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Chapter twenty-one

I laced our fingers together as we waited for the plane. For those of you who don't know what a plane is, it's a muggle device that is a cross between a broomstick and a train. It flies high in the air and carries hundreds of passengers.

"Dray, tell me where we are going, please?" Harry whined.

I smiled, "Ah ah, Love. We flipped a galleon for it, remember. You picked the method of transportation, I picked the destination."

"Well, I'm changing the method of transportation, we're apparating there!" He said starting to stand.

"We can't," I said pulling him back down to the seats. "Neither of us have been there before, besides we don't have ministry permission to apparate there."

"But I wanna know where we're going!" He whined and I couldn't help but laugh at him.

He glared at me for a moment. "Fine." He muttered defeatedly. He turned in his chair so he could put his head on my shoulder, I smiled.

He adjusted his head a little bit, presumably to get comfy. Then he mumbled something I couldn't quite hear. "Didn't hear that, Love."

"I said I still wanna know where we are going." I glanced at him, he was gazing up at me through his lashes, his eyes a few shades darker and a shy smile playing on his lips.

I closed my eyes and mumbled "Cheater."

"I could say the same about you." He shifted again, and I risked looking at him. He was still watching me but his eyes were no longer dark and the shy smile was no longer playing at his lips. "Can you tell me please?"

"You'll see when we get there."


"So, Egypt? That's where we're going?" Harry asked as we stepped off the plane.

"Only part of the destination, you'll see where else we're going in a few days. Come on, we have to check in to the hotel." I answered.


We talked to the hotel people and then waited for the elevator. I thought of something intriguing while we were waiting.

"Harry, do you realize we've never gone any further than snogging?" I said before thinking about saying it.

He glanced at me and nodded, mumbling "I hope that is about to change."

I nodded and reached for his hand and picked up the suitcase as the elevator doors opened.


We stepped into the room I took quick note of where the bed was before shutting the door behind me. The curtains in the room were closed so only minimal light crept in. I slipped my shoes off.

I heard Harry whisper "Lumos", and the room filled with light. I got my socks off and stepped over to him. "Dray, get the light, will you?"

I reached my arm around his body and met his hand, flicking his wrist, I whispered "Nox". I started kissing his neck and tried getting to more skin but his shirt was in the way.

"Not what I meant; um, er, shouldn't we, um, like, go for dinner, or something first?" Harry said nervously.

I turned him towards me. "Harry, if you're not ready for this now, I don't think your going to be ready for it after dinner later." I whispered, I turned back towards the door to get the lights for real.

"Draco." His voice was heavy, and seemed to be dripping with lust. I paused and his hand on my wrist caused me to turn back to him. "We've waited long enough, don't think we are going to wait any longer just because I'm nervous."

He pulled me to him and our lips met. I moved my hands to his hips and pulled his shirt out of his pants, once I got it freed I made my way up unbuttoning it. I wrapped my arms around his neck after I pushed it off his shoulders.

I started leading him to the bed; when the backs of my knees hit the bed, I started falling, and I was pulling Harry with me. I smiled and broke the kiss as we hit the mattress. I remet his skin as he got my shirt unbuttoned. I pushed him up gently and he took my shirt off as I nibbled at his neck. My hands found the buttons on his pants and I made short work of them and pushed his pants down.

He gasped as I found a tender spot on his neck and bit harder. I felt him fumbling with my belt and I hooked my leg around his and flipped us over so I was straddling him. I pulled his pants completely off, and then resumed my position over him. In the dim light, I admired his features, the way the angle of the light hit his torso drawing out shadows and defining the plane of his nearly flat stomach, only uneven because of his well toned muscles. He pulled me out of my reverie by fiddling with my belt again. I brushed his hands out of the way and unbuckled it, watching as a small smile graced his face, I could feel his eyes on my hands as I completely pulled the belt off before reaching for my pants.

I unbuttoned them slowly and shuddered when Harry licked his lips, his eyes never leaving my hands. I shimmied out of them and stepped out of them. He arched an eyebrow at my lack of underwear, I ignored him and crawled over his body, leaving a trail of kisses up his chest. When I level with his face, I kissed along his neck on one side then did the same on the other side. He wrapped his finger through my hair and pulled my head up so I could meet his lips.

