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"Quinn? Sweetie are you in here?"

Blaine poked his head through Quinn's master bedroom door and his vision was immediately plunged into darkness. Blaine felt against the wall for the light switch but couldn't seem to find it. All he felt was what he could only presume were wires dangling from the wall.

"Hello, Quinn?" Blaine asked again as he walked into the room, closing the door behind him, shutting out any light that the outside hallway had provided. He paused for a moment in the hopes of hearing Quinn's angelic voice respond to him. Instead a muffled grunt that vaguely resembled someone saying "go away" was heard and Blaine was positive it came from under the covers of Quinn's bed.

"You know I was always the best at hide and seek as a kid." Blaine informed slyly as he approached what he hoped was the bed in the darkness. "Mostly because the other kids gave away their hiding spots by making noise." He sat down on the side of the bed and slowly pulled back the covers to reveal his best friend.

"Hello sunshine"

Quinn was curled up in a ball in her pink pajamas hugging one of the many pillows scattered over her bed. Blaine could see, even in the dark, from her bloodshot eye's and sniffling red nose that she had been crying quite profusely. Blaine reached over to the side table lamp and clicked it on. The abrupt entrance of bright light into the room made Quinn squint uncomfortably and pull a pillow over her head. For Blaine it did quite the opposite and made him clearly see the state his dear friend was in. And that was just by looking at her room.

The floor around Quinn's bed was completely covered by a mix of used tissues and chocolate wrappers. Her walk-in wardrobe was complete shut off which indicated to Blaine that she hadn't changed since the incident. This idea was only further supported when he noticed that the only other piece of clothing visible in the room was a simple red dress that lay askew across an armchair along with some black heels and a purse that would've accompanied it perfectly.

Blaine turned his attention back to Quinn, who's head still remained under the pillow to shut out the light. He didn't say anything. He just sat there, rubbing her back gently. He wasn't going to force an answer out of her. He was content with simply sitting there and waiting. That was when Quinn sat bolt right up.

"He was there with another girl Blaine!" Quinn exclaimed through a cry of outrage. "He sat at that table I had arranged for the two of us with another date."

Blaine went in to console Quinn with a hug but immediately jumped back as Quinn quickly rolled off the bed and started pacing back and forth, her hands flailing about and clear rage stricken on her face.

"Who does that?" Quinn screeched. "And don't get me started on that girl he sat across from. She had the audacity to hold his hand. And as if that weren't enough contact between the two of them already she went ahead and gave him an unnecessary kiss on the cheek."

Quinn ceased talking but continued to pace, with Blaine watching as if he were sitting at a tennis match watching the ball travel back and forth between the players. Blaine took up the opportunity of silence.

"Quinn, maybe he-"

"Am I wrong to be over reacting?" Quinn interrupted with a hint of insanity detectable in her frazzled voice. Blaine looked at her but remained silent. "I mean, do I have any right to be annoyed that he was with another girl?"

"I really don't kn-"

"How would you feel?"


"If you saw Kurt with another guy on a date you'd arranged, would you feel betrayed?"

"Well, yeah, of course I wou-"

"I know our relationships are completely different. You two are engaged and I'm just...I'm just...well I don't know what it was between Sam and I, but even so, would it piss you off?"

"Quinn I think you're-"

"What am I saying! This type of thing wouldn't happen to you and Kurt" Quinn said, flopping backwards onto the bed next to Blaine, feeling exhausted. "You two are sensible enough not to get into these type of situations. This is just me. It's classic drama queen Quinn putting herself into situations that leave her alone or depressed OR PREGNANT!"

Quinn then fell silent and her and Blaine sat there. He grabbed her hand and began stroking it gently with his thumb, to which she looked up at him and smiled.

"How do we feel now?" Blaine asked affectionately as Quinn sat up to be eye level with him.

"Better after that rant."

"I can tell you needed it, considering the light switch has been ripped from the wall." Blaine said, directing his gaze to severed wires that dangled next to the door. "I'm assuming thats your doing?"

