Chapter 10: (VALENTINES DAY)

"_-chan! WAKE UP~!" Haru-chan shouted in my ear. Oh god. You sighed. It looked like you have a living alarm clock in your dormitory room now. You woke up feeling grouchy again. The most irritating moment when you looked at the clock. It was only 4am in the morning! "Haru-chan!" you grumbled. "Why so early in the morning? I need to sleep okay?" you turned around and slept again. Haru-chan looked annoyed. "It is VALENTINES DAY today, _-chan!" you rubbed your eyes sleepily. "So what? Love is such a stupid thing. I don't care about Valentines Day. I dont even believe in love. This day is just for giving chocolates to babarians and all these stuff. It is worthless and nothing much. I rather save those chocolates for myself anyway."

Haru-chan pulled me out of the bed. "Aww come on, _-chan! Just wake up already! I want you to help me with something..." "Oh okay fine fine..." you gave in reluctantly. "So you are going to give your Gokudera dear something eh?" you teased, smiling a little. Haru just blushed and nodded her head slightly. "B-but Haru-chan just want to know if there are anything I could give him..." she stammered a little. "H-haru-chan? You prepare your gift for Gokudera-kun at the last minute? How am I going to help you so early in the morning?" you forgot that you were against love and you snapped at her.

After a few minutes of begging and showing of puppy eyes, you gave in again. "Chocolates... A little simple thing is enough. Why need anything else?" you finally spoke, running your fingers through your hair as you thought again. However, Haru-chan expected me to think of more things to give to Gokudera so she pleaded for more ideas. So early in the morning... How are you going to think of things? "Prepare some chocolate cake first, I'll think of things soon..." you yawned.

Haru understood . She nodded her head and ran to where the school's kitchen was. No one was in the kitchen nor near it as it was still so early in the morning. She looked around if anyone was around and opened the kitchen door quietly. The kitchen was dimly lit. She ran inside stealthily and began to look for ingredients.

When she was looking for the carton of milk, she accidentally nudged a glass bottle on the table and it dropped onto the floor, shattered into million pieces. The eggs she was holding got loose of her grip and fell into the floor, together with the spilt milk. Haru was in a dilemma and did not know what to do next. She squatted on the floor and froze, looking at the horrible mess, tears forming in her eyes. "This is going to be the worst Valentines Day ever..." she thought, half sobbing.

You were still in your dormitory room and you thought for a very long while. What does that barbarian like anyway? He dosen't like anything except for his dear, dear tenth. Don't give anything to him. Isn't that obvious? You groaned and paced up and down anxiously. You did not want to think because of that barbarian but neither do you want Haru to be disappointed. "Hey wait," an idea struck your head. "Haru-chan!" you ran down the stairs two steps at a time to the kitchen. "I know a perfect gift for Gokudera-kun!"

You flung open the door and saw Haru squatting on the floor, crying. You rushed over. "W-what happened, Haru-chan?" you asked in concern. It was then you looked at the mess in the floor. "What will happen if the headmaster sees this..." she whispered in fright. You smiled and patted her back. "Everything is fine." Haru-chan wiped her tears and nodded. "Just leave it there." you whispered. Both of you giggled softly.

Haru continued to mix the ingredients while you helped her. Both of you waited for long meandering 45 minutes for the cake to be baked. Haru sat and read a fashion magazine while you just tried to focus your vision because you were sleepy. "Oh yes, by the way, _-chan, what is the "perfect gift" you think I would like give to Gokudera-san?" You whispered it to Haru's ear about it and her eyes glistened. "I had never thought of that! _-chan, you are so clever!" she squealed in delight.

After the wait that seemed like eternity, the cake was baked. The chocolate smell filled the air. Haru put some icing on it and it looked perfect. It was a two-layered heart-shaped cake with Gokudera's name written on it. "You are really good at baking and all these stuff, Haru-chan!" you exclaimed in amazement while taking the cake out of the oven and putting it into a pink box written "Happy Valentines Day" with a beautiful font and enchanting decorations.

You were talking so loudly that time that you suddenly heard footsteps walking oustide the kitchen. Both you and Haru's hearts skipped a beat. Both of you were so in trouble! The door flung open and the headmaster walked in. "What is all that noise?" he grumbled. You dragged Haru and the box of chocolates into the cupboard and hid there. The headmaster saw the mess. "It must be that mouse again..." he sighed. When he spent half of the day cleaning up the kitchen and then left. Both of you came out and heaved a sigh of relief. "The coast is clear," you said while sounding like a spy, wiping your sweat that is caused by both the heat in the cupboard and your anxiety.

The sun already came up. You put the cake in the fridge and you quickly came out of the kitchen with Haru. While walking up the classroom, Haru-chan suddenly asked you a question. "Hey, _-chan, who did you prepare your chocolates for? Hibari-san?" she giggled. You rolled your eyes. With a plain voice, you replied, "I hate all the guys so much that I didn't buy any chocolates for any guys. I'm not interested in Hibari, anyway. He's too much of a Mr. Attitude."

Soon, you were back to the classroom and then a group of babarians came to you, wanting to get your chocolate for Valentines. An anger mark on your forehead. "I have no time for it now." you said with annoyance as you tried to shoo them away, but the babarians still followed you. When you reached your desk, almost half dead from suffocation, then you saw a neatly wrapped present on the table. You picked it up and examined it. There was no note telling you who "he" was. So who was your secret admirer? All you have to do is find out.