I rolled us over, we were almost skin to skin. He kept his fingers in my hair and I placed my hands on his hips holding him as we kissed. He pulled away and I moved to kiss his neck, but he dropped his head on my neck, releasing his grip on my hair and mumbled something against my skin.

I hummed in response and asked, "What did you say Harry?"

He turned his head so I could hear him. "I can't do this, I don't want to hurt you." He rolled off of me and away from me.

I rolled toward him wrapping my arm around him, "You won't hurt me." I said quietly.

"How do you know, every time I did this with Ginny I hurt her. Dray, I love you too much to hurt you." He said just as quietly.

I turned him so he was facing me. "Then let me take the lead?"

It was quiet for a bit, then he looked towards me and nodded. I leaned down and kissed him then ran my hand down his torso and hooked my fingers into his underwear, the final piece of clothing separating us from being together, and pushed them down then off.

Now that we were both blissfully naked I stopped to look down at Harry, and realized that he was holding his breath.

"Harry, you do need to breathe you know." But although I said this, I was starting to worry about him.

"I know, but..." He was really starting to get nervous to the point that I was starting to rethink about this.

"Harry if you don't want to do this we don't have to." I said although I wished we could I wasn't going to force him no matter how bad, or how hard, I want it.

"IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW I WILL TIE YOU TO THE BED, MAKE YOU HARD AND THEN I WILL LEAVE YOU TO SUFFER!" I don't think I had ever heard Harry be so cruel before. It was somewhat shocking, but at the same time a complete turn on. Who would've thought I would enjoy some games in bed, but it did give me a great idea that I would use next time, but right now this was going to be all about him.

He started wiggling under me making both of us harder, but I wasn't going to give in just yet. I started to crawl and kiss my way down his body really making him hot and needy.

When I got to his belly button, I took the chance to look at his face. I nearly came just looking at him. He was panting, but in the dark I could see the pout that graced his face when ever he begged. His face tilted just so, his mouth curved into the shy smile, and I was absolutely certain his eyes were darkened with absolute lust. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on with him being fully aroused, covered is perspiration, and calling out my name in sweet little whispers.

Humbled by hearing my name leave his lips I continued until I was right above his balls. "Harry I won't start until you say that can, so tell me, may I?" I waited and looked up at him.

He looked at me in exasperation and screamed "YES!" like he couldn't believe we were even having this conversation.

Smirking I leaned down "You asked for it Harry." I slicked my fingers with saliva and pressed them to his hole and pressed one in while I licked at the base of his cock and brought my other hand up to cup his balls, and then took him into my mouth.

I never thought I would really enjoy having oral sex but I found that it is amazing, but I bet that if I would ever do this with anyone other than Harry, which would never happen, it would feel wrong.

Realizing that I had froze for a moment I resumed my onslaught of devouring him. I sucked and stretched him, tickling his balls until I realized that we were moving to a rhythm like sex.

Harry, by this point, was mindlessly thrashing his head back and forth and moaning for me to do more and more.

I continued to play with his cock and found that I wanted him to play with me too, but I refused to let him go. Continuing I realized that there was cum on Harry's tip. I licked it off and found I loved the taste that I continued my ministrations to get him to cum.

He panted "Draco you need to stop now before I come." That only encouraged me to continue tormenting him.

He screamed "Draco!" and cummed right into my mouth. After licking off what was left, I felt satisfied with myself that I gave one last kiss to his cock, pulled my fingers out, and kissed my way back up to his swollen lips.

Harry's eyes looked as though they were glossed over in exstacy that I couldn't help but chuckle at him. He wasn't to happy about it.

"You know it's every mans dream to be laughed at in bed." He said blushing at his own comment.

Humbled I kissed him to see if could make him feel better. It worked. He became very responsive my grinding his semi-aroused cock into my hard one. I became very aware that if I didn't do something soon I was going to be spent very soon.

I pushed myself off of him and looked him straight into those emerald orbs and said "Although I would like nothing more than to continue kissing you.." he ground against me " and do that, I think I need to fuck you into oblivion. NOW."

I started to put myself into position when Harry started whining. I looked up at him "What is it Love. What do you need." I was starting to get worried, I looked down.