"It was either that or the mirror." Quinn said shrugging her shoulders. "Plus I prefer a pitch black environment when I feel like crying."

"Right." Blaine said as he nodded, turning his attention back to Quinn. The two of immediately fell into little giggles and hugged each other affectionately which managed to make Quinn feel slightly better. Before she realized why she was still in her pajamas at 1 o'clock on a friday afternoon.

"I just cant believe Sam would do that to me." Quinn said, pulling out of her embrace with Blaine and pushing the loose strands of hair that dangled over her face behind her ear. "Does he still hate me for what I did to him back in high school?"

"Quinn, I don't think Sam's the type of person to hold a grudge for that long." Blaine said in the hope of reassuring her of Sam's (usual) loyal nature.

"Then what other reason can you think of for flaunting another girl in front of me on what was meant to be our date?" Quinn asked Blaine desperately, praying that he would come up with any answer that would make sense of the whole situation. And yet, Blaine was lost for words. He just sat on the edge of the bed silently and Quinn could tell he was trying to think of an answer. Any answer, not matter how ludicrous.

"Yeah, thats what I thought." Quinn said dejectedly. She hopped up from the bed and moved over to her vanity. She sat down in front of the mirror and picked up her hairbrush and attempted to tame her mane. Wishing not to think about the whole situation anymore, Quinn changed the topic.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Quinn asked staring into the mirror as Blaine approached her from behind whilst she repeatedly pulled the brush through her hair. "Aside from digging me out of my bed covers."

"Well clearly being wrapped in egyptian cotton sheets for the last day and a half has made you lose track of the date." Blaine said, earning himself a bemused look from Quinn. A moment of silence passed between the two of them.

"It's the day before my wedding!" Blaine reminded his Best Woman of Honour. Quinn quickly turned around with a mortified look across her face. "Which would make today my wedding rehearsal."

"Oh God, Blaine I completely spaced." Quinn confessed, slapping a hand to her forehead for her forgetfulness. "I'm so so so sorry, I can't believe I forgot about it."

"You had other things on your mind, I get that." Blaine said, leaning down towards Quinn and wrapping his arms around her shoulders. But Quinn shook her head, not accepting her mistake.

"Blaine don't make excuses for me." Quinn said angrily. She wasn't angry with Blaine, she was angry with herself. "The most important moment in your life is happening tomorrow and instead of getting ready for that, you're over hear dragging me out of my coma of type of friend does that to another? If I were you, I would punch me, or at the very least kick me out of the wedding party."

"Hey now, lets not get too dramatic." Blaine said, pulling Quinn out of her chair and holding her hands. "I would never kick you out of the wedding party. Kurt might if I don't bring you to the rehearsal tonight, but I never would."

Quinn giggled whilst wiping away a single tear from her eye.

"Why the water works hun, I was only kidding." Blaine said reassuringly. "Kurt would never kick you out. You look too damn good to not be up there next to us."

"I know, I know." Quinn said, giving herself a shake to get a grip of herself. She took a deep breath and looked into Blaine's eyes. "I just feel truly blessed to have a friend like you. I don't how you put up with all of...this."

"Hey, I love a good challenge." Blaine informed smugly before he pulled Quinn in for another embrace, rubbing her back gently. Quinn felt at ease in Blaine's arms and when they both pulled away, she felt a million times better then she had when he first walked in the room.

"I've got to get going." Blaine said to her, looking deep into her eye's to make sure his best friend would be okay.

"Of course, of course you do." Quinn said, turning Blaine towards the bedroom door and guiding him out of it. "I'm sure there are last minute details to fix before tonight...and tomorrow I guess."

She escorted Blaine to the bottom floor of her penthouse. As they reached the last few steps, Quinn grabbed onto his shoulder. Blaine looked back at her and he could see she had an idea forming in her head.

"I know what I can do to make up for my forgetfulness and fulfill my Best Woman of Honour duties at the same time." Quinn informed as the obviously detectable excitement began to bubble inside of her. "Where are you staying tonight?"

