Chapter Nineteen – Epilogue

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George stood with his shoulders back, his height as his tallest, and his arms awkwardly hanging at his side. His mouth was dry and his chest was filled as his heart beat rapidly with excitement. He looked to his left, where Ron, Bill, Charlie, Harry, and Neville stood with proud smiles on all of their faces. The noticeable absence caused a sting of pain to hit him abruptly, but he breathed deeply, letting the knowledge of how proud Fred would be if he was there for his twin's special day. The thought that Fred was somewhere, looking down with a mischievous grin on his face, helped George's pain to subside. George looked over the sea of people, easily finding his parents in the front row. His mother's face was damp with tears, but her face boasted a wide smile. A crowd of George's nieces and nephews surrounded his parents, with four-year-old James – Harry and Ginny's eldest – in the very middle.

As George waited for the processional music to begin and Hermione to follow her bridesmaids down the aisle, he thought back over the course of their relationship. He remembered the morning after they had shared their first kiss. George had rushed to Hermione's flat first thing in the morning, eager to see her, hoping that she hadn't regretted the events of the previous night. They had laughed over tea and scones when they realized that both had long harboured feelings for the other, upon which both were too timid to act. The rest of the school year had passed quickly. George and Hermione had kept their relationship private for most of the year, but when McGonagall and the rest of the faculty did find out about it, they were all happy for the pair. Even Terence hadn't shown any hard feelings towards them. He had approached George in the Great Hall several weeks after George and Hermione's relationship had become known to give George his blessings and wish him well.

At the end of the school year there had been a large feast in the Hall for all the students to celebrate completing another year. George had grinned proudly when his Gryffindor Quidditch team collected the second place trophy. They hadn't managed to beat the powerhouse Hufflepuffs, but George had been delighted with their performance throughout the year nevertheless. After the feast, George and the rest of the faculty retired to Professor Slughorn's office for celebratory drinks. McGonagall had pulled him aside at the party and asked him to return the following year to teach Charms again. Without hesitation, George had accepted her offer; it had been a long time since he had been as happy as he was teaching at Hogwarts.

As he stood in the bright sun in the Weasley's backyard, George could feel his palms grow sweaty when the acoustic band began to play a slow, soft song. Luna, the first of Hermione's bridesmaids began her walk down the aisle and George's mind drifted to the moment when he had proposed to Hermione. He had taken her flying for the day, stopping in a heather covered field in the highlands: a spot he had rested in during his first flight to Hogwarts. There, with the sun shining upon them, he had knelt down on a bended knee and asked her to be his wife. His breath finally came easy when she had accepted immediately.

As Anna – Ron's wife and Hermione's second Bridesmaid – began her walk down the aisle, George looked out over their guests. He easily spotted past friends from Hogwarts, Hermione's mother, former students, his and Hermione's coworkers, and other familiar faces from the wizard community.

Ginny, Hermione's maid of honour, finished her walk and George felt his excitement rise, knowing that Hermione would be the next down the aisle. Despite his excitement for his bride, George had to take a moment to appreciate his little sister. Even though she was noticeably pregnant with her and Harry's second child, she still managed to look perfect in the lavender cocktail dress that Hermione and her bridesmaids had chosen. When the band changed the tune to the one Hermione had chosen for her own walk, George's face broke in to a wide smile at the prospect of his bride appearing. Soon, she emerged at the top of the aisle with her father standing proudly by her side. The sight of Hermione was almost more than George could handle; she just looked so beautiful. Her hair was down, falling over her shoulders in silky ringlets. She was a vision in her lace wedding gown. Every aspect of the dress suited her perfectly, from the subtle sweetheart neckline, to the soft flare over her hips and the lavender sash highlighting her narrow waist. Everything surrounding him disappeared except for his bride. Hermione was the only thing he cared about in the moment. In Hermione, George saw the best of his past and, what he knew, would be the best of his future. He imagined the many years they would share together; years that he was sure would be filled with joy, happiness, and red-headed children.

"You're gorgeous," George whispered to her when she stepped up on the raise platform to join him in front of their friends and family.

"You are too," She replied while a delicate smile decorated her face.

His older brother Percy, the officiator of the ceremony, cleared his throat and began a pre-prepared speech on love, faithfulness, and relationships. George was sure that the talk was lovely, but he didn't listen to any of it as his entire attention was solely directed at Hermione. The ceremony passed in a blur. George was barely aware as he repeated his vows upon Percy's directions: his mind was all too overwhelmed with the gravity of the moment and the excitement of the day. The kiss, however, he did remember. As he took his new bride in his arms and kissed her soundly to the cheers and hollers of his guests, George realized it was a moment he would never forget.

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