Sub title: Family

Pairing: Gideon/Morgan/Hotch, Garcia/S. Hotchner

Episode: Broken Mirror (season 1, episode 5)

Derek moaned painfully and hissed when he placed another bandage on his injury. He sighed when he remembered being shot by a taser gun from behind. Derek also reminded himself that he hadn't told his mates yet as he was already standing by the time they arrived. By then Spencer had already taken care of the unsub. He had driven himself home, knowing his lovers would join him when they were done. The black man laid down on the bed on his front and closed his eyes. He was asleep before he knew it, missing the coming home of his mates.

Jason heard from Spencer that their mate was injured, but had went home to take care of it by himself. The older man frowned but accepted that they would talk when they were home as well. He looked around for his other mate when he noticed the younger man coming from the bathroom. Jason smiled and took Aaron's arm, explaining they had to go to a pharmacy for Derek, while in his mind he would also buy a test for Aaron. The man had been throwing up too many times for weeks now.

Aaron gasped when he heard that Derek was injured and agreed with Jason to visit the pharmacy. He asked Jason shyly to buy him a pregnancy test and could see on Jason's face that he was already planning to do so. He waited in the car while Jason went inside, his hand resting on his tummy.

Jason came back only to see Aaron stroking his tummy. He grinned happily and couldn't resist kissing him when he sat back in the car and joined Aaron's hand in feeling his tummy. "Let's see what the test will say," he said.

Aaron nodded while thinking of Derek. Before Jason stopped the car completely he was out and into their home. He ran up the stairs before his tummy gave a lurch once more and Aaron slowed down. When he entered the bedroom, he smiled. Their mate was fast asleep on his front naked as the day he was born. According to his movement and the wetness that could be seen between his thighs, he was having a very nice dream. Aaron looked up to see Jason entering the room with some food and the bag of medicine.

"Should we wake him up?" Aaron asked, all the while take the bag from him.

Jason nodded. "He hasn't eaten yet. We don't want him sick," he answered.

Derek whimpered softly as his body responded to the touches between his thighs. He arched his ass up and spread his legs just a bit, giving his lovers more skin to play with. Derek screamed when several fingers entered him at once and he raised his upper body with arms while his cock erupted and his entrance wet the bed. When he came to, Derek groaned painfully as he had forgotten his injury.

"Derek, why didn't you tell us about the injury," Jason asked sternly.

"I…I don't know. I just didn't want to go to the hospital again. I wanted just the two of you taking care of me," Derek replied softly, blushing at his own words.

"We love you so much. Are you hungry?" Jason asked, while laughing as Derek's tummy answered the question.

Smelling the food, made Aaron's tummy churn and he quickly ran to the bathroom, where he threw up the last of the contents in his stomach.

"Aaron, are you okay? You've been throwing up quiet a lot lately," Derek stated, eyes widening when he saw the test Jason gave Aaron. "Really?"

"Let's wait for the result of the test shall we?" Jason said as he redressed Derek's injury before taking the man in his arms, while watching Aaron go into the bathroom and coming back.

Jason set the timer and they waited for the results. When the beeper went off, all three were reluctant to see the result, until Jason reached forward and looked at it. His wide smile told them all they needed to know.

Aaron was pregnant.