quite sad. I shall not be here for them. I seem like the world's most ungrateful father, dooming them to a life of misery while dying and leaving them alone to a life without parents. I truly deserve to burn in hell for this. "

Sarutobi sighed. He understood the tone of Minato's voice. He knew that he would not change his decision. However, he still wanted to dissuade him from something.

"I see that you have made your decision. May Kami have mercy on your soul. But I wanted to ask you this, why are you sealing the Kyuubi into the girl? Why not in the boy? "

Minato frowned. He was a highly perceptive individual, and a man of many skills. He was not proud of his skills, especially those involved with killing. However, one of them was being able to easily read a person's mind. He was always able to do that, ever since he was a mere genin. He was unsure that if it was due to his bloodline, but never paid special attention to it; except when it was truly needed. This was one of those times. He found it extremely strange that Sarutobi did not see the mere reason why he had decided to seal off the Kyuubi into his daughter. What was even more strange that he still did not tell him to find a alternative solution than sealing a rather dangerous force of nature into an infant.

As soon as Sarutobi noticed that Minato frowned, he gave a mental groan. Now Minato was suspicious of him, and he would have to use an alternate ploy to divert his attention somewhat. He simply had to convince him into sealing the chakra into his son. Once it was all done, he could make the other twin 'conveniently' disappear.

"You don't seem to get my point Minato. If you seal the chakra entirely into just one child, the other shall be left completely vulnerable. I won't lie to you, but the truth is that you have made a lot of enemies out there in the shinobi world, and most them would just love to finish off the last remnants of the Namikaze clan. At least the girl might have a chance if she doesn't become a ninja. But the boy will be left completely unprotected! I will try my best to protect them, Minato. But I cannot always be here for them. They need something to protect themselves with."

That seemed to shake Minato up a bit. He was well aware of the fact that Iwa used to outright hate him, and would happily give anything to see that his clan was extinguished. Along with them, he was sure that the Cloud village would jump at this chance to attack his village; A's greed for bloodlines was legendary.

"You are right. Although I hate to admit the fact that people will be after my children; I need to ensure that both of them are kept safe." He sat down on a nearby desk, deep in thought.

"I was initially going to seal the beast's yin chakra into the shinigami; but on thinking on it, I think that it would be enough to keep Naruto protected from most future harm. Whereas, I shall seal the rest of the yang chakra and the beast into Natsumi. That shall be almost the majority of the Kyuubi's chakra, but their inherent Uzumaki regeneration shall stop most of the damage the beast can cause within her. This shall also prove as a deterrent if someone decides…" He couldn't get himself to finish that statement.

Sarutobi immediately chimed in" I will take good care of them, don't worry."

"Even though I still feel that….."

"Don't worry. Jiraya shall also be here most of the time for the twins. I shall try raising Tsunade, but you know how she is."

Minato nodded, as he found out that it was the only thing that his body was allowing him.

As the ever careful grandfather, Sarutobi gave a extremely sad sigh. But his mind was working at astounding rates. He had achieved half of his objectives. The boy shall receive lesser chakra, so he will be needed to be trained in the best possible manner to ensure that he would be an absolute genius. Making him loyal to the village wouldn't be much of a problem, as he would ensure that the boy would live like a king. Exposing him as Minato's son also painted a huge target on the boy's back; but he would be protected.

The girl was more of a problem. Jinchirukis were not unheard of, and the people who had brains and used them to some extent would put two and two together when the Kyuubi would just vanish. They were human sacrifices, but the fact remained that they were made so that the villages would remain strong and have an ace up their holes. They were made into weapons. However, since the tailed beasts were hated by almost everyone, their containers used to share the same misfortune. He knew that the general populace will be hate-mad that their beloved leader was killed by the beast. And thus so, almost all of the village will shun the child, no matter whatever he could try. That was the main risk. Faced by the people's anger, and the chance of the beast manipulating the girl could prove to be a dangerous risk for the village. He could not have her going insane with anger and hate. But he could not also force the people to change their views on the beasts; doing such a thing was impossible. And the people also needed a scapegoat to vent out their frustration, their anger on after such an event. That would require him to keep her happy, just by giving her the false hope that people could be changed. He would have to become some of the 'very few people' who actually 'cared' for her. In that way, in her emotionally weak state, she could be easily manipulated. In that way; her loyalty to the village could be confirmed. She could also be given an another name, in order to separate her more from the society. The people wouldn't want a 'demon' having their mighty leader's name.

