Many thousands of years had passed. Daedalus had continued to build what she could from within the confines of her home, and was now able to monitor the goings on in the outside world and have limited access to some of Synapse's infrastructure. She discovered that Minos had failed to regain control of Ikaros on his own, and kept the Uranus Queen imprisoned to this day. She had even acquired the codes needed to remotely release Ikaros and send her down to Earth. What she lacked was someone outside that she could trust. Nymph and Astraea had their memories altered, and no longer knew of the betrayal their new master perpetrated to achieve his position. Any angel that questioned Minos' position was forced to undergo induced dreaming, and all dreaming angels had their dream states endlessly extended under his rule.

There was one other hope. Centuries before the Babel incident, Daedalus had had fallen in love with a human boy while she herself was living through a human avatar via the induced dream system. Her own avatar perished early in life for reasons long forgotten, but as an angel she could still take measures to protect the boy from the wrath of her own kind. She secretly connected his mind with Synapse itself, which allowed her to covertly communicate with him as he slept.

Though his natural lifespan had ended long ago, the boy's soul had been stored along with many others in Synapse's reincarnation system. In order to allow dreaming angels to meet with their favorite human companions over multiple lifetimes, the souls of these favored humans could be stored in a great, divine computer to be resurrected at a later date. Such was the connection Daedalus established with the child that it would be passed down to his future incarnations.

It had taken her much time to gain sufficient access, but she had recently been able to force the system to reincarnate the boy into the body of the next human male born on Earth. It was then a matter of locating which child carried the soul that she longed to meet.

After a few years of searching, she finally found him. In the quiet town of Sorami, in the nation of Japan, was a sleeping boy named Sakurai Tomoki. He wasn't quite what she was expecting, but in him she saw the same courage and fire that belonged to the boy she met in ages past. She would instill her image in his mind, and when the time was right, she would send her daughter Ikaros down to him to live free of the tyranny that currently gripped the skies, and to one day free them all.

For now, she activated a portal that would take her physically into his dreamscape. Beyond was an open field, resembling one of the agricultural districts of Synapse. The child lay upon the soft grass, basking in the warmth of an imagined sun. She knelt down beside him, and stroked his hair. He looked up at her in surprise, but quickly accepted her as part of his dream.

They took each other's hand, and walked into the distance.