Harry whispered "Dray?" I looked up, he looked so frail, that I feared that if I said the wrong thing he would break.

I looked him straight it the eyes and said "Harry, if you feel that you can't do it tell me now and we can wait." I was worried thinking that he was going to make me wait when I felt like I was ready to burst at any moment, but I would wait for him no matter what.

He froze for a moment. Then he grabbed my face and breathed "Draco you better show me right now how the universe intended a man to love a woman, but instead of a woman you better be thinking of me and only me." He moved and I pushed into him at the same time.

I froze I never felt so full in my whole life so completed so...everything. I became mindless and started to move faster and faster. I moved in to him, enthused that both of us were breathing in unison to my thrusts. I felt like I was going to die if I didn't thrust into him more and more. Harry was holding on for dear life clawing at me almost as if he didn't he would be left behind. I thrusted in and out to the point that I could feel Harry build up to climax. I bent over and whispered "Harry let go." He screamed.

He climaxed and cummed onto my stomach. I thrusted one last time and experienced my own orgasm. I stayed there for a few moments and then I collapsed on top of him.

We didn't move. A second, minute, an hour could have passed by and I wouldn't have cared. I had never experienced anything like that in my whole life. Harry moved and started to wipe away the tears that I didn't know I was shedding. I rolled unto my side feeling lost as I started leaving him, but it was only for a moment for he pulled me in close and whispered something into my ear, but I couldn't really hear it.

"What did you say?" I asked lazily, feeling myself falling to sleep in his arms.

"I love you Draco." It was the last thing I remember hearing until I started dreaming of living in a paradise with no one else other than a dark haired green eyed man.


I woke. My arms were wrapped tight around Harry. My Harry. I smiled at that thought. I kissed him and rolled slightly to grab one of our wands off the floor. I smiled when I saw both of them together. I picked them up, putting one of the night stand and using the other to clean the dried cum off of us. I placed that on on the nightstand as well and rewrapped my arms around Harry.


The rest of our honeymoon continued beautifully. We saw a few sights in Egypt and a few more in Romania, and saw lots more of each other than anything else. We spent about a week in both Egypt and Romania before going home. I was happy to be able to sell the house I had and move mine and Scorpius's things into Grimmauld place.


"Dad, I don't see why you don't just admit that you missed grandmother's cooking and that's why you came back." James said, I laughed as I sat in the kitchen with Harry's children, Scorpius and Harry, though Harry was making dinner for us.

"Because, I missed you four more than her cooking and her cooking is only good because she had seven children to cook for before she got to me." Harry responded smartly.

"He missed you guys so much he wanted to cut the honeymoon short, as in we got off the plane in Egypt and he already wanted to come back." I said teasingly, the children giggled.

"I did not, it was the next day I wanted to come back." Harry argued with a smile on his face, though he was trying his best to glare at me.

"Liar, though to be quite honest with you four, I think we were enjoying the sights and each other too much to miss you." I said.

"Woah, too much information, dad. We don't want to hear about how often you visited the hotel room, we wanna hear about Egypt and Romania and all the sights you saw. How were the pyramids?" Scorpius asked, his eyes lighting up with interest.

Albus smiled as well, "Did you meet any vampires in Romania?"

Scorpius turned to him, "Oh my gosh, I forgot about that, way to remember, Al!"

I laughed, looking on them fondly. Lily gazed at us, then asked us seriously, "Did you get bit?"

James rolled his eyes, "They obviously didn't get bit if they are here right now, duh."

I glanced at Harry, recalling the various hickeys we had given each other and smirked. He met my eyes, and returned the smirk. The exchange did not go unnoticed by the kids.

Scorpius exclaimed, "Oh glory, they did get bit. Run! They're vampires, run!" He said before running out of the room laughing and followed by Albus, James and Lily all laughing as well.

Harry and I exchanged a look, before he loudly claimed, "You do realize now that they know, we can't let them get away, right Draco?"

I nodded and said just as loudly, "You're right, and since your right, this food we're making is just going to go to waste now, especially since we have to get them."

Harry laughed. "Of course," he held his hand out to me. "Shall we?"

He waved his wand at the food and it got to making itself, then he cast alarms around it so we would know when it was done. Then we left the kitchen and slowly but surely made our way to find the children talking loudly about how we were now vampires and how we were going to make them into vampire children, unless we drank all their blood first.

We heard them giggling in Albus's and Scorpius's room. Harry burst in causing them to squeal in delight. They were all huddled on Albus's bed and Harry jumped on the bed and started tickling them.

I watched fondly as he included Scorpius in as much as his own children. I suddenly realized that I wanted him to think of Scorpius as his own and I wanted Scorpius to be able to say he has two parents, and I wanted it to be legal.

I smiled as Harry slumped on the kids tired out, using all of them as pillows.

"Dray, come join me?" He asked over the din of them laughing in protest.

I pretended to consider it, "I don't think so, your 'bed' looks a little lumpy and from the sounds a little noisy. Besides, I have to go talk to the Minister about something, it won't take long."

They all protested as I left, going to the sitting room to floo-call the minister. He was in his office.

"Evening Kingsley. May I have a word with you, it will only take a moment?" I asked when he turned towards me.

"Yes, you may, please step through." He said, turning back to him work as I stepped through the floo channel.

"Sorry to come unannounced, but I had a question regarding adoption." I said dusting myself off.


"So what did you have to talk to Kingsley about?" Harry asked as he played with our fingers.

We were laying in his bed, our bed, his back to my front, my arm around him.

I smiled, "Adoption. I want you to adopt Scorpius, I want him to feel included as much as I am."

I waited for his response. "Good, then we will both go talk to Kingsley tomorrow. You realize you will also be signing adoption papers for James, Albus, and Lily, right?" He said lightly.

I smiled even bigger. "Wouldn't want it any other way." I said before kissing his shoulder and pulling my hand out of his grasp. I ran my hand down the flat of his stomach and slipped it up under his tee.

I then slid my hand into his pants and palmed his cock through his underwear. He moaned and I ran my thumb over the tip of his hardening member. He tried to roll over onto his back but the position we were in prevented him from doing that.

I kissed my way to his earlobe and nipped at it a bit before whispering, "What do you want?"

He shuddered, his cock twitching under my hand. He answered back, "I want to feel you deep inside of me."

I smiled and kissed the sensitive spot behind his ear, biting and sucking a bit. "I think that can be arranged. Anything else you want?"

He nodded slightly, "I want you to make love to me."

I smiled bringing my hand up out of his pants, causing him to whine a bit. The whine turned into a moan of approval as I continued moving my hand up under his shirt and then with his help pushed it off completely. My lips met his skin again as my hands traced imaginary patterns across his chest, teasing each of his nipples before continuing back to his pants.

He tried rolling over in my arms again and this time succeeded and he met my lips. I kissed him, sucking on his own lips. I managed to slip a hand into his pants as I felt him tugging at my own pants. I pushed his pants down and our kissing was briefly interrupted by the removal of my night shirt.

Fingers danced across skin and tugged the remaining clothing off until we were both naked. Lingering kisses were exchanged between our lips. I ran my fingers down the plain of his abdomen and traced around the sensitive skin near his cock. He moaned and gasped. I pulled my lips from his and licked my way down his chest. I followed the path my fingers were making for a moment, then allowed my tongue to dip below his balls and lick between his cheeks. He moaned louder and soon the moaning turned into a mantra chant of my name.

I positioned my self and continued to lick his hole, stretching and massaging him, getting him ready for me. I pulled away and stretched to the nightstand to grab a wand to lube both himself and me.

He grabbed my wrist and whispered, "Don't. I want to feel you and only you."

I nodded and positioned my cock at his entrance, aware that he was watching. I pushed in a bit, and my eyes flickered up to lock with his. I pushed in slowly until he grabbed my hips and whispered "Faster, Dray." The urgency in his voice told me he was about ready to come. So I wrapped my fingers around his cock and started pumping my fist in time with my thrusts.

I watched as he threw his head back, I'm not sure which of us released first. I felt myself shooting my seed at the exact time Harry's muscles clenched and he released as well. I pumped it out of him and thrusted in a few more times until both he and I were spent in our entirety. Our eyes had never strayed from each other.

I pulled out of him and collapsed next to him, pulling him back into my arms as I got comfortable. "I love you, Harry." I mumbled.

"I love you, too, Draco." I met his lips briefly before we both drifted to sleep.

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