In this way, the Leaf would get another two mighty weapons. And it would continue to prove itself as the greatest of the ninja villages.

He just had to get his ideas 'accepted' by the council. That wouldn't be so difficult…..

The council room was quiet. Sarutobi had just dropped the bomb. He had revealed that Minato had sealed the Kyuubi and its chakra into Natsumi who was currently in his office. What he had 'failed' to disclose was the fact that even though it was most of the chakra, it was still incomplete. He also did not reveal the fact that she was a Namikaze and Minato's second child. He had 'conveniently' forgotten that thing. The public knew that their Hokage was married. To whom was the main question. Minato's and Kushina's marriage was one of the village's most closely guarded secrets. Very few people knew that. Even fewer knew that Kushina was actually pregnant. And the main thing was that only he knew that Kushina gave birth to twins. After the session released, naturally raised the question of how the Kyuubi was defeated and whether it was defeated for good. He had let the question linger in the air for a few minutes before many others asked him the same thing. Then, due to the 'unrelenting' pressure, he gave out Natsumi's Jinchiruki status. To the public she was just a waste orphan who had been infused with the demon. No one knew of her true heritage.


Their reaction was well anticipated. It amused him, as it was a testament to how good his manipulation schemes really were. To the public eye, the civilian councilors, along with the heads of the ninja clans and his 'advisors' he had crumbled under pressure. Stupid fools. Good strategy is like magic. 'Keep your enemies focused on one hand, while you do something with the other.' That was his personal motto. As expected, the crowd was instantly at their feet, screaming for the child's death.

"The demon should be killed!"

"Finish what the Fourth started!"

"Kill her, before she kills us all!"

The shinobi clan leaders sat extremely quiet, contemplating the situation. Hiashi Hyuga had his ever present stoic, emotionless look on. Tsume Inazuka was silently fuming at the sight of the infant. The Ino- Shika-Cho trio was deathly silent; an expression shared the Aburame clan head, Shibi Aburame. He shook his head; this was not the way it was exactly supposed to happen, but he had to convey an entirely different message.

Calling for the council's attention, Sarutobi began "As per the Fourth's dying wishes, he wanted the girl to be seen as a hero, for the duty and burden they ar-"

"I WILL NEVER SEE HER AS THE SAVIOR!" a civilian shouted out.

Sarutobi sighed.

"That was the Fourth's wishes. If you-"

"THE FOURTH WOULD HAVE NEVER EXPRESSED SUCH A WISH!" This time, it was the Haruno who shouted out. He grimaced. He had never 'expected' to her to be accepted into the council so early.

"ENOUGH!" Sarutobi slammed his fists on the table."If anyone dares to interrupt my speech again. It shall be the last mistake they shall make. Is that clear?" He let out a wave of killing intent sweep over the crowd, to consildate his order.

"Very well then. It seems that most of you are not willing to abide by his wishes; it comes to me to see that it is enforced upon you all. Anybody. I repeat, anybody, as of now, even mentions the connection of the child to the Kyuubi, they shall be punished. By Death."

Roars of disapproval met his ears immediately. Someone from the civilian side had the audacity to break his law immediately as he had announced it. With a snap of his fingers, that man's head was rolling on the floor, removed by one of the ANBU who stood behind the now headless body. Instantly, the crowd sobered up.


At that time, Fugaku Uchiha spoke up."I don't think that I approve of your decision, Hokage-sama. The punishment seems too harsh for the populace. Surely it is the children that must be-"

Sarutobi's sight on Fugaku, who had a mixture of a smug grin and an infuriated expression. He knew that Fugaku always hated Minato for surpassing him. It was a well known rumor that Fugaku aimed to be the Hokage, but Minato bagged the spot. The fact that the Namikaze was an ancient and powerful clan didn't help either. Now that Minato was dead, he had the perfect chance to end the Namikaze line.