At breaktime, you started to examine the guy whom you think might have given the Valentines Gift to you. You stared intently at Ryohei, Yamamoto then Hibari like a top secret agent. You glared at Gokudera. He would be the least expected, though. You started to "stalk" Ryohei to see if he was the "culprit". You tiptoed behind him when all of you had to go back to classes for lectures. Suddenly, Ryohei, who was oblivious to his surroundings, spun around quickly and spot you. You sweatdropped and acted like a little kitten out of the blue. "A-aheheheheh... Meow... Surprise...?" you stammered sheepishly when random words suddenly came out of your mouth.

Ryohei tilted his head in confusion. "What?" he asked in a dense voice. You were stuck and wondered what to say next. Suddenly you yelled "TO THE EXTREME!" he replied the same and fortunately you did not get caught. When he turned back, you followed him again. When you "concluded" that he was not the "culprit", you decided to turn back and head back to class. Suddenly someone slammed you hard on your back and you thought it was Yamamoto again.

You turned around. "Yamamoto-kun, may you please stop-" it was then you found out that the person was not Yamamoto. Instead, it was the least person you might have expected—Sasagawa Ryohei. Everybody looked at you in surprise while you laughed sheepishly. Ryohei started talking. "The future is in front of you, to the extreme, if you have any confusions with life I am just here." he announced to everyone proudly. "A-ah yea sure whatever," you sweatdropped and suspicion arised in you again, so you just kept following him. When you peeked and saw that Ryohei was giving another girl flowers, so it would highly not be possible that he is the "culprit". You quickly head back to class.

When you reached class, the teacher started giving out exam papers. "What the hell!" you said in shock. "Why wasn't I informed when there is a test TODAY? I mean a test on Valentines Day? Now that is ridiculously absurd!" Some girl from the back seat whispered, "Have you forgotten? Or were you so engrossed in your dream about Hibari yesterday? The teacher said that we had maths test today." "Dang!" you sweared. It must be that you were thinking too much that day and the teacher's reminders had not entered your head. You had not study for it!

But when you stared at the paper, you found out that the paper is easier than your previous school's so you breezed through it effortlessly and the paper was done whithin minutes. "Done!" you proudly put down your pen and gave the paper back to the teacher. All the students stared at you in amazement. No one had found the paper easy and this was the first time someone finish the test paper that quickly.

After school, you saw Haru running towards Gokudera, giving him that box of chocolate cake that both of you made. "Gokudera-kun, I had just found out the perfect Valentines Day gift for you." Before Gokudera could say anything, Haru gave him a passionate hug. "The best Valentines Day gift, is of course, spending the time with the person most special to you." she whispered into his ear. Gokudera blushed slightly and didn't say another word. "Aw~ How cute." you thought, giggling when you walked past them.

While walking back to your dormitory room, you saw Yamamoto and some of his friends at the school field after school and you ran over to him.

"Hey, Yamamoto-kun, why are you staying here under the hot sun? I mean, the dormitory room is much more comfortable," you asked.

Yamamoto gave that carefree laugh again.

"Oh nothing, just practicing pitching for the upcoming baseball match. Why don't you just go back and rest?" he gave you a gentle and peaceful smile, a smile he had not shown to anyone before. All of his fangirls that were cheering for him looked at you with jealousy. Yamamoto had never gave that smile to any other girl. You were utterly surprised. "Oh err... Sure!" you ran back to your dormitory room. All of Yamamoto's fangirls were whispering among each other angrily while you rushed away.

"He is always so serious when it comes to baseball." you smiled.

You hid behind the dormitory door while you secretly watched Yamamoto. Haru, who was with you, stared at you in curiosity. "Umm _-chan, why are you peeking at Yamamoto-kun? Don't you already have Hibari?" Your ear twitched and you turned back, obviously with annoyance. "I am just investigating someyhing, and I already TOLD you, Hibari is NOT my boyfriend!" you shouted, pulling your hair out when you notice Haru not trying to stop teasing you at all.

You just watched Yamamoto hour by hour but he was not suspicious because after he had practised for baseball, he just went straight to the washroom. "Oh well... End of my investigation then," you yawned and thought. It was already evening and you do not wish to stalk anymore people partially because people might think that you were a pervert for stalking all the most popular guys in school.

"But who can it be?" you were bewildered as you open the present while this busybody Haru watched over your shoulders. You found some chocolates in the box and another thing caught your eye: A crumpled piece of note.

"To someone I would want to bite to death someday."

You stared at the piece of note for a very long time. Haru, who was trying to peek at the note, shook you violently. "What is it written, _-chan? Who was it from! Tell Haru-chan!" Without your permission, she peeked into the sheet of paper, and then exclaimed in delight. "Oooh~ _-chan! Hibari-san was the one who sent you the chocolates! Both of you really make a cool and cute pair! But then, come to think of it, wasn't it a fact that girls give boys chocolate during Valentines Day and not the other way round? Hahi! Haru-chan is feeling so confused desu!" You ignored Haru's daily squeals and looked at the sunset. "Hibari-san..." you whispered.

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