"Home I presume. It is where I live after all."

"Ha ha, you're hysterical." Quinn said bluntly. "But you can't stay with Kurt the night before the wedding. Its tradition for the groom not to see the...the other groom until they're both at the alter."

"Fabray, if we were doing this by tradition, I wouldn't be up there with Kurt to begin with." Blaine reminded her jokingly, earning himself a slap over the head.

"I'm serious." Quinn said. "Stay here tonight...please."


"YES!" Quinn said, clapping her hands together. Her and Blaine made there way over to the front door and Quinn held it open as Blaine stepped out into the afternoon air.

"And Quinn about this whole Sam thing." Blaine began, noticing Quinn shut her eye's for a second and take in a deep breath at the sound of his name. "Don't blame yourself. You did nothing wrong. You made a mistake long ago and if Sam can't forgive and forget, then you're a bigger person then he'll ever be. Okay?"

Quinn didn't say anything. She simply nodded but didn't look Blaine in the eye. She knew what he was saying was probably true but she couldn't accept it as quickly as he had said it. It just wasn't that simple.

Blaine leaned in and gave Quinn a peck on the cheek.

"I'll see you later tonight." Blaine said. Quinn nodded again and slowly closed her door as Blaine made his way down her front steps, pulling out his cell phone once he'd reached the sidewalk. After dialing in a number he made his way up the street.

"Hey it's Blaine." Blaine said into the phone. He hailed a cab and jumped inside of it, still talking to someone on the other line. "I have so much to tell you."


"Yo Evan's open the door!"

Santana was pounding her fist against Mike's apartment. She didn't have time for this. She was supposed to be planning a wedding. When she took on the job she wasn't aware it would involve helping one of the grooms mend the love life of his best friend. That was what the wedding planner side of her personality thought anyway. However, the side of her that adored Quinn and was having great difficulty in understanding why Sam would do such a a horrible thing to her was trying to restrain herself from kicking down the apartment door and going all Lima Heights on his ass.

"Trouty Mouth I am not leaving you alone until you open this damn door!" Santana screeched into the peep hole. That was when the door flew right open. But it wasn't Sam who stood before her. Instead it was a girl around her age. She had denim shorts on and a white tank top that Santana could easily tell was two sizes too small and was strategically showing off her breasts and toned stomach complete with a belly button piercing.

"He's actually in the shower at the moment so if you would like to come back later." The girl started to say as she went to close the door on Santana's face. But Santana was too quick, she threw her hand on the door and quickly pushed it open with a strong force, knocking the girl back with surprise. Santana strode past her briskly and made her way towards the couch in the small lounge room across from the door and where Sam's puzzled guest now stood.

"No I think I'll wait here. I have some wedding things I'd like to discuss with Sam that I can't leave any longer." Santana lied to the girl, flashing a fake smile at her. The girl stood at the door for a moment, blankly staring at Santana. She huffed out a sighed not going to any trouble to hide her annoyance with her. She slowly closed the front door and made her way over to the kitchen, not bothering to make conversation with Santana at all. Santana however was now staring at this girl.

She seemed quite at home in the apartment considering it was neither her's nor Sam's. But there she was plain as day getting the bread out to make herself some lunch. Santana knew that this was the girl Blaine had called to tell her about.

Moments before she had arrived at Mike's apartment let alone even considered going there in the first place, Santana had been at the wedding rehearsal venue setting up for tonight with Kurt when she had received a call from Blaine. After he explained everything that had gone down between Quinn and Sam, Santana quickly made some excuse to Kurt about needing to check flower arrangements and ten minutes later she found herself pounding on Mike's apartment and was being greeted by Sam's little friend.

Santana continued to sit on the couch staring at this girl. And the girl knew she was staring and she couldn't take it much longer.

"What?" She asked bluntly as she ceased buttering the bread she was using to make lunch. "What are you staring at?"

Santana didn't answer right away. She paused for a moment before slowly rising from the couch and making her way over to the girl, taking all the time in the world. She new she was making the girl uncomfortable and Santana reveled in that fact.

"Santana." The Latina said smoothly, ignoring the girls previous question and extending her hand. The girl stared at the hand and then back up at Santana's face.

"Kim." The girl said back before turning her attention back to sandwich making duties not bothering to shake Santana's hand.

Santana calmly retracted her hand and placed both of them on her hips. This girl had no idea what she was getting herself into.

"Well Kim, it is Kim isn't?" Santana question patronizingly. "I hope I'm not being to forward here but whats going on between you and Sam here?"

"Well nothing major at the moment but I don't know. Its too soon to tell I think." Kim answered quickly without pause. Santana couldn't help but seem a little taken back by the girls sudden response considering she had hardly said two words to her since she's arrived. Kim noticed the reaction. "Why the face Santana?"

"Forgive me if I come across as bitchy but you seem to think that you and Sam are in some sort of relationship." Santana said brazenly not bothering to hide the bitchiness anymore.

"Oh I don't think it." Kim said simply as she ever so gently started to cut the crusts off the sandwich. "I know it." She flashed a little grin towards Santana but that was definitely not returned

"Has he actually told you this or did you make it up in your head?" Santana chuckled sweetly which clearly stirred Kim up.

"What are you insinuating? That I'm crazy?" Kim asked clenching her hold on the butter knife in her hand a little tighter.

"I'm gonna use the term confused." Santana corrected. "Because I know for a fact that Sam has feelings for someone else."

"That Quinn girl? Oh please she means nothing to Sam. He told me so the other night." Kim said bluntly. Both her and Santana were staring daggers at one another. Neither of them planned on backing down. "He was only getting her back for what she did to him in high school."

"You're wrong." Santana stated to Kim slamming her hand on the kitchen bench. "Sam's above those stupid child games that you seem quite accustom to."

"Hate to break it to you sweetie, but I'm not wrong." Kim said as she stepped towards Santana. She was now the one smirking as Santana breathed heavily to maintain her rage. "Sam moved on from little miss perfect a long time ago and he's not turning back anytime soon."

The two girls faces were inches away from each other. Santana could feel Kim's steady breath against her own skin.

"Now I suggest you leave." Kim said calmly and dangerously. "I'm sure you have a lot of wedding details to attend to. After all, people like you so rarely get to marry it must be nice to at least get to plan one."

Kim had angered the lion. Santana slapped her hand across Kim's face with such power that it echoed of the small kitchen's walls. Kim stumbled back from the hit and clutched her cheek out of both pain and shock. Before she had time to react or retaliate Santana had stormed out of the apartment and was slamming the door behind her. Kim simply chuckled to herself. She pulled a plate out of the cupboard and put the finished sandwich upon it. At that moment Sam came into the room wearing jeans and pulling a shirt over his wet hair and still damp body.

"Did I hear the front door close? Was it Quinn?" Sam asked eagerly looking at Kim with hope.

"No sorry you must have been hearing things." Kim said sweetly. She noticed Sam look disheartened. She made her way around the kitchen bench. "Here I made you some lunch. I thought you might be hungry, you haven't eaten for a while."

"Thanks" Sam said sadly grabbing the plate of Kim and placing it on the table beside him. "I still don't get it? What did I do wrong?"

"Well maybe, and I know I'm not the best person to give advice because I'm new to the whole situation." Kim began placing her hands on Sam's broad shoulders and stroking them with her thumbs. "But it seems like Quinn can't leave high school behind. She needs the drama and unfortunately, you got tangled up in it...again."

"Your probably right." Sam said after a pause before picking up the sandwich. "I just wish she knew that despite that, I really do care about her."

"I'm sure she does and maybe someday she will come around." Kim said sympathetically as Sam bit into his lunch and she made her way over to the kitchen to clean up. "But not while I'm around" she whispered to herself.

"What was that?" Sam called

"Nothing." Kim said as she started cleaning up. She smiled to herself and couldn't help but think this would all be a piece of cake.

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