"Don't you dare finish that statement, Fugaku. First of all, you send a minimal task force to the protection of the village, and then you disobey me further?"

"Not at all, Hokage-sama."His tone was anything but apologetic." We were merely delayed due to an earlier incident at our compound."

"Pray tell me, what was this incident? What can possible be more important that the Kyuubi attacking. Wait wait wait. Don't tell me. Let ME tell you something. As the Fourth was fighting the Kyuubi, he said that it was under a genjutsu. A powerful one at that too. Now, I am wondering, who could be able to fool such a might beast by just genjutsu? There are not many people who are so easily able to cast and control people by that. However…I have heard that the sharigan is perfectly capable of such a feat. What do you say for that, Fugaku?"

The entire council had gone silent. Fugaku had gone completely red, and had become the center of attention; and Natsumi was completely forgotten.

"Are you saying that The Uchiha- a loyal clan to Kohona, led the demon to attack our village?"

"I am not saying that. However, it is a possibility. The Uchiha clan shall submit to questioning from tomorrow, without any delays. After all, we can't have anyone turning traitor, can we?"

After a pregnant pause, which was punctuated by the quiet fuming of Fugaku, he finally answered. "No Hokage-sama. I will see to it that your wishes are carried out."

Shibi Aburame spoke up "If I may, Hokage-sama?" After getting a nod, he continued."What is to be done of the child? We cannot just let her out in the open, for I'm afraid that our enemies might try and capture her, for their own purposes; once they have heard of this event. "

And sinker.

"It seems that I l have to hand her over to the orphanage. I cannot allow anyone to adopt her, for there are more pressing matters at hand." He had purposely put that in, because he had seen Danzo had in insane yet a greedy glint in his eye. He would try his hardest to take her in for his ROOT program. But he knew that he won't try it out now. Once that procedure was over, he rose from his seat and took a small bundle that was placed in a cradle besides him. Naruto was sleeping peacefully inside it. Sarutobi gave a real smile. Even though he was manipulative guy, he still admired the beauty of nature. With Naruto in his arms, he turned to the crowd.

"With the major topic of the girl out of the way, I want to give you all some more news. Thankfully they are good, as compared to most of the other ones that we had today." With that, he raised the bundle in the air, showing off Naruto to the council.

"Before the Hokage's wife died, she gave birth- to a boy! The Namikaze clan lives on!"

The council instantly cheered- the Namikaze clan was famous after all. Moreover, the child was a son of the fourth Hokage- their greatest hero.

"As of now, the Forth's legacy lives on. We have to ensure that he must be protected at all costs. We CANNOT simply allow the boy to fall in the wrong hands. I am sure that Iwa will be hungry to get their hand on this infant once they learn of him. For that reason, I am requesting you-"he turned to the ninja clan heads. "To send your best clan members for the security of this child."

His request was met with instant approvals. Although most of them were sincere, some of them were not. He was sure that the Uchiha and the Hyuga clans would do anything to get Naruto under their sway.

"To ensure the continuation of the Namikaze clan, I shall have to disapprove any kind of adoption requests. I cannot have him being influenced from a young age." He turned to gaze on Fugaku and Hiashi."Moreover, the boy shall be needed to be trained extensively from a young age, so that he may survive any potential assassination attempts that may be made in the future."

Again he was met with no objections. He gave himself a mental pat. All had gone according to plan.

So just after they were born, the children were separated.

When they were 3 Naruto had started training, while Natsumi was starving.

When they were 6, Naruto was equivalent in skill to a jonin while Natsumi was kicked out of the orphanage.

When they were 8, Naruto received his mother's sword, for he had completed his training while Natsumi was getting beat up almost every day.

When they were 10, Naruto became the captain of the ANBU; the youngest one in history, while Natsumi joined the ninja academy, and started ninja training for the first time in her life.

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