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Quinn ran around her Manhattan townhouse, leaving a path of destruction wherever she passed. She had checked her room twice, her closet at least 5 times, the sitting room was also victim to her rapid search. She went as far as to check the freaking laundry room. But to no avail, she had still not found her favourite black stiletto peep toe Christian Louboutins. Quinn clambered up to her room on the third floor, and flopped on her king bed admitting defeat.

As she lay on the bed, she gazed at her reflection in the wall mirror opposite her and couldn't help but laugh at her situation. Half of her was ready to go out. The other half looked as if she had just rolled out of bed. She was wearing her slimming, black Armani dress that reached just above the knee. Half of her hair hung in loose curls while the rest was still in rollers. And her make-up looked as if it had been scribbled on by a child. Yet still, she laughed. Because she knew that when life looks bad, a simple laugh would cheer you up.

Quinn suddenly sat bolt right up. Where had she heard that advice before? She knew she hadn't thought of it herself. She wasn't one to really tap into her feelings all the time. No someone had given her this piece of advice. But who?

Quinn's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the ringing of her door bell. "Thank god." Quinn said to herself as she hopped off the bed and ran out of her room, down three short flights of stairs in into the front hallway. "Please tell me thats you Kurt?" Quinn asked as she half ran half galloped to the oak front door due to the restriction of her tight outfit.

"Hopefully its the next best thing." Said a familiar voice on the other side of the threshold. Quinn smiled as she unlocked the top lock and swung the door open to greet her guest.

"Blaine." Quinn said as she greeted her friend. He himself was also dressed in Armani, wearing a hot charcoal grey suit with a jet black tie to match. His hair was slicked back for the formal occasion. He as well was smiling and appeared to be holding a paper bag in his hand.

"Hey Quinn, how's it all going?" Blain asked as he noticed the Blonde's current attire.

"Terrible, where is Kurt?" Quinn asked before Blaine had even walked in the door

"Okay, not quite the welcome I was expecting." Blaine said as he continued to stand on the front stoop.

"Oh, I'm sorry, come in." Quinn said as she stepped aside to allow Blaine to enter her house. Blaine had been in Quinn's townhouse many times before. And it normally looked immaculate. Not a speck of dust was usually seen and the air always smelled of different flowers whenever he stopped by. But right now it looked like a bomb had hit the place. Draws were open, papers and folders were spread over the ground, even some small items of furniture were turned over. But Blaine was kind enough to say nothing. He was a gentlemen like that. Instead he turned around and gave Quinn a warm embrace. She returned it with a gentle squeeze before they parted.

"So, Kurt called me about five minutes ago saying you had just called him because you were in the middle some sought of fashion crisis." Blaine said as he gazed over a frazzled Quinn.

"Crisis!" Quinn squeaked as she began to pace back and forth past Blaine. "Crisis does not begin to cover it. First my dress I was going to wear got ruined at the dry cleaners. So I had to spend half an hour picking a new, clean one. During that time I should have finished my make-up, so I quickly put that on as you can probably guess by the look of it. Then I realized I still had my rollers in, so I started to to take them out before remembering I still hadn't picked out any shoes because the ones with the old ruined outfit didn't match with the new clean one. So now I am turning my house upside down trying to find my freaking favourite BLACK STILETTO PEEP TOE CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS!" Quinn's voice had risen to a roar and Blain had taken a step back for extra precaution.

When Blaine noticed she had finished her rant, he reached into the bag he had been holding. "Well maybe these will help." He said as he pulled out the exact Louboutins Quinn had just described.

"Oh thank you Jesus." Quinn gasped as she grabbed the shoes, slipped them onto her feet and let out a sigh of relief. "Wait. How come you had them?"

Blaine laughed a tiny chuckle. "I'm guessing that you forgot you lent them to me for that Cosmo photo shoot?" Quinn looked slightly puzzled as she tried to recall the event in her mind. Then it hit her.

"Oh god your right." Quinn said as she put one hand to her head and the other on her hip. "I actually remember giving them to you that day went out to lunch at Javu." Blaine nodded as Quinn remembered the exchange of her favourite shoes. "And I just turned my whole house upside down looking for them when you had them all along."

"Hey don't worry about it. At least Rosita comes in tomorrow. Just pay her double what you normally would to clean it all up." Blaine advised as he put a comforting arm around his friend.

"I guess so." Quinn said as she gazed over her house turned junk yard.

"Thats right." Blaine said as he started to head Quinn towards the stairs. 'Now I suggest you get upstairs and finish getting ready. Because if we are late to Kurt's show, he will kill us both."

Quinn gave a little laugh at she began to climb the stair.

"No, Quinn I'm not kidding. He will kill us, bring us back to life, then kill us again." Blaine informed as he climbed the stairs behind her after clapping his hands. "Chop chop!"

"Alright, alright. I'm going, I'm going." Quinn said as she was chased up the stairs by her friend. "But you have got to help me finish getting ready. Because if I don't get some help, the next time we go shopping, it will be for gravestones."

"Fine. But I'm not Kurt, I can't do clothing miracles like he can" Blaine informed as they reached the second story and continued onto the third. "And on a completely different note, I really think you should get an elevator installed."

"Shut it Anderson and keep on climbing." Quinn retorted as she reached her bedroom door before him.

Ten minutes later, they were hailing a cab and were off the Kurt's show. Blaine was shaking with excitement, so Quinn grasped his hand and gave it a tiny squeeze as a sign of comfort. "Don't worry about it, he will be great." Quinn reassured as they pulled up to their desired location; Central Park.

Blaine opened the door and hopped out. He then extended a hand to Quinn, who took it as she stepped out of the cab. Blain payed the driver before offering his arm once again to Quinn, which she took in her own. They turned around and had taken their first step before they were stopped in their tracks.

"Well it is about freaking time bitches